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OF / 


OF THE Indian Empire 


E. C. STUART Baker, o.b.e., m.b.o.u., f.z.s , c.f.a.o.u- 

Reprinted from the Journal of the Bombay 

Natural History Society together with a 

Foreword and Addenda and Corrigenda 

prepared by the Author. 


Printed by order of the Committee of the Bombay Natural History Society. 

Price Six Rupees. 

London : Dulau & Co.> Ltd., 34-26, Margaret Street, Cavendish Square. 
Bombay : Bombay Natural History Society, 6, Apollo Street. 
Bombay : Thacker & Co., Ltd. Calcutta : Thacker Spink & Co., Ltd. 

Printed at the Times Press, Bombay, and published by R. A. Spence 
for the Bombay Natural History Society, Bombay. 


Before issuing this little catalogue in book form the Editors ot 
the Bombay Natural Historj'- Journal have, at the request of some 
subscribers, asked me to correct it and again bring it up to date. 
This would mean re- writing the whole catalogue and taking some 
five years or more in so doing and the object with which I com- 
menced the catalogue would be defeated. 

My idea in bringing it out was not to provide a complete 
or nearly complete, catalogue of the birds of India worked out to 
the full extent of my own ability. All I hoped to do was to supply 
workers, both in the field and the museum, with a very rough 
catalogue shewing what advance had already been made in dis- 
coveries, nomenclature, etc., since Blanford's time. The Avifauna, 
of which one volume has appeared whilst a second is nearly 
ready, will take some years more to complete, for it means that 
every bird's name has to be worked out again, de novo, to see 
whether it is correct and a vast amount of literature has to be 
examined and consulted to see what new facts, if any, have been 
recorded concerning it. 

It is hoped, however, that the catalogue will to some extent fill 
the gap until the last volume of the new edition of the Avifauna 
appears and in the meanwhile I would most cordially invite 
criticism of all kinds and especially in reference to distribution. 
I shall also be most grateful if m}- attention is drawn to publications 
which I have, or appear to have, overlooked. As the first volume 
of the Avifauna is already out I have added to the catalogue a few 
pages of Corrigenda and Addenda which include all new forms des- 
cribed therein and corrects names wLere necessary. Other than on 
these points I have only given a list of the few corrections which it 
appears really necessary to draw attention to. The catalogue, I 
regret to say, is very full of imperfections, due in great measure 
to Author and Printer being so far apart, but obvious misprints and 
mistakes in punctuation I have passed over without comment, they 
will be as obvious to the reader as to the writer and do not affect 
the subject-matter whilst correction would only add to the cost of 

Upper Norwood, E. 0. STUART BAKER. 

29«A May 1923. 

/c^. ^ i>tc. ^f^ 



3. For C. c. umbrinus read 

3, C. c. ruficollis. 

Corvus ruficollis Lesson, Traile d'Orn.,}j. 329, (Ibol) {Africa.) 

15. ^or C. m. collaris read 

15. C. m. soemmeringii. 

Corvus scemtneringii Fisher, Mem. Soc. Imp. Nat. Moscow, i, 
/>. 3, (1811) {3I0SC01V.) 

19. For U. erythrorhyncha erythrorhyncha read 

I p. Urocissa melanocephala melanocephala. The Chi- 

nese L'ed-billed Magpie. 

Coracias melanecophalus Lath., Lid. Orn., i, p. 170, 
(1790) {China.) 
China and Yunnan. One specimen, S. Shan States. 

20 & 21 are subspecies of U. melanocephala read accord- 

26. For Dendrocitta vagabunda read 

26. Dendrocitta rufa rufa. The Indian Tree-Pie. 

Corvus rufus Ljath., Ind. Orn., p. 161, (1790) {Malabar 

Southern India, Orissa, and North- West India, Kashmir, 

26a. Add Dendrocitta rufa vagabunda. The Bengal Tree-Pie. 
Coracias vagabunda Lath., Ltd. Orn., p. 171, (1790) {India). 
N. India from Garhwal to Assam and Bengal. 

26b. Add Dendrocitta rufa sclateri. The Chin Hills Tree-pie. 
Stuart Baker, Avifauna B. I., i, p. 50, (1922) {Mt. Victoria). 
Chin and Kachin Hills. 

26c. Add Dendrocitta rufa kinneari. The Burmese Tree-Pie. 
Stuart Baker, lac. cit. p. 5\., {Taumjoo.) 
Burma, Yunnan, Shan States and Siam. 

26(1. Add Dendrocitta rufa saturatior. The Tennasserim 

D. vagabunda saturatior Ticehur&t, Bull. B. 0. C, XLII 
p. 66, (1922) {Amherst). ' 

Peninsular, Burma and Siam. 

32. l^or Dendrocitta sinensis himalayensis read 
Dendrocitta formosae himalayensis. 

33. For Dendrocilta sinensis assimilis read 
Dendrocitta formosae assimilis. 

96. For Suthora verrauxi craddocki read 
Suthora gularis craddocki. 
7). 12 for Family Turdoididae read 
Family Timaliida;. 

123. For Qarrulax albogularis. The White-throated Laugh- 
ing Thrush read 

Qarrulax albogularis albogularis. The Eastern 
1 1 'h ite -i h r Gated L augh i ng- Th r u sh . 

lanthociucla albogularis Gould, P. Z. »S'., \.8'.^^'), p. lf^7, 
Nepal, Sikkini, N. Cachar. 

123a. Add Qarrulax albogularis whistleri. The Western 
White-throated Laiigliing- Thrush. 

Stuart Baker, Ball., B. O. C, XLII, p. 2d, {Id-Jl) {Si.'ula). 
Himalayas, Ha/.ara to Garhwal. 

139a. /idd Trochalopterum melanostigma ramsayi. llie 
Karenni Red-headed Laughing-Thrush. 
Stuart Baker, Avifauna B. 1., t, p. 168, (1822). 

i6oa. ^fZfZ Trochalopterum lineatum ziaratensis. The Baluch- 
istan Streaked Laiujking Thntah. 

lanthocincla liueatum ziaratensis Ticehw'sl, Bull,, B, O. C , 
XLI, p. 56 (1920) (Ziarat). 
Baluchistan and ? 

166. This goes out. 1 camwt distinguish between B. 1, lanceo- 
latus, B. I. yunnanensis and B. 1. bonvoloti. 

166. For Babax lanceolatus victorias read 
Babax koslowi victorias. 

181. For Turdoides griseus somervillei read 
Turdoides somervillei. 

193. The trivial na^ne should be " Mount Abu ^Scimitar Habbkr.'' 

220a. Add Pyctorhis sinensis saturatior. The Bhutan YeUow- 

eijed Babbler. 
Ticehurst, Bull, B. O. C, XLIII, p. 57, (1922) {Bhutan Dooars). 

328a. Add Peliorneum ruficeps jonesi. The Western Spotted 


Stuart Baker, Bull, B. O. C, XLI, p. 9, (1920) (Kalka). 

232-336. The generic natne should be Peliorneum. 

2SO. For Malacocincla abbotti read 

Malacocincia sepiaria abbotti. 

256 el seq. for Phasocephala read 

270a, Add Stachyris chryssea chrysops. Tlie Malay Golden- 
headed Babbler. 

Richmond, Pro. Bid. ISoc, XV, p. lo7, (1902) (Trang.) 
Peninsular Burma and Siam and Malay Peninsular. 

273. The trivial name should be " Humes Red-headed Babbler" 

278. For Mixornis rubricapilla connectens read 
M, r. pileata. 

The Malay Yellow-breasted Babbler. 

Prinia pileata Blyth, J. A. S. B„ XI, p. 204,(1842) 


282. Oinit intermedius..g'enestieri. 

288 — 292. Generic name should be Fulvetta. David and Oust., 

291. For Lioparus vinipectus sordidior read 

Fulvetta ruficapilla sordidior. 

292. For Lioparus vinipectus manipurensis read 

Fulvetta manipurensis. 

300a. Add Leioptila melanoleuca radcliffei. Radcliffe's 8ibia. 
Stuart Baker, Avifauna B. I., i,p. 300, (1922) {Karenni). 

334a. Add Liothrix lutea yunnanensis. The Yunnan Red- 
billed Liothrix. 

Rothschild, Nov. Zool, XXVIII, p. 36, (1921) (Shewle-Salvin 

Yunnan and East Kachin Hills. 

345'A Add /Ggithina tiphia humei. The Centrallndian lora. 
Stuart Baker, Arifauna B. I., p. 342, (1922) (Eaipur). 
South Central India. 

354- For Chloropsis zostercps read 
Chloropsis viridis zosterops. 

365. For Criniger pallidus grandis read 
Criniger tephrogenys grandis 

368. etseq.foriiysipites read 

37''^' Add Cerasophila thompsoni Bingham\s While-headed 

Binghmn, A. M. N. H., (7) V, p. 358, (1900) {S. Shan States). 
S. Shau States, N. W, Siam aud Central East Burma. 

377. Fur Hemixus maclellandi hoiti read 
Hemixus maclellandi bin^hami. 

387a. Add Molpastes leucogenys humii, 

iMolpastes humii Gates, Avifauna B. 1., i, p. -1\, {Jabalpar) 
(1889) {y. W. Frontier). 

391a. Add Otocompsa emeria peguensis. The Burmese Ked- 

irhiskered Bulbul. 

aiuarl Baker, Avifauna B. I., i, p. 390, (19J2). 

Burma, Siam, Shau States, Audamansis and Nicobars. 

396. Delete Spizixus canifrons ingrami. 

This is the same as S. c. canifrons, juv. 

404. For Rubigula webberi read 

Rubigula squamata webberi. 

405. For Pycnonotus aiialis read 

P. goiavier analis. 

413. For Pycnonotus blanfordi read 

P. plumosus blanfordi. 

414. For Pycnonotus plumosus read 

P. plumosus plumosus. 

414a, Add Pycnonotus plumosus robinsoni. liobinson's Olive 


Pycnonotus robisoni Ogilvie-Grant, Fuse. Malay., p. 85, (1905) 
( Patani). 

Patani, Malay Pen. S. Siam, S. & E. Central Burma, 

415. For Pycnonotus simplex read 

Pycnonotus erythropthalmus erythropthalmus. 

Ixos erythropthalmus Hume, S. F. VI, p. 314, (1878) 

417. For Pycnonotus xanthorrhous read 

Pycnonotus aurigastor xanthorrhous. 

43S. Delete Sitta europea griseoventris. This^ S. e. naga- 

432. For Sitta neumayer obscura read 
Sitta neumayer tephronota. 

Sitta tephronota Sharpe, A. M. N. H., (4), x, p. 450, 
(1872) (lerghana). 

447' For Dicrurus coerulescens read 

Dicrurus coerulescens coerulescens. 

448. For Dicrurus leucopygialis read 

Dicrurus coerulescens leucopygialis. 

465a. Add Certhia hyraalayana teeniura. The Turkestan 

Certhia tseniura SeveHz., Turk. Jevetn., p. 138, (1873) 
{1 urhestan) . 

Turkestan, Afganistan, Baluchistan, Gilgit, Kashmir. 

465b. Add Certhia himalayana intermedia. The Chin Hills 

Kinnedr, Bull., B. 0. C, XLI, p. 139, (1921) {Mt. Victoria). 
Chin Hills. 

47i». Add Certliia discolor fuliginosa. The Karenni Tree- 

Stuart Baker Acifauna B. /., i, p. 488, (1922) {Mekosy 1,000 ft. ) 
Shan States to Karenni. 

470- Tielete Troglodytes t. niagrathi. This=T. t. neglecta. 

482. For Elachura punctata read 
Elachura formosa. 

Troglodytes formosus Walden, Ibis, 1874, p. 91, [Bar- 

484 etseq. For genus Urocichia read 

Spelasornis (Sharpe, 1881). 

488a. Add Spelgeornis longicaudatus chocolatinus. Godwin- 
Austin^ s Wren. 
Prioepyga chocolatina Godw-Aus., Ibis, 1875, p. 252, {Kedi- 
mai and Manipur.) 

491a. Add Tesia cyaniventra cyaniventra. The Slaty-bellied 

Tesia cyaniventra Sodg., J. A. S. B., VI, p. 101, (1837) 

Garhwal to Assam, Chin and Kachin Hills, 

49'1^- Add Tesia castaneocoronata castaneocoronata. The 

Chestnut- Headed Wren . 
Sylvia castaneocoronata Burton, P. Z. S., 1835, ;>.1''>2, 
Garhical to E. A^sam. 

664. This number has been used tnnce and all subsequent numbers 
must therefore be altered by the addition of one. 

726. The trivial name should be " The Tenasserim Mf/na." 

748. The trivial name should be : " The Burmese Slaty-Blue 
to Distribution add ; Hills of N. llurma, 

756. For palipes read 

778. For Culcicapa read 

<S|8. The trivial nams should be : " The Siberian Chat." 

Since this Catahiguc was written a good deal of work /las been 
done on the Chats the result of ivhtch will be i/iren in the next 
rolume of the Arifuuna. 

938. For Ploceela read 

1024. For Metaponia pusillia read 
Metaponia pusiila. 

1030. For Oymnoris read 

*oss. For Emoeriza leucocepha read 
Emberiza leucocephala. 

1 185. The trivial name should be : Hodgson's Yellow-backed Sunbird. 

1 197. The trivial name should be : The Mt. Victoria Yelloiv-backed 

1265. Gecinus canus hessi should read 
Gecinus canus hessei. 

1389. Halcyon s. smyrsi. senn should read 
Halcyon s. smyrnensis. 

1435- FO0I note : Chaeturae should read 

«454- Caprimulgus europasus nuvvini should read 
Caprimulgus europaeus unwini. 

1632. The trivial name should he: ''The White-eyed Buzzard- 

1654a. ^f/t/. Archibuteo hemitolophus. The Hitnalayan Uough- 
legged Buzzard. 
Archibuteo hemitolophiis Blytli, J. A. S. B., XV, p. 1 
1846 {Sikldm). 

Nepal, Sikkim, Tibet and Mts. of China, 

lios. 1695, 1696 have been employed twice; these and subsequent 
numbers should therefore be corrected by adding three to 
each. (One jweviously added.) 

1794. (1342) and (lo4.o) both apply to this bird. 

1849. 1 Francolinus francolinus should read 
1850. J Francolinus pondicerianus. 

1867. The trivial name should be : "The Turkestan Water Rail".. 

[/'Vom, <U JouiiXAL OF ifHE I3f»MiiAY NATUiiAi. Histora' Sr-c'iETY, t)EC 20 lesCl ' 

A~^ -^ ■ 



K. 0. Stliart Baker, O.B.E., F.L.S,, F.Z.S.,M.B.0.U,, C.F.A.O.U. 

It is now 22 years since the last volume of Blanfords' and Gates' 
Avifauna of British India appeared and it is to be hoped that before 
very long the Secretary of State for India may see his way to 
sanction a new edition of tlie Fauna. Pending this, Jiowever. it 
seeras desirable that something should be done to show our workers 
in India what has been accomplished since that excellent series was 
published. With this idea in view I have compiled the following 

It does not for a moment pretend to be complete for much yet 
remains to be done in working out species, genera and even the 
families of our Indian Birds. On the other hand our advance in In- 
dian ornithological knowledg-e has been great since 1898 and many 
ornithologists have contributed to this advance. First and foremost 
must be placed Dr. E. Hartert of Tring Museum whose wonderful 
work on Palaeartic birds (Die Vogel l\ala3artischen Fauna) con- 
tains au endless wealthof information on all our Indian visitors from 
Northern climes in addition to much on more purely tropical forms. 
The late Col. H. H. Harington did useful work amongst the Time- 
Hida3 and others, including the writer, have from time to time worked 
out certain families, genem and species. 

The classilication adopted is that of Oates' but certain birds have 
been removed from one family to another on account of discoveries 
made since the Fauna was written. Especially has this been the 
case in the sub-family BrachiipterygineB which has been transferred 
almost en bloc to the Tui-diclw. 

The Catalogue has been, as-ranged piincipally with a view to 
economy in space and contains only the following details. The 
scientific and trivial name of each bird ; the first reference with date ; 
when the name in the reference is identical with that given in the 
Catalogue it is not repeated but when trinomials are used in the 
Catalogue and only binomials in the reference the initial letter of the 
generic name is given and not the name in full and where the generic 
name differs from the Catalogue name the reference is then oiven in 
full. Serial numbers are given and following these the number in 
brackets according to the I\auna of British India. When one 
number covers more than one race or species in the Fauna it is 
repeated in the Catalogue but when a species or sub-species is oiven 
which is not referred to at all in the I'auna the second number is 
left blank. After the reference the date is given and then the type 
locality in brackets and, in some cases where it is necessary to narrow 
the type limits given, a second locality is noted and vnc/erUved and 
this second name must be considered the type local itv in future. 

2 \7}^nr., Bom. I'iaf. Hist, •'^oe., Vol. XXT'II, ^it. 2. T)ec. -.'O. iPvd. 

Thiii is required as in some instances,. such as "Himalayas", "India", 
etc., the one locality may cover ninuerous races and it is therefore 
imperative to desiguate more clearl}- the area of the bird originally- 

The distribution ils giveuin all cased in which Blauford's an I 
Gates' species are divided into geographical races or in which the 
distriluitiou as given in the Faiuia lias had lu be amended or added 

Details ol reasons for alterations to names or for snl)-divi!5ions 
into sub-species are, o-f course^ impossible iu the spact^ available and 
have been, iHt. out tor future avticles on particular tumili^-s and 

When the Catalogue is completed a table will be given siiowing 
the full name ©■f all the references. 

The Society intends, 1 understand, to bring uut the Cutalngue in 
book form and this^ especially if interleaved, should form a useful 
hand list to collectors in which to note down their collections and an 
easy book to annotate and keep up to date as further species are 
worked out. 



Family CoKViDi*:. 

I. (1) Corvus corax laeirencei. The Punjab Ban n . 

(.'. laurencei, Hume, Lahore to Ydrkand, p. 2'^u ( I ri7o), ( Piutjah), 
I'unjab, Bombay, U. P., N. W. i'. liarc btraggler Kash- 
mir and C P. 

3. (1) Corvus corax tibetanus. The II iinalai/an Raven. 

i\ tibetanns. Hodrj., Ann. Mag. Nat. Hit., '2nd Series. :-), p.'H)?» 
(1849), (SiUnm). 

Himalayas from Kashmir to E. Tibet. 

3* {'2) Corvus corax umbrinus. The Brow h- necked Baven. 

i\ umbrinus, Sunder., K. Vet. Acad. Fork. Stockh. p. 199 
('8:'8), (Senaar). 

Sind, Baluchistan, S. Por.'iia, Araliia. I'.ik'stine and - N. 
v.. Africa. 

4. (u) Corvus corone orientalis. The Eas/eni (kirrion Croti'. 

Eversm., Add. Pal. Zool. fasc. ii, p. 7 (1.^41), {Buchtarma) 
Kaslimir, N.-W. Frontier, Siberia, Yenesei to Japan. 

st. (4) Corvus coronoides levaillanti. The Indian Jungle-Crow. 
C. levaillanti, Less., Traite d'Orn. p. ^28 (1X31), (Bengal) 
Xortliorn India S. of Himalayas. 

*Tl'.e Indiaa Biown-neckcd Ixavon docs not. seem to me to le identical with all 
tho African birds which prob.ably form several races, one of which is rufiColUs. 

t The various race; of Indian .Tungic Crow arc only snb-gpecies of the Australian 

^ec -20, 1920."] Binl-i lij flu- Indum Einpire. % 

•6. (1) Corvus coronoides intermedius- The Himalayan Jungle- 
■C. intermectius, ..ikZams, .P-'^.-S'., 18;10, ^x 171 (Sikkim). 
Himalayas E. to Sikkim and Bhutan. 

7- m Corvus coronoides andamanensis. Tlie Burmese 
C. andamaneusis, Beavan, ibie, 1866, j?. 420 (.Andamans). 
Assam, Burma, Siam, Malay States and Andamans. 

•8. (4') Corvus curosraoides culminatus. 2'Jie SotUhern Janjle- 

C. culmiHatus, ■*S'^A;c5, P. /. S., 1832, ,jj. 96 {.D&ccan). 
India from the Deccau South to Ceylon. 

'9. (5) 'Corvus frugileg'us tsch'sjsii. The Eastern Rfwlc. 
Harfcert, Vog.Pdl. I., p. 14 (1903), {Gilgil). 
Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Kashmir, Ladak. 

'HO. ((iO Corvus cornsx sharped The Eastern Hoeded Croic. 
C. sharpei, Ouies, Fauna B. Li, jj- 20 (1889), [Peshaunr). 
W. Siberia, Turkestan, Afghanistan, Baluchistan. 
Winter N. W. India. 

>!] I, (7) -Corvus splendens splendens. The Indian Mouse- 
C. splendens, VieiTl, Nuwv. Diet. d\Kis. Nat. iyiii, p. 41 (1817), 

All India except Sind. 

112 (7; 'Corvus splendens zugrneyeri. TIte'Sind Hoa-se-Croiv. 
Lauhm.. Orn. Monalsb. xxi,p. 93(1913), {LasBela,€. E. Balu- 

Sind, Baluchistan. Winter adjoinin-g N. W, F. 'P. 

•»3- (8) 'Corvus splendens insolens. The Burmese Honse-'Croiv., 
C. insolens, Hurm, Sir. Fec/th. ii, p. 4-80 (18.''4), {Tenna^ 


Burma, Siam and Malay Peninsula. 

'8 4. (8) Corvus splendens protegatus. The Ceylon Hn use- 
Madar. Orn. Monuish. xii, p. 195 (1904), {Gol»ywbo). 

'5 5, (H) Corvus monedu'la cdllaris. The Kashmir iacMaw. 

C. coliarifi. Drum., A. M. N. H. xviii, p. 11 (1846), {Mace- 

From E. Russia to Turkestan, Persia, N. W. India and 

3 6, (lU) Pica pica bactriana. The Kashmir Magpie. 

P. bactriana, Bp. Consp. Av. i, p. 383 (18.51), {< 'anlahjr). 
X,-W. India to Kashmir. 

Jnur., hum. Xut. ILi^l . .Sue, Vol. XXfJI, A./, i'. 'iJcc. -'(J, li»JO. 

17. (Iv)) Pka pica sertcea. 7'Ae Chinese Magpie. 

V. sericoa. Gotdd, P.Z.S., ls4.',, p, 'J (i»/)OJ/, Chiva). 

ShuM States. Kachiu Hills jiitn Chuui. 

18. (11) Pica pica bottanensis. T/ic. Black-rumpcd Muijpic. 

P. bottiinciisis, JJeleSfi., Jiev. Zo&l., \HM). p. lOO yBulnn). 
X.-K. Hikkjiu into 'I'ibi-t. 

10. (1-) Urocissa erythrorhyncha erythrorhyncha. The 

Chinese Red-billed IJlue Magine. 
Corvus erytlirorhyiicluis, (Jmd., l^iy.f. Sat. i, p. 'M'J (17t;8), 

ViiuiKUi iiitt' < 'liiiiu. 

20. (12) Urocissa erythrof hyncha occipitalis- The Red- 

billed Blue Magptc. 
Psilorhinus occipitalis, lih/th. ,/. A. S. />'. ,11-^ p. i'7 
(I^^IO), (.V. IV. Jlunahyi..). 
S. \V. liiiiiiihtyas to Assam. 

21. (rj) Urocissa erythrorhyncha maitnimsiris- 2'he Bur- 

mese Red-billed Blue Magpie. 
Ptiilorhinus nuionirostris. Bhjth, J . A. S. B. xv.. p. '27 
(1846), (Yn Ma Dong Alt.). 
Burma and iSiani. 

22. (l;>) Urocissa fl ivirostris flavirostris- The Yellair- 

Inlled Blue Magpie. 
Psilorhinus ilavirostris, Bhjlh, J. A. S. B. x ,, p. I'h (l84ti), 

N.-E. Himalayas to Nopa), Sikkiiu and Tibet. 

2j. (13) Urocissa flavirostris cucuflata. The Western Yel- 
low-billed Blue Magpie. 
U. cncullata. Govld, B. of A . V.,j)l. •")! (18()1). (Kidu Valley). 
]S'.-W. Hiivialayas and W. Nepal. 

24. (14) Cissa chinensis chinensls. The Green Magpie. 

Coracias cluncnsi.s, Bodd., 'I'ahl. pl. l-ln., p. ;5!-» (J TK.'i), 

India ami Hurnni to China. 

25. (If)) Cissa oriiata. The Ceglon Magpie. 

Pica ornata, Wagler, lais, 18i"t*, jj. 749 {Ceylov). 

26. (IC') Dendrocitta vagabunda. The Indian Tree-Pie. 

Coracias vagabunda, Lath. hid. Orn. i., p. 171 (17JX1), 
{India), (Calcutta.) 
India, Bnrnia and S. China, 

27. (17) Dendrocitta leucoiiastra The Southern Tree-Pie. 

1). h'ucogastra. (Jotdd. P. Z. *!>'., 188.'), p. h~ (Malabar nasi). 
Southern India, North to the Wyiiaad Hills. 

Bee. -20, "1920. i Birds of the Indian IJmpir:^ 5 

28. (IS) Dendrocitta sinensis himalayensis. Tl/e Hima- 

layan Tree-Pie. 
D, kiinalayeusis. Blyth, Cat. p. 93 (ISBo), {Himalayas)^ 
N. W. Himalayas to Chin Hills and Arrakan. 

29. (I.Sj Dendrocitta sinensis assimilis. The Burmese Tree- 

D. a.s.similis, Hume, St'. Fmih.v.,p. H7 {1S77), (Mnkijit). 
Burma S. of Chin Hills, Shan States and Siam, 

.30. (It.') Dendroci'ta frontalis- The Black-broiVed Tree-pie, 
D. frontalis, Mc.CleU., P. Z.S., J839, p. 163 (Assam). 
Nepal to E. Assam N.& S. of the Brahmapootra Itiver. 

31. (20; Dendrocitta bayleyi. The Andaman Tree-Pie. 

D. bayleyi, Tijtkr,J. A. S. B. xxxU., p. 88 '{1863), (g. 

32. (21) Crypsirhina varians. The Black Rackel-hii 

Corvus varians, Lath. Ind. Orn. Supp. .rxvi, (1801) (Java). 
Lower Burma, Siam, Cochin China, to Java, Sumatra, 

33. {'22) Crypsirhina cucullata. The Hooded Racket-tailed 

€. cucullata, Jerdon, Ibis, 1862, p. 20 (Thaijetmyo). 

Central South Burma, Siam and N. Malay Peninsula, 

34. (2;;) Platysmuru? leucopterus. The White-ivinged Jay. 

(ilaucopis leucopterus, Temm., PL Col. no. 265 (1824), 


Extreme S. of Burma, Siam, Malay Peninsula, 

35. (21) Qarrulus lanceolatus. The Black-throaled Jay. 

Vigors, P. Z. S., iS-ii). p. 7 (Himalayas). 

36. (2r,) Oarrulus lencotis leucotis. The Burmese Jay. 

G. leucotis, Ihuite, P. A. S., Bengal, 1874, p. 443, 

N. W. Burma, Chin and S. Shan Hills to S. Burma. 

37. (2r») Garrulus leucotis oatesi. Sharpe's Jay. 

G. oatesi, Sharpe, Bull, B. O. C. v., p. 44, 1896 (Chin Hills). 
N. E. Burma, E. Chin and Kachin Hills, N. Shan 


38. (2(;) Garrulus bispecularis bispecularis. The Hima- 

layan Jay. 
a. bispecularis. Vigors, P. Z. S., 1831, p. 7 {Himalayas). 
N. W. Himalayas to Nepal. 

6 Jour., Bom. Xaf. Hisf. Vw., I'm. .V.Y/7/, .V". 2. 'D^r. 2u, 19?0. 

39. (L't)) Garrulus bispecularis interstinctus. 2'he Sikkiiii 

■Harterl. Nov. iiool. iwb, j>. 4."]0 (U)]H), (JJarjiiing). 
Sikkiin, Eastoni Nopal. 

40. <2(i) Garrulus bispscularls persaturatus. The K/xi.sia 

Hills Ja>/. 
Ilfir/eti, iliid {Sh'dlon(j). 

Hills Sniitli ot lirahiiiAiiootra. 

4 1. '("-".5) Ciarrulus bispecuiaris rufescensv The Yiutnan Jajf. 

Cr. riifoscciis, Reickeno'u', Orn. Moitaishr., :[). li'3 {IS97), 
(iV. Yunnan). 

43. (2i>) Garrulus bispecularis harinji^toni. The Chin Hills 
i'x. haringtoni, Rippon, Btdl. B. 0. C. .t.l:, p. !»7'(190-j), {Ml. 

Chill Hills, Ka'cliin Hills And ? N. Shan States. 

43. (l'7) Nucifra^a caryocatactes hemispila' The Himala^ 

ifnn Nutcracker. 
N. hemispila, Vigors, P. Z. S., l^oO, p. 8 (Himalaya-'^). 

44. (I'S) NuCifra^a multi punctata. The Larger Spotted Nul- 

'Gould, P. Z. *S., is 11), p. !>:; (.y. W. Himaliyns). 

4B' '(-•') Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax. The Red-hilled Chough. 
I'pnpa i)yrriiocorax, Linn., Sysl. Nat., p. 118 (17o8)., 

46. (o'l) Pyrrhocorax jcracuius. The Yellow-billed (yr Alpine 

Corvus gracu'lus, Linn,, Syd. Nrtl., p. I08 (17'66), (;Swiss 
Alp^ ). 

47. Podoces hendersoni. Henderson's Gmtind-Chough. 

'fh/rrte. I'hi^. 1^71, /). 408 (yAfkand). 

4'8. Podoces humilis. Hume's '"Graund-Choiigh . 

Hiunr, Ibis, 1871, p. -108 {iSanjK Pa^a, Yarkand). 

Kamily Pakid.k. 

49. (HI) Parus major cin6r6us The Indian Grey Tit. 

P. cnioTL'iis. ViriU, Nov,v. Did. d'His. Nat. xx , p. 3l6 
(1818), {Java). 

'S. India, Assam, W. BiiTiua, Suiula Is, Java. 

go. (31) Parus major intermedius. The Afghan Grey-Tit. 

P. bocharensis var. intermedins, Sarudny, Bull. Proc. Nat. 
Moscow (No. 3.) Vol. 8, p. 789 (1890). {S. W. Transcaspia). 
Baluchistan, Alghanistan, N.-E. Persia and S.-W. 

Dfic. -'0, 19-20.} Bivd^ of thft IniTHiri Lnipnr. 7 

51. (31) Parus major kaschmiriensis. The Kashmir Grejj- Tit, 

llaHeH, Vog. Pal. a, p. 845 (11)05), (GUgit). 
Kashmir, (iarhvval, dimla and hills of the N.-West. 

52. (;>!) Parus major planorum- The Punjab Grey- Til. 

Harlerf.,Ncw. Zool. xii, p. 499 (1905), (s. Punjab). 
l^lains of N.-W. India and S<')nth Punjab. 

53. (31). Parus major mahrattarum- The Sovjf'hteirn Gveij-Tit^ 

Hnrteri, ibid, p. 4i>9 (Ceylofi:). 
South India and Ceylon. 

5.4 (3.2) Parus major tibetanus. The Tibet Greij-Tlf. 
Hartert, Voy. Pal. 3^jx 846 (19.05), {Chaksam). 

S. K. Tibet, i'unnan and r Kauri Kachin Hills. 

55. (82) Pairus major commixtus. The Burmese Grey-Tit. 

P. commixtus, Swiwhoe, Ibi/S,p. 63 (1868), {S. China). 

TerinasseFim, Eastern Purma, Shan States and South 

56. (33) Parus nuchaijs. The While- winyed BlacJc-Tit. 

P. uuchalis, Jcnlon, Madr. Jour. L. 8. xiii, p. 131 (1844), 
{Eastern Ghats). 

57. (34) P^rus monticolus. The Green-backed Tit. 

Vigors, P. Z. »S'., I83l,^. 22 {Himalayas), (8imla,). 

58. Parus cyanus tianschanlcus The Tianschan Blue- 


Cyanistes cyanus var tianschanicus, i7feHz62cr, Bvll. Z. S.. 

Framcp.. iv, p. 276 (l.'-!84'j! {Mt . horde.rivg the desp.rts of 
Ccidrril Asia). 

59. Parus j-alustris korejewi. The Turkestan Marsh- 

P. communis korejewi, Za.rud. and Hetnns., Orn. Monaish. x, 
p. 54 (1902), (Karutau TurLeslav). 

Turkestan, Afghanistan, Baluchistan and extreme N. 
W. India. 

60. Parus palustris poecilopsis. The Yunnan Marsh- 

P. Poecilopsis, Sharpc, Btdl. B. O. C. \:\. p. 11 (1902), 
(Chaiujig, W . Yunnan). 
S. W. China and Yunnan. 

*6i. {Zi)) ^j^ithaliscus concinna iredalei. The Red-headed 
Stuart Baker, Bull. B. O. C. xU, p. 2 (1920,. (Simla). 

Himalayas from Chitral to the Mishmi Hills over 
5,000 ft. 

* /E. erythrocephaius is invalidated by Linnas Parus erjrthroctphalus 

X ed, p. 191 (1758). The generic name v/ill therelore be concinna of GoiiJd 1S55 
and a new name has to be given to th ■ Indian rare. 

^ ,lo,ir., Bom. yal. Hl^t. Snr., Vo/. XX I'll. X<>. -J. ' Ihc. 20. lOi'O, 

62. ».!i;) /Cgithaliscus concinna manipurensis. IJinties 

Red-h eaded Tit . 
A. iiianipurt'iisis, Hume, Sfr. Fcath. '2, p. L'")4 (ls.^s», {Mc- 

Hills South of the Briihnuijjutra ovt^-r 1,0(0 ft. 

63. (30) >Egithaliscus concinna pulchellus. TJie Shan Red- 

headed Til. 
A. puichulliis, Rippou. Bull. B.n. C.p. 2 (1900) (Nanoi, 
Shan Stales.) 

iSoutheni Shaii States. 

64. (f: C) ^githaliscus concinna talifuensis. Rip'pons Red- 

headed Tit. 
A talifuensis, Rippun, Bull. B.O. C 14. p. 18 (1003) {Giii- 
dyin. North Shan States). 

Mts. E. of Titlifti, '\ uiiiiau, S. W. China, N. Shan 

65. >Eg:ithaliscus bonvaloli bonvaloti. The Chinese 

BUtek-headed Til. 
A. bonvaloti, OuMalet, Ann. Pe. Nat. Zcol. (7) xii, p. llS<i 
(ISO I), {Ta-t-nen-lu). 

AVesteru China. Vinnian and N. K. Shan States. 

66. /Garithaliscus bonvaloti sharpei. M(. Victoria Black- 

headed Tit. 
A. sharpei, Rippon, Bull. B. 0. C. xh; p. S4 (1004). (Mt. 
Mt. Victoria, Chin Hills. 

67. (:>7) /E.uithaliscus leucojjfenys. The White-cheeked Til. 

Orites leucogenys, Moore, P. Z. S. .v.rii, p. 130 (18.';r>), 

68. ■?i'^) /CTithaliscus niveog-ularis. The While-throated Tif. 

Orites niveognlaris. CcuUl. (Aioor(jK P. Z. S. xxii., p)- ' '•' 
(18.",;-)), [North India.). 

69. (oO) >Eg"ithaliscus ioschistus. The Rufoas- fronted Tit. 

Parns joschistos, Hodq . Juur. A. S. B. xiii. p. 1."! (18 14'). 

70. f 10) Svlviparus modestus modestus- The y'eJhyic-hroirtd 

S. modestTis. Bnrtcn. P. Z. S.. ]S.3;-,. p ir,4 (Nepal). 
Nepal, Sikkim and Hills \. of Urahniapootra. 

7!. (40') Sylviparus modestus saturatior. The Chinese 

Yellov-hrov'ed Til. 
S, satnratior, Rippon, Bull. B. O. C. xvi, p. 87 (IVHH)) 
(]\U Victoria). 

Ji'iniii. < 'hina .mil \ss:uu Hills S. of Brahmapootra. 

S)ec. 20, 1920.] Birdi of the Ltdian Empire. 9 

72. (40) Sylviparus modestus simlaensis. The Simla YeUow^ 

browed Tit. 
SimaH Baker, Bull. B. 0. G. xxxviii, p. 8 (1917), (Simla). 

Hills about Simla, Kashmir and probably hills 
further N.-W. 

73. (11) Maclolophus spilonotus spilonotus. The Indian 

Black-spotted Yellow Tit. 
Parus spiioiTOtus, Blyth, Cat. B.M.A. 8. ocfci, p, 445 (1849), 
{Himalayas) N. Cachar. 

Nepal to Miri Hills and Hills South of Brahmapootra. 

74. (41) Maclolophus spilonotus subvlridis. The Burmese 

Black-spotted Yellow Tit. 
Icarus subvindis, Tick.., {Blyth), J. A. 8. B. xmv, p. 26S 
(18o5), {Tennasserim.) 

Burma, Chin Hills, Shan States. 

75. (42) Maclolophus xanthogenys xanthogenys. The YellotO" 

cheeked Tit. 
Parus xanthogenys. Vigors, P. Z. 8., 1831, p. 23 {Hima' 
layas) (Jhtrree). 

Murree to Nepal and Sikkim. 

76. (43) Maclolophus xanthogenys aplonotus. The Southern 

Yelloiv-cheeked Tit. 
Parus aplonotus, Blyth, J. A. 8. B. xvi, p. 444 (1847), 
{Mi. of Centrallndia). 

Mt. of S. India as for N. as Behar and Chota 

77- (2o5) Melanochlora sultanea sultanea. The Sultan Tit. 
Parus sultaneus, Hodg., Ind. Rev., 1836, p. 31 (Nepal). 

Himalayas from Nepal to Burma, Shan States and 
N. Siam. 

78* (255) Melanochlora sultanea flavocristata. The Malayan 

Sultan Tit. 
Parus flavocristatus, Lafresn., Mag. Zool., 1837, pi. 80 
{Ten7iasserim) . 

South Burma, Siam and Malay States. 

79. (44) Lophophanes melanolophus. The Crested Black Tit. 

Parus melanolophus. Vigors, P. Z. S., 1831. p. 23 (Hima^ 

80. (45) Lophophanes ater asmodius. The Himalayan Coh- 

Til. "^ 

Earns te.modius, Hodg. (Blyth), J. A. 8. B. xiii, id, p. 943 
(1844), (Nepal). ^ 

81. (4fi) Lophophanes rubidiventris. The Rufous-hellied 

Crested Tit. 

Parus rubidiventris, Blyth, J. A. 8. B.xvl,p. 44.'3 (1847) 

(Nepal). ' 

• A ¥ory poor aub-species distinguished by its slightly smalter size. 

10 Jmtr., Bom. Saf, Tlisf. Sve., Vvi. XXVII, No. 'J. [Dec. '20,1920. 

83. (47) Lophophanes rufonuchalis rufonuchalis. The Simla 

Black Tit. 
Partis rufuimclialis, £l^h, J. A. .i, B. xeiii, j>. 110 (184'.)>, 

Tiirkt'Ht.'ni, Himalayas, Chitral to (iarhwa}. 

8j (48) Lophophanes rufonuchalis beavani. The, Sikkiiu 
Black Tit. 
Lophophanes beavani, Blyih, Jerd. B. I. it., p. :?75 (1803), 

Nejval, Sikkini, Tibi-t and W. China. 

84. (i;)) Lophophanes dichrous dichrous. The Broken Crested 


Tarns dielirous, Ilnrlg. Blyth, J. A. S. B. xiii, p. iU.", (18 M), 

Himalayas, S. Kashmir to Sikkini. 

85. (41)) Lophophanes dichrous wellsi. The Ywntan Broivn 

Crested Tit. 
Stuart Baker, Bdl. B. O. C. xxxvii, p. 8 (1917), {Yunnan). 
Yunnan and ? N. Shan States. 

86. Remiz coronata. The Turkestan Pemlulitie Tit. 

yEgithalns coronatus, Severiz., Izr. Obs. MosJcov. viii, "J, p. 
13f) (1873), {Syr Darya). 

Transcaapia, West Turkostau, East Persia to Siud 
and N. W. P. 

Family i'^HAf>oxoK> iTii idae 

87. (50) Connstoma asmodium. The Great Parrot-hilled 


C. iumodina, Uodg., J. A. S. B. x, p. 857 (1841), {Nepal). 

88. (01) Paradoxornis flavirostris. Gould's Parrot-billed 


Goidd, P. Z. S., 1830, p. 17 {Nepal). 

89. {'J'2) Paradoxornis jfuttaticollis. Austois Parrot-billed 


A. Darid, Nouv. Arch. Mas. vii, Bnll., ^.14(1871), {Selchuan 

go (5o) Suthora unicolof. Tke Broivn Suthora. 

Hcteroiuorpha unicolor, Uodg., J. A. S. B. xii, p. 448 

(1843), {Nepal). 

91. (."):») Suthora nipalensis. The Ash //-eared Suthora. 

Uodg., Ind. Rev. ii,p. 32 (1838), {Nepal). 

92. (rn) Suthora poliotis poliotis. The Ashij-breasted Suthora. 

S. poliotis. Bhjth, J . A. S. B. .vx, p. ^yl2 (I80I), {Clierrapoonji) 
Hills S. ot Brahmapootra tu Kachin Hills. 

ht. 20, i020.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 11 

93. (54) Suthora poliotis humii. The Black-fronted Suthora, 

S. humii, Sharpe. Cat. B. M. mi, p. 487 (1883), (Nepal), 
Nepal, Sikkim to Darjiling. 

94. (54) Suthora poliotis fese. Saloadofis Sufhora. 

S. fe.-u, ^alvadori, Ann. Mif.s. Cio. Genooi vii, p. 364 (1889), 
(Karen nee). 

Kareunee, S. Skan States. 

95. (56) Suthora poliotis ripponi. Rijjpon's StrfJiom. 

S. ripponi, Sharpe, Bull. B. O. C. xv., p. 96 (1905), (ML 
Chin Hills. 

96. Suthora verrauxi craddocki. Bingham s Sufhora, 

^S. craddocki, Bingham, BvXl. B. O. C. xiii., p. .04 (1904), 

Hills of the Mekong watershed 8,500 feet. 

97. Suthora webbiana brunnea Ander.son's Sufhora. 

S. bnumea, Andierson, P. Z. S., 1871, p. 211 (Momien 

Yunnan and the Kachin Hills, E. of Bhatno. 

g8. (?>7) Suthora fulvifrons. The Fidvou^-Fronted Suthora, 
Blyth, J. A. 8. B. xiv, p. 579 (1845), (Nepal). 

99.. (58) Suthora ruficeps ruficeps. The Red-headed Suthora. 
Chlenasicus ruficeps, Biyth, J. A. S. B. xiv, p. 578(1845), 

Sikkim and Hills N.of Brahmapootra E', to Dafla Hills. 

100. (59) Suthora ruficeps atrisuperciliaris. The Black- 
browed Suthora. 
Chlenasicus ruficeps var. atrisuperciliaris. Godio. — Atis , 
P. A. S. B., 1877, p. 147 (Sadiya, As.^am.) 

Hills S. of Brahmapootra and E. of Dibong R, to 
Shau States. 

101. Neosuthora davidiana thompsoni. Thompson's Sii- 

Suthora thompsoni, Bingham, Bull. B, O, C, xiii , as 63 
(1903), (Ryalpin). 

Lalang State, Burma, 

102. (r,0) Psittiparus ruficeps ruficeps. The Red-headed 

Parrot-hilled Babbler. 

Paradoxornis ruficeps, Blyth, J. A. S. B. xi,p. 177 (1842), 
(Sikkim) . 

Sikkim and Assam E. bo Abor Hills N. of Brahma- 

803. (60) Psittiparus ruficeps bakeri. Baker's Parrot-billed 

Scseorhynchus ruficeps bakeri, //arJer^,A^oy. Zoo vii. p 548 
(1900), (N. Cachar). 

HJlJs S. of Brahmapootra to Chin Hills. 

12 Join-., nom. Xaf. Hi.<l. Soc, Vol. XX I'll, Xo. 2. {DfiC. 20, 1920, 

►04, (CI) Psittiparus jiularis .sjularis. The Gre;j-licadal Par-' 

ifot-bdlcd Babbler. 

I'aradoxornis gularis (HotkJ.), Gray, Gen. B. ii., p. 3S9 
(1849), (Sikkim). 

Sikkim to tlie oxtremo E. of Assam K. of IJraliirla- 

105. (61) Psittiparus .2:ularis transfluviatilis. IlarierVs Par- 

rot-Bi'Ued Babbler. 

Sc:eorhynchiis i^nlaris traiisdnviatilis, llfirlerl, Xov. Zooh 
viL, p. MS (1900), {N. Cachar). 

Hills S. of Jirahinapootra, Manipnr, rUin lljlls. 

Family TrRDOiDiDiG, 
^ib- family TurdoidincB. 

io6. {G2) Dryonastes ruficollis. The Rufons-7iecJc€d Laagh- 
lanthfxjiiK'tla rnficnlVis, Jurd. aitd Sel.-, lU. Cm i?n(l iS., p3' 
21 (1838), (Himalayas). 

10J. ((;?>) Dryonastes nachalJs. Ogle's Laughing-Thrush. 

(larnilax imchalis, Godiv. — Aus., Ann. Mag. Nai. Hia. (4) 
zvii^., p. Ill {iS~(.')),{Dibrng'arh, Assam). 

I08 (04) Dryonastes chinensis. The Black-thvoated Laughing^ 

Lanius chinenais, i:!cop., Del. Flor.el Fa^n. htsntbr. ii,p. 8& 
(17Sb'), {China). 

iog. (r>;>) Dryonastes ccerulatus coerulatus. Tlie Grey-sided 
Cinolosoiua ccerulatus, Ilod^., A3. lies, zix, jy. 147 (1836), 

{Nepal) . 

Nopal, SJkkim, Assam, Naga aii«l Cachar Hills and 

I ro. (Or.) Dryonastes coerulatus suh-coeruieitus. The ShMon^ 

Laughing- Thrush. 

Garrnlax sub-cd-nilatus, Hume, Str. Feaih. vii. p. 140 
Khasia Hills only. 

111^ Dryonastes coerufatus kaurensis. The Kachin 

jMughwg -Thrush. 

D. kanrensis, liipjwn, Bull. B. 0. C. xii, p. 13 (1901)^^ 
North and Central Kachin Hills. 

112/ (07) Dryonastes sannio. The Whife-broiced Laughing' 

(•nirTiiUix sHiwiio, Stvinli., Ibis, 1867,^, 403 (CA»»a). 

Ike. 20, 1920.] Birds of the Indian Eiiipufi. IS 

113. (CS) Dryonastes gaManus. Austen's Laiighing-Thrilsh. 

(Tarrulax gallanua, Godw-Aiis., P. Z. S. , 1874, p. 44 

Manipur and Chin Hills. 

1 14. (r.9) Qarrulax leucolophus leucolophus. The Hinw," 

lay an White- crested Laughing-Thrush. 
•Corvus leucolophus, Hardiv.^ Trans L.8,xi,p. 208 (1815). 
[Mt. above Hardioar). 

Himalayas from Simla to N. Chin Hills, Kachin 
Hills and N. Burma. 

»iS' (70) Qarruiax leucolophus belangerl. The Burmese 

White-crested Laughing-Thrush. 
(I. belangeri, / ess., Tfait. d'Om., p. 648 (1831). 
Pegu, Shan States, S. Chin and Kaohin Hills. 

HI 6. (71) Qarrulax leucolophus diardi. The Siam White-' 
headed Laughing-Thrush. 

Turdns diardi, Less., Trait d'Orn. p. 408 (1831), (.S^am) 
(BmigkoJc) . 

S. Yunnan, Siam, Cambodia, Cochin China and S. E, 

117. (72) Qarrulax pectoralis pectoralis. The Black-gorgeted 

Laughing -Thrush. 

lanthocincla pectoralis Gould, F. Z. >S\, 1835, p. 186 

Nepal to extretae E. Assam, N. Bnrma and N. Shan 
*• States. 

118.* (72) Qarrulax pectoralis semitorquata, GranV s Laugh- 
G. semitorquata, 0. Grant, Bull. B. 0. C. x, (1000) 
{Five Finger Mt. Hainan). 

South Burma, S. Shan States, Yunnan, Siam, Hainan. 

119. (7?>) Qarrulax moniliger moniliger. The Necklaced 

Laughing- Thru sh. 
Cinclosoma moniligera, Hodg., As. lies, xix, p, 147 (1836) 

Nepal to E. Assam, Arrakan, Chin Hills and N. 
Shan States. 

120. (73) Qarrulax moniliger fuscata. The Burmese NecJc 

laced Laughing-Thrush. 

Stuart B ker, Bull. B. 0. C. xxxviii, p. 64 (1918), {Tavoy). 
Southern Burma and Siam in the Peninsula and S. 
Central Burma. 

121. (74) Qarrulax gularis. McClellancVs Laughing-Thrush. 

lanthocincla gularis, McOkll, 1\ 7. S., 1839, p. 150 

* G. lencotis of Blyfck is a synonym of G, pectoralis an(-i G. mcridionalis of Klosa 
(Ibia, 1920, p. H) does not seem to be distinguishable from semitorquata. 

14 Jnuv., Horn. Xaf. Ili^t. Soc, J'ul. XXJ'JT, .Vo. l'. [Dfr. L'O, lOL^O, 

123. (70) Garrulax delesserti. The Wynaad Laughing^ 
(JniteropuH deh-sstrti. Jcrd , Madr. Jour. L. S. x, p, L'o6 
(1839), {Wi/ruiad, -S. India).' 

123. ("t"-) Garrulax albojtularis. The White-throated LmigJiing- 

lanthociuchi albogularis, Gordd, P. Z. S., 183r>, p. 187 

124. (77) Garrulax strepitans. Tickell's Laughing-Thrush. 

(i. stropitiuis. Blylh, J. A. -S". B. xxiv, p. 2()8 (1858), {Mt. 

125. (78) lanthocincia ocellata ocellata. The White-spotled 

Luughing-Th rush. 
Cinclosoma ocoUatum, VigorS) P. Z. >S'., 18,'U p. ,')', {Uima- 
lajjas) . 

126. (7!>) lanthocincia cineraceacineracea. The Ashy Laugh- 

Trochaloptenni cineraceum, Godtv.—Atis., I'.Z.S., 1874, 
p. 4.") (Naf/a Hills). 

Cachar, Maiiipur, Xnga Hills East into Chin Hills. 

127. lanthocincia cineracea styani. Stgans Laughing- 

Troclialopternn styani, Oustalet, Bull. Mus. Paris (>, p. 226 
(18!),S), {Ta-tsien-lu). 

Yunnan and Eastern Shan States. 

128. (80) lanthocincia ruf ocularis rufogularis. TJte liu- 

fous-chiiined Laughivg-Thrush. 

lanthocincia rufogularis, Gould, P. Z. '\, 1800, p. 48 
( ILitnahxyas) ( sikld)n ) . 

Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Hills N. of Brahma- 

129. (80) lanthocincia rufogularis assamensis. HarlerVs 

Ilarterl, Vog.Pal. i, p. iV.\r,^ (1910) (Marg/ierita). 

Hills S. of lirahniapootra, E. to Lakhnn[inr, S. to C'hit- 

130. (8(1) lanthocincia rufojfularis occidentalis. The Kash- 

mir Laugh ing-Thr u sh . 
Ilaiiert, Vog. Pal. i, p. H^o (1910) (Dekra Doon). 
Kunuion, Kashmir and X.-AV. Himalayas. 

131. (81) lanthocincia austeni austeni. The Cachar Laugh' 

Trochalopteron austeni, Godit).-Au.s., J. A. S. B. xxxix, ii,, 
p. lOo (1870). {Hengdang Peak, Cachar Hills). 
Khasia, Cachar and Naga Hills. 

Dec. 20, 19:.*0.] Birds of the Indian Lmpire. 15 

*33. (81) lanthocincla austeni victoriae. The Chin Hills 
I. victoriiie, Ri2)j)on, Bull., B. 0. G. xvi, p. 47 (1906), 
{Mt. VictoTia). 
Chin Hills. 

<33- i^'-) Trochalopterum erythrocephalum erythrocepha- 
lum. The Red-headed Laughing-Thrush. 
Ciiiclosoma erythrocephalum. Vigors, P.Z.S., 1831, p. 171 

{Himaliyas), (Chamba.) 

Himalayas, Chamba to West and Central Nepal. 

«34, (80) Trochalopterum erythrocephalum nigrimen- 

tum. The Sikkim Red-headed Laughing-Thrush. 
Trochalopteron nigrimentum {Hodg.) Oates, Hume's N and 
E. 2nd Ed. 1, p. 57 (1889), (Nepal). 
Eastern Nepal, Sikkim and East Assam to the 
Dibong R. 

»35- (^^^) Trochalopterum erythrocephalum erythrol^ma. 

Hume's Red-headed Laughing-Thrush. 
T. erythrohema, Hume, Hr. Feath. zi, p. 163 (1881), 
{Matchi, Manipur.) 

Manipur and Chin Hills. 

136. Trochalopterum erythrocephalum godwini. 

Godtvin- Austin 's Red-headed Laughing-Thrush. 
Harington, Bull. B.O.G. xxxiii, p. 92 (1914), (N. Cachar 

Cachar and Naga Hills and ? E. in the Hills S. of 

137. Trochalopterum erythrocephalum woodi. Wood's 

Red-headed Laughing-Thrush. 
Sluart Baker, Bull. B. O. G., xxxo, p. 17 (1914), {Loi-Sing 
N. Shan States). 

Northern Shan States and Kachin Hills. 

138. (81) Trochalopterum erythrocephalum chrysopterum. 

The S/iillong Yellow-winged Laughing- Thrush. 
lanthocincla chrysoptera, Gould, P. Z. S., 1835, p. 48 
{Khasia Hills). 

Khasia Hills only. 

139. {^6) Trochalopterum erythrocephalum melanostij^ma. 

Blyt.i's Red-headed Laughing-Thrush. 
Garrulax melanostigma, Blyth, J. A. '*>'. B. xxiv, p '^68 
(1855), {Mt. Muhyit). 
Karennee, Mt. Muleyit, Tennasserim. 

140. (87) Trochalopterum phceniceum phoeniceum. The 

Nejial Crimson-winged L'lughing-Thrush. 
lanthocincla phoenicea, Gould, Icon. Av., pi. 3 (1837), 

Nepal, Sikkim and Hills North of Brahmapootra. 

16 J(jur., Bom. Nat. Jlist. .Soc, t'ol. XXVIl, Xo. -J. [Ar. I'O, 1^20. 

141. (s7) Trcchalopterum phoenicium bakeri. The Assam 
JIartert, Bull., B. 0. C. xziii, p. 10 (1909), {X. Cachar). 
Hills South of IJrahmapootra, Manipur and Chin Hills. 

I -42. (87) Trochalopterum phoenicium ripponi. Tlie Bur- 
mese Crimson-ici'tviedLavghinfj-Thnisli. 
T. ripponi, Gates, BuU. B. 6. C.'xi,p. 10 (1900), (Kachin 


Kachin Hills. Shan States North and South. 

143. Trochalopterum milnei sharpei. The Burmese 

Red-ta iled Lauc/h i 11 (/-2 li ri i sh. 

T. sharpei, i^i^^on, Bull.B.O.C. xii, p. I.'3(l901), {Kemjlung 

Kachin Hills and N. Shan States. 

144. (88) Trochalopterum $!ubunicolor- The Plam-cohurcd 

Laughing- Th rush . 
Trochaloptoron subunicolor, (Ilodg.) Bhjlli, J, A. S. B. xii, 
p. 952 (1843), {Xepal). 

145 (^'^) Trochalopterum affine affine. The Bhcl-faced 

Lauglihig-1 li rush . 
Garrulax attinis, (Hodg.) Blyllt, J. A. A'. B. xii, p. 9.")0 
(1843), {Xepal). 

Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan. 

146. Trochalopterum affine oustaleti. The Yunnan 

Black-faced Laugh i)ig-Th rush. 
Hartert, Vog. Pal. i^ p. t)';'.3 (1909), {'I'sekore). 

'47. ('J'O Trochalopterum variegatum variegatum. The 

I'laslern Variegated Laughing-Thrush. 
Cinclosoma variop^utum, Vigors, P. Z. S., L'-^Ml, p. ,')(] 
{Himalayas), (E. A^epal). 

Eastern Himalayas troni Chainba to Nepal. 

148. (yi) Trochalopterum variejratum simile. The Western 

Variegated Laugh iug-Tlirush. 
Trochalopteroii WwnWv, Hione, litis, \S~\, p. 408 {Far N. 
West), ((lihnf) . 

Western Hnnalayas, N.W.Kashmir, (lilgitto (Jhitral. 

149. ('•-) Trochalopterum squamatum. The Blue-ivinged 

Tju > (ghii \g- Th rush . 
Tanthoeincla scpiamata, Gould, P. Z. S., ].H:]5,p. 4S {Hima- 
layas), (Sikkim). 

150. (0?)) Trochalopterum cachinans cachinans. The Nilgiri 


Crateropus caehiuaus, Jerd., Madr. Jour, x, p. J-j-3, ;>L 7 
(1839), (Xilgiris). 

D&c, 20., 1920..] Birds of the Indian Empire. 17 

151. (94) Trochalopterum cachinans cinnamomeum. Dafi- 

son's Laughing-Thrush. 
T, cinnamomeum, Davison, Ibis, 1886, p. 204 (unknown). 
Davison suggests Palni Hills. 

152. (05) Trochalopterum jerdoni jerdoni. The Banasore 

Laughing-Thrush . 
Garrulax jerdoni, Blyih, J. A. S. B. xx, p. 522 (1851), 
{Banasore Peak). 

The Hills of Coorg, Wynaacl, Palghat, Palni. 

•53 (96) Trochalopterum jerdoni fairbanki. The Travan- 
co re Laughing-Thrush . 
T. fairbanki, Blanf., J. A. S. B. xxxvii, ii, p. 175 (186S), 
[Palni Hills). 

Hills of South Travancore. 

*54« (9") Trochalopterum jerdoni nieridionale. BlanfonVs 
T. nieridionale, Blanf., Hume Str. FeatJi. vii,p. 36 (1878), 

Hills of North Travancore. 

S55. Trochalopterum elliotti yunnanense. The Yun- 

nan Laughing-Thrush. 
T. yunnanense, Rippon, Bull. B. 0. G. xix, p. 32 (1906), 
(Yangtze, Yunnan). 
Hills of Yunnan. 

156. Trochalopterum henrici. Prince Henrif s Laughing- 

T. henrici, Oustalet, Ann. Sci. Nat. (7) xil, p. 574 (1891) 


157' (98) Trochalopterum virgatum. The Manipur Streaked 
Godw.-Aus., P. Z. S., 1874, p. 46 (Razami). 

Hillfj South of Brahmapootra, Manipur, Looshai and 
Chin Hills. 

158. (9'.)) Trochalopterum Hneatum lineatum. The Hima- 

layan Streaked Laughing-Thrush. 
Cinclosoma lineatum, Vigors, P. Z. S,, 1831, p. 56 (Nepal), 
Nepal and Sikkim, 

159. (09) Trochalopterum lineatum griseicentior. The 

Simla Streaked Laughing-Thrush. 
MarterL Vog. Pal. i, p. 636 (1910), (Si7?ila). 
S.Kashmir. Simla to Hazara. 

18 Jottv., Bom. i\V,7. J^^^•^ Soc, Tol. XXJ II, Xo. 2. [Dec. 20, 1920. 

i6o. (9!') Trochalopterum lineatum giljjit. The Gilgif 
Streaked Lav(jhiri(j-Thrnsli. 
Hartert , Vog. Pal. i, p. (530 (litlO), {Gilgit). 
Cilgit, Chitral and N. Kashmir. 

i6i. (lOi)) Trochalopterum lineatum imbricatum. The Bhu" 
i-'i-ti Slreahed Langhinfi-Thrush. 

(larrulax imbricatus, Llyih, J . A. '*>'. B. xii, p. 9ol (1843) 

162. (101) Grammatoptila striata striata. The Striated 

Laugh i ng -Thrush . 
Garnilus striatus, Vigors, P. Z. <S'., 1830,^. 7 (Himalayas), 
(Naini Tal) . 

Hiinahiyas, from Sutlej Valley to Bhutan. 

163. (102) Grammatoptila striata austeni. Austen's Striaied 

Laughing- Thrush . 
G. austoni, Oates, Fauna B. 1. i, p. 104 (1889), (Dofla 
Hills North and South of thu Brahmapootra. 

164. (103) Stactcciclila merulina. The Spotted-breasted Laugh" 

Garrulax meruliuus, £/?//7i, J. A. S. B. xx, p. ")21 (18ol), 

Hills South of Brahmapootra to Looshai. 

165,^' Babax lanceolatus lanceolatus. The Chinese 

Pterorhinus lanceolatus, Verr., No2iv.Arch. Mns. Paris, vi, 
Bull., p. 36 (1871), (Chinese, Tibet). 

West China, Yunnan and Kachin Hills. 

166. Babax lanceolatus bonvaloti. The Small Tibet 


B. bonvaloti, Oustt., Ann. Sci. Nat. vii, p. 273 (1892), (So. 

So. Tibet. " Tara in Tibet" (Hartert). 

167. Babax koslowi koslowi. Bianchi's Babi x. 

Kagnakowia kozlowi, Bianchi, Bvll. Ac. Peters (/3), :txii),- 
pi 4-, (I90r>), (Dzeischu, S. E. Tibet). 

South Tibet, The Watershed of the Mekong. 

168. Babax koslcwi victoifae. The Mt. Victoria Baba:r 

B. vietorifc, Bifi^on, Bvll.B. 0. C. xv, p. 97 (1905), (Mt. 
Chin Hills. 

'^- T cannot separate B. I. lanceolatus and B. I. yunnanensis. 

D^c. 20, 1920.] Birds of the Indian Mmpire. l9 

169. Babax waddelli. The Giant Tibetan Bahax. 

B. waddelli, Dresser, P. Z. S. (1905) i., p. 54 [Tsanffpo). 
South and Central Tibet. 

i7o. (104) Arg"ya earlii. The Striated Babbler. 

Malacocercus earlii, Blyth, J. A. S. B. xiii,2>- 369 (1844), 

171. (105) Argya caudata caudata. The Common Babbler. 

Cossyphus caudatus, Dumoiit, Drc. Sci. JSat. xxix . 
p. 266 (1823), {no loc). (Behar). 

Practically the whole of India. 

173. (105) Argya caudata huttoni. The Afghan Babbler. 

Malacocercus huttoni, Bli/th, J. A. ^. B. xvi, p. 476 
(1847), (KandaJiar). 

Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Quetta. 

173. (106) Argya gularis. The Burmese White-throated Bab- 

Chatarrhoea gularis, Blyth, J.A.S.B. xxiv, p. 478 (1855), 
{E. side of Bay of Bengal). 

174. (107) Argya malcolmi. The Large Grey Babbler. 

Timalia malcolmi, Sykes, P. Z. 6., 1832, p. 88 {Dukkun). 

575. (108) Argya subrufa. The Rufous Babbler. 

Timalia subrufa, Jerd. Madr. Jour. L. S., p. 259 (1844), 

176. (10?) Argya longirostris. The Sleiider-biUed Babbler. 

Byctorhis longirostris; (Hodg.) Moore, P. Z. S., 1854, 
p. l04:{]S'e2Ml). 

'77- (nO) Turdoides terricolor terricolor. The Bengal 
Pastor terricolor, i:Zof?gr., J. A.S. B. v, p. Ill (1836) 
I {Nepal). 

N. India from Sind to Bengal. 

178. (110) Turdoides terricolor malabaricus. The Sou^ 

them Indian. Jungle Babbler. 
Malacocercus malabaricus, Jerd., B. of I. ii, p. 62 
(1877), {Malabar). 

South India from Orissa to Bombay. 

179. (110) Turdoides terricolor sindianus. The Sind 

Ticehurst Bull. B. 0. C, Vol. xl, No. cclii. p. 156 (1920) 
{Karachi, Sind). 

Sind, Mt. Aboo, Punjab. 

'JO Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVII, No. 2. [Dec. 20, 1920. 

i8o. (Ill) Turdoides j^riseus griseus. The While-headed 


Tardus <,friscus. Gm., Si/s.yat. i, p. 824 (1788), {Carnatic). 
South India E. as far North as ?]llore and lielgaum. 

i8i. (112) Turdoides griseus striatus. The Ceylon Babbler. 
Malacocercus striatus, hivains, Zool. III., p. 127 (I8.'il), 
Ceylon only. 

I S3. (11 ") Turdoides ffriseus som rvillei. The Botnhaij 
Timalia somervillii. Sijices, P. Z. S., 18;j2, p. 88 (Bombay). 
Travancore to Bombay on the West Coast. 

183. (Ill) Turdoides rufescens. The Ceylon Rufous Babbler 
Malacocercus rufesceus, Blyth, J . A. S. B. xvi., p. 4o3 
(1847), {Ceylon). 

{To be continiied.} 

Frim dA^ Journal op the Bombay Natural History Society, Mak. 31, 1921.] 



E, C. Stuart Baker, f.l.s., f.z,s., m.b.o.u., c.f.a.o.u. 

Part II. 

(Continued from page 247 of this volume.) 

184. (116) Pomatorhinus schisticeps schisticeps. The Slaty- 

headed Scimitar -Bahhler. 

P. schisticeps, Hodg., As. Res. xix, p. I8l (1836), {Nepal). 
Nepal, Sikkini and Assam North of Brahmapootra. 

185. (11(1) Pomatorhinus schisticeps cryptanthus. Coltart'.s 


Hartert, Bull B. 0. C. x.cxvi, p. 35 (1915), {Margheriia). 
Hills South of Brahmapootra. 

186. (ll(i) Pomatorhinus schisticeps mearsi. Grant's Slaty- 

headed Scimitar-Babbler. 
P. mearsi, Ogilvie-Grant, Bull. B. 0. C. xv,p. 39 (1805), 

Western Burma, Chin Hills and Arrakan. 

187. (lltJ) Pomatorhinus schisticeps pinvvilli. Sharjjes 

Slaty-headed Scimitar-Babbler. 
P. pinwilli, liharpe, Cat. B. M. vii., p. 413 (1883). 
N. W. Himalayas to Garhwal. 

188. (117) Pomatorhinus nuchalis Ttveeddale's Scimitar-Bab- 

P. nuchalis, Tiveeddale, A. M. N. H. (4) xx., p. 535 (1877) 

189. (118) Pomatorhinus olivaceus olivaceus. The Tennas- 

serini Scimitar-Babbler. 
P. olivaceus, Blyth, J. A. S. B. xvi., p. 451, (1847), 

190. (118) Pomatorhinus olivaceus ripponi. Harinyton's 

Shan Scimitar-Babbler. 
Haringfon, Bull, B. 0. C. xxvii, p. 9 (Shan States). 
Shan States, Burma. 

191 (120) Pomatorhinus horsfieldi horsfieldi. .The Deccan 
Scimitar-Bab bier. 
P. horsfieldi, Syhes, P. Z. S., 1832, p. 89 {Dulckun], 
Bombay, Madras, Mysore, Deccan. 

•J2 Jour., Bom. .\((t. Jli!=t. -Vx-., lot. XX I'll, Ao. :',. Mar. M, iHi']. 

192. (] r.') Pomatorhinus horsfieldi melanurus. The Cc'/lon 

I*. )ii(jliinnrii8, Bhjtii, J. A, S. B. xci, p. Jol (1847), 

Coylon only. 

193. (121) Pomatorhinus horsfieldi obscurus. Hume a i:>ci- 

niiiar- Babbler. 
P. obscurus, Hume, Sir. Feut/i. i, p. 7 (1873), {Ml. 
Mt. A.bu aud Seoni. 

194. (121) Pomatorhinus horsfieldi travancoriensis. /b'oM^A- 

crn Jndiaii Scimitar-Babbler. 
Ilarington, Jour. B. X. H. Soc, xxiii, 2^- 33o (1914) 
{Peermall, Iravancore). 

Travancore, Nilghiri ami Palni Hills. 

195. (I2J) Pomatorhinus ferruginosus ferruffinosus. The 

Nepal Co ral-bilkd Scimilar-Bahblcr. 
P. fcrrnj:^inoous, -Bl'jtlt, J. A. /b'. B. xiv, p. 097 (1845), 
Nepal and Hills N. of Brahmapootra. 

196. (114) Pomatorhinus ferruginosus phayrei. Phaj/re's 

P. phayrei, Blijt/i, J. A. S. B. xvi, }>. 462 (1847) 

Hills South of Brahmapootra and Chin Hills. 

197. (123) Pomatorhinus albigularis albigularis. Blyth's 


P. albigularis, Bhjlli, J . A. S. B. xxiv, p. 274 (1855), 
{Muleyit Ml.). 

Mt. of Teuuasserim South to Tavoy. 

198. (123) Pomatorhinus albigularis marise. Waldens Sci- 

P. inariic, Walden, A. M. X. JJ. (4) xv, p. 1U3 (1876), 
{Tounghoo HiUt>). 

Yumathon, Upper Burma aud Karen Hills. 

199. \i-o) Pomatorhinus ruficollis ruficollis. The Nejml 

Rajo as- necked Sciitrilar-Babblcr. 

P. rulicollis. Ilodg., As. Bes. xix, p. 182 (I83lij, {Xepal). 
Nepal, Sikkim and Hills North of Brahmapootra. 

200. (125) Pomatorhinus ruficollis bakeri. Baker's Rufous- 

n ec led Sew r iiar-Babbler . 
Harmglon, J. B. X. H. S. xxiii, p. 336 (1914), {Shillong). 
Hills S. of Bralimapootra, N.-E. Burma aud Yunnan. 

201. (126) Pomatorhinus ochraceiceps ochraceiceps. Zfoyyc^'s 

P. ochvaceiceps, ]Vah(e», A. JI.X.II. (4) .tii, p. 487 (1873). 
Shan States, South to Tenuasserim. 

Mar. ol, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire 

202. (127) Pomatorhinus ochraceiceps austeni. Hmiie's 
P. austeni, Hume, Str. Feath x, p. 152 (1881), (E. 

Cachar, Manipur and Hills S. of Brahmapootra to 
Naga Hills. 

303, (128) Pomatorhinus ochraceiceps stenorhynchus. 

Austen'' s Scimitar-Babbler. 
P. ochraceiceps, Walden, J. A. B. B. xlvi, p. 43 (1877), 

Sadiya and Hills East of Dibong, Lakhimpur. 

204. (129; Pomatorhinus erythrogenys erythrogenys. 

Vigor's Rusty-cheeked Scimitar-Babbler. 
P. erythrogenys, Vigors, P. Z. S., 1831, p. 173 {W. 

N. W. Himalayas to Simla. 

205. (129) Pomatorhinus erythrogenys haringtoni. Baker's 

Riisty-cheeked Scimitar-Babbler. 
Stuart Baker, Bull. B. 0. C. xxxiii,p. 133 (1914), {Darji- 
ling) . 

Himalayas, Garhwal to Sikkim. 

206. (130) Pomatorhinus erythrogenys maclellandi. Mc- 

Clelland' s Scimitar-Babbler. 
P. maclellandi, Jerd., B. of I. n, p. 32 (1863), {Khasia 

Hills S. of Brahmapootra, Manipur to Chin Hills. 

207. (130) Pomatorhinus erythrogenys imberbis. Salva- 

dori's Scimitar-Babbler. 
P. imberbis, Salvadori, Mus. Civ. Geneva (2) viz, p. 410 
(1889), {Yado N. E. Leito). 
E. Burma from Ruby Mines S. to Tennasserim. 

208. (130) Pomatorhinus erythrogenys gravivox. David's 

P. gravivox, David, Ann. Sci. Nat. xvivi p. 2. (1873), 
(South S/iensi.) 

Bhamo Hills, Yunnan into China, 

209. (131) Pomatorhinus hypoleucus hypoleucus. The 

A rraJcan Scimitar-Babbler. 
Othorhinusjhypoleucus, Bti/th, J. A. S. U. xiii, p. 71. 
(1844), (Arratcan). 

Hills South of Brahamapootra, ChindAvin and 

210. (132) Pomatorhinus hypoleucus tickelli. Tick ell's 

P. tickelli, Bti/t/i, J. A. S. B. xxiv, p. 273 (187."'>), 

'24 Join:. Bom. Xat. llisf. Sor., J',,!. XXVII, \o. P,. :Arr>r. :'.l. li>i>l . 

211. fl?.o) Xiphoramphus superciliaris. The Slender-billed 


X. superciliaris, Jilyih, ./. A. 8. li. xi, p. 17")(lS4i') 

Hills N. and S. of Brahmapootra, Sikkim. 

2 12. (l:>4) Timalia pileata jerdoni. The Burmese Red-capped 

T. jerdoni, Wald., A. M. X. //. (4) x, p. 61 (1872), (Pegu). 

213. (1?>4) Timalia pileata bengalensis. The Bengal Red- 

capped Babbler. 
T. bcngalonsis, Godtv—Aus., J.A.S. li. xli, pari 2. p. 1 13 
(1872), {Kha.sia Hills). 
Nepal to East Assam, Beni^al. 

214. (135) Dumetia hyperythra. The Rufous-bellied Babbler 

Timalia hyperythra, Franklin, P. Z. S., 1831, p. 118 

{Ganges near Benares). 

215. (130) Dumetia albigularis albisfularis. The Snifdl 

While-lhroated Babbler. 
Malacocercus albigularis, jB/i/M, J. A. >S. B. a;n,p.4.^'] 
(1847). {\ India) (Mysore). 
Southern India, Mysore to Ceylon. 

216. (136) Dumetia albig:ularis abuensis. The Ml. Abu 

While-throated Babbler. 
Harini/ton, ,/. B. X. H. 8. xxiii, p. 429 (19ir,), {Mt. Aim) 
Mt. Abu, Deesa to Mahableswar. 

217. (137) Gamsorhynchus rufulus rufulus. White-headed. 

Shrike- Babbler. 
(i. rufnlu.s, Blytlt, J. A. 8. B. xiii, p. 371 (1844), {Darji- 

Sikkim to Assam and Chin Hills. 

218. (138) Gamsorhynchus rufulus torqualus. The Ring- 

necked Shrike-Babbler. 
G. torquatus, Hume, J>. A. 8. B., 1874, ;;. 107 {Youny- 
zaUen River) 

South Burma and Karen-nee. 

219. (139) Pyctorhis sinensis sinensis. The Indian Yellow- 

eyed Babbler. 
Parus sinensis, Gm., 8y.<^f. Xat. i, p. 1012 (1788), {8ina 
[Chi7ia] ) 

Whole of India and I'.urma. 

220. (140) Pyctorhis sinensis nasalis. The Ceylon YeUoiv 

eyed B(d)blrr. 
P. nnsaUs. Legge. A. M.N H (o) ;//. p, ]()9 (|879) 

Ceylon only. 

Mar. M, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 25 

221. (141) Pyctorhis altirostris altirostris. Jerc?on's 5«66fef. 

Chrysomma altirostris, Jcrdon, Ibis (1862), p. 22 {lliaji- 
etmyo, Burma). 

Plains of Lower Burma. 

222. (141r/) Pyctorhis altirostris griseigularis. Hume's 

P. griseigularis, Hume, Str. Featli. i\ p. 116 (1877), 
{Assam) . 

Assam and Bhutan Dooars. 

223. (Ml//) Pyctorhis altirostris scindicus. The Sind 

Harinr/ton, J. B. N. H. xxiii, p. 424 (1915), (Sukkur 

224. (144) Pellorneum ruficeps ruficeps. The Indian Spotted 

P. ruficeps, Sicainson, F. Bor-am. Birds, p. 487 (1831), 
(Lid la) (Nilgiris). 

South India, N. to Khandesh and Ohota Nagpore 
not Travancore. 

225. (144«) Pellorneum ruficeps granti. The Travancore 

Spotted Babbler. 
Harington, Bull. B. O. C. xxxiii, p. 81 (t'913), {Travancore). 

226. (142) Pellorneum ruficeps mandellii. MandeWs Spotted 

P. mandellii, BlanJ., J. A. 8. B. xli, p. ii, p. 165 (1844) 

Nopal, Assam and N.-W. Burma. 

227. (143) Pellorneum ruficeps minus. Sharpens Spotted 

P. minus, Htime, Str. Feath. i, p. 298 (1873), {Tluiyetmyo). 
N. Lower Burma and Central Burma. 

228. (14,)) Pellorneum ruficeps subochraceum. The Malayan 

Spotted Babbler. 
P. subochraceum, Swinhce, A. M. N. H. (4) vii, p. 2nd 
(1871), {Rangoon). 

S. Lower Burma and Malay States. 

229. (14G) Pellorneum palustre. The Marsh Sjjotted Babbler. 

P.palustre, Jerd., Ibis, 1S72, p. 300 {Cherrapoonji, Assam). 
Assam, S. and E. of the Brahmapootra. 

230. (147) Pellorneum ignotum ignotum. The Assamese Bab- 

P. ignotnm, Hume. Sfr. FeMh. v., p. 334 (1877), {Sadiya, 

Assam, South of Brahmapootra. 

.hmr., Bom. Xat. Hl-<t. Soc, I'ol. XX IIJ. Xn. :;. Mar. ;;l. Iwl'I. 

231. (148) Pellorneum i.scnotuni cinnamomeum. Rippon's 

Drymocataphus cinnamoiiiens, Rippon, Bull. B. 0. C. xi, 
p. 12 (1900), {Loi Mai S. Slvan. S.). 
N. Burma and Shan States. 

232. (147) Scotocichla fuscicapilla fuscicapilla. The Brown- 

cajJj^ed Babbler. 
Drymocataphus fuscicapillus, Blijlh, J. A. S. B. wxiii . 
p. 815 (1.849), {8. W. Ceylon). 
Southern Ceylon. 

233. (147) Scotocichla fuscicapilla babaulti. VVelVs Brown- 

capped Babbler. 
Wells, Bull. B. 0. G., xxxix, p. 69 (1919), {Trincomalee). 
Northern Ceylon. 

234. (1411) Drymocataphus nigricapitatus. The Black-capped 

Brachypteryx nigricapitata, Eylon, P. Z. 8., 1839, p. 
103 (Malaya). 

235- (I'jI) Drymocataphus tickelli tickelli. TickelVs Babbler. 
Pollornouiii tickelli, Btylh, J. A. 8. B. xxviii, p. 414 
(18.')9), {Tennasserim), 

S. W. Assam, Cachar, Manipur to Pegu. 

236. (102) Drymocataphus tickelli assamensis. Austen's 
D. assamensis, 8harpe, Cat. B. M. vii., p. 557 (1883'), 

Eastern Assam. 

237*. (158) Turdinulus brevicaudatus brevicaudatus. The 

Shor Hailed Babbler. 

Turdinus brevicaudatus. Blylh. J. A. 8 U. raiv., p. :.'72 
(1855), {Muleyit Mi.). 
Mt. Muleyit in Tounassorim. 

238. (151) Turdinulus brevicaudatus striatus. Tlie Streaked- 

Turdinus striatus, Blyili. J. A. 8. B. xxxix, pt. 2, p. 269 
(1870), {Khasia EilU). ' 
Assam and Manipur. 

239. (154) Turdinulus brevicaudatus venningi. Venning's 

Streaked Babbler. 
Harington, Bull. B. O. C. xxxiii, p. 44 (1913) {Shan States). 
Shan States and Yunnan. 

* Birds of the genera Turdinulus and Eimalor belong very doubtfully to the 
Timeliidai and may possibly have to be placed in a family by themselves near the 

Mar, o\, 1921. J • Birds of the Indian Empire. 27 

340. (186) Turdinulus roberti roberti. Austen's Wren-Babbler. 

Pnocpyga roberti, Godw-Aus. and Wald, Ibis, 187o, p. 253. 
{Chaka, Manijmr). 

Khasia, Cachar, Naij;a Hills and Manipur. 

241. (isG) Turdinulus roberti j?uttaticoHis. GraM\s Wren- 
T. guttatiiiuihs, 0-(Jranl, Ibit:, LHdo, p. lo2. {MiriHilh, 

Hills Ranges Eastern Assam, North and South. 

J43. (IStJ) Turdinulus epilepidotusdavisoni. Davison'' s Wren- 
■ T. davisoui, 0-G-rant, Bull. B. 0. C. xxv., p, 97 (1909). 
(Thoungyah, Burma). 

343. (186) Turdinulus epilepidotus bakeri. Baker's Wren- 

Ilaringfon, Bull. B. 0. C. xxxiii, p. 44 (1913), {8. Slmn 
Stales, Na Not). 

S. Shan States to Karonnee, Burma. 

344. (185) Rimator malacoptilus. The Long-billed Wren- 


Blyth, J. A. 8. B. xvi, p. 155 (1847), (Darjilivg). 

245. (155) *Cursonia crispifrons. The Lime-rock Babbler. 

Turdinns crispifrons, Blyth, J. A. S. B. xxiv, p. 269, 
(1855), ( Tennasserim) . 

246. (156) *Horizillas magna magna. The Red-headed Tree- 

Malacopterum magnum, Eijton, P. Z. S., 1839, p. 103. 

247. (157) Horizillas magnirostre. The Brown-headed Tree- 

Alcippe magnirostris, Moore, P. Z. 8., 1854, p. 277. 

348. (158) Erythrocichla bicolor. The Ferruginous Babbler. 

Brachypteryx bicolor. Less., Rev. Zool. (1839), p. 138. 

349. (159) *>Ethostoma rostratum. Blylh's Babbler. 

Trichastoma rostrata, Blyth, J„ A. 8. B. xi, p. 795, 
(1842), (Malaya). 

350. (160) ■''-■ Malacocincia abbotti. Abbott's Babbler. 

Blyth, J. A. 8. B. xiv, p. 601. (1845), (Rarnree, 

* The names Gi/2)so2>Jiila, Malacopterum . Turdinns and Trichastoma are ail 

28 Jour., Bom. Aat. Mist. >%c., Vol. XXVll, Xo.'6. \Mar. .U, H)21. 

251. (101) *Thrin.c:orhina guttata, TicheWs Spoiled- Babbler. 

'riinlimis mittatus, BIylh, J. A. S. B. xxviii, p. 414 
(I80I)), '{Mukyit 3IL). 

252. (lt>2) Thringorhina oRlei. Austens Spotted-Babbler. 

Actimira oglei, Godw.-Aus., J. A. S. B. xlvi, pt. 2, p. 42, 
(1877), (Sadiya). 

253- (1*'3) Alcippe nepalensis nepalensis. The Nepal-Babbler. 
Siva nopalonsia, Hodg., Ind. liev., 1838, p. 89 {Nepal). 
Nepal to Assam and Chin Hills. 

254. (163) Alcippe nepalensis fratercula. The Shan States 


A. irati>vcu\ii, Bippon, Bull. B. 0. (J. xi, p. 11 (1900), 
(Shan iSlalcs). 
Eastern Burma. 

255. (I'i'i) Alcippe nepalensis yunnanensis. Uaringlon's 

Harington, Bull. B. 0. C, xxxiii, jj. 63 (1913), (Talifu). 

256. (H;4) Alcippe phaeocephala phaeocephala. The Nilgiri 

Timalia poioicephala, Jerd., Mudr. Jour. L. S. xiii, 
p. 169 (1844), (Nilgiri). 

S. E. India and S. Travancore. 

257. (105) Alcippe phaeocephala phayrei. The Arrakan 

A. phayrei, Bhjth, J. A. 8. B. xiv, p. 601 (1845), 
Assam and X. E. India. 

258. (1(14) Alcippe pheeocephala brucei. The Bombay Quaker- 

A, brucei, Hume, J. A. S. />'. .vxxix, pt. 'J, p, 12i' (1870), 
{Malmhlesioar) . 
West and Central India to Lower Bengal. 

259. (lOo) Alcippe phaeocephala haringtonia;. The Ujyper 

Burma Quaker-Thrush. 
Hartert, Bull. B. 0. C xxv,p. 10 (1909), (Bhamo). 
N. E. Upper Burma and N. Shan States. 

260. (105) Alcippe phaeocephala nia.unirostris. The Lower 

Burm a Q uakcr-Thrusli . 

A maonirostrie, Walden, Blylk's B. <if Burma, p. \\') 
(187o), {Karennee). 

S. E. 13urma and West Siam. 

* Tho genus ThriiigorhiiM should come next Stachyris. 

Mar, 31, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 29 

261. (165) Alcippe phaeocephala davisoni. The Tennasserim 
Harington, Jour., B. N. H. S., xxiii, p. 453 (191 5), (Tavoy.) 
Tennasserim Southwards. 

262. (166) Rhopocichia atriceps atriceps. The Black-headed 
Brachypteryx atriceps, Jerd., M. J, L. S. x., p. 250, 
(1839), (Tricfioor Jungle). 
Nilgiris and S. W. India. 

263. (167) Rhopocichia atriceps nigrifrons. The Black- 

fronted Babbler. 

Alcippe nigrifrons, Blyth, J. A. 8. B. xviii, ^.815 (1849), 

264. (168) Rhopocichia atriceps bourdilloni. Bourdillon's 


Alcippe bourdilloni, Hume, Str. Featk. iv, p. 399 (1876), 

Travancore from N. to S. 

265. (169) Stachyrhis nigriceps nigriceps. The Black- 

Bodg., Blyth., J. A. S. B. xiii, p. 378 (1844), (Nepal), 
Nepal, Sikkim. 

266. (169) Stachyrhis nigriceps coltarti. The Assam Black- 

throated Babbler. 
Harington, Bull, B. 0. C. xxxiii, p. 61 (1913), (Mar- 
Assam S. of Brahmapootra, Chin Hills. 

267. (169) Stachyrhis nigriceps davisoni. The Tennasserim 

Black-throated Babbler. 
S. davisoni, Sharpe, Bull. B. 0. C. i, p. 7 (1892). 
South Burma, Siam and Malay Peninsula. 

268. (170) Stachyrhis chrysasa chrysaea. The Nepal 

Golden-headed Babbler. 
S. chrystea, Blyth, J. A. S. B. xiii., p. 379 (1844), 

Nepal, Sikkim and Assam to Kachin Hills. 

269. (171) Stachyrhis chrysaea assimilis. The Burmese 

Golden-headed Babbler. 
S. assimilis, Walden, Blyth' s B. of Burma, p. 116 (1895), 

Karennee, S. Shan States and N. Siam. 

30 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXTII, No. 3. [Mar. 31, 1921. 

370. (171) Stachyrhis chrysaea binghami. The Chin Hills 

Golden-headed Babbler. 
S. biughami, Rippon, Bull. B. 0. C xiv, p. 84 (1904), {Mt. 
Victoria) , 
Chiu Hills and N. Arrakau. 

371. (172) Stachyrhidopsis ruficeps ruficeps. The Red- 

headed Babbler. 
S. ruficeps, Blyth, J. A. S. B. xvi, p. 4o2 (1847), 

Nepal, Sikkim and Assam. 

27a. (172) Stachyrhidopsis ruficeps bhamoensis. The 

Bhamo Red-headed Babbler. 
Harington, A. M. N. H. 8, Vol. ii, p. 245 (1908), {Bhamo 
Bhamo Hill Tracts and S. Shan States. 

373. (173) Stachyrhidopsis rufifrons rufifrons. Hume's 


Stachyrhis rufifrons, Hume, Sir. Feath. i, p. 479 (1873), 

Burma I'f. to Chin Hills. 

374. (173) Stachyrhidopsis rufifrons ambigua. Harington's 

Red-fronted Babbler. 
Harington, Jour. B. N. H.S. xxiii, p. 631 (191o), {Ounjong 
N. Cachar). 

Sikkim, Assam N. and S. of Brahmapootra, Manipur. 

275. (174) Stachyrhidopsis pyrrhops. The Red-billed Babbler. 
Stachyrhis pyrrhops, Bli/th, J. A. S. B. xiii, p. 379 (1844), 

Himalayas, Murree to Nepal. 

376. (175) Cyanoderma erythropterum erythropterum The 

Red-ivinged Babbler. 
Timalia erythroptera, Blyth, J. A. S. B. xi, p. 794 (1842) 

Extreme South of Tennasserim. 

377. (17G) Mixornis rubricapilla rubricapilla. The Yelloiv- 

breasted Babbler. 

M. rubricapilla, Tickell, J. A. S. B. ii, p. 576 (1833) 
{Manbhum, Bengal). 

Sikkim to Assam and Burma. 

378. (177) Mixornis rubricapilla connectens. Kloss' Yellow- 

breasted Babbler. 

Kloss, Ibis, 1918, p. 207 {Lat. 10'' N. Malay Peninsula) , 
Southern Tennasserim and Malay States. 

Mar. 3l, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Bmptrt. gl 

279. (176) *Mixornis rubricapilla minor. Gyldensfolpe's 


Mixornis gularis minor, Gyldenstolpe, Kungl. Sv. Vet. 
Akad. Handl. Ivl, 1916,^. 60 {Lat Sua Kas). 
Northern, Central and Eastern Siam, 

280. (178) Schoeniparus dubius dubius. The Tennasserim 

Proparus dubius, Hume, P. A. S. B., 1874, p. 109. 

281. (179) Schoeniparus dubius mandellii. The Assam Tit- 

S. mandellii, Godw.-Aus., A. M. N. H. (4) xvii, p. 33, 1876, 
{Naga Hills). 

Assam, Chin Hills, W. Burma, 

282. (170) Schoeniparus dubius intermedius. Rippon's Tit- 

S. intermedius, Rippon, Bull. B. 0. C. xi, p. IX (1900) 
(Nanoi S. Shan States). 

Bhamo Hills to Shan States. 

283. (179) Schoeniparus dubius genestieri. Oustalets Tit- 

S. genestieri, Oustalet, Bull. M, P., 1897, p. 210. 

284. (180) Schoeniparus rufigularis. The Red-throated Tit- 

Minla rufigularis, Mandelli, S. Feath. i., p. 416, (1873), 
(Bhutan Dooars). 

285. (181) Pseudominla cinerea. The Dusky-green Babbler. 

Minla cinerea, Blyih, J. A. S. B. xvi, p. 449 (1849), 

286. (182) Pseudominla castaneiceps castaneiceps. The 

Chestnut-headed Babbler. 
Minla castaneiceps, Hodg., Ind. Rev., 1838, p. 38 (Nepal). 
Nepal to Chin Hills, Manipur and Tennasserim. 

287. (182) Pseudominla castaneiceps brunneicaudata. The 

Shillong Chestnut-headed Babbler. 
Minla brunneicaudata, Sharpe, Cat. B. M., vii, p. 609. 

(1883), (Shillong). 
Khasia Hills. 

• The birds from the Shan States, Rippon's sulphurea=rubricapiUus. Specimens 
from Siam are very doubtfully distinct but if kept separate must retain Gyldens- 
tolpe's name. 

33 Jour., Horn. Nat. Hist, ^oc.i Vvl. XXVil, Ao. 'S. [Mar. 31, 1921. 

388. (183) *Lioparus vinipectus vinipectus- Hodgson s Ful- 


Siva vinipectus, IJodg., hid. Rev., 1838, p. 89. (Nepal). 
Himalayas^ Simla to Sikkim. 

289. (J83) Lioparus vinipectus austeni. Grant' s Fulvetta. 

V. anstciii, O.-Grant, Bull. B. 0. C. v, p. 3 (1895), 
AsBam, South of Brahmapootra. 

290. (183) Lioparus vinipectus ripponi. The Chin Hills 

P. ripponi, Harington, Bull. B. 0. C. xxxiiif p. o9 (1913). 
(Mt. Victoria.) 
Chin Hills. 

291. Lioparus vinipectus sordidior. Rippoti's 


P. Bordidior, Rippon, Bull. B. 0. C. xiii, p. 60, (1903) 
Yunnan, W. China. 

292. (183) Lioparus vinipectus manipurensis. The Mani- 

pur Fulvetta. 

P. manipurensis, O.-Grant, Bull. B. 0. C, xvi p. 1-3 
(190H), {Manipur). 

293. (184) Lioparus chrysaeus. The Golden-breasted Tit- 

Proparus ? chrysaeus. Ilodg., Gray's Zool. Misc. p. 84, 
(1844), (Nepal). 

Sub-family Brachypterygin^. 

Tesia and Oligura are probably Wrens, Elajihromis is I think, a \yarbler 
somewhere near Tribura and Locuslella. 

The other species are all Turdidce, Myiophoncus and Arrcnga arc true 
Thrushes and the other genera near the SascicoUncG but Morthy of being 
retained in a separate Sub-family. 

Sub-family SimiN^. 

294. (203) Sibia picaoides picaoides. The Long-tailed Sibia. 

S. picaoides, Ilodg., J. A. SB. viii, p. 38 (1839), (Nepal). 

395. (204) Leioptila capistrata capistrata. The Black-headed 

Cinclosonia capistratum, Vigors., P. Z. S. (1831), p. 66. 
Himalayas, Naini Tal to Dafla Hills. 

* Proparus is a synonym of 3Iinla ami cannot be iir^cd. For the present I unite 
it *with LiojMfUs of Blanford. the sole speciej of which, Lioparus chrnscrus.'n 
penerically very close to those birds placed in the jrenus Prcjmrus in the Avifauna 
of British India. 

Mar. si, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. §^ 

296. (204) Leioptila capistrata pallida. The Pale Sihia. 

Hartert, Kat. Vog. Senekenb Mus.,p. 21 (1891), (Simla), 
Himalayas, Hazara to Simla. 

297. (205) Leioptila gracilis. The Grey Sihia. 

Hypsipetes gracilis, McClell., P. Z.S., 1839, p. 159 

298. (206) Leioptila melanoleuca melanoleuca. TkkelVs Sihia. 

Sibia melanoleuca, Tickell, Blyth, J. A. S. B. xxviii, p. 
413, (1859), (Muleyit). 
Tennasserim, Bhamo Hills and E. Shan States. 

299. (207) Leioptila melanoleuca castanoptera. Fea^s Sihia 

Malacias castanoptera, Salvadori, Ann. Mus. Civ. Oen 
{ii), vii, p. 363, (1889), {Monte Carin). 
Karennee and Western Shan States. 

300. (208) Leioptila annectens annectens. Blyth's Sihia. 

Leioptila annectens, Blyth, J. A. S. B. xvi, p. 450 
(1847), {Darjiling). 
Sikkim and Hills S. of Brahmapootra, Manipur. 

301. (208) Leioptila annectens saturata. Walden's Sibia. 

L. saturata, Walden, Ibis, 1875, p. 362 {Karennee 
Eastern Hills of Burma to Karennee. 

302. (209^ Leioptila annectens davisoni« Davison' s Sibia. 

L. davisoni, Hume, Str. Feath. v, p. 110 (1877), 
{Muleyit Mt.). 
South Tennasserim. 

303. (210) Leioptila pulchella. The Beautiful Sihia. 

Sibia pulchella, Godio.-Aus , A. M. N. H. (4), xiii,p. 160, 
(1874), {Khunho, Noga Hills). 
Cachar, Naga and Daphla Hills. 

304. (211) Actinodura egertoni egertoni. The Nepal Bar- 


A. egertoni, Gould, P. Z. 8., 1836, p. 18 {Sikkim). 
« Nepal, Sikkim and Daphla Hills, 

305. (211) / ctinodura egertoni khasiana. TheShillong Bar- 

A. khasiana, Godio.-Aus. J. A. S. B. xv., pt. ii, p. 76, 
(1876), {Shillong). 

Khasia, Cachar and Naga Hills to Manipur. 

306. (211) Actinodura egertoni ripponi. Rippon's Bar-wing. 

A. ripponi, 0. Grant, Ibis, 1907, p. 186. {Mt. Victoria). 
Mt. Victoria, Chin Hills and Kachin Hills. 

307. (212) Actinodura ramsayi ramsayi. Ramsay's Bar-wing. 

Actinodura ramsayi, Wald. A. M. N. H. (4) xv, p. 402, 
(1875), {Karennee). 
•Southern Shan States to Karennee. 

34 Jour., Bom. Nat. Uisl. Sac, Vol. XXV II, No. 3. [Mar. 31, 1921. 

308. (212) Actinodura ramsayi radcliffei. The Riiby-Mines 

Uaringlon, Bull. B. 0. C. xiii, p. 9, \191t)). (Ruby 

Kuby Mines District, Upper Burma. 

309. (213) Ixops nipalensis nipalensis. The Hoary Bar-wing. 

Cinclosomanipaleusis, Ilodg., As. Bes. xix, p. 145, (18bH) 

Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutau. 

310. (214) Ixops nipalensis daflaensis. Austen's Bar-icing. 

Actinodura daflionsis, Godw—Aus., A. M. N. U, {-ijxvi, 
p. 340, (1875), {DajMi Hills). 
Daphla and Miri Hills. 

311. (215) *lxops nipalensis waldeni. Walden's Bar-wing. 

Actinodura waldoni, Godtv.-Aus., P. Z. S., 1874, p. 46 
(Japoo Peak, Naga Hills). 
Naga Hills and Manipur. 

312. '215) Ixops nipalensis poliotis. The Chin Hills Bar-wing. 

1. puliotiB, Bi2ipon, Bull. B. 0. C. zv, p. 97, (1905), {Mt. 
Chin Hills. 

313. (216) Staphidia castaneiceps. The Chestnut-headed 

Ixulus castaneiceps, Moore, P. Z. S., 1854, p. 141, 
(Afghanistan) (Cachar). 

Hills S. of Brahmapootra. 

314. (218) Staphidia striata striata. TickelVs Staphidia. 

Ixulus striatus, Bhjlh, J . A. S. B. xxviii, p. 41i^, (1859) 
(Tennasserim) . 

Southern and Central Burmese Hills. 

315. (217) Staphidia striata rufigenis. Hume's Staphidia. 

Ixulus rufigenis, Hume, Sir, Fcath. v, p. 108, (1877), 
{Himalayas) {Darjiling) . 

Sikkim and Hills N. of Brahmapootra and E. to 
Sadiya and Murghorita. 

316. (210) Siva strigula striji^ula. The Stripe-throated Siva. 

S. strigula, Hodg., Ind. Bcv., 1838,2?. ^9. {Nciml). 
Himalayas, Sinda to W. Bhutan. 

317. (220) Siva strigula castaneicauda. Hume's Siva. 

S. castaneicauda, Hume, Sir. Fcath. v, p. 100 (1877) 
{Muleyit Ml.). 

E. 13hutan, Assam, Chin Hills to Tennasserim. 

• More material is required before the races of Ixopa can be satisfactorily 

Mar, SI, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 35 

318. (221) Siva cyanuroptera cyanuroptera.' Hodgson's 

Blue-winged Siva. 

S. cyanuroptera, Hodg., Ind. Rev., 1838, p. 88, (Nepal). 
Himalayas, Naiuital to E. Assam and Chin Hills. 

319. Siva cyanuroptera wingatei. The Yunnan Blue- 

winged Siva. 
S. wingatei, 0. Grant, Bull. B. 0. C. x, p. 38, (1900), {E. 
Bhamo Hills to Ynsnan and Shan States. 

320. (222) Siva cyanuroptera sordida. The Dull Siva. 

S. sordida, H«me, 8tr. Feath. v, p. 104, (1877), 
{Muleyit Mt.) 

Tennasserim and ? Malay Peninsula. 

321. (222) Siva cyanuroptera oatesi. Oates' Siva. 

Harington, Bull. B. 0. C. xxxiii, p. 6'2, (1913), (Mt. 
Byingyi Mountain. 

322. (223) Yuhina gularis gularis. The Strife-throated Yu- 

Y. gularis, Hodg., As. Res. xix, p. 166, (1836), (Nepal). 
Nepal, Sikkim and Hills N. of Brahmapootra. 

323. (223) Yuhina g^ularis yangpiensis. Sharpes Yuhina. 

Y. yangpiensis, Sharpe, Bull. B. O. *). xiii, p. 11, (1901) 
(Yangpi, Yunnan). 
Hills S. of Brahmapootra, Chin Hills to Yunnan. 

324. Yuhina diademata ampelina. Rippon's Yuhina 

Y. ampelina, Rippon, Bull. B. O. C. xi, p. 12, (1900 
(Warabum, Bhamo Hills). 
Yunnan and Bhamo Hills. 

325. (224) Yuhina occipitalis. The Slaty-headed Yuhina. 

Hodg., As. Res. xix, p. 166 (1836), (Nepal). 
Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan. 

326. (225) Yuhina nigrimentum nigrimentum. The Black- 

chinned Yuhina. 
Polyodox nigrimentum, Hodg., Chay's Zocl. Misc., p. 82, 
(1844), (Nepal). 

Himalayas, Garhwal to Assam, N. and S. Burma 
and China. 

327 * (231) Ixulus occipitalis. The Chestnut-headed Ixulus. 

Siva occipitalis, Bltjth, J. A. 8. B. xiii, p. 937, (1844), 

*The g'enus Zosterops is removed to a sub-family Zosteropidce which will be 
found near the Dicaeidae, 

36 Jour., Bum. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVII, No.S. [Mar. ?,\, 1921. 

328. (232) Ixulus flavicollis flavicollis. The Yellotv-naped 


Ynhina flavicollis, Hodg., As. Res. xix, p. 1C7, (18.'36), 
Himalayas, Siitloj to Bhutan ? Chin Hills. 

329. (232) Ixulus flavicollis baileyi. The Mishmi Ixulm. 

Stuart linker, Bull. B. 0. C. xxxv, p. 17, (1914), {Mishmi 
II ills). 
Hills North of Assam. 

330. (232) Ixulus flavicollis harterti. The CJiestnut-naped 


Ilarington, Bull., B. 0. C. xxxiii, p. 62, (1913), {Sinlum 
Bhamo Hills.) 

Hills S. of Brahmapootra, Chin Hills, Bhamo Hills 
and Shan States. 

331. (233) Ixulus humilis humilis. Davison's Ixulus. 

I. humilis, Hume, Str. Feath. v, p. 106, (1877), 
{Muleyt Mt.) 

332. (233) Ixulus humilis clarkii. Oates' Ixulus. 

Ixulus clarkii, Oates, Bull B. O. C. Hi, p. 41, (1894) 

Byingyi, Shan States. 

333. (234) Erpornis xantholeuca. The White-bellied Her- 


Erpornis xantholeuca, Hodg., J. A. S. B. xiii, p. 380, 
(1844), {Nepal). 

Nepal to Assam, N. & S., Manipur and Burma. 

Sub-Family Liothrichin^. 

334. (235) Liothrix lutea callipyga. The Indian Liothrix. 

Baliila callipyi^a, Hodg., ind. Rev., 1838, p. 88, {Nepal). 

335. (23G) Cutia nepalensis. The Nepal Cutia. 

Hodg., J. A. S. B. v, p. 774, (1836), {Nepal). 

336. (237) Pteruthius erythropterus. The Red-winged Shrike- 

Lanius erythropterus, Vig., P. Z. S. (1831), p. 22, 
{Himalaya Mts.) 

337. (238) Pteruthius aeralatus asralatus. TickeU's Shrike- 


P. jeralatus, Ticke'l, J. A. 8. B. xxiv, p. 267, (ISo.'i), 
{Tennasserim 3,500—4,500 ft.). 

Hills of Eastern Burma and Tennasserim. 


Mar. 31, 192 J.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 37 

338. {2-6[)) Pteruthius melanotis melanotis. The Chestnut- 

throated Shrike-Tit. 
P. melanotic, Hodg., J. A. 8. B. xxiv, j). 267, (1855) 
{Terai, E. Himalayas). 

Himalayas, Nepal to Assam N. & S. 

339. (240) Pteruthius melanotis intermedius. Humes Shrike- 


Allotrius iritormedius, Hume, Str. Feath. v, p. 112 
(1877), (Tennasseriin.) 

The Eastern Hills of Burma, Bhamo to Tennas- 

340. (241) Pteruthius xanthochloris xanthochloris. The 

Green Shrike-Tit. 

P. xauthochloris, Hodg., J. A. S. B. xv, i, p. 448 
(1847), (Nepal). ^ 

Nepal and Sikkim. 

341. (241) Pteruthius xanthochloris occidentalis. The Simla 


Harington, Bull.B.O.C. xxxiit, p. 82 (1913), (Dehra 

North-West Himalayas. 

342. (241) Pteruthius xanthochloris hybrida. The Chin 

Hills Shrike-Tit. 
Hariwgton, Bull. B. 0. G. xxxiii, p. 82 (1915) (Mt 
Victoria). n \ • 

Chin Hills. 

343. (242) ^thorhynchus lafresnayei. The Great lora. 

lora lafresnayei, Hartl, Rev. Zool., 1844, «. 401 (Ma- 
lacca). ^ 

344. (243) ^githina tiphia tiphia. The Common lora 

Motacilla tiphia, Linn. 8ys. Nat. Ed, p. 186 (1758) 
(Bengal). ^ " 

India, Burma and Siam. 

345. (243) /ejrithina tiphia zeylonica. Tlie Ceylon lora 

Motacilla zeylonica, Qm., Syst. Nat. i, p. 964 (1788) 
(Ceylon). ^ " 

Ceylon, Travancore and the S. of Madras. 

346. (24-1) >Egithina viridissima. The Green lora. 

lora viridissima, Bonap., Consp. Av. i, p. 397 (1850), 

347- (245) >Egithina nigrolutea. Marshall's lora. 

lora nigrolutea, yiarshall, Str. Feath. iv, p. 410 (1876) 
(Meerut). ^ ^\ 

The dry portions of Central India. 


38 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXl'II, No. 3. [Mar. 31, 19^^. 

348.* (i-lC)) Myzornis pyrrhoura- The Fire-tailed My zoniis. 
Ilodg., J. A. S. B. xii, p. <J84 (1843), (Nepal). 

349. (24<s) Chloropsis aurifrons aurifrons. The Gold-fronted 

Chlor apsis. 
Phyllornis aurifrons, Temm., PI. Col. 484 (1829), 

Himalayas, (xarhwal to Assam and Burma. 

35o.t (248) Chloropsis aurifrons davidsoni. The Malabar 

Stuart Baker, Bull. B. 0. C. xli. p. 2 (192U), (Malabar). 
W. Coast of India, Khandalla to Ceylon. 

351. (248) Chloropsis aurifrons inornata. The Siam Chlo- 

Kloss, Ibis, 1918. ^. 198 (Lat Bua Kao, Siam). 

S. W. Siam and Tonnassorim on the extreme E, 

352. (249) Chloropsis hardwickii hardwickii. The Orange- 

bellied Chloropsis. 
C. hardwickii, J. <& S. III. Orn., Add., p. 1 (1829), (Nepal). 

353- (250) Chloropsis icterocephala chlorocephala. The 

Burmese Chlorojisis. 
Phyllornis chlorocephahis, Wald., A. M. N. H. (4) vii, 
p. 241 (1871), (TonrjJioo). 

354. (251) Chloropsis zosterops. The Malachite Shouldered 

Vigors, App. Mem. Life Raffl,., p. 674 (1830), (Tennas- 
serim) . 

355. (252). Chloropsis jerdoni. Jerdon's Chloropsis. 

Phyllornis jerdoni, Blijlh, J. A. S. B, xiii, p. 392 
(1844), (Madras). 

356. (250) Chloropsis cyanopogon. The Blue-whiskered 

Phyllornis cyanopogon, Temm., PI. Col. ijl'jjfuj. i. (1829), 

3574 (-•'">*') Hilarocichla rufiventer. The Rufous-bellied 


Pteruthius ruliventer, Blyth, J. A. S. B. xi, p. 18 
(1843), (Darjiling). 

* Very doubtfully TimelUnce. 

Chalcoparia is certainly not TivielUncs. and possibly was rijjhtly placed 
with the Dicmdcc. 

t Turdus malabaricus of Gmelin p. 887, is preoccupied by the same author, 
p. 81 (J, and cannot be used. 

J The Genus Irena should probably be placed in the Tardidce near Cochoa. 
Melanochlora is a true Titmouse. 

Mai: 31, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 39 

358. (257) Mesia argentauris. The Silver-eared Mesia. 

Hodgson, Ind. Rev., 1838,^. 88 (Nepal). 

359. (258) Minla ignitincta. The Red-tailed Minla. 

Hodg., Ind. Rev., i838, p. 33 (Nepal). 

360.* (262) Hypocolius ampelinus. The Grey Hypocolius. 
Bonap., Consp. Av. i, p. 336 (1850), (N. E. Africa). 

Sub-family BRACHYroDiN^. 

361. (265) Criniger tephrogenys tephrogenys. The Malayan 

White-throated Bulbul. 
Trichophorus tephrogenys, Jard. and 8el.,Ill. Ind. Orn. P. 

a;a;vu' (1833), (No locality), (S. Tennasserim) . 
Extreme S. of Tennasserim and Malay Peninsula. 

362. (263) Criniger tephrogenys flaveolus. The White- 

throated Bulbul. 

Trichophorus flaveolus, Gould, P. Z. S., 1836, p. 6 

(India), (Cachar). 

Sub-Himalayas, Nepal to Ohittagong Hill Tracts. 

363. (264) Criniger tephrogenys burmanicus. The Burmese 

White-throated Bulbul. 
C. burmanicus, Oates, Fauna, B. I., Aves i, p. 256 (1889), 
( Tounc/hoo). 
Hills E. of Salvvin, Yamethin to Moulmein. 

364. (266) Criniger tephrogenys griseiceps. Hume's White- 

throated Bulbul. 

C. griseiceps, Hume, S. F. i,p. 478 (1873), (Upper Pegu). 
S. Arrakan, Irravvaddy — Sittang from Thayetmyo 
to Rangoon. 

365. Criniger pallidas grandis. The Yunnan White- 

throated Bulbul. 
Stuart Baker, Bull. B. 0. G. xxxvii, p. 15 (1917) 
( Yunnan) . 

Yunnan and S. Shan States. 

366. (267) Tricholestes criniger criniger. The Hairy-backed 


Brachypodius (?) criniger, Blyth, J. A. S. B, xiv, p. 577 
(1845), (Malacca). 
South of Tennasserim and whole Malay Peninsula. 

367. (268) Alophoiscus phaeocephalus. The Crestless White- 
throated Bulbul. 
Ixos phteocephalus, (Hartl.), Rev. Zool. (1844), p. 401 

* Leptopecile and Cephalopyrus are BegulidcB and Psaraglossa a true Starling. 

40 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. -Soc, To/. XXVII, No. 3. [Mar. 31, 1921. 

368. (2C9) Hypsipetes psaroides psaroideg. TJte Himalayan 

Black Bulhul. 
H. psaroides, Vigors., P. Z. S., 1831, p. 43 {Himalayas) 


Western Himalayas to Bhutan. 

369. (2G9) Hypsipetes psaroides nigrescens. The Assam 

Black Bulhul. 
Stuart Baker, Bull. B. O.C., xxxvii, p. 15 (1917), {Chin 

Assam N. and S. of Brahmapootra, Manipur, Chin 
Hills, Arrakan. 

370. (27(1) Hypsipetes psaroides concolor. The Burmese 

Black Bulhul. 
H, concolor, flhjth, J. A. S. B.xviii, p. 8l() (1849), 
{Tennasserim) . 

E. Burma, Shan States, S. Burma to Muleyit, 
Yunnan and N. Siam. 

371. (271) Hypsipetes psaroides ffaneesa. T/ie^OM^/fcrw/wrfmn 

Black Bulhul. 

H. ganeesa, Sykes, P. Z. S., 1832, p. 80 {Deccav). 
Hill ranges of S. India and Ceylon. 

372. (272) Hemixus flavala flavala. The Himalayan Brown- 

eared Bulhul. 

H. flavala, Hodg.. J. A. S. B. xiv, p. r^l'l (1845), {Nepal). 
Himalayas to Kaohin Hills and Yunnan. 

373' (278) Hemixus flavala davisoni. Davison's Brown-eared 
H. davisoni, Htime,8. F. v., p. Ill (1877), {Tennasserim). 
Tennasserim, Meetan and Toungya . 

374 (274) Hemixus flavala hildebrandi. Hildehrand^s Brown- 
eared Bulhul. 
H. hildebrandi, Ilvme, 8. F. ii, p. 508 (1874), {Salween 

Salween and Karen Hills. 

375. (27."i) Hemixus maclellandi maclellandi The Rufous- 

hcUied Bulhul. 

Hypsipetes maclellandi, IlorsJ., P.Z.8., 1839, p. 5 
{Asmm) . 

Himalayas to Chin Hills and Arrakan. 

376. (270) Hemixus maclellandi tickelli. TickelVs Bulhul. 

HypRii)etes tickelli. Bhjlh, J.A.8. B.xxiv, p. 275 (1855), 
{Interior of Tennasserim). 
Southern Shan States, Kareunee and Tennasserim. 

Mar. 31, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Em2nre. 41 

377- (270) Hemixus maclellandi holtii. Swinhoe's Bulbul. 

Hypsipetes holtii, Swinhce, Ibis, 1861, p. L'66 (Foochow 
Pehling Hills). 

Kauri Kachin Hills, N. Shan States, Yunnan and 

378. (277) Alucurus striatus. The Striated Green Bulbul. 

Trichophorus striatus, Blyth, J. A. S.- B. xi, p. 184 
(1842), (Nepal). 

379. (278) Molpastes hsemorrhous hasmorrhous. The Mad- 

ras Red-vented Bulbul. 

Muscicapa hsemorrhousa, Gmelin, 8. N. i, p. 941 

(1789), (Ceylon.) 
Ceylon and S. India, Travancore, Mysore to 18° 

on the E. and 20" on W. 

380. (278) ivlolpastes haemorrhous pallidus. The Central 

Indian Red-vented Bulbul. 
Stuart Baker, Bull. B. 0. G. xxxvii, p. 1.5 (1917), (Deesa). 
India N. of last race to Behar and W. Bengal, 
llewah. Catch, etc. 

381. (27;)) Molpastes hjemorrhous burmanicus. The Bur- 

mese Red-vented Bulbul. 
M. burmanicus, Sharpe, Cat. B. M. vi, p. 125 (1881), 

Manipur, Burma S. to Rangoon, E, to Sittoung R. 

382. (2b(i) Molpastes hsemorrhous nigripileus. The Tennas- 

serim Red-vented Bulbul. 
Pycnonotus nigripileus, Blyth, J. A. S. B. xvi, p. 472, 
(1847), (Tennasserim). 

E. of the Sittoung R. in S. Burma to Malay Pen. 

3^^' C-l) Molpastes haemorrhous chrysorrhoides. The 

Chinese Red-vented Bulbnl. 
Haematomis chrysorrhoides, liairllev.liod. p. 367 (1845), 
Kachin Hills, Shan States and N.-E. Tennasserim 
into China. 

384. (2S2) Molpastes haemorrhous bengalensis. The Bengal 
Red-vented Bulbul. 
M. bengalensis, Bhjth, J. A. 8. B. xiv, p. 566 (1845), 

Himalayas, Kumaon to E. Assam, N. Behar, E. 

* Muscicapa atricapilla of Vieill is preoccupied G Linne and the next oldest 
name is that never used. 


42 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVII, No. H. [Mar. 31, 1921. 

385. (283) Molpastes haemorrhous intermedius. The Punjab 

Red-vented Bulbul. 
Pycnonotus intermodius, Jerdon, D. of I, ii, p. O/j 

(18(i7), (Murree). 

Punjab, N. W. Provinces, N. Outlh and N. W. 

386. (284) Molpastes leucogenys. The White-checl-ed BuUnd. 

Brachypus loncogenys, Gray, Hardw. III. Ind. Orn. ii, 
pi. 35 (1830), {Darjiling). 

387. (285) Molpastes leucotis. The White-eared Bulbul. 

Ixos leucotis, Gould, P.Z.S. 183(5, p. 6 {India Orienlali), 
Sind, Punjab, North N.-W. Provinces and Central 
Provinces E. to Saugur. 

388. (287) Xanthixus flavescens flavescens. Blytlis Bulbul 

Pycnonotus llavencens, Bli/th, J. A. S. B. xiv, p. 568 
(1845), (Arrakan). 

Hills S. of Brahmapootra. Manipur, Looshai and 

389. (287) Xanthixus flavescens vivida, The Mideyit Bulbul. 

Stimrt Baker, Bull. B. O. C. 3:xxvii, p. Ki (1917), {Muleyit 

Kauri Kachin Hills, Shan States, Karennee, S, 
Burma and Malay P. 

390. (288) Otocompsa emeria emeria. The Bengal Red- 

whiskered Bulbul. 

Lanius emeria, Lin., 8, N. i, p. 137 (1766), (Bengal). 
Himalayas, Simla to E. Assam, Bengal, Orissa, 
Burma, An damans. 

391. (289) Otocompsa emeria fuscicaudata. The Southern 

Red-whiskered Bulbul. 
O. fuscicaudata, Gould, P. Z. S., 1865, p. 664 (Madras). 
Southern India S. of range of emeria. 

392. (290) Otocompsa flaviventris flaviventris. Tlie Black- 

crested Yellow Bulbul. 
Vanga flaviventris, Tickell, J. A. S. B. ii., p. 673 
(1833), (Dholbhum). 

India, Burma and N. Siam. 

393. (2?0) Otocompsa flaviventris minor. Kloss' Black- 

crested Yellow Bulbul. 
Kloss, Ibis, 1918, p. 200 (Koh Lak). 

Tennasserim, S.-W. Siam and Malay Peninsula. 

394. (291) Pinarocichia euptilosa. The Crested Brown Bulbul. 

Bachypus euptilosus, J. and S., III. Orn. iv., p. Hi 
(1836), (Singapore). 

Mar. 31, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 43 

395. (2-^2) Spizixus canifrons canifrons. The Finch-billed 

Spizixos canifrons, Blyth, J. A. S. B. xiv, p. 571 
(1845) {Khasia Hills). 

Hills S. of Brahmapootra, Arrakan and Chin Hills. 

396. (292) Spizixus canifrons ingrami. The Yunnan Finch- 

billed Bulbul. 
Bangs, Bull. Mus. Com. Zool. Iviii, No. 6, p. 285 (1914), 

Yunnan and S. Shan States. 

397. (293) Trachycomusochracephalus. TheYeUow-crowned 


Tvirdus ochracephalus, Qmel. S. N. i, p. 821 (1788), 
{Ceylon and Java.) 
Siam, Tennasserim, Sumatra, Java and Borneo. 

398. (294) lole malaccensis. The Streaked Bulbul. 

Hypsipetes malaccensis, Blyth, J, A. S. B. xiv, p. 574 
(1845), {Malacca). 

399. (295) loIe icterica. The Yellow-browed Bulbul. 

Oriniger ictericus, Strick, A. M. N. H. xiii, p. 411 
(1844), {Mahableswar). 

400. (296) lole virescens virescens. The Olive Bulbul. 

I. virescens, Blyth, J. A. S. B. xiv, p. 573 (1845) 

Cachar, Sylhet, Tippera, W. Burma to Pegu. 

401. (296) lole virescens cinnammomeoventris. The Malay 

Olive Bulbul. 
Stuart Baker, Bull. B. 0. C. xxxvii, p. 16 (1917) 

Malay Pen. from Tennasserim to extreme S. 

402. (296) lole virescens lonnbergi. The Siam Olive Bulbid. 

Crinigor lonnbergi, Oyldenstolpe, Kung. Sven. Veten 
Handl. 50, No. 8,p. 24 (1913), {Bang-hue-hom N. Siam). 
South Shan States and Siam. 

403. (297) lole nicobariensis. The Nicobar Bulbul. 

Hypsipetes nicobariensis, Horsf. v, Moore, Cat. i, p. 257 
(1854), {Nicobars). 

404. Rubigula webberi. Webber s Bulbul. 

Hume, S. F. viii, p. 40, 63 (1879), {Tonka). 
Malay Pen, Siam, Tennasserim, Borne. 

405 (298) Pycnonotus analis. The Yellow-vented Bulbul. 

Turdus analis, Horsf., Trans. L. S. xiii, p. 147 (18-0) 

44 Jour., Bom. \at. Hist. Sue, Vol. XXVll, Xo. 3. [Mar. .'A, i\)-l\. 

406. (21)1)) Pycnonotus finlaysoni finlaysoni. Finlaysons 

Stri])c-lhrua(ed Bulbul. 
F. rmlaysoni, Strick, A. M. N. II. (i) xiii, p. 411 (1814), 
{Malayan Is.). 

Tennasscrini E. of Sittouug 11.. Malay Puu., otc, 

407. (300) Pycnonotus finlaysoni davison'" Davison's Stripe- 

throaled Bulbul. 
Ixu8 (lavisoni, Hume, S. F. Hi, ji. -iOl (1875), (^rraA:a«), 
Arrakaii, Chin Hills to 'roiinaHsoriin W. of Sittoung 

408. (ool) Pycnonotus melanicterus. The Black-capped 

Muscicapa nielauictura, Omel., 8. N. I, p. !)41 (i78i>), 
(Ceylon) . 

409. (302) Pycnonotus xantholaemus. The Y elloiv-throated 


Brachypns xantholaMiius, Jerd., Madr. J. L. S. xiii, 
pt. '2, p. l'2-2 (1844) (Easlern. Glials W. of Nelloro). 
Travancore, Myoro and PC. Ghats. 

410. (303) Pycnonotus gularis. The Ruby-throated Bulbul. 

l>racliyi)U8 gularis, (Juuld, P. Z. S. 183^), p. 18() {Bel- 
gaum. ) 

411. (304) Pycnonotus cyaniventris. The Blue-bellied Bul- 

Blyth, J. A. S. B. xi, jx 702 (1841), {Malay Peninsula). 

412. (305) Pycnonotus luteolus. The White-browed Bulbul. 

Hpcniatorniri luteolus, Less., Rev. Zool. 1810, p. 3.'54 
{India), {Bombay.) 

413. (300) Pycnonotus blanfordi. Blanford's Bulbul. 

Jerdon, Ibis, 1802, p. 20 {Pegu). 

414. (307) Pycnonotus plumosus. The Large Olive Bulbul. 

Bhjth, J. A. S. J), xiv., p. o()7 (184;")), {Singapore). 

415. (308) Pycnonotus simplex. Moore' s Olive Bulbul. 

Less., Rev. Zool., 1839,^. 167 {Sumatra). 

416. (309) Pycnonotus pusillus. The SmaU Olive Bulbul 

Salvadori, Ucc. Bern., p. 200 (1874), {Sumatra). 

417. Pycnonotus xanthorrhous. Anderson's Yellow- 

vented Bidbul. 

A-nders., P. A. S. B. 18(59, ^x 26o {Kakhyen Hills'^. 

Mt. of China. Yuuuan, Kachiu Hills, N. Shan States. 

Mar. 31, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 45 

418. (olO) Microtarsus melanocephalus melanocephalus. 

The Black-headed Bidhid. 
Lanins melanocephalus, Gmel., 8. N. i, p. 300 (1788) 
(Sandwich in maris Australis). 
E. Bengal, Assam, Burma, Siam to Borneo and 

419. (312) Microtarsus melanocephalus fusciflavescens. 

The Andaman Black-headed Bulbid. 
Brachypodius fusciflavescens, Hume, S. F. i., p. 297 
(1873), {Andamans). 
S. Andaman Island. 

420. (313) Microtarsus poieocephalus. The Grey-headed 

Brachypus poieocephalus, Jerd., Madr. J. L. 8. x.,p. 246 
(1830) (Travancore). 

Malabar Coast, Belgaum to S. of Travancore. 

421. (311) Microtarsus cinereiventris. The Grey-bellied 

Brachypodius cinereiventris, Blyth, J. A. 8. B. xiv., 
2). -576 (1845), {Tipjyera). 
Same range as 31. m. melanocepludus. 

422. (314) Kelaartia penicillata. The Yellow-eared Bulbul. 

Pycnonotus penicillatus, Blyth, J. A. 8. B. xx., p. 178 

(1851) {Ceylon). 
Ceylon only. 

Family Sittid^. 

423. (315) Sitta himalayensis. The While-tailed Nuthatch. 

Jard. d) 8elhy, III. hid. Orn. Hi, pi. 144 (1835), (Hima- 
layas) (Kashmir). 

424. (321) Sitta castaneiventris castaneiventris. The 

Chestnut-bellied Nuthatch. 
Frank., P. Z. 8. 1831, ^j. 121 (Vindhyan Hills). 
Plains of India South to the Wynaad. 

425. (316) Sitta castaneiventris cinnamomeoventris. The 

Cinnamon-bellied Nuthatch. 
S. cinnamomeoventris, Blyth, J. A. 8. B. xi, j)- 439 
(1842), (Darjiling). 
Himalayas from Muree to the Shan States, 

426. (317) Sitta castaneiventris neglecta. The Burmese 

S. neglecta, Wald., A. M. N. H. (4) v, p. 218 (1870), 
(Youngheo, Karen Hills). 
Southern Burma. 

46 Jour., Bum. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVIl, No. 3. [Mar. ;31, liVJl. 

427. (318) Sitta europaea naffaensis. Austens Nuthatch. 

S. uagacsis, Godiv-Aus., 1'. Z- S., 1874, ^j. ii {Sopvomah, 
Naga Hills). 

Nag a aucl Cachar Hills. 

428. Sitta europea griseventris. Kinnears Nuthatch 

Kiimuar, Bull. B. 0. C. xl,p. U2 (19l'0). (Mt. Victoria) 
Chin Hills. 

429. (318) Sitta victorias. The Chin Hills Nuthatch. 

S. victorire, Rijipon, Bull. B. 0. C. xiv, p. 83 (1904), 
{Mt. Victoria). 
Chin Hills. 

430. ^ol'J) Sitta magna. The Giant Nuthatch. 

Ward-Ramsay, P. Z. 8., 1876, p. 677 {Karennee). 

431. (o20) Sitta kashmiriensis. Brook's Nuthatch. 

Brooks, P. A. 8. B., 1871, p. 279 (Kashmir). 

432. (:32'2) Sitta neumayer obscura. The Eastern Rock 


S. syriaca ohscura. Zar. db Loud., Orn. Monats. 190o, 
p. 76. 

433. (323) Sitta leucopsis leucopsis. The White-cheeked 

S. leucopsis, Gould, P. Z. S., 1840, p. 113 {Ilimalayas). 

344 (324) Sitta formosa. The Beautiful Nuthatch. 

Blylh, J. A. 8. B. xii, p). 938 (1843) (Darjiling). 
Sikkim ami Hills South of Brahmapootra. 

435- (•j2;J) Sitta frontalis frontalis. The Velvet-fronted Blue 
S. frontalis, Jlorsf., Trans. L. 8. xiii,p. 162 (1821) {Java). 

Famil}^ ]3iCRURii)iE, 

436. \o2i)) Uicrurus annectens annectens. The Croiv-billed 

Buchauga annectens, Ilodg., Ind. Rev. i, p. 326 (1837) 
India, Burma and Malay Pen. 

437. (326) Dicrurus annectens siamensis. Tlte Siamese Crow- 

hilled ] h-ongo. 
Kloss, Ibis, 1918, 2^. 226 (Koh Lai:, 8.-W. Siam). 
S.-"\V. Siam and ? S. Teunasserim. 

438. (327) Dicrurus macrocercus macrocercus. The Black 


D. macrocercus, VieiU., Nouv. Die. d'His Nat. ix, p. 588 
(1017), (India) ( Orissa). 

India to the foothills of the Himalayas. 

<-t /v- 

il/«r, 31, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 47 

439. (?'27) Dicrurus macrocercus albiriclus. The Hima- 

layan Black Drongo. 

D. albirictus, Hogd., Ind. Rev. i, p. 326 (1837) (Nepal). 
Himalayas to Northern Chin Hills. 

440. (327) Dicrurus macrocercus minor. TJie Ceylon Black 

D. minor, Layard, A. M. N. H. (2) xiii, p. 129 (18.'54) 
Ceylon and ? Travancore. 

441. (327) Dicrurus macrocercus cathoecus. The Chinese 

Black Drongo. 

D. cathoecus, Sivinh., P. Z. S., 1871, p. 377 (China). 
Burma, Siam, Shan States and S. China. 

442. (328) Dicrurus leucophceus longicaudatus. The In- 

dian Grey Drongo. 

D. longicaudatus, Hay, Jerd. Madr. L. 8, xiii, 2, p. 121 
(1845) (Nilghiris). 

Continental and extreme N. W. India. 

443. (328) Dicrurus leucoph^eus stevensi. The Himalayan 

Grey Drongo. 
Stuart Baker, Nov, Zool. xxv., p. 295 (1918) (Darjiling), 
Himalayas to Northern Chin Hills. 

444. (^3:^8) Dicrurus ieucophaeus hopwoodi. The Assam Grey 


Stuart Baker, Nov. Zool. xxv, p. 295, (1918) (Dacca). 
E. Bengal, S. Assam, N. Chin, Kachin Hills to 

445. (329) Dicrurus leucophaeus nigrescens. The Burmese 

Grey Drongo. 
D. nigrescens, Oates, Hume's N. and E. 27id ed., i, p. 208 
(1889), (Rangoon). 

Burma and S. Chin, Kachin and Shan States. 

446. (333) Dicrurus leucophaeus disturbans. The South 

Burmese Grey Drongo. 
Stuart Baker, Nov. Zool. xxv., p. 293 (1918) (Amherst). 
Peninsula Burma and Siam. 

447. (330) Dicrurus coerulescens. The White-bellied Drongo. 

Lanius coerulescens, Linn., 8. N. i, p. 134 (1766) 

448. (331) Dicrurus leucopygialis. The White-vented Drongo. 

Blylh, J. A. S. B. xv., p. 198 (1846), (Ceylon). 

449. (332) Dicrurus feucogenys. The White-cheeJced Drongo. 

Buchanga loucogenys, Wald., A. M. N. H. (4) v., p. 219 
(1H70), (Cambodia, 3Ialacca, China, Japan). 

48 Jour., Bom. N(d. Hht. Soc, Vol. XXVII, No. ?,. [Mar. 31, 1921. 

450. (334) Chaptia aenea anea. r//e Northern Bronzed Drongo. 

Dicrnrns adieus, Vieil/., Nouv. Diet. (Vllist. Xat. ix., 
p.riSii (1817), {Bc'Tifjal), {Dacca). 

N. India, N. Burma, Chin and Kacliin Hills, 
Yunnan, Hainan. 

451. (334) Chaptia zenea malayensis. The Southern Bronz- 

ed Droiifjo. 
C. malayensis, A. Hay, Blijt/i, J. A. S. B. xv., p. 294 
(1846), (.Malacca). 
India S. of Himalayas, S. Bengal, Sunderbunds 
Central and S. liurma, Siam, etc. 

452. (335) Chibia hottentotta hottentotta. The Indian 

Hair-crested Drongo. 
Corvus hottentottus, L{7in, S.-N. i,p. 1.55 (17G6), (.SV/rAj'w). 

453- (38t;) Dissemuroides andamanensis. The Small An- 
damanese Drongo. 

Dicrurus andamanensis, Tytler, Beavan, Ibis, 1807, p. 
3'23 (Andamans), {Puvt Blair). 

454. '337) Dissemuroides dicrurifoimis. The Large Anda- 

tnanesc Drongo. 
Hume, Sir. Feath. i, p. 408 (1873), {Cocos Is., Avdamans). 

455. (338) Dissemurulus lophorhinus. The Ceylon Black 

Dicrurus lophorhinus, VieilL, Nouv. Did. d'Hist. Nat, ix, 
p. 587 (1817), {Ceylon). 
Ceylon and Travancore. 

456. (330) Bhrinsa remifer tectirostris The Indian Lesser 

Backet-tailed Drongo. 
B. tectirostris, Hodg., Ind. Bev. i, p. 326 (1837), {Eastern 

Northern India from E. Nepal, Burma, Yunnan 
and N. Siam. 

457' (340) Dissemurus paradiseus paradiseus. The Larger 
Racket-failed Drongo. 
Cuculus paradiseus, Linn, S. N. ed. xii, p. 172 (1760), 

Siam and South Tennasserim. 

458. (34(i) Dissemurus paradiseus ranffoonensis. TheRan- 
goon Racket -tailed Drongo. 

Edolins rangooncnsis , Gould, P. Z. [S., 1836, ;). 5. 
(Rangoon). Central Burma, S. Chm Hills, S. Shau 
States and N. Siam. 

ilfar. 31, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Eoiipire. 49 

459. (340) Dissemurus paradiseus grandis. The Assam 

Racket-tailed Drongo. 
Edolius grandis, Oould, P. Z. 8., 1836, p. 5 (Assam). 
India N. of Sambalpur and Godaveri, Assam to 

460. (340) Dissemurus paradiseus otiosus. The Andaman 

Racket-tailed Drongo. 
Richmond, Pro. U. 8. Nat. Mus. xxv, p. 291 (1902) 
{Andamans) . 

461. (340) Dissemurus paradiseus nicobariensis. The Ni- 

cobar Racket-tailed Drongo. 
8tuart Baker, Nov. Zool. xxv, p. 302 (1918), (Nicohars). 

462. (340) Dissemurus paradiseus malabaricus. The Mala- 

bar Racket-tailed Drongo. 
Lanius malabaricns, Lath., Ind. Orn. i, p. 66 (1790), 

India S. of the range of D. p. grandis. 

463. (340) Dissemurus paradiseus ceylonensis. The Ceylon 

Racket-tailed Drongo. 
D. ceylonensis, Sharpe, Cat. Birds B. M. Hi, p. 264 
(1877), {Ceylon). 


464. (341) Certliia himalayana himalayana. The Hima- 

layan Tree-Creejjer. 
C. himalayana, Vig., P. Z. 8., 1831, p. 174 (Himalaya). 
Himalayas, Kashmir to Assam N. of Brahmapootra. 

465. (341) Certhia liimalayana yunnanensis. The Yunnan 

0. yunnanensis, Sharpe, Bull. B. 0. C. xiii (1902), 
( Yunnan) , 

466. (342) Certhia familiaris hodgsoni. Hodgsons Tree- 

C. hodgsoni, Brooks, J. A. 8. B. xli, p. 74 (1872), 

Kashmir, Murree Hills. 

467. (343) Certhia familiaris nipalensis. The Nepal Tree- 

C. nipalensis, Blyth, J. A. 8. B. xiv, 2, p. .581 (184o), 

Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, E. Assam. 

50 Jour., Bom. Nat. Ilisf. Soc, Vol. XXVII, No. 3. [Mar. P>1, 1921. 

468. (343) Certhia familiaris khamensis. The Tibet Tree- 

C. khamensis, Bianchi, Shaj^e's II. L. ir>, p. 000 (1903) 
{Kham U. Mekong). 
S. E. Tibet. 

469. (341) Certhia discolor discolor. The Sikkim Tree- 

C. discolor, Bhjth, J. A. S. B. xiv, p. 580 (184o), 

Nepal to IC. Assam and E. Burmese Hills to 

470. (344) Certhia discolor victoriae. The Chin Hills Tree- 

C. victorite, Rippon, Bull. B. 0. C. xvi, p. S7 (1906), 
{Mt. Victoria). 
Chin Hills. 

471. (345) Certhia discolor manipurensis. Hwnie's Tree- 

C. manipurensis, Hume, Sir. Feath. x, p. lol (1881), 

Hills South of the Brahmapootra. 

472. (340) Certhia stoliczkae. Stoliczka's Tree-Creeper. 

Brooks, J. A. S. B. xlii, 2, p. 256 (1873), (Sikkim). 

473. ('^>l") Salpornis spilonotus. The Spotted Grey Cree2Jer. 

Certhia spilonota, Frank, P. Z. S., 1831, p. 21 [Ganges 
between Calcutta and Benares). 

474. (348) Tichodroma muraria. The Wall- Creeper. 

Certhia muraria, Linn., S. N. xii ed., p. 184 (1766), (S, 

475' (•jI-O Sphenocichla humei. Hume's Wedge-hilled Wren. 
Heterorhynchus humei, Mandclli, Str. Feath. i, p. 415 
(1873), (Native Sikkim). 

476. (350) Sphenocichla roberti. Rohcrfs Wedge-hilled Wren. 

Godw.-Aus, Ibis, 1875 /'. 251 (Hanco, N. Cachar). 

477. (351) Troglodytes troglodytes nipalensis. The Nepal 


T. nipalensis, Ilodg., Blyth J. A. S. B. xiv, p. 589 (1845), 


Garhwal, Nopal, Sikkim and IJhutan. 

478. (352) Troglodytes troglodytes neglecta. The Kashmir 

T. neglectus, Brooks, J. A. S. B.xH, 2, p. 328 (1872), 
Kashmir and Simla Hills. 

ilia;-. 31, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire . 61 

479. (o52) Troglodytes troglodytes magrathi. Whitehead's 

Whit head, Bull. B. O. C. xxi, p. 19 (1907), {Safed Koh). 
Baluchistan, Chitral and N.-W, Frontier. 

480. (852) Troglodytes troglodytes tibetana. The Tibetan 

Walton, Bull. B. 0. C. xv.,p. 95 (1905), {Tibet). 

481. (352) Troglodytes troglodytes talifuensis. Sharpe's 

T, talifuensis, Sharpe, Bull. B. O. G. xiii, p. 77 (1902), 
( Talifu). 
Yunnan . 

483. (358) Elachura punctata. The Sjjotted Wren. 

Troglodytes punctatus, Bhjth, J. A. 8. B. xiv, p. 589 

483. (353) Elachura haplonota. Baker s Wren. 

Stuart Baker, Ibis, 1892, p. 62 {Hun</rum, N. Cachar). 
N. Cachar Hills. 

484. (351) Urocichla longicaudata longicaudata. The 

Long-tailed Wren. 

Pnccpyga longicaudata, Moore, P. Z. 8., 1854, p. 7 

{N. India) {Khasia Hills) 

Assam Hills, S. of Brahmapootra. 

485. (354) Urocichla longicaudata reptata. Bingham's 

Long-tailed Wren. 

U. reptata, BingJiam, Bull. B. 0. C. xiii, p. 54 (1903), 
Mekong Valley. 

486. (354) Urocichla longicaudata oatesi. Rippon's Long- 

tailed Wren. 
U. oatesi, Ripp)on, Bull. B. 0. C. xiv, p. 83 (1904), (3It. 
Chin Hills, Burma. 

487.* (354) Urocichla longicaudata kauriensis. Harington's 

Long-tailed Wren. 
U. kauriensis, Harington, A. M. N. H., 8, Vol. ii, p. 246, 
(1908), {Wata7t, Bhamo Hills). 
Kauri Kachin Hills. 

488. (854) Urocichla longicaudata sinlumensis. The Sin- 
lum Wren. 
U. sinlumensis, Harington, A. 31. N. H., 8, Vol. ii, p. 
246 (1908), (8inlum, Upper Burma). 
Bhamo District, Upper Burma. 

* The relationship of 480-7 to one another is doubtful and more specimens are 

52 Jour., Bom. Nat. Ilixt. Soc, Vol. XXVII, No. 3. [Mar. 3l,19:.'l. 

489. (3o5) Urocichla caudata. The Tailed Wren. 

Tvsia ciuuVdtix, Bli/lh. J.A.S. B. xiv, p. 589 (1845) 
{Darjilimj) . 

490. (;i5G) Pnoepyga squamata. The Scaly-breasted Wreii. 

Micrdura 8(|uainata, Gould, Icon. Av., 2^1. v {IH'67). 
{Hhnalayafi), {( 'achar). 

491. (357) Pnoepyga pusilla. The Broum Wren. 

Ilodg., P. Z. S., 1S45, p. -25 (Nepal). 

Family Ukgulid^. 

492. (o58) Reguius resjulus himalayensis. The Himalayan 

Gold -Crest. 
U. himalaymisis, Jerd., B. I. ii, p. 206 (1863), {N. W . 
Ilimalayas) . 
Himalayas, Kashmir to Sikkim. 

493. (o58) Regulus regulus yunnanensis. The Yunnan 

Gold Crest. 
\\. ymmanousis, BIppon, Bidl. B. 0. C. xix, p. 19 
(1906), {W. Yunnan). 

494. (25'J) Leptopoecile sophias sophiae. The Turkestan 

L. sophiio, Severlz., Turk. Jevol. in I. (\ Moshov. viii, 2 
p. 135 (1873), (Issuk-Kul). 

Turkestan to Kanau and Gil. 

495. (250) Leptopoecile sophiae obscura. The Tibetan Tit- 

L. obscura, Przeiv., Zajt I)ii. A. N . and St. P. Iv., }>. SO 

(1887), (iV.-^;. Tibet). 

S., S.-E., andN, E. Tibet. 

496. (2(5U) Ceplialopyrus flammiceps. The Fire-capped Tit- 

^'l^igithalus tiammiceps, Burton, P. Z. S., l<""3o, p. 153 

Family Sylivida:. 

497. (359) Agrobates galactodes familiaris. The Brown- 

backed Warbler. 
Sylvia familiaris, MenH., Cat. Beis. Cauc, p. 32 (1832), 
(S. Caucasus). 
Trans-Caucasia to Baluchistan and N. W. India. 

498. (3GU) Locustella certliiola. Pallas' Grass-hojij^er War- 

Motacilla certliiola. Pall., Zoo. Bosso-Asiat. i, p. 509 
(1811), {ultra-Baicalein). 

Mar. 31, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 53 

499. (361) Locustella lanceolata. The Streaked Grass-hopper. 

Sylvia lanceolata, Temm-Man,, d'Orn. '2nd ed., iv, p. 614 
(1840), (Irrtum). 

500. (3G2) Locustella nsevia straminea. The Turkestan 

Grass-hopper Warbler. 
L. straminea, Serertz.f Turlcest. Jevot., p. 66 (1873), 

501. (3G3) Acrocephalus stentoreus brunnescens. The In- 

dian Great Reed- Warbler. 
Agrobates brunnescens, Jerd., Madr. J. x, p. 269 
(1839), {TricUnopoty). 

502. (364) Acrocephalus arundinaceus orientalis. The 

Eastern Great Reed-Warbler. 
Salicaria turdina orientalis, Temm, and S. Faun. Jap. p. 
50 (1850), {Japan). 

503. (3G5) Acrocephalus bistrigiceps. Schrenck's Reed-War- 

Swinh., Ihi^ , 1860, ;2^. 51 (Amoy). 

504. (3CG) Acrocephalus dumetorum. Blyth's Reed-Warbler 

Blyth, J. A. 8. B. xviii. p. 815 (1849), (Kargopol, N. 

505. (3G7) Acrocephalus agricola agricola. The Paddy-field 

Sylvia (Acrocephalus) agricola, Jerd., Madr. J. xiii, pi. 
a, p. 131 (1844), (Nellore). 
Breeding swamps, Kashmir. 

506. Acrocephalus concinens. The Chinese Paddy-field 

Calamoherpe concinens, Swinh, P. Z. S., 1870, p. 432 

N. W, Frontier 8,000 feet. Breeding hill-sides in 

507. (868) Acrocephalus macrorhynchus. The Large-billed 

Phyllopneuste macrorhynchus, Hume, Ibis, 1869, p. 357 

508. (369) Tribura major. The Largk-billed Bush-Warbler. 

Dumeticola major. Brooks, J. A. 8. B. xli, p. 77 (1872), 
(Kashmir) . 

509. (370) Tribura Intermedia. The Burmese Bush-Warbler. 

Dumeticola intermedia, Oaies, 8tr. Feath. ix, p. 220 
(1883), (Canal Lock, Pegu). 

o4 Jow:, Bom. Xat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVII, Xo. .3. [Mm: 31, 1921. 

510. Tribura tacsanowskia. Swinhoe's Bush-Warbler. 

Locustella tacsanowskia, Sivmh., P. Z. S., 1871, p. ooo 
(Trans Baikal). 
Baikal to Ussuri land, China and Burma. 

511. (371) Tribura thoracica. The Spotted Bush-Warbler. 

Duineticola tliv)racica, Bli/th, J. A. S. B. xiv, p. 584 
(184o), (Nepal). 
Nopal, Sikkim and Assam. 

512.* (372) Tribura luteoventris. The Broivn Bush-Warbler. 

Hodg., P. Z. S., lH4o, p. 30 (Nepal). 

513. (200) Elaphrornis palliseri. The Ceylotiese Warbler. 

Jkachypturyx palliseri, Blyth, J. A. S. B. xx, p. 178 
(1837), (Ceylon). 

514. (374) Orthotomus sutorius sutorius- The Indian Tailor- 

Motacilla sutoria, Forst., hid. Zool, I, p. 7 (1760) (?) 
(Calcutta) . 
India, N. and C. liurma. 

515. (374) Orthotomus sutorius maculicollis. The Malay 

Tailor bird. 
0. maculicollis, Moore, P. Z. 8., 1854, p. 309 (Malacca). 
Siam, Peninsula Siam and Burma. 

516. (375) Orthotomus atrigularis- The Black-necked Tailor- 

Temm., PI. Col. livr. 101 (1836), (Malacca and Borneo). 

517. (37(5) Orthotomus ruficeps. The Red-headed Tailor-lird. 

Edela ruticeps. Less, Tr. d'Orn, p. 309 (1830), (Java). 

518. (377) Lusciniola melanopogon mimica. The Moustached 

Sedge- Warbler. 
L. mimica, Madaraz, Vorlauf. uh, einen neiten Roles. 
(1903). (Transcaspia). 

519.1 (378) Cisticola erythrocephala. The Red-headed Fan- 
tail Warbler. 
Blyth, J. A. S. B. xx, j). 523 (1851), (Nilghirls). 

520. (379) Cisticola tytleri tytleri. The Yellow-headed 
Fan-tail Warbler. 
Jerd., B. I. ii, p. 176 (1863), (Dacca). 

Base of Himalayas, Bhutan to E. Assam and Kachiu 

• There can I think be no doubt that Hartert is ri^ht in imitiny liiteotentris 
and mandellii. The individual variation is iircat. 

t The I'euus Cisticola still wants careful working out. 

i¥aj-. 31, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 5/5 

521. (;i.So) Cisticola tytleri volitans. The Golden-headed 

Fan-tail Warbler. 
Calamanthella volitans, Swinh., Joun, N. China, As Sor 
(1859), (N. China). 

South Burma, Siam, Malay Peninsula. 

522. (381) Cisticola cisticola cursitans. The Rufous Fan- 

tail Warbler. 
Prinia cursitans, Frank, P. Z. S., 1831, p. 118 (?) 

523. (382) Franklinia gracilis. Franklin's Wren-Warbler, 

Prinia gracilis, FranL, P. Z. S., 1831, p. 119 (Vindhvani 

514. (383) Franklinia rufescens. Beavan's Wren-Warbler. 

Prinia rufescens, Blyth, J. A. S. B., xvi, p. 456 (1847), 

525. (384) Franklinia buchanani. The Rufous-Fronted W ren- 

Prinia buchanani, Blyth, J. A. 8. B. xiii, p. 376 (1844), 

526. (385) Franklinia cinereocapilla. Hodgson's Wren War- 

Prinia cinereocapilla, Moore, P. Z. S., 1854, p. 77 (Nepal). 

527. (386) Laticilla burnesi. The Long-tailed Grass War- 

Eurycercus burnesi, Blyth, J. A. S. B. .riii, p, 874 
(1844) (Upper Sind). 

528. (387) Laticilla cinerascens. Day's Long-tailed Grass- 

Eurycercus cinerascens, Wald., A. M. N. H. (4) xiv p 

156 (1874), (Dhubri). 

529,. (388) Qraminicola bengalensis bengalensis. TheLarge 

Grass Warbler. 
G. bengalensis, Jerd., B. of I. ii, p. 177 (1863), (Ganges). 
Below Himalayas, Bhutan, Assam and N. Burma. 

530. (388) Qraminicola bengalensis striatus. The Siam 
Grass Warbler. 
G. striatus, Styan, Bull. B. O. C. i, p. 6 (1892), 
( Haitian) . 

Hainan, Siam, S. E. Tennasserim. 

53'' (38'') Megalurus palustris. The Striated Marsh-War- 
Horsf., Trans. Lin. Soc. .riii, p. 159 (1820), (Java), 

56 Jouv., Bom. Xat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVII, Xo. :i. [Mar. .'U, 1921. 

532. (;5'.'0) Schoenicola platyura. The Broad-tailed Grass- 
Tiinalia platyura, Jcrd., Madr. Jour. L. S. xm,j>. 170 
(LS44) {Xilf//nris). 

533- (390 Acanthoptila nipalensis. The Spiny Warbler. 

Timalia nipalcusis, Jlody., As. Rex. xix, p. 182 (1886), 

534. (392) Chaetornis locustelloides. The Bristled Grass- 

Dasyornis locustelloides, Blyth, J. A. S. B. xi, p. 002 
(1842), {none), (Faridpore). 

535. (393) Phrasomaticola aedon. The Thick-billed Warbler 

Musica]ja :edon, i'«//., lleibe.rii, ]>. &)•'> (1770), {Dauria). 

536 (394) Hippolais rama. Sijkes' Tree-Warbler. 

Sylvia rama, Ai/res, P. Z. -5'., 1832,^?. 89 {Dekkan, India). 

537. (399) Hippolais pallida pallida. The Olivaceous Tree- 

Curruca pallida, Hemp., and Ehr., Symb. Fhys. Aves, pi. 
hb (1833), {Xile). 

538. (390) Hippolais caligata. The Booted Tree-Warbler. 

Sylvia caligata, Licht. Erersm., Jieise Buchara, p. 128 
(1823), {Am. Il?k). 

539. Hippolais languida. 

Curruca languida, JleJiij). and Ehr., >Symb. Fhys. cc. (1833), 

540. (397) Hippolais obsoleta. The Desert Tree-Warbler. 

Salicaria obsoluta, b'evertz., Turkest. Jevotn. p. 03 (1873), 

541. (398) Sylvia communis icterops. The Indian White- 

S. icterops, Menetr., Cat. rais. Cauc. 1 p. 34 (1832), {Ta- 
Caucasus to Baluchistan and India. 

542. (399) Sylvia hortensis crassirostris. The Eastern 

Orjjhean Warbler. 
Sylvia crassirostris, C'relz., Atlas Raise Rupp. ^j. 49 
(1826), {Xubia). 

543. (400) Sylvia nana nana. The Desert Warbler. 

Curruca nana, Hemp, and Ehr. Sy7nb. Rhys. cc. (1833), 

544. (401) Sylvia althea. Hume's Lesser White-throat. 

Hume, Sfr. Feath. vii, pp. 60,62 (1878), {India) {Kashmir .) 

Mar. 31, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Bmpire. ,57 

5 45- (402) Sylvia curruca affinis. The Indian Lesser White- 
S. affinis, Blyth, J. A. S. B. xiv, p. 564 (1845) {India). 
Breeding Siberia, winter India. 

546. (403) Sylvia curruca minula. The Small White-throat. 

S. mimila, Hume, Str. leath. i, p. 198 (1873), {Bhawal- 

Breeding Transcaspia to Afghanistan. 

547. (404) Herbivocula schwatzi. Raddes Bush-WarUer. 

Sylvia schwarzi, Radde, Reis. Sibir. Voij., p. 260 (1863) 
{Tarei Nor). 

548. (405) Phylloscopus affinis. T ichelV s W illow-W arhler . 

Motacilla affinis, Tick., J. A. S. B. ii, p. 576 (1833), 
{Borabhuon) , 

549- (-iOG) Phylloscopus tytleri. Tytler's Willow Warbler. 
Brooks, Ibis, 1872,;j. 23 {Kashmir). 

550. (407) Phylloscopus collybita tristis. The Brown Willow- 

P. tristis, Bli/th, J. A. S. B.,p. 966, (1843), {Calcutta). 
Petchora to S. Urals, winter in India. 

551. (412) Phylloscopus collybita sindianus. The Sind 

P. sindianus, Brooks, Str. Feath. viii, p. 476 (1880), {Sind). 
Russian Steppes to Kharakorum, winter in India ? 

552.. (408) Phylloscopus indicus. The Olivaceics Willow- 

Sylvia indica, Jerd., Madr. Jour. L. S. xi., p. 6 (1840) 
( India) . 

553- (409) Phylloscopus fuliginiventer. The Smoky Willoiv- 

Horornis fuliginiventer, Hodc/., F. Z. S., 1845, p. 31 

554. (410) Phylloscopus fuscatus fuscatus. The Dushj 

Phyllopneuste fuscata, Hyth. J. A. S. B. xi., v 113 
(1842), {Calcutta). 

555- Phylloscopus fuscatus homeyeri. Dybowski' 

Phyllopneuste homeyeri, DybowsU, lull. 80c. Zool. France 
1883, p. 358 {Kamschatha). 

58 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXJ'Il,No. :i. [Mar. .'il, 19i^l. 

556. (Ill) Phylloscopus nej>lectus neglectus. The Plain 
Willow Warbler. 
P. neglectus, Hwnr, Uns, 1870,^. 1 lij {Punjab). 
Breeding Trauscaspia to Persia. 

557* r^hylloscopus neglectus lorenzii. The Caucasian 

Phyllopueuste lorenzii, 1 ounq, Bi it Henn. Fauna Kau- 
karsp. 28 (1887), {North Caucasus). 
Breeding Caucasus. 

558. (413) Phylloscopus maculipennis. The Grey-faced 

Abroruis maculipennis, BUjlh, Ibis, 1867, p. 27 {Nepal). 

559. (411) Phylloscopus pulcher- Tlie Orange-barred Willow- 

Blyth, J. A. 8. B. xiv, p. 592 (1845), {Nepal). 

560. (41;")) Phylloscopus proregulus newtoni. Pallas' Hima- 

layan Willow-Warbler. 
P. newtoni, Gatke, Ibis, 1889,^. 579 {India). 
Himalayas, Hazara to Bhutan. 

.561. (410) Phylloscopus s\ih\\rid\s. Brooks' Willow-Warbler. 
Iteguloidcs subviridis, Brooks, P. A. S. B., 1872, p. 148 
(lY.-II'. Provinces). 

562. (418) Phylloscopus humii huniii, Hume's Willow-War- 

Iteguloidos humii, Brooks, Sir. Feath, vii, p. 131 (1878), 
(N.-W. India). 

Breeding Tianschan and N.-AV. Himalayas. 

563. (417) Phylloscopus huniii prasmium. The Crowned 

Mathews and Iredale, Aus. Avian Record, Hi, p. 44 (1915), 

Breeding Siberia to Kamschatka, ? N. Tibet and 

564. (419) Phylloscopus humii mandellii. M and elli's Willow- 

IJegnloides mandellii. Brooks, Str. Feaih , viii, p. 389 
(1880), {Sikkim). 
Sikkim E. to Tibet. 

565. (420) Acanthopneuste borealis borealis- The Artie 

Phyllopneustc borealis, Bias. Naiwi., 1858, p, 313 {Lake 

Breeding from Norway to Kamschatka. 

Mar. 31. 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 59 

566. (420) Acanthopneuste borealis xanthodryas. The Jajj- 

anese Artie WiUoiv-Warbler. 
Phylloscopus xanthodryas, Swinh. P. Z. S.,186li, p. 296 
Breeding Japan and Kuriles. 

567. (4l^1) Acanthopneuste nitidus nitidus. The Green 

W illoiv-W arhler . 
Phylloscopus nitidus, Blyih, J . A. S. B., xii, p. 965 (1843) 
Breeding Caucasus to Afghanistan and Chitral. 

568. (422) Acanthopneuste nitidus viridanus. The Green- 

ish W illoiv-W arbler. 
Phylloscopus viridanus, Blyth, J. A. 8. B, xii, p. 967, 
(1S43), {Calcutta and Nepal). 

Russia to Turkestan, N. Kashmir and Tibet. 

569. (423) Acanthopneuste nitidus plumbeitarsus. Mid- 

dendorjf's Willotv-W arbler. 
Phylloscopus plumbeitarsus, 8winh., Ibis, 1861, p. 330 
{Taku and Peking). 

Transbaikalia to N. China. 

570. (424) Acanthopneuste magnirostris. The Large-billed 

Phylloscopus magnirostris, Blyth, J. A. 8. B. xii, p. 966 
(1843), {Calcutta). 

571. (425) Acanthopneuste tenellipes. The Pale-legged Wil- 

loiv-W arbler . 
Phylloscopus tenellipes, 8uinh., Ibis, 1860, p. 63 {Avwy). 

573. (426) Acanthopneuste lugubris. The Didl Green Wil- 

Phyllopneuste lugubris, Blyth, A. M. N.H. xii, p. 98 
(1813), (Calcidta). 

573- (4:'8) Acanthopneuste occipitalis occipitalis. T/ie Large 

Crowned Willow-Warbler. 
Phyllopneuste occipitalis, Blyth, J. A. 8. B. xiv, p. '593 
(1845), {8. India). 

574. (427) Acanthopneuste occipitalis coronata, Tein- 

minck's Crowned Willoiv-W arbler. 
Ficedula coronata, Temm. and 8chl., Faun. Jap. Aves., 
p. 48 (1847), {Japan). 
East Siberia to Japan. 

575- (42,1) Acanthopneuste trochiloides trochiloides. Blyth's 
Crowned Willow-Warbler. 
Acanthiza trochiloides, 8undev., Physio. 8aUsakapets 
Tidsh. i (1838), {Cahidta). 
W. Himalayas to Sikkim. 

60 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVII, No. 3. [Mar. .31, 1921. 

576. (t2!)) Acanthopneuste trochiloides harterti. Baker's 
Stuart Baker, Bull. B. 0. C. xxxi, p. 30 (1912) {Khasia 

Mts. South of Brahmapootra. 

577* (130) Acanthopneuste davisoni. The Tcnnasserim 
While-tailed Willoiv-Warbler. 
Oates, Hume's N. and E., 2nd. Ed., p. 209 {Tennasserim). 

578. (lol) Cryptolopha affinis. The Allied Flycatcher War- 

Abroniis affinis (Hodg.) Horsf. and Moore, Cat. i, p. 341 
(18.11), (Nepal). 

579. (loo) Cryptolopha burkii burkii. The Black-browed 

Flycatcher Warbler. 
Sylvia burkii. Burton, P. Z. S., l8'3-'),p. 1.53 {Himalaya). 
Himalayas to E. Assam, N. and S. of Brahmapootra. 

580. {io2) Cryptolopha burkii tephrocephala. Anderson's 

Flycatcher Warbler. 
Culcipcta tephrocephalus, Anderson, P. Z. S., 1871, ^j. 213 

Hills of N.-E. Burma. 

581. [ioi) Cryptolopha xanthoschista xanthoschista, 

Hodgson's Grey-headed Flycatcher Warbler. 
Phyllopnouste xauthoschistos, Hodg., Gray. Cat. B. and 
M. Nepal and Tibet, p. 1.51 (1846) (Nepal). 
W. Himalayas to Sikkim. 

582. (435) Cryptolopha xanthoschista jerdoni. Brook's Grey- 

headed Flycatcher Wctrbler. 
Abrornis jerdoui, Brooks, P. A. S. B., 1871, p. 248 

{Eastrn Himalayas), iCachar). 
Bhutan to Chin Hills. 

583. (4o6) Cryptolopha poliogenys. The Grey-cheeked Fly- 

catcher Warbler. 
Culcipeta poliogenys, Blyth, J. A. S. B. xvi, j}. 441 
(1847), (Darjiling). 

584. (4."7) Cryptolopha castaneiceps. The Chestnut-headed 

Flycatcher Warbler. 
Abrornis castanoiccps. Gray, Cat. B. and M., p 66 (1846) 

585. (438) Cryptolopha cantator. TickelVs Flycatcher Warb- 

Motacilla cantator, Tic/t. J. ^. >S. 5. it, iJ. 576 (1833,) 
{Borabhum, Bengal). 

Mar. 31, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 61 

586. (439) Cryptolopha fulvi venter. Austen's Flycatcher 

Reguloides fulviventer, Oodio.-Aus., J. A. 8. B. xliii, pf. 
it, p. 167 (Dansiri, Assam). 

587. (440) Abrornis supercUiaris superciliaris- The YeUow- 

hellied Flycatcher Warbler. 
A. snperciliaris, Tick., J. A. 8. B. xxviii, p. 414 (1859), 

Western Himalayap to Mishmi Hills. P N. Burma. 

588. (440) Abrornis superciliaris schwaneri. The Bur- 

mese Yelloiv-bellied Flycatcher Warbler. 
A. schwaneri, Blyth, ex. Temm. M. 8. p. 169 (1870), 
(Bangermassing, Borneo). 

S.Assam, Burma, Siam, Malay Peninsula to Borneo. 

589. (441) Abrornis schisticeps scliisticeps. The Black- 

faced Flycatcher Warbler. 
Culicipeta schisticeps, Hodg., Gray. Cat. M. and B., 
Nepal, p. 67 (1846), {Nepal.) 

Himalayas, Garhwal to Assam. 

590. (441) Abrornis schisticeps ripponi. Sharpens Flycat- 

cher Warbler. 

Cryptolopha ripponi, Sharpe, Bull. B. 0. C. xiii, p. 10 
(1902), {Gyi.-dzin-8ehan). 

West Yunnan (? Shan States and Bhamo Hills). 

591. (412) Abrornis alboguiaris albogularis. The White- 

throated Flycatcher Warbler. 
A. albogularis, Moore, P. Z. 8., 1854, p. 106 {Nepal.) 

• 592. (443) Abrornis flavigularis. The Yelloiv-throated Fly- 
catcher Warbler. 
Godiv.-Aus., J. A. 8. B. xlvi, pt. ii, p. 44 (1877), {8adiya, 

593. (441) TickelHa hodgsoni. The Broad-billed Flycatcher 

Abrornis hodgsoni, Moore in Horsf. and 31. Cat i v 41-> 
(1854), {8ikJcim.) 

594. (iio) Scotocerca inquieta striata. The Streaked Scrub- 

Melizophilus striatus, Brooks, Ibis, 1872, p. 180 {Punjab 
India.) ' 

595. (i**) Neornis flavolivaceus flavolivaceus. The Aber- 

rant Warbler. 
N. flavolivacea, Blyth, J.A.8.B. xiv, p. 590 (1845), {Nepal) 
Himalayas, Sutlej to Assam and Manipur. 

62 Jour., Bom. Nal. Hist. Sac, Vol. XXV 11, No. 3. [Mar. 31, 1921. 

596. (44G) Neornis flavolivaceus intricatus. The Shan 

Aberrant Warbler, 
llartert, Vog. Pal. p. i, 533 (1909), (Tai-pai-sclian). 
Chin Hills to Shan States. 

597. (4 17) Horornis acanthizoides acanthizoides. Verreaux 

Abrornis acanthizoides, Verr., Nouv. Arch. Mus. Par. vi, 
Bull. p. 37 (1871), (Szetchuan). 
Shan States, China, 

598. (i47) Horornis acanthizoides brunnescens. Hume^s 

Horeites brunnescens, Hume, Ibis,1872,p. 109 (Larjiling). 
Nepal to E. Assam, Manipnr and Looshai Hills. 

599. (448) Horornis fortipes fortipes. The Strong-footed 

H. fortipes, Hodg., P. Z. S., 184u, p. 31 (Darjiling). 

600. (44!i) Horornis albiventris. The White-bellied Bush- 

Neornis albiventris, Godw.-Aus., J. A. S. B. xiv, pt. 2, 
p. 199 (1876), {Manipur). 

601. (4.")0) Horornis pallidus pallidus. Tlie Pah Bush-Warb- 

Horeites pallidus, Brooks, J . A. 8. B. xli, pt. 2, p. 78 
(1872) (Kashmir). 

Himalayas to W. Assam, N. of Brahmapootra. 

602. (4.j(t) Horornis pallidus osmastoni. Osmaston^s Bush- 

Hartert, Bull. B. O.C. xxi, p. 107 (1908), (Andamans). 
Andamans only. 

603. (4,")1) Horornis pallidipes. Bkmdford's Bush-Warbler. 

Phylloscopus palli(lii)es, BlanJ., J. A. S. B. xli, 2, p. 162 
(1872), (Sikkim). 

604. (452) Horornis major. The Large Bush Warbler. 

Horeites major, Moore, P.Z.S., lS;-)4, p. lOo {Nei>al). 

605. (453) Horornis cantans canturians. The Chinese Bush- 

Arundinax canturians, Sivin/i.. Ibis, 1860, p. 52, {Amoy). 

606. (154) Phyllergates coronatus. The Golden-headed War- 

Orthotomus coronatus, JtrJ. and Blylli, P. Z. S., 1861, 
p. 200, {Sikkim). 

Mar. 31, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 


607. (-155) Horeites brunnifrons. The Rvfous-capped Bush- 


Orthotormus brunnifrons, Hodg., P. Z. S., 184.j p 99 
(Nepal). ' -f- ~^> 

608. (45G) Cettia cetti cettoides. The Eastern Bush-War- 

C. cettoides, Hume, Str. Feath. i, p. 194 (1873), {Sind). 

609. (457) Urophlexis squameiceps. Swinhce's Reed-Warbhf. 

Tnbura squameiceps, Swinh., P. Z. S., 1863 p. 292 
(Canton). ' 

610. (458) Suya crinigera crinis^era. The Brown Hill- 

S. crinigera, Hodg., As. Res.xix, p. 183 {IB^ii), {Nepal). 

6n. (458) Suya crinigera cooki. Harington's Brown Hill- 
Harington, Bull. B. O. C.xxxi,p. 109 (1913), (Thayetmyo). 
Northern Burma. 

612. (458) Suya Crinigera yunnanensis. The Yunnan 

Brown Hill-Warbler. 
Harington, Bull. B. O. G. xxxi, p. 110 (1913), {Yunnan). 
Yunnan and y Shan States. 

613. (459) Suya atrigularis. The Black-throated Hill-Warbler 

Moore, P. Z. S., 1854, p. 77 (Darjilinr/). 

614. (460) Suya kliasiana. Austen's Hill-Warbler. 

Godio.-Aus., A.M.N. H. {4)xviii,p. 412(1876), (Shillong). 

615. (IGl) Suya superciliaris. Anderson's Hill-Warbler 

Anderson, P.Z.S., 1871, p. 212 (Jfomem, Chinese Frontier). 

616. (462) Prinia gracilis lepida. The Streaked Wren-Warbler. 

P.lepida.,Blyth, J.A.S. B. xiii, p. 376 (1844), (Indus 

617. (463) Prinia flaviventris flaviventris. The Yellow- 

bellied Wren-Warbler. 
Orthotomus flaviventris, Beless., Rev. Zool, 1840 p. 101 

618. Prinia flaviventris sindianus, Ticehursfs 

Wren Warbler. 
Ticehurst, Bull. B. O. C. Vol. xl. No. cclii. p. 157 (1920) 
(bukkur, Sind and N. W. F. Provinces.) 

619. (464) Prinia socialis socialis. The Ashy Wren-Warbler. 

P. sociahs, 8yhes, P. Z. S., 1832, p. 89 (D<'crM7i) 
South India. 

64 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVII, Ao. 3. [Mar. 31, 1921. 

620. (104) Prinia socialis stewarti. Stewart's Ashy Wren- 

P. stewarti, Blyih, J.A.8.B., a:?;i, p. 455 (1847) {Ayra). 
North and North-East India to Assam. 

621. (4(;5) Prinia sylvatica sylvatica. The Jungle Wren- 


Jerd., Madr. Jour. L. S. xi, p. 4 (1840) {Seegor, Nilghiris) 
Practically all plains India with exception noted below. 

622. Prinia sylvatica vaiida. The Ceylon Jungle 

Drymoica vaiida, Blyth, J. A. S. B. xx., p. 180 (1851). 
Ceylon only. 

623. Prinia sylvatica rufescens. The Aboo Jungle 

Drynicepiis rufescens Hume, Ibis, 1872, p. 110 {3It. Aboo.) 
Mt. Aboo. 

624. (400) Prinia inornate inornata. The Indian Wren- 

P. inornata, Syles, P.Z. 8., 1S32,J3. 89 (Deccan). 
Practically the whole of India. 

625. (4G7) Prinia inornata jerdoni. The Ceylon Wren-War- 

Drymoica jerdoni, Blyth, J. A. S. B. xvi, p. 459 (1847) 

Ceylon only. 

626. (1G7) Prinia inornata burmanica. The Chin Hills 

Harington, Bull. B. 0. C.xxxi,p. Hi (1913), {Mandalay). 
Northern J3urnia. 

637. (4G8) Prinia inornata blanfordi. The Tennasserim 
Drymoeca blanfordi, Wald, Blyth' s B. of Burma, p. 118 
(1875), (Thayetmyo). 

{To be continued.) 

[Fro7n the Journai of the Bombay Natural History Society, July 31, 1921.] 



E. C. Stuart Baker, f.l.s., f.z.s., m.b.o.u. 

Part III. 
Family Laniid^. 

628. (469) Lanius excubitor lahtora. The Indian Grey Shrike. 

Gollurio lahtora Shjes, P.Z.S., 1832, p. 86 (Deccan). 
Breeding tropical India. 

629. (470) Lanius excubitor pallidirostris. The Allied Grey 

L. pallidirostris Cassin., P. Acad. Phil, v., p. 244 (1852), 
{East Africa). 

Breeding N. Baluchistan, Turkestan. 

630. (471) Lanius excubitor aucheri. Bonaparte's Grey Shrike. 

L. aucheri Bonpte. Rev. Zool, 1853, p. 294 (Persia). 
Breeding Palestine to Persia. 

631. (472) Lanius excubitor przevvalskii. Bogdanow's Grey 

L. prezwalskii Bocjd. Wur. der Buss. Faun., p. 147 (1881), 

(Tashkent). , 

Breeding E. Turkestan, Tian Schan, etc. 

632. (473) Lanius vittatus. The Bay-backed Shrike. 

Valenc. Diet., Sci. Nat. xi., p. 227 (1826), (Pondicherry). 

633. (474) Lanius colluroides. The Burmese Shrike. 

Less. Voy., Belang, p. 250 (1834), (Pegu). 

634. (475) Lanius nigriceps nigriceps. The Indian Black- 

headed Shrike. 
Gollurio nigriceps Frank, P.Z.8., 1831, p. 117 (Ganges, 

Calcutta-Benares ). 

Breeding N. E. India and Burma. 

635- (476) Lanius nigriceps longicaudatus. The Siam Black- 
headed Shrike. 
L. longicaudatus 0-Grant, Nov. Zoo. ix., p. 480 (1902), 
(Siam), (Bangkok). 

Siam and Peninsular Burma. 

636. (476) Lanius schach erythronotus. The Rufous-backed 

Gollurio erythronotus Vigors, P.Z.8., 1831, p. 42 (Hima- 
layas), (Lucknow). 

N.-W. India to Eastern Bengal. 

66 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXJ'II, No. 4. [JuJi/ 'M, 192i. 

637. (170) Lanius schach caniceps. The Southern Rufous- 

backed Shrike. 
L. caniceps Bhjth, J.A.B.B.y xv., p. 302 (1840), {South 
Southern India and Ceylon. 

638. (477) Lanius schach tephronctus. The Grey-hacked 

Collurio tephronctus Vigors, P.Z.S., 1831, p. 43 {Himala- 
yas), {Gi/antse). 
Breeding Garhwal to E. Tibet and W. China. 

639. (478) Lanius collurio. The Red-backed Shrike, 

Linn. S.N., p. 94 (17.58), {Europe, Sweden). 
Straggler into India. 

640. Lanius senator niloticus. The Eastern Woodchat 

Enneoctonus niloticus Bonpte. Rev. Zool, 1853, p. 439 {The 
White Nile). 
Breeding Palestine to Persia. 

641. (482) Lanius cristatus cristatus. The Broivn Shrike. 

L. cristatus Linn., S.N., p. 93 (1758) (Bengal). 
Breeding Siberia, L. Baikal to Anuu', Assam Hills. 

642. (479) Lanius cristatus isabellinus. The Pale Brown 

L. isabellinus IIoiip. tC- Ehr., S//nih. Phijs. Aves., fol. e., note, 
(1828), {Kumjuda, Arabia). 

Breeding E. Turkestan, Mongolia, etc. 

643. (480) Lanius cristatus phoenicuroides. The Rufous 

L. phoenicuroides Severtz., Jour, fur Oni., 1873, j)' 347 


Breeding Transcaspia to Baluchistan, Quetta. 

O.H- (481) Lanius cristatus lucionensis. Tlie Philippines 

L. lucionensis Linn., S.N., p. 135 (nOO), (Luzon). 

Breeding N. China to Korea. Straggler into Burma, etc. 

645. (483) Lanius li^rinus. The Thick-billed Shrike. 

Drapiez, Diet. Class. Hist. Nat. xii., p. 523 (1828), (Java). 

646. (484) Hemipus picatus picatus. The Black-backed Pied 

Muscicapa picata Sykes. P.Z.S., 1832, p. 85 {Deccan), India. 
S. of the Himalaj'as and S. Burma. 

647. (485) Hemipus picatus capitalis. The Broiin-backed Pied 

Muscicapa capitalis McClelland P.Z.S., 1839, p. 157 (Assam). 
Himalayas, Garhwal to Assam, N. Burma and Shan 


July 31, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 67 

648. Hemipus hirundinaceus. The Malaij Pied Shrike. 

Muscicapa liirundinacea Temm. PI. Col. Hi., p. 51 (1824), 
Straggler, Siam and Burma and once M. Cacher. 

649. (486) Tephrodornis pelvicus pelvicus. The Nepal Wood 

Tenthea pelvica Hodg. Ind. Rev. I., p. 477 (1837), (Nepal). 
Himalayas, Nepal to Assam and Burma. 

650. (487) Tephrodornis pelvicus sylvicola. The Malabar 

Wood Shrike. 
T. sylvicola Jerd. Madr. Jour. L. 8. x., p. 236 (1830), 
[Malabar Coast). 

S. W. India, Belgaum to Travancore. 

65'. (488) Tephrodornis pondicerianus, The Common Wood 

Muscicapa pondiceriana Gmel. 8. N., i., p. 939 (1789), 

652. (489) Platylophus ardesiacus. The Jay Shrike, 

Lophositta ardesiaca Cabanis, Mus. Hein i., p. 219 (1850), 

653- (490) Pericrocotus speciopus speciosus. The Indian 

Scarlet Minivet. 
Turdus speciosus Lath. Ind. Orn. i., p. 363 (1790), {India), 
(Darjiling ). 

Northern India to East Assam, North of Brahmapootra. 

654. (491) Pericrocotus speciosus fraterculus. The Burmese 

Scarlet Minivet. 
P. fraterculus Swinh., Ibis., 1870, p. 244 {Hainan). 

Assam, South of Brahmapootra, Burma, W. Siam, S. China 
to Hainan. 

655. (492) Pericrocotus speciosus andamanensis. The Anda- 

manese Scarlet Minivet. 
P. andamanensis Tytler, Beavan, Ibis, 1867, jj. 322 {Anda- 
Andamans only. 

656. (493) Pericrocotus speciosus flammifer. Davison's 

Scarlet Minivet. 
P. flammifer Hume, 8tr. Feath. Hi., p. 321 (1875), 
{Pakchan, 8. Burma). 

Nwalabo, Tennasserim, Southwards. 

657. (494) Pericrocotus speciosus flammeus. The Orange 

Muscicapa flammea Forster, Ind. Zool., ^J. 25 (1781), {Tra- 
Western Ghats of South India. 

68 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hut. Soc, Vol. XXVII, No. i. [July 31, 1921. 

*658. (495) Pericrocotus brevirostris brevirostris. The Short- 
hilled Minivet. 
Muscipcta brevirostris Vigors, P.Z.S., lS3l,p. 43 {Mussoorie). 
Chitral to Central Nepal. 

659. (495) Pericrocotus brevirostris affinis. The Assam 

Short-hilled Minivet . 
Pericrocotus affinis McClelland, P.Z.S., p. 156, (1839), 
E. Nepal to Shan States. 

660. (496) Pericrocotus brevirostris neglectus. Hume's 

Pericrocotus neglectus Ilmne, Sir. Feath. v., p. 171 (1877), 

661. (497) Pericrocotus igneus. The Fiery Minivet. 

Blyth, J.A.S.B. xv., p. 309 (1846), {Malacca). 
Tennasserim and Southwards. 

662. (498) Pericrocotus Solaris. The Yellow-Throated Minivet. 

Blyth, J.A.8.B., xv., p. 310, (1846), Nepal to Tennasserim. 

663. (499) Pericrocotus roseus roseus. The Rosy Minivet. 

Muscicapa rosea Vieill., Nouv. Diet. d'Hist. Nat. xxi., 
^.486(1818), (Bengal). 

Himalayas and Burma to Tennasserim. 

664. (500) Pericrocotus peregrinus perigrinus. The Small 

Parus peregrinus X«m., 'S'.i\i^. i., ^. 342 (1766), (no locality), 
( Umbala). 
N.-W., W. and Central India to Bengal, Oudh and Behar. 

664. (500) Pericrocotus peregrinus vividus. The Burmese 

Small Minivet. 
Stuart Baker, Bull. B.O.C. xL, p. 114 (1920), (Uttaran 
Biver, Burma). 

Assam and E. Bengal, Burma, Siam and Cochin China. 

665. (500) Pericrocotus peregrinus malabaricus. The Ma- 

lahar Snuill Minivet. 
Parus malabaricus Gmel. Syst. Nat. i, p. 1012 (1789), 
South India and Ceylon. 

* Bangs and Phillips (Bull. Mus. Comji. Zool. Iviii., p. 283, 1914,) have made the 
type locality of P. brcriroMris " The Eastern Himalayas," but this cannot bo 
correct. This Minivet was described by Vigors as one of a eolleotion of birds 
received from the Himalayas and in this collection arc specimens of such purely 
Western forms as Cardiielis spiiioiden and Picus auriccps. McClelland fully 
appreciated this when he very properly described the Assam bird and his name 
of affinis mUst stand whilst the typo locality for krevirostris must be somowhore 
in the Western Himalayas for wliich reason I designate Mussoorie. 

July 31, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Umpire. 69 

666. (500) Pericrocotus peregrinus pallidas. The Sind Small 

Stuart Baker, Bull B.O.C. xL, p. 115 (1920), {Larkhana, 


Sind and extreme N.-W. India and (?) Mt. Abu. 

667. (501) Pericrocotus erythropygius. The White-bellied 

Muscicapa erytliropygia Jerd., Madr. Jour., L, S. zi., 
p. 17 (1840). 

Central India, S. to Nilgiris, E. to Tirhut and W. to Sind. 

668. (502) Pericrocotus albifrons. Jerdon's Minivet. 

Jerdon, Ibis, 1862, p. 20 {Upper Burma), (Thayetmyo) . 
Upper Burma to Tounghoo. 

669. (503) Pericrocotus cinereus. The Ashy Minivet. 

Lafresn. Rev. Zool. viii., p. 94 (1845), {Luzon, Phillippines). 
Winter Visitor to Burma. 

670. (504) Pericrocotus canton ensis. Swinhoe's Minivet. 

Swinhoe, Ibis, 1861, p. 42 {Canton, China). 
Rare winter migrant to S. Burma. 

671. (505) Campophaga melanoschista melanoschista. The 

Dark Grey Cuckoo-Shrike. 
Volrocivora melanoschistus Hodg., Ind. Rev. i., p. 328 
(1837), {Ne2Ml). 

N. India, Murree to Eastern Assam. 

672. (506) Campophaga melanoschista melanoptera. The 

Pale Grey Cuckoo-Shrike. 
Ceblepyris melanoptera Rupp., Mus. Senckenb. Hi., p. 25 
(1846), {Bengal). 
The greater part of Burma, Shan States and (?) N. Siam. 

673. Campophaga melanoschista intermedia. The 

Siam Cuckoo-Shrike. 
Volvocivora intermedia Hume, Str. Feath. v., p. 205 (1877), 

Tennasserim, Siam and Malay States. 

674. (507) Campophaga timbriata neglecta. The Small 

Cuckoo- Shrike. 
Volvocivora neglecta Hume, Str. Feath. v., p. 203 (1877), 
{S. Tennasserim). 

67s. (508) Campophaga sykesii. The Black-headed Cuckoo 
Lalage Skyesii Strickl, A.M.N.H. {L.) xiii., p. 36 (1844) 

There remains a considerable amount of work to be done in regard to the 
Minivets, their geographical distribution and variation. 

70 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. -Soc, J'ol. XX VII, Xo. 4. [July 31, 1921. 

676. (509) Campophag-a terat. The Pied Cuckoo-Shrike. 

Tuitlus terat BodiL, Tall. PL Enl., p. 17 (1783), (Camorta), 

677. (510) Qraucalus macei macei. The Large Cuckoo-Shrike. 

G. niacoi, Less., Traite, p. ,'U9 (1831), (Bengal). 

Continental India, IS. of Himalayas, Nepal to W. Assam. 

678. (510) Graucalus macei nipalensis. The Himalayan Large 

G. nipalensi.s Hodg., Iml Rev., p. 327 (1837), (Nepal). 
Nepal to W. Assam, N. Bchar and N.-E. Bengal. 

679. (510) Graucalus macei layardi. The Ceylon Large Cuckoo- 

G. layardi Blyih, Ibis, 1866, p. 368 (Ceylon). 

680. (510) Graucalus macei siamensis. The Siamese Large 

.Stuart Baker, Bull. B.O.C. xxxviii., p. 69 (1918), (Mi- 


Burma, Siani, Chin and Kachin Hills, E. Assam. 

681. (511) Graucalus dobsoni. Bobsoivs Cuckoo- Shrike. 

Ball, J.A.8.B. xli., PL ii., p. 281 (1872), (Andamans). 

Sub-family Artaminj];. 

682. (512) Artamus fuscus. The Ashy Swallow-Shrike. 

Vieill, Nouv. Did. d'llis. xvii.,' p. 297 (1817), (Bengal). 

683. (513) Artamus !eucorhynchus humei. 

Hrim e's \ Vh ile-rum'ped S waUo w-Shrike. 
Streseman, Nov. Zool. xx., p. 291 (1913), (S. Andamans). 

Family Oriolid^. 

684. (514) Oriolus indicus indicus. The Black-01 aped Oriole. 

O. indicus Jerd. III. Ind. Orn. PL 15 (Continental India). 
Breeding, China and (?) N.-E. Himalayas. 

685. (515) Oriolus indicus tenuirostris. The Burmese Black- 

naped Oriole. 
O. tenuirostris Blyth, J.A.8.B. xv., p. 48 (1846), (Central 

Breeding, China, Siam, N.-E. India and Central India. 

686. (516) Oriolus indicus macrourus. The Nicobar Black- 

II aped Oriole. 

O. macrorus Blyth, J.A.S.B. xv., p. 46, p. 370 (1846), 

July SI, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Emjnre. 71 

687. (517) Or\o\\is 'milieus anAamanensis. The Andaman Black- 

naped Oriole. 
0. andamanensis Tytler, Beavan, Ibis, 1867, p. 326 {S. 

688. (519) Oriolus oriolus oriolus. The European Oriole. 

Coracias oriolus Linn., S. N. ed. i., p. 107 (1758), 

A straggler into N.-W. India. 

689. (518) Oriolus oriolus kundoo. The Indian Oriole. 

O. kundoo Si/kes, P.Z.8., 1832, p. 27 (Deccan). 
India and Burma. 

690. (520) Oriolus xanthonotus. The Malay Black-headed 

Horsf., Trans. Linn. Soc. xiii., j)- 152 (1821), (Java). 

69». (521) Oriolus luteolus luteolus. The Indian Black-headed 
Sturnus luteolus Linn., S. N., x. ed. i, p. 167 (1758) 
India, Northern Burma and Siam. 

* 692. (521) Oriolus luteolus thaiacous. The Siamese Black- 
headed Oriole. 

Hartert, Bidl. B.O.C., No. ccxxxiii., p. 63 (1918), (Koh Lak 

South Siam and E. Tennasserim. 

693. (522) Oriolus trailii The Maroon Oriole. 

Pastor trailii Vigors, P.Z.S., 1831, p. 175 (Himalayas), 
(Dar jiling). 

Family Eulabetid^. 

694. (523) Eulabes religiosa. The Southern Grackle. 

Gracula religiosa Linii., S. N. i., p. 154 (1766), (Asia), 

695. (524) Eulabes intermedia intermedia. r/ie/wf^mwC'racHe. 

Gracula intermedia A. Hay, Madr. Jour. L. 8. xiii., PL 
a., p. 157 (1844), (Cachar). 

Himalayas, Kumaon to Assam, Burma and Siam. 

696. (524) Eulabes intermedia andamanensis. The Andaman 

Eulabes andamanensis Tytler, Beavan, Ibis, 1867, p. 331 

Andamans and Nicobars. 

* This is a rather doubtful sub-species, as individual variation is very great. 

73 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVII, No. 4. [July 31, 1921. 

697. (525) Eulabes intermedia javana. The Malay GracJcle. 

Eulabcs javanus Cuvier, Regne Anim. i., p. 377 (1829), 

Extreme South of Siam and Burma to Java, etc. 

698. (526) Eulabes ptilogenys. The Ceylon Grachle. 

Gracula ptilogcnys BUjlh, J.A.S.B. xv., p. 285 (1846), 

699. (527) Calornis chalybeius. The Glossy Calornis. 

Tardus chalj'beius Ilorsf., Trans. Linn. Soc. xiii., p. 14S 
(1821), (Java), (Sikkim). 

700. (261) Psaraglossa spiloptera. The Spotted-tvinged Stare. 

Lamprotornis spilopterus Vigors, P.Z.S., 1831, p. 35 (Hima- 

Family Sturnid^. 

701. (528) Pastor roseus. The Rose-coloured Starling. 

Turdus roseus Linn., Sys. Nat., ed. x., i., p. 170 (1758) 

702. *(529) Sturnus vulgaris bumii. The Hitnalayan Starling. 

Sturnus humii Brooks, Sir. Feath. viii., p. 207 (1873), 

Breeds Kashmir to Nepal and Garhwal. 

703. (530) Sturnus vulgaris porphyronotus. The Central 

Asian Starling. 
S. porphyronotus Slmrpe, Ibis, 1888, p. 438 (Yarkand). 
Breeds Turkestan, Tianschan. 

704. (531) Sturnus vulgaris minor. The Small Indian Starling, 

Sturnus minor Uume, 8tr. Feath., viii., p. 207 (1873), 

Resident Sind. 

705. ^ ' Sturnus vulgaris poltaratzskii, Fin^ch's Starling. 

( tJOO ) 

S. poltaratzskii Finsch, P.Z.S., 1878, p. 713 (Lake Marka- 
K^d, Altai). 

'i Breeds Krasnayarik to L. Baikal. 

706 (5il) Sturnus vulgaris nobilior. Hume's Starling. 

S. nobilior Hume, Sir. Feath., 1879, p. 175 (Kandahar), 
Breeds E. Persia and Afghanistan. 

707. (534a) Sturnus vulgaris dresseri. Dresser's Starling. 

S. purpurescens dresseri Buturlin, Orn. Jahrh., 1904, 208 

Samarkand. Straggler into India. 

* See Hartert, Novitatos Zoologicne xxv., p. 327 (1918). 

July 31, 19:21.] Birds of The Tmlian Empire. 73 

708. (5346) Sturnus vulgaris dzungaricus. ButurlifCs Starling. 

S. dzungaricus Buturlin, Orn. Jahrb., 1904, p. 208 {Dzuri' 

? Breeds Dzungaria. 

709. (535) Spodiopsar cineraceus. The Grey Starling. 

Sturnus cineraceus Temvi., PL Col., 556(1832), {Japan). 

*7io. (536) Sturnia turdiformis. The Chinese My na. 

Pastor turdiformis Wagler, Syst. Av. Pastor, sp. 15 (1827), 


711. (538) Sturnia malabarica malabarica. The Grey-headed 


Turdus malabaricus Gmel. Syst. Nat. i., p. 816 (1789), {Ma- 

Breeding N. and E. of Mount Abu. 

712. (537) Sturnia ma'abarica biythii. Blyth's Myna. 

Pastor biythii Jerd., Madr. Jour. L.S. xiii., p. 133 (1844\ 

Breeding S. and W. of Mount Abu. 

713. (539) Sturnia malabarica nemoricola. The White-winged 


S. nemoricola Jerd., Ibis, 1862, 2^- 22 {Tliayettnyo, U. 

Breeding Siam, Pegu and Malay Peninsula. 

714. (540) Sturnia malabarica andamanensis. The Anda- 

man Myna. 

Temenuchus andamanensis Tytler, Beavan, Ibis, 1867, p. 
329 {Andamans). 

Andamans and Nicobars. 

715. (541) Sturnia malabarica erythropygia. The Nicobar 


S. erythropygta Blyth, J.A.S.B. xv., p. 34 (1846), {Car- 

716. (541) Sturnia ma\abiiricakatchalensis. Richmond's Myna. 

S. erythropygia katchalensis Richmond, Pro. U.S. Nat. Mus 
XXV., p. 293 (1902), {Katchal). 
Katchal Island. 

717. (542) Agropsar sturnina. The Daurian Myna. 

Gracula sturnina Pall. Reise Russ. Reich. Hi., p. 695 (1776), 

718. (543) Ampeliceps coronatus. The Gold-crested Myna. 

Blyth, J.A.S.B. xi., p. 194 (1842), (Tennasserim). 

* Oriolus sinensis, Umelin 's preoccup:ed by L n. Syst. Nat. 17(JG, '•"''' 

74 Jour., Bom. .Y«r. 7//^^ Soc, Vvl. XXJ'II, Xo. 4. [Juli/ lU, 1921. 

719. ,'544) Temenuchus pairodarum. The Blach-lieaded Myna. 

Tunlus pagodarum Gmel., Sijst. Nat. i., p. 816 (178'J), 

720. (515) Sturnornis senex. The White-headed My na. 

Ileterornis senex Ternm. Bonap., Consp., Av. i., p. 419 
(1851), {Bengal). 

721. (54G) Grauculipica nigricollis. The Black-necked Myna. 

Gracula nigricollis Payk., Stockholm Acad. Hand-L. 

xxviii., p. 291 (1807), {China). 

722. (547) Grauculipica burmanica burmanica. Jcrdon's 


Sturnia burmanica Jerd., Ibis, 18C2, p. 21 {Thaijetmyo 
U. Burma). 
Western and Soutli Burma. 

733.* (547) Grauculipica burmanica fuscogularis. SalvadorVs 

I'oliopsar fuscogularis Salvadori, Ann. Mus. Civ. Gen. (2) 
vii.,p. 364 (1889), {Karennee). 
East Burma and Siam. 

724. (548) Grauculipica leucocephala leucocephala. Hume's 


Acridotheres leticocephalus Gigl. tt- Salv., Atli, R. Ace. v., 
J). 273 (1870), y. 185(67aw0. 

Cochin China, Siam and S. Shan States. 

725. (548) Grauculipica leucocephala annamensis. WclVs 


Wells BuU.B.O.C. xxxix., p. 78 (1919), {Nhatrang, Annam) 
Annam and N. Shan States. 

726. (548) Grauculipica leucocephala incognita. Hume's 


Sturnia incognita Ihane, Sir. Feath. viii., p. 390 (1879), 
Tennasserim and South Burma. 

727. (549) Acridotheres tristis tristis. The Cmnmon Myna. 

Paradisca tristis Linn., Syst. Nat. i., p. 167 (1766), (? 

India and Burma. 

728. (550) Acridotheres tristis melanosternus. The Com- 

mon Ceylon Myna. 

A. melanosternus Legge, A. M.N. II. (5) Hi., p. 168 (1879), 

* This ajipeais to be a good sub-spcties, though not hitherto generally admitted. 


July 31, 1921.] Birds of The Indian Empire. 75 

729. (551) Acridotheres ginginianus. The Bank Myna. 

Turdus ginginianus Lath.y Ind. Orn. i., p. 362 (1790); 
{India), (Nadia). 

730. (552) /Cthiopsar fuscus fuscus. The Indian Jungle 


Pastor fuscus Wagl, Syst. Av. Pastor, Sj). 6 (1827), {India), 
{E. Bengal). 

India generally, not Assam. 

731. (553) >Ethiopsar fuscus grandis. The Burmese Jungle 

Acridotheres grandis Moore, Horsf. cfc M. Cat. ii., p. 537 
(1856-8), {Sumatra), {Tennasserim). 

South Burma and Malay Peninsula and Si am. 

732. (553) ^thiopsar fuscus infuscatus. The Assam Jungle 


Stuart Baker Bull. B.O.C. xxxviii., p. 70 (1918), {L. 


Assam, Manipur, Cachar, N. Burma. 

733. (554) >ethiopsar albocinctus. The Collared Myna. 

Acridotheres albocinctus Godw.-Aus. Wald. Ibis, 1875, 
p. 251 {Manipur). 
Manipur and Burma. 

734. (555) Sturnopastor contra contra. The Pied Myna. 

Sturnus contra Linn., Syst. Nat. i., p. 290 (1766), {India), 

India and N. Assam. 

735. (556) Sturnopastor contra superciliaris. The Burmese 

Pied Myna. 

S. superciUaris Blyth, J.A.S.B. xxxii., p. 11 (1863), 
{Burma), {Rangoon). 
S. Assam and Burma. 

736. (55G) Sturnopastor contra floweri. The Siamese Pied 


S. floweri Bidl. B.O.C. vii., p. 17 (1897), {Slam), {Bang kok, 
Siam)m '^'^ 

Siam and E. Tennasserim. 

Family Muscicapid^. 

737. (557) Muscicapa striata neumanni. The Eastern Sjjotted 


Poche, Orn. Monats., 1904, p. 26 {Turkestan). 

738. (558) Hemichelidon sibirica cacabata. The Himalayan 

Sooiy Fly-Catcher. 

Muscicapa sibirica cacabata Penard, Pro. N.E. Zool. Club 
vii., p. 21 (1919). 

76. Jour., Bom. yaf. lli^t. .'ioc, Jol. XXJ'II, Xo.i. [July ?A, 1921. 

739. (5^^'0 Hemichelidon cinereiceps. The Ferruginous Fly- 


Hodg., P.Z.S., 1845, p. 32 {Nepal). 

740. (5G0) Siphia strophiata. The Orange-gorgeted Fly-CatcJier. 

Hodg., Ind. Rev. i., p. 651 (1837), (Nepal). 

741. (561) Siphia parva parva. The European Red-breasted 


Muscieapa parva Ikchd., Gelrue Abhild. heft (2), v. 26 
(lim), i^ast Holkmd). 

Breeding N. Europe and W. Siberia, N. Tibet and Ladak. 

742. (502) Siphia parva albicilla. The Eastern Bed-breasted 


Muscieapa albicilla Pall., Zoorjr. Rosso-Asiaf. ?., p. 4G2 
(1827), (Daurin). 

Breeding Eastern Siberia. 

743. (r)G3) Siphia parva hyperythra. The Indian Red- 

breasted Fly-C 'atcJier. 

S. hyperythra Cat). J.F.O., 1866, p. 391 {Ceylon). 
Breeding Himalayas. 

744. (564) Cyornis cyaneus. The White-failed Blue Fly-Catcher. 

Musoitrea cyanea Hume, Str. Feath. v., p. 101 (1877), 
{Mideyit Mt.) 

Tennasscrim and Malay Peninsula. 

745. (565) Cyornis erythacus hcdgsonii. The Busty -breasted 

Blue Fly-Catcher. 

Siphia hodgsonii Verr. Nouv. Arch. Nus. Par. vL, Bull., p 
34(1870), {Moupin). 

Assam, S. of Brahmapootra, N. Burma and S. in winter. 

746. (566) Cyornis hyperythrus. The Bufous-breasted Blue 


Muscieapa hyperythra Blyth, J.A.S.B. xL, p. 885 (1842), 

747. (567) Cyornis leucomelanurus leucomelanurus. The 

Slaty Blue Fly-Catcher. 

Digenea leucomelanura Ilodg., P.Z.S., 1845, p. 26 {Nepal), 
Himalayas, Kashmir to E. Assam, X. of Brahmapootra. 

748. (567) Cyornis leucomelanurus cerviniventris. The Tibet 

Slaty Blue Fly-Catcher. 

Bigenea cerviniventris Sharpe, Cat. B.M. {v., p. 460 (1879), 
{Khasia Hills). 

Hills, South of the Brahmapootra. 

749. (568) Cyornis superciliaris. The White-browed Blue Fly- 


Muf-cicapa superciliaris Jerd., Madr. Jour. L. S. xi, p. 16 

(1840), (xV. Indian Ghauts). 

Jubj 31, 1921.] Birds of The Indian Umpire. 77 

7SO- (569) Cyornis melanoleucus melanoleucus. The Little 
Pied Fly-Catcher. 

Muscicapula melanoleuca Hodg., Bhjth, J.A.8.B. xii., p. 940 
(1843), (Nepal). 

Nepal to E. Assam, N. of the Brahmapootra, 

75 »• (569) Cyornis melanoleucus westermanni. The Malay 

Pied Fly -Catcher. 

Muscicapula westermanni Sharpe, P.Z.S., 1888, p. 270 
{Mount of PeraJc). 

Hills, S. of Brahmapootra, Burma, etc. 

752. (570) Cyornis astigma. The Little Blue and WJiite Fly- 


Muscicapa astigma Hodg. in Graij's Zool. Misc., p. 84 (1844), 

753. (571) Cyornis sapphira The Sapphire-headed Fly-Catcher. 

Muscicapula sapphira Tictcell, Bbjtti, J.A.S.B. xii., p. 939 
(1843), {Darjiling). 

754. (572) Cyornis oatesi. The Rufous-bellied Blue Fly-Catcher. 

Niltava oatesi Saivadori, Ann. Mus. Civ. Gen. (2) v., p. 514 
(1887), {Mideyit). 

Manipur and Hills of Tennasserim. This is probably 
only a race of vivida. 

755. (573) Cyornis pallipes pallipes. The White-hellied Blue 


Muscicapa pallipes Jerd., Madr. Jour. L. S. xi., p. 15 
(1840), (Coonoor Ohaut). 
So\ith India. 

756. Cyornis palipes hainana. Grant's Blue Fly-Catcher. 

Siphia hainana Grant, Bull. B.O.C. x., p. 36 (1900), {Hainan^ 
Hainam, Siam and (?) Tennasserim. 

757. (574) Cyornis unicolor unicolor. The Pale Blii^e Fly- 


C. unicolor Blyth, J.A.S.B. xii., p. 1007 (1843), (Darjiling). 
Himalayas from Sikkim to E. Assam, S. to Chin Hills. 

758. (574) Cyornis unicolor infuscata. Blyth's Pale Blue Fly- 


Muscicapa infuscata Blyth, Ibis, 1870, p. 165 (Java). 
Java, Peninsular Siam and (?) Tennasserim. 

*759. (575) Cyornis rubeculoides. The Blue-throated Fly- 
Phcenicura rubeculoides Vigors, P.Z.S., 1831, p. 35. 

*The genus Cyornis has never been fully worked out, many of the species are se- 
parable into sub species, and there is still considerable confusion in the nomenclature. 

78 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVII, Xo. 4. [Jul// 31, 10-21. 

760. Cyornis dialilsema. Salvadori's Blue-throated Fhj- 


Salvadori, Ann. Mus. Civ. Geno. xxviii., 1889, p. 3S7 [Taho 

Siam, Eastern and Southern Burma. 

761. (576) Cyornis banyumas tickellia^. TiclceWs Blue Fly- 


Cyornis tickcllijc Blijtk, J.A.S.B. xii., p. 941 (1843), (Ce^i- 
tral India). 

Peninsula India and Ceylon and (?) Manipur and N. 

762. (577) Cyornis magnirostris. The Large-hilled Blue Fly- 


BUjth, J.A.S.B. xviii., p. 814 (1849). 

Himalayas, Sikkim to E. and Assam and the greater i)art 
of Burma. 

763. (578) Nitidula hodgsoni. The Pigmy Blue Fly-Catcher. 

Ncmura hodgsoni Moore, P.Z.S., 1854, p. 76 {Nepal). 

764. (579) Stoparola melanops melanops. The Verditer Fly- 

Cat chcr. 

Muscicapa melanops Vigors, P. Z.S., 1831,;). 171 {Himalayas). 
India, N. of the Nilgiris and Northern Burma. 

765. (579) Stoparola melanops thallasoides. The Malayan 

Verditer Fly -Catcher. 

Glaucomyias thallasoides Cah. Mus. Ilein. i., p. 53 (1850), 

Peninsular Burma to Sumatra. 

766. (580) Stoparola melanops sordida. The Dushj Blue Fly- 


Glaucomj-ias sordida Wald. Ann. M. N. II. (4), v., p. 218 
{IHIO)', {Ceylon). 
Ceylon only. 

767. (581) Stoparola melanops albicaudata. The Nilgiri Blue 


Museicapa albicaudata Jerd., Madr. J.L.S. xi., j>. 16 (1840), 

Kilgiri and Plalni Hills, and Hills of Travancore. 

768. (582) Muscitrea grisola. The Grey Fly-Catcher. 

Tephrodornis grisola Blyth, J.A.S.B. xii., p. 180 (1843), 
{Malay Peninsula). 

769. (583) Anthipes monileger monileger. Hodgson's WhitC' 

gorgcled Fly-Catcher. 

Dimorplia monileger Hodg., P.Z.S., 1845, p. 26 {Sikkiin). 
Sikkim Butan and (?) Hills, N. of Brahmapootra. 

Juli/ 31,1021.] BirJs of The Indian Empire. ■■' "'■■ 79 

770. (584) Anthipes monileger leucops. Sharpens White- 

gorgcled Fly-Catcher. 

Digenea ieucops Sharpe, P.Z.S., 1888, p. 246 {Shillong) 
Hills, S. of Brahmapootra, Karennee. 

771. (585) Anthipes monilesrer submoniliger. Hume^s White- 

gorgeted Fly-Catcher. 

A. submoniliger Hume, Str. Feath. v., j). 105 (1877). 

{Mideyit Mount), 

772. (586) Anthipes poliogenys. Brook's Fly-Catcher. 

C^yornis poliogcnys Brooks, Str. Feath. Diii,, p. 469 (1879), 
(Salbaree, Sikkini Terai). 

Sikkim to E. Assam, N. and S. of the Brahmapootra. 

773. (587) Anthipes olivaceus. Hume's Fly -Catcher. 

Cyornis oHvacea Hume, Str. Feath. v., p. 338 (1877), 
{Extreme S. Tennasserim). 
South of Tennasserim, Malay Peninsula, etc. 

77 4- (588) Alseonax latircstris. The Broivn Fly-Catcher. 

Muscicapa latirostris Raffl. Trans. Lin. Soc. xiii., p. 312 
(1821), (Sumatra). 

All Burma and India except extreme N.-W. 

775. (589) Alseonax ruficaudus. The Rvfous-tailed Fly-Catcher. 

Muscicapa ruficauda Swin. Nat. Lib. x., p. 251 (1838), 
(India), (Kashmir). 

776. (590) Alseonax muttui. Layard's Fly-Catcher. 

Butalis muttui Layard, A.M.N.H. (2) xiii., p. 127 (1854;, 

777. (591) Ochromela nigroru^a. The Blach and Orange Fly- 


Saxicola nigrorufa Jerd., Madr. Jour., L. S. x., p. 26G 
(1839), (Nilgiris). 

778. (592) Culcicapa ceylonensis. The Grey-headed Fly-Catcher. 

Platyrhynchus ceylonensis Swain's Zool. Hi,, ser. 1, i., 

779- (593) Niltava grandis. The Large Niltava. 

Chaitaris grandis Blyth. J.A.S.B. xi.^ p. 189 (1842) 

780. (594) Niltava sundara. The Rufous-helUed Niltava. 

Hodg., hid. Rev. i., p. 650 (1837) (Nepal). 

781. (595) Niltava macgrigiorifE. The Snmll Niltava. 

Phocnicura macgrigiorite Burton, P.Z.S., 1835, p. 152 


80 Jnnr., Bom. Xaf. Ilut. Soc, Vol. XXVll, Xo. 4. [Juli/ 31, 10:>1. 

782. (59G) Philentoma velatum. The Maroon-brcastcd Fly- 


Drymophila vclata Tcmm. PI. Col. No. c3i (1823), {Tunor, 

783. (597) Philentoma pyrrhopterum. The Chestnut-winged 


Muscicapa pjrrhoptera Temm. PL Col. No. 59G (1823), 
(Borneo and Sumatra). 

784. (598) Terpsephone paradisi paradisi. The Indian Para- 

dise Fly-Catcher. 

Muscica])a paradisi Linn., Sijst. Nat. i., p. 324 (17(JG), 

AH India to W. Assam, fs. of Brahmapootra. 

785. (599) Terpsephone paradisi affinis. The Burmese Para- 

dise Fly-Ca!cher. 

Tchitrea affinis Hay, Blytli, J.A.S.B. xv„ p. 292 (184G) 
(Malay Pen. and Tennasserim). 

Assam, Burma. 

786. (GOO) Terpsephone paradisi nicobarica. The Nicobar 

Paradise Fly-Catcher. 

T. nicobarica Oaf-c.s, Fauna B.I. ii, p. 48(1890), {Nicol>ars). 
Andamans and Xicobars. 

*787. (GOl) Hypothymis azurea sykesi. The Madras BlacJc- 

naped Fly-Catcher. 

Stuart Baker Bull. B.O.C. xl, p. 1 (1920), (Deccan). 
South India, Deccan and Madras. 

788. (GOl) Hypothymis azurea styani. The Indian Black- 

naped Fly-Catcher. 

Siphia styani Hartl. Abh. Nat. Ver. Brom. xvi., 2, p. 248 
(1898), (Hoihow, Hainan). 

N. India, Assam, Burma, China, Hainan, etc. 

789. (GOl) Hypothymis azurea ceylonensis. The Ceyhn 

Black- napcd Fly-Catcher. 

H. ceylonensis Sharpe, Cat. B.M. iv., p. 277 (1879), (Ceylon). 

790. (GOl) Hypothymis ijzurea forrestia. The Malay Black- 

naped Fly-Catcher. 

Obcrholscr, Pro. U.S. Nat. Mus. xxxix., p. GOl (1911), 

Mergui Archipelago. 

* Muscicapa apnijeor I' /)h aid of Skyes (1832) is pre occup'cd by Sccpoli-, Del. 
Flor-et Faun. 1786, p- 95. 

Julii 31, 1021,] Birds of the Indian Empire. 81 

791. (G02) Hypothymis azurea tytleri. The Andaman Black- 

naped Fly-Catcher. 

Myiagra tytleri Beavan, Ibis, 1867, ^j. 324 (Andamans). 
Andamans, Great and Little Cocoa. 

792. (G02) Hvpothymis azurea idiochroa. Car-Nicobar Black- 

uaped Fly-Catcher. 

Oberholser, Pro. U. S. Nat. Mus., xvxix., p. 596 (1911). 
{Car- Nicobars). 

793. (602) Hypothymis azurea nicobarica. The Niocobar 

Black-7iaped Fly-Catcher. 

Bianchi, Aim. 31 us. Zool. Acad. St. Pefersb. xii., (I) p 76 
(1907), (Nicobars). ' * ' 


794. (603) Chelidorhynx hypoxanthum. The Y elloio-bellied 


Rhipidura hypoxantha Blyth, J.A.S.B., a,7»., ^. 935 (1843) 

Himalayas, Simla to Burma and Burma Hills to Pegu. 

795. (604) Rhipidura aureola aureola. The White-browed- 

Fantail Fly-Catcher. 

R. aureola Less. Traite. p. 390 (1830 or Jan. 1831), (Bengal), 
The whole of India and extreme N. Burma. 

796. *(604) Rhipidura aureola burmanica. The Burmese White- 

browed Fantail Fly-Catcher. 

Leucocerca burmanica Hmne, Sir. Feath. ix, p. 175 (1881), 
Burma, Siam. 

797. (604) Rhipidura aureola compressirostris. The Ceylon, 

White-browed Fantail Fly-Catcher. 

Leucocerca compressirostris Blyth, J.A.S.B. xviii., p. 815 
(1849), {Ceylon). 

798. (605) Rhipidura albicollis albicollis. The White-throated 

Fantail Fly-Catcher. 

Platyrhynchus albicollis Vieill, Noiiv. Did. d'Hist. Nat, 
xxvii., p). 13 (1818), {Bengal). 

Bengal, South Assam and Arrakan. 

799. (605) Rhipidura albicollis stanleyi. Baler's White-throated 

Fantail Fly-Catcher. 

Stuart Baker, Bull. B.O.C. xxxvi., p. 81 (1916), {Aboi 

Himalayas, N. of Assam into N. Burmese Hills. 

*The name aureola is somo months earlier than albonotata, and must, therefore, 
be used for this Fly-Catcher. 

82 Jour., Horn. Nat. Hi>it. tSoc., Vol. XXVII, No. -1. [July '6\, IDi'l. 

800. (GOO) Rhipidura javanica. The Javati Fantail Fly-Catcher. 

Muscicapa javanica SjMrrm. Mua. Carl. Hi., PI. 75 (1788), 

801. (GOT) Rhipidura pectoralis. The White- spotted Fantail 


Lcucocci'ca pectoralis Jerd. Hi., In. Oni. Text to PI. ii. 
(1847), {Nilgiris). 

Family Turdidj<;. 
Sub-family Saxicolinw. 

802. (608) Saxicola cap rata rossorum. Tlic Common Pied 


Pratincola capiata rossorum Ilarlerl, Jour. J. Oni. 1910, 
p. 180 {Transcusjna). 
N.-W. India and Kashmir. 

803. (608) Saxicola caprata bicolor. Tlie Northern Indian 

Pied Bush-Chat. 

S. bicolor Sylces, P.Z.S. 1832, ]}■ 92 {Deccan). 
N. India from the Deccan to the Himalayas. 

804. (609) Saxicola caprata atrata. The Southern Indian Pied 


Pratincola atrata Kdaart, Blylh, J.A.S.B. xx., p. 177 
(1851), {Ceylon). 

Ceylon and S. India. 

805. (GIO) Saxicola torquata indica. The Indian Bush-Chat. 

Pratincola indica Blyth, J.A.S.B. xvi., p. IGD (1817) 
{India), (Kashmir) . 

Breeding Kashmir and N.-W. Himalayas. 

806. (610) Saxicola torquata stejneri. The Japanese Bush- 


Pratincola rubicola stejneri Parrot, Verh. Orn. Ges. Bay 
xiii., p. 124 (1908), {Yesso, Japan). 
Breeding E. .Sibeiia and Japan. 

807. (610) Saxicola torquata prezwalskii The Turkestan 


Pratincola maura var. ])rez\valskii, Pleske, Weiss. lies. P. 
Reis. i., p. 46 (1889), [Kansu). 
Breeding Turkestan and Tibet. 

808. (611) Saxicola leucura. The White-tailed Bush-Chat. 

Pratincola leucura Blyth, J.A.S.B. xvi., p. 474 (1847), 

( Upper Sind). 

* The correct generic name for this bird and its congeucrs is Saxicola, and O'Jnanthe 
is the correct generic name for the birds hitherto known as Saxicola. 


July 31, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 83 

809. (612) Saxicola macrorhyncha. Stoliczska's Bush-Chat. 

Pratincola macrorhyncha Stol., J.A.S.B. xli., 2, p. 238 

(1872), (Sind). 

810. (613) Saxicola insig-nis. Hodgson's Bush-Chat. 

Pratincola insignis Blyth, J.A.S.B. xvi., p. 129 (1847), 
{India), (Cawnpore). 

811. (614) Oreicola jerdoni. Jerdon's Bush-Chat. 

Blyth, Ibis, 1867, p. 14 {Dibrurjarh). 

Si3. (615) Oreicola ferrea ferrea. The Dark Grey Bush-Chat. 
Saxicola ferrea Crrey, Gat. M. and B., Nepal, p. 11 (1846), 

813. (615) Oreicola ferrea haringtoni. The Burmese Dark 

Grey Bush-Chat. 

Hartert, Vogo. Pal. i., p. 710 (1909), (Moupin). 
Burma and China. 

814. (616) CEnanthe monacha. The Hooded Chat. 

Saxicola monacha Temm., PI. Col. 359 (1825), {Nubia). 
Bahichistan and Sind to N. E. Africa. 

815. (617) CEnanthe alboni.uer. Hume's Chat. 

Saxicola alboniger Hume, Sir. Feath. i., p. 2 (1873), {Sind). 
Sind to Gilgit. 

816. } ""[III] ] OEnanthe picata. The Pied Chat. 

Saxicola picata Blyth, J.A.S.B. xvi., p. 131 (1847), {Sind). 

817. (620) CEnanthe opistholeuca Strickland's Chat. 

Saxicola opistholeuca Stride., Jard. Con. Orn., 1849, p. 60 
{N. India). 

818. I (ac,o\ \ CEnanthe leucomela leucomela. The Pied Chat. 

Saxicola leucomela Pall. Nov. Comm. Petrop. xiv., Pt. i., 
p. 584 (1770), {Samara, Russia). 
South Russia to Tibet. 

819. (622) CEnanthe melanoleuca melanoleuca. 5arwes' CAa^. 

Muscicapa melanoleuca Giilden., Nov. Comm. Petr. xix., 
p. 468 (1775), {Georgia). 
Transcaspia, Persia to Baluchistan. 

820. (624) CEnanthe oenanthe oenanthe. The Wheatear. 

MotaciUa oenanthe Linn., Syst. Nat., i., p. 186 (1758), 

? Straggler, N.-W. India. 

* It is now generally accepted that incata and capistrata are dimorphic forms ot 
the same bird, 
t vittata appears to be merely an aberration. 

84 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVII, No. I. [Ju/i/ 31, 1{»21. 

821. (624) (Enanthe oenanthe argentea. The Eastern 


iSaxicola (cnanthc argentea Linn., Arch. f. Zool. v. (9), p. 22 
(1909), (Baikal). 
Siberia, Gilgit. 

822. (625) (Enanthe isabellina. The Isahelline Chat. 

Saxicola isabellina Cretz. Atlas zu Biip. Beix. Vog., p. 52 
(1820), {Nubia). 

South Russia to Tibet. 

f *(626) I CEnanthe deserti atrogularis. The Gould's Desert 

^^^- I (627) i Chat. 

Saxicola atrogularis Blyth, J.A.S.B., 1847, p. 131 {Upjjer 
Provinces, India). 
Breeding Himalayas. 

824. (628) CEnanthe xanthoprymma chrysopygia. The Bed- 

tailed Chat. 
Dromolaea clirysopygia De Fil. Arch. Zool. Gen. ii., p. 381 
(1863), (Demavend Persia). 

Breeding Transcaspia to Baluchistan. 

825. (629) Cercomela fusca. The Brown Rock-Chat. 

Saxicola fusca Blyth, J.A.S.B., xx., p. 523 (1851), {Mullra). 

Sub-family Phcenicurin^, 

826. (630) Enicurus maculatus maculatus. The Western 

Spotted Forliail. 

Enicurus maculatus Vigors, P.Z.S., i., p. 9 (1831), {Hima- 
layas), {Simla). 

Western Himalayas to Garhwal. 

827. (631) Enicurus maculatus suttatus. The Eastern Spotted 


Henicurus guttatus Gould., Blyth, Ibis, 1867, p. 29 (1805), 
( ? Siklim ), {Darjiling). 

Eastern Himalayas, Nepal to E. Assam. 

828. (632) Enicurus schistaceus. The Slaty-bacJced Forktail. 

Hodg., As. Bes. xix., p. 189 (1836), (Nepal). 

829. (633) Enicurus immaculatus. The Blaclc-hacl'ed Forlctail. 

Hodg., As. lies, xix., p. 190 (1830). 

830. (63d) Enicurus leschenaulti indicus. The Assam Forktail. 

Hartert, Vog. Pal. i., p. 700 (1910), (Margherita, E. Assam). 
Sikkim to E. Assam through liurma to Tennasserim. 

831. (635) Mydrocichla frontalis. The White-crowned Forktail. 

Enicurus frontalis Blyth, J.A.S.B. xvi., p. 150 (1847), 

* montana cannot be divided from Blyth's atrogularis, the Indian form of deserti. 

July 31, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 85 

832. (636) Hydrocichia ruficapilla. The Chestnut-headed Fork- 
tail . 

Enicurus ruficapillua Temm. PL Col. Hi., pi. 534 (1832), 

^33- (637) Microcichla scouleri scouleri. The Little ForUail. 
Enicurus scouleri Vigors., P.Z.S. i., p. 174 (1832), (Hima- 

Himalayas, N. Burma and China. 

834. (638) Chaimarrornis leucocephala. The White-capped 

Phoenicura leucocephala Vigors, P.Z.S. i., p. 35 (1831) 

835. *(639) Phoenicurus frontalis. The Blue-fronted Redstart. 

Vigors, P.Z.S., 1832, p. 172 (Himalayas). 

836. (640) Phoenicurus schisticeps. The White-throated Red- 

Ruticilla schisticeps Hodg,, Cat. Mam. and B. Nep., p. 69 
(1846), (Nepal). 

837. (641) Phoenicurus auroreus leucopterus. The Daurian 


P. leucoptera Blyth, J.A.S.B. xxii., p. 962 (1843), (Malacca). 
Breeding W. Central China. 

838. (642) Phoenicurus erythronotus. Eversmann's Redstart. 

Sylvia erythronota Eversm., Add. Pall. Zoogr. Ros.-As. fasc. 
a., p. 11 (1841), (Altai). 

839. (643) Phoenicurus hodg-soni. Hodgson's Redstart. 

Ruticilla hodgsoni Moore, P.Z.S., 1854, p. 26 (Nepal). 

840. (644) Phoenicurus ochrurus rufiventris. The Indian 


Q^nanthe rufiventris Vieill. Nouv, Diet. d'Hist. Nat. xxi., 
p. 431 (1818), (India), (Gyantse, Tibet). 

Himalayas from Sikkim E. to China. 

841. (644) Phoenicurus ochrurus phoenicuroides. The West- 

ern Indian Redstart. 
Ruticilla phoenicuroides Moore, P.Z.S. , 1855, p. 25 

(N. India), (Srinagar, Kashmir). 

Himalayas, Afghanistan to Nepal and Persia. 

842. (645) Phoenicurus erythrogastrusgrandis. Giddenstadt's 

Afghan Redstart. 

Ruticilla grandis Gonld, P.Z.S., 1849, ;?. U2 (Afghanistan). 
Kashmir, E. Himalayas to Tibet. 

* The generic name for the Redstarts is Phrnicurus, Forster (1817), and not Ruti- 
cilla, Brehm. (1828). 

86 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hut. Soc, Vol. XX J II, No. 4. [Ju/;/ 31, llti'l. 

843. (G4G) Rhyacornis fuliginosa. The Plumbeous Redstart. 

Plianicura fuliginosa Vigors, P.Z.S., 1831, p. 35 {Hima- 
Himalayas, Chitral to E. Assam. 

844. *(647) Cyanosylvia suecica suecica. The Red-spotted Blue 


Motacilla suecica Linn., Syst. Nat. i., p. 187 (1858), (Sweden). 
N. Euroj^e and W. Siberia. 

845. (G47) Cyanosylvia suecica paillidosjularis. The Eastern 

Red-spotted Blue Throat. 

Cj'anecula suecica pallidogularis Sarud., Mat. z. Ken. Russ. 
Jteich. Hi, p. 171 (1897), {Orenhtirg). 
Turkestan, Ladak, Tibet. 

846. (648) Cyanosylvia cyanecula abbotti. The Eastern White- 

spoiled Blue Throat. 

Cyanecula abbotti Richmond, Smith, In. 1896, p. 484 {Nubra 
Valley, Ladak). 

847. (G49) Lucinia mejfarhyncha sjolzii. The Eastern Night 


Lusciola golzii Cah. Jour. J. Orn., 1873, p. 79 [Turkestan). 

848. (G50) Calliope calliope. The Common Ruby Throat. 

Motacilla calliope Pall. Reise. Russ. Reichs. iii„ p. 697 
(1776), {Yenesei). 

849. (G51) Calliope pectoralis pectoralis. The Himalayan 

Ruby Throat. 

C. pectoralis Qould., Icones Av. PL i, pi. iv (1837), (West 

Breeding W. Himalayas to Nepal. 

850. (G51) Calliope pectoralis confusa. The Eastern Ruby 

Throat. ■ 

Luseinia pectoralis confusa Hartcrt, Vog. Pal. ?., p. 740 
(1910), (Sikkim). 

Eastern Himalayas to Sadiya. 

851. +(G52) Calliope pectoralis tschebaiewi. The Tibet Ruby 


Calliope tschebaiewi Przew., Mongol, i., Stran. Tang, ii., p. 
44 (1876), (Kajisu). 
Breeding Tibet to Kansu. 

852. (G53) Tarsiger chrysaus. The Golden Bush-Robin. 

Hodg., P.Z.S. 1845, p. 28 (Nej)al). 

* Cyanosylvia, Brehm. antedates Cyanecula as Brehm. uses it first in liis book 
(1828). Ludlow has recently obtained the White and Red-spotted birds breeding 
in the same area in Tibet, so they should bo considered species. 

t Hartort includes Cyanosylvia, Daulias and Callioj)c ;»11 witli Lucinia, also the 
Shortwings, Larvicora. 

July 31, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 87 

853. (654). lanthia rufilata. The Red-flanked Bush-Robin. 

Nemura rufilatus Hodcj., P.Z.8., \M5,p.21 {12,4:5), {Nepal). 

854. (655) lanthia indica indica. The White-browed Bush- 

Robin. , 

Sylvia indica Vieill. Nouv. Diet. d'Hist. Nat. xL, j)- 267 
(1817), {India), {Darjilincj). 

855. lanthia cyanura. The Japanese Bush-Robin. 

Motacilla cyanurus Pall., Reise. Russ. Reichs. it., p. 709 
(1773), {Yenesei). 

Once occurred in N. Cachar (Vog. Pal. I., p. 713). 

856. (656) lanthia hyperythra. The Rufous-bellied Bush- 


Blyth, J.A.8.B., xvi., i. 132 (1847), {Darjiling). 

857. (657) Adelura c^ruleocephala. The Blue-headed Robin. 

Phoenicura cseruleocephala Vigors, P.Z.S., 1830, p. 35 

858. *(658) Grandala coelicolor. Hodgson's Grandala. 

Hodg., J.A.S.B. xii., p. 447 (1843), {Nepal). 

859. (659) Notodela leucura. The White-tailed Blue Robin. 

Muscisylvia leucura Hodg., P.Z.S., 1845, 2). 27 {Nepal). 

860. (660) Callene frontalis. The Blue-fronted Callene. 

Cinclidium frontale Blyth, J.A.S.B. xi., p. 181 (1842), 

861. (662) Thamnobia fulicata fulicata. The Black-backed 

Indian Robin. 

Motacilla fulicata Linn., Syst. Nat. i.,p. 336 (1766), {Philip- 
pines), {Ceylon). 

Ceylon and India, S. of the Godavari and Abmednagar. 

862. (661) Thamnobia fulicata combaiensis. The Brown- 

backed Indian Robin. 

Sylvia cambaiensis Lath. Ind. Orn. ii., j}- 554 (1790) 
India N. of the Godavari and Ahmednagar. 

863. (663) Copsychus saularis saularis. The Indian Magpie- 


Gracula saularis Linn., Syst. Nat. i.,p. 165 (1766), {Bengal). 
India, Burma and Siam. 

864. (663) Copsychus saularis musicus. The Malay Magpie- 


Lanius musicus Rofjll. Tran. L. Soc. xii (1820), p. 147 

Penin. Siam and Burma Southwards. 

* This bird may have to be placed nearer the true Thrushes. 

88 Jour., Bom. .Xat. Hist. Hoc, Vol. XXVII, No. 4. [July 31, 1921. 

865. (6G3) Copsychus saularis ceylonensis. The Ceylon- 

Magpie Robin. 

C. ceylonensis ScMcr, P.Z.S., 1861, p. ISO (Ceylon). 
Ceylon and Travancoie. 

866. (G64) Kittocincla macroura macroura. The Malay 

Sham a. 

Turdiis macroiuus Gm., Sysl. Nat. i, ^j. 820 (1789), {Fulo 

renin. Siani and Bunua Southwards. 

867. (C)6'l) Kittocincla macroura tricolor. The Indian Shania 

Turdus tricoloi' Vieill., Nuui'. Did. d'llisl. Nut. xx., 'p. 291 
(1818), (India). 

India, Ceylon and Burma, etc. 

868. (GG5) Kittocincla albiventris. The Andaman Shama. 

Blyth, J.A.S.B. xxviL, p. 269 (1858), (Andamans). 

Sub-family Brachypterygin^.* 

869. (190) Larvivora c> ane cyane. The Siberian Blue Chat. 

Motacilla cyane, Pall., Eeise. Russ. Reich, in., j}. 697 
(1776), Dauria). 

E. Siberia to Japan. Winter Burma and E. India. 

875. (101) Larvivora cyane brannea The Himalayan Blue 

L. brunnea, Ilodcj., J.A.S.B. vi., 'p. 102 (1837), (Nepal). 
Himalayas N.-W. to Nepal and Sikkim. 

871. Larvivora wickhami. The Burmese Blue Chat. 

Stuart Baker, Nov. Zool. xxiii., p. 298 (1916), (Chin Hills). 
Chin Hills, Burma. 

872. (193) Brachypteryx albiventris. The White-bellied 

Shor living. 

Callenc albiventris, Fairbank, Blanf., P.Z.S., 1867, p. 833 
(Palni Hills). 

873. (194) Brachypteryx rufiventris. The Rufom-bellied 


Callenc ruliventris, Blyth, Jerd., B. of I. i., p. -196 (Neil- 


874. t(195) Heteroxenicus siellatus. Gould's Shoriwing. 

Brachpteryx stellatus, Gould., P.Z.8., 1868, ]}■ 218 (Sikkim) 

875. (196) Heteroxenicus hyperythrus. The Rusty-bellied 


Brachy])teryx hyperythra Jerd. and Blyth, P.Z.8., 1861, p. 
201 '(Sikkim). 

* This sub-family of Shortwinged Chats appears to come here before the true 

f i)r?//noc/iare-s is prcoccup'.od foj a family of CoZeo^Jiera s^o Heteroxenicus, Sharpe 
must be used. 

Ju/i/ 31, 1921,] Birdx oj the Jnilian Empire. 89 

876, (198) Heteroxenicus nepalensis. The Nepal Shortwing. 

Brachypteryx nepalensis Hodg.> Moore, P.Z.S., 1854, p. 74 

^77. (197) Heteroxenicus cruralis. The White-hrowed Short- 

Calliope cruralis Blyth, J.A.S.B. xii., p. 933 (1843) 

878. (197) Heteroxenicus sinensis. The Chinese Shortwing. 

Drymochares sinensis Rickett, Bull. B.O.C. vL, p. 1 (1897; 
{N.-W. Fokhien). 

China to N.-E. Assam. 

879. (199) Hodg-sonius phoenlcuroides. Hodgson s Shoriiving. 

Sylvania phcenienroides Blyth, J.A.S.B. xvi., p. 136 
(1847), {NejMl). 

Siib-familjr TuRDiN^. 

*88o. (666) Planesticus maximus. The Central Asian BlacBird. 
Merula maxima Scebohm, Cut. B. M. v., p. 405 (1881), 

881, Planesticus kessleri. Przewalshis Thrush. 

Turdus Icessleri Przew., Moncj. Stran. Tangut, p. C2 (1876), 

East Tibet into China. 

883, (667) Planesticus simillimus simiHiimus. The Nilgiri 

Turdus simillimus Jerd., Madr. Jour. L. S. x\, p. 253 
(1839), {Nilgiris). 

883. (G68) Planesticus simillima kinnisii. The Ceylon Blade 


Merula kinnisii Blyth, J.A.S.B. xx., p. Ill (1851), {Ceylon), 

88^* (669) Planesticus simillima bourdilloni. Bourdillon's 

Merula bourdilloni Seehohm, Cat. B.M. v., p. 251 (1881), 

Travancore and Palni HiUs. 

88r. (670) Planesticus kinnisii erythrotis. Davison's Blach- 

Merula erythrotis Davison, Ibis.. 1886, p. 205 (? Palghat 
Not known, but probably Palghat Hills, Travancore. 

* Merula is unfortunately preoccupied and cannot, therefore, be used for the 
Thrushes, and its place must be taken by Planesticus^ Bonap, Comp. Renda xxiNriii. 
p. 3 (1854). Type Turdus jamaicenois. *' 

90 Jowr., Bom. Na(. Hid. Soc, Vol XXV II, Noi 4. rjufy .".F, 19in-. 

886'. *(671) Planesticus nigropileus. The Black-capped Black- 

Turdus nigropileus La/res., Deless, Vot/. de VInde, PL ii..^ p. 
27 (1843), {India). 

NiTgiris, Mysore Hills and Aravalli Hills. 

887, (672) Planesticus albocii^ctus. The White- collared Ouzels 

Turd lis albocinctus Royle., III. Him. Bot., p. IxxviL 
(1839), (Himalayas). 

888, (671^) Planesticus castanens castaneus. The Grey- 

headed Ouzel. 

M. oastanea, Gould P.Z.S., 1835, p. 185 [Sikkim). 
Himalayas, Kashmir to Assam. 

889, (07:1) Planesticus castanea gouldi. Gould's Grey-headed 

Merula gouldi Vcrr. Nouv. Arch. Mas. d'Hist. Nal. li.^ 
p. .34 (iS71), (IT". Setschuan). 
Eastern Assam to W. China. 

890, (674) Planesticus eunomus. The Dusky Ouzel. 

'rurdus eunomus Teium. PI. Col. it.., pi. 514 (1831), (Japan)!. 

891, F^lanesticus pallidas. The Pale Ouzel. 

Turdus pallfdus Cfmel.., Syst. Nat. i., p. S15 (llSd), (L'(ke 

892, 1(675) • laneslicus ru.'icofiis ruficoIHs. The Tted-lhroaied 


Turdus ruficollis Pull., Reis\ Riissr. R'eich^ Hi., p. G94 
(1776). (Dauria). 

Breeding East Siberia, etc. 

893- (677) Hanesticus ruficollis atroijiilaris. The Black- 
throated Ouzel. 

Turdus atrogularis Tewem., Man. d'Orn. i., p. 169 (1820), 
(A ustvia). 

lireeding W. Sibci-ia and N.-W. Himalayas. 

^94 (676) Planesticus boulbouK The Grey-winyed Blackbird. 
Lanius boulboul Lath., Ind. dm. i., p. 80 (1790), (India). 

895. (678) Planesticus unicolor. TickeWs Ouzel. 

Turdus unicolor Tick., J.A.S.B. li., p. 577 (1833), (Bora- 

896. (6T0) Planesticus protomefus. The Black-busted Ouzel. 

Tvu-dus protomelas Cab. Jour. f. Orn., 1867, x>- 286' 
Hills S. of Brahmapootra, Cliin Hills. 

* It is possible that Nos. 667-671 should all be treated as sub-si^ecies of P. merula. 

t It is very doubtful whether atrorjidaris can be considered a sub-species of ruficoU' s. 
1 cannot find any conncct'ng link between the two which are always separable. [Ssd 
»L3o K-oUibav Bemcr. Turk. Vogol. (1917, p. 450).] 

>JHh/ 31, lOi'lJ iJinls vf the hulian Empi'fe. '^l 

"897. (680) Planesticus obscurus obscurus. The Dar'l. Ouzel, 
Turdus obscurus Gmel., Sijsi-. NctL i., jk 816 (1789), {Lake 

Breeding Siberia, Yenesei to Kamschatka, 

S<>8. (681) PJanesticus obscurus subobscurus. Solvadmit 

Merula subobscura Salv., Ann. Mus. C'iy., Gen. (2), i., p. 
413 (1889), (Karen Hills). 
? Hills, E. of Burma. 

^99^. (682) Planesticrjs feje. Fea's Ouzel. 

Salv. Ann. Mus. Civ, Gen. (2), v, p. 514 (1887), (MuUyil 
Momi .). 

Hillrf S. of Brahmapootra and Burmese Hills. 

^00. (683) "Q'ocilchia vvardi. The Pied Ground-Thrush. 

Turdus wardi Jerd., J.A.S.B., xi., p. 882 (1842), (ilfysore). 
Breeding W. Himalayas to Assam. 

90". (684) Geoctchia sibirica sibirica. The Siberian Ground- 

Turdus sibiricus Pall., Reise. Rcichs. Hi., p, 694 
(1776), (Dauna), 

Breeding Central Siberia. 

t>o2. (684) Qencichla sibirica davisoni, Davisorts Ground- 

Turdus davisoni Ilurtne, Str. Feath. v., p. 63 (1877), 
(Mvleyit Mount). 
Breeding Japan. 

t>03. (686) Geocichia citrina citrina, 'The Orange-headed 
Turdtis citrin-us Lath., Ind. Orn. ;".,, p, 356 (1709), (India) 

i\. India, N. Burma and Siam, 

^04. (685) Geocichia citrina cyanolis. The White-lhroaled 
Ground- Thrush, 
Turdus cyanotis Jard. and Sel.., Ill, Qrhn., i,, p. xlvi^ 

<1828). (India). {Nilghirrls) . 

Southern half of India. 

?>C5. (687) <jeocichla citrina innotata. Tlie Malay Grounc:^ 
G. innotata Blijth, J.A.S.B. xv., p. 370 (1846), {Malayan 


Extreme S. of Siam and Burma Southwards. 

^d. (688) Geocichia citrina albog:ularis. The Nicobcir Groimd^ 

G.-eifeogularis Blyfh, J.A.S.B. xvi.. p. 146 (1847), .(Mice'misk 

1)2 Jour., Unm. Xat. Ilist. Sue, Vvl. XXl'll, Xo. 4. [Ju/t/ 31. \92L 

907. "'^(GSO) Qeocichia citrina andamanensis. The Andaman 

G. andamanensis Wald., A. M.N. II. (4), xiv., p. 156 (1874), 

908. (690) r^etrophila erythrogaster. The Chestnut-beUied 

Turdus erythrogaster Vigors, P.Z.S., 1831, j). 171 {Ilima' 

Himalaj^as from Chamba to China. 

909. (601) Petrophila cinclorhyncha. The Bluc-hcaded Rock- 

Petrocincia cinclorhyncha Vigors, P.Z.S., 1831, p. 172 (Him- 
alayas), (Simla). 

Himalayas, Afghanistan to I'hiltan. 

910. (602) Petrophila solitaria sofitaria. The Wes!er7i Blue 

Turdns solitarius Linn., Si/st. Nat. (X.), p. 170 (1758), (Uali/). 
Breeding Europe to Persia. 

911. (G02) Pttrohphila solitaria transcaspica. HarterCs Blue 


Monticola cyanns transcaspicus Hart., BulL B.O.C. xxiii., 
p. 43 (1909), (Tedschen). 
Breeding Transcaspia. 

912. (603) Petrophila solitaria pandoo. The Eastern Blue 

Petrocincia pandoo Srjkes, P.Z.S. , 1832, p. 87 (Soidhern 

Breeding Himalayas, Kashmir Eastwards. 

913. (6()3) Petrophila solitaria philippensis. The Japanese 

Ttirdus philippensis MiiUer, Natiir. Anliang., p. 142 (1776), 

Breeding E. Siberia to Japan. Straggler, Siam and 

9M. (6tt) Monticola saxatilis. The Rock-Thrush. 

Turdus saxatilis Linn., Sysl. Nat. (XII), p. 294 (1766), 

915, j- Monticola j^ularis gularis. Sicinhoe's Rock-Thrush. 

Orocetes gularis Swinh., P.Z.S., 1862, p. 318 (Pekin). 
Breeding E. Siberia, straggler Burma. 

* Hartert uaiites Merula, Geocichla, and Oreocinchla with Turdus. 
t Hartert, possibly rightly, unites Petrophila with Monticola. 










Jn'y 31, 1921.] Birds vf the Indian Hhtpire. f3 

916. (695) Tardus viscivoriss bonapartei. The Himalayan 

Tardus bonapartei Cab. Jour. f. Orn. 1S60> p. 183 {Himalayas), 
Breeding Central Asia to Kashmir. 

Turdus pilaris. The Fieldfare. 

Linn., Sysl. Nat. {X), p. 16S (1758), {Sweden). 

TiLSrdii«j musidtig. The Redivivg. 
Linn., Syst. Nat. (.r), j). 169 (1758), {Sweden). 

Oreocincla dauma dan ma. The Stnall-billed 

Moutain- Thrush. 
Tardus dauma Lath., hid., Orn. L, p. 362 (1790), {India), 
' Himalayas, Hazara to Assam. 

920, (699) Oreocincla daoma nilglriensis. The Nitgiri Thrush. 

O. nilgiriensis BIyth, J.A.S.B. xvi., p. 141 (1847), {Nilgiris). 
Hills of Southern India. 

921, (698a) Oreocincla dauma aurea. White's Thrush. 

Turdus aureus Holandre, F. de 31. Ann. de la Moselle, 1 825, 
p. 60 {Metz). 

East Siberia to Japan. Straggler into Burma. 

932. (700) Oreoeiiicia datirna imbricata. The Ceylon Thrush. 
Zoothera imbricata Layard, A.M.N.H. (2)> xiii., p. 212 

(1854), {Ceylon). 

923, f (701) I Oreicincia mollissima mollissima. The Plain- 
1 (702) J hacked Mountain Thrush. 

Tardus molissimUs Blyth, J.A.S.B. zi., p. \%^ {\M2),{Dar' 

Himalayas, Chamba to IVlishmi Hills. Breeding Forests. 

924, Ofeccincia mollissima whiteheadi. Whitehead's 

Mountain Thr ush . 
Stuart Baker, Bidl. B.O.C. xxxi., p. 71 (1913), {Khagan 

Extreme N.-W. Frontier. Breeding above forest line. 

925, (703) Oreocincla spiloptera The SjJotted- winged Thrush, 

Blyth, J.A.S.B. xvi., p. 142 (1847), {Ceylon). 

926, (189) Myiophoneds horsfieldi horsfieldi. The Malabar, 

M. horsfieldi Vigors, P.Z.S., 1831, p. 35 {Malabar). 
South-Western India. 

927, (187) Myiophoneus horsfieldi temminckii. The Hima^ 

layan Whistling-Thrush. 
M. temminckii Vigors, P.Z.S., 1831, p. 171 {Himalayas). 
Himalayas, Afghanistan to N. and Central Burma. 

94 .7o«/\, Bum, Xaf. Hist. Sac, f'nl. XXIII, A'.,. .1. \7iili/ :]], 1V>21. 

928. (188) Myiophoneus horsfieldi eugenei. The Burmese 

]] li istliug- Thrush . 
M. eugenoi Hume, Sir. Feath. i., p. 475 (1873), {Pegu). 
Southern Ikiniia and Siani. 

929. (192) Arrenjra blighi. The Ceylon Arrenga. 

Holdsworth, P.Z.S., 1872, p. 444 (Getjlon), 

930. (704) Zoothera monticola. The Large Broivn Thrush. 

Vigors, P. Z. S., 1831, ^). 172 (Himalaijas), (Sikkim ). 

93 ». (T05) Zoothera mars:inata. The Lesser Broivn Thrush. 
nij/th,J.A.S.n. xvi.,p. 141 (1847), {Arrakan). 

932. (706) Cochoa purpurea. The Purple Thrush. 

Hodg.,J.A.S.B. v., p. Z59 (iSU), {Nepal). 

933. (707) Cochoa viridis. The Green Thrush. 

IJodg., J.A.S.n. v., p. 359 (1836), {Nepal). 

Sub-family CincliN/E*. 

934. (('08) \ Cinclus cinclus kashmiriensis. The While-hreasled 

((711) ( Asiatic Dipper. 

C. kahsmiricnsis Gmild, P. Z. S., 1859, p. 494 {Kashtnir). 
Himalayas, Kashmir to Tibet. 

935. t{"00) Cinclus pallasii tenuirostris. The Broivn Dipper. 

C. tenuirostris Bonap., Consp. Ac. •/., p. 252 (1S50), {Central 

Breeding Turkcr,tan and Himala^yas. 

936. (710) Cinclus pallasii souliei. Pallas' Dipper. 

Cinclus {)allasii var souliei Oust., Ann., Sc. Nat. Zool. (7), xii. 
p. 209 (1S92), (Ta-tsien-Iu). 
Breeding E. Tibet to China. 

Sub-family PRUXi^LLiD/Et. 

937- (~12) Laiscopus collaris nipalensis. The Eastern Alpin 
H edge-Spar roiv. 
Aecentor nipalensis Blijrh, J.A.S.B. xii., p. 958 (1843), 
Eastern Himalayas, beyond first ranges. 

* Hartert unit-es the Dippers and Wrens 'n the 2''ro(flodyiid'7! in which ho includes 
Tcsia, but not the Certhiidrr. I prefer Turdidw, Cinclidce, Troglodylid/e and Certhiid^e 
which appear to be a natural sequence. 

* In this, as in so many other cases, Hodgson's name asialicus is a nomcn nudum 
and therefore cannot be maintained. 

t The name Accentor cannot bo used for the Hedge-Sparrow, and tliercfore Lriisrrt' 
pu,s, Gloger Hand, in Hilfsb. p. 267 (1841) must be u.scd in its place ; Prunella, Vieill; 
Analyse nouv. Ornith. p. 43,. 1816. antedates Tkarrhaleus. Kaup, 1829. 

July 31, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 915 

938. (712) Laiscopus collaris rufilatus. The TurJcastan Hedge- 

Accentor rufilatus Sever Iz., Sapiski d. Turk., jp. 45 (1879), 

Turkestan, Ladak and Chitral. 

939. (712) Laiscopus collaris whymperi. Whynvpefs Hedge- 

Laiscopus collaris whymperi Stuart Baker, Bull. B.O.G. 
xxTv., ^. 60 (1915), (Garhival). 
Garhwal and W. NepaL 

940. (712) Laiscopus collaris tibetanus- The Tibet Hedge- 

Spar row. 
Accentor collaris tibetanus BiancJii, Ann. Mus. Zool. Acad. 
Petersb. ix., p. 128 (1904:), E. {Tibet). 
Tibet to Koku-Nor. 

941. (712) Laiscopus collaris ripponi. Rippon^s Hedge- 

Prunella collaris ripponi Hartert, Vog., Pal. i., p. 766 (1913), 


Shan States, above 10,000 feet. 

942. (713) Laiscopus himalayanus. The Altai Hedge-Sparroiv. 

Accentor himalayanus Blyth, J.A.S.B. xi., p. 187 (1842), 

943. (714) Prunella immaculatusa The Maroon-backed Hedge- 

Accentor immaculatus Hodg., P.Z.S., 1845, p. 34 {Nepal). 

944. (715) Prunella rubeculoides. The Robin Hedge- Sparrow. 

Accentor rubeculoides Moore, P.Z.S., 1854, p. 118 {Nepal). 

945. (716) Prunella atrogularis. The Black-throated Hedge- 

Accentor atrogularis Brandt., Bull. Acad. Petersb., p. 140 
(1844), (Semi-Palatine). 

946. (717) Prunella fulvescens fulvescens. The Br oivn Hedge- 

Accentor fulvescens Severtz., Turk. Jevotn., p. 66 (1873), 

947. (718) Prunella strophiatus strophiatus The Riijous- 

breasted Hedge-Sparrow. 
Accentor strophiatus Blyth, J.A.S.B. xii., p. 959 (1843), 

Eastern Himalayas to Kumaon. 

948. (719' Prunella strophiatus jerdoni. Jerdon's Hedge- 

Spar roiv. 
Accentor jerdoni Brooks, J.A.S.B. xli., Pt. 2, p. 327(1872), 

Western Himalayas to Kashmir, 

96 Jour., Bom. Xaf. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXI'II, .\o. 4. [.Juli/ .'31. I'.U'l. 

Family Ieenid.i;*, 

949, (2DI) Irena puella puella. TJie Fairy Blue-Bird. 

Coracias puella Lath., lad. Oni. i., j)- 1~1 (1~9(^). {India) 
India, N. and Central Burma. 

950. (251) Irena puella cyanea. The Malay Fairy Blue-Bird. 

Irena cyanea Beijbie, Malayan Penin., p. 51G, date {Malay 

Extreme S. of Tennasserim and Siam. 

Family Plocein^. 
Sub-family Ploceinw. 

951. (720) Ploceus philippinus philippinus. The Baya. 

Loxia philippina Linn., Sijst. Nat. {XII), p. 305 (1766), 
Ceylon and the greater part of India. 

952. (721) Ploceus philippinus megarhynchus. Finn's Baya. 

P. megarhynchus Hume, Sir. Fealh. Hi., p. 406 (1875), 
{Kaladoongi, Nainital). 

Himalayas about Nainital. ? Extent of range. 

953. (721) Ploceus philippinus passerinus. The Eastern Baya 

\\ passeriniis Beidienow, Zool. Jahrb. i., 1886, p. 156, {Nepal) 
Eastern Sub-Himalayas, Bengal, Assam, N. Burma and 

954. (721) rioceus philippinus infortunatus. The Malay 

Ploceus passerinus infortmiatus Hartert, Nov. Zool. ix., 
p. 577 (1902), {Sungei Leheh). 

South Siam, Tennasserim and Malay Peninsula. 

955- (722) Ploceus benghalensis. The Black-throated Weaver- 
Loxia benghalensis IJvn., Syst. Nat. p. 305 (1766), {Bengal). 
N. India, Assam, Manipur and Chin Hills. 

956. (723) Ploceus manyar manyar. The Striated Weaver-Bird. 
Fringilla manyar Hors., Trans. Lin. Soc. xiii., p. 160 

(1820), {Java). 

Java, Bali, Malay Pen. to S. Tennasserim. 

* Oberholscr has recently (Oct. 1917) created this family for the two genera Irena 
and Glauconympha (Jour. Wash. Acad. Sc. VII., No. 17) which he seems to think 
should bo placed near the Bulbuls. Whilst agreeing that Irena cannot be placed in 
any known family, I think it may eventually find a place nearer the Cochoa group of 
Thrushes. I cannot separate Irena and Glauconympha. 

July 31, 1921.1 Birds of the In, Han Empire. 97 

937. (723) Pioceus niany ir llaviceps. The Indian Striated 
P. flaviccjis Less., Trait. cVOrn, 1831, p. 435 {Pondicherry). 
Cej^Ion, India, Burma and Siam. 

*938. (724) rsjceela clirysaEa. The Golden Weaver-Bird. 

Ploceus clirysauus Hume. Sir. Feath. vl. p. 399, footnote, 
(1878), (Tenimsserim.) 

Sub-family Viduin.^. 

9J9- (725) Munia malacca. The Black-headed Munia. 

Loxia malacca Linn. Syst. Nat., i, p. 302 (1766), {China, 
Java, Malacca). 

960. (726) Munia atricapilla atricapilla. The Chestnut-headed 

Loxia atricapilla Vieill, Ois. Chant., p. 84 (1805), (Peninsula 

Southern India. 

961. (726) Munia atricapilla rtibroniger. The Northern 

Chestnut-headed Munia. 
M. rubroniger Hodcj., As. Res. xix., p. 153 (1836), (Nepal). 
Northern India. 

962. (727) Uroloncha acuticauda acuticauda. Hodgson's 

Munia acuticauda Hodg., As. Res. xix., p. 153 (1836), 

The whole of India and Burma. 

963. (727) Uroloncha acuticauda squamicollis. The Chinese 

Pin-Tailed Munia. 
U. squamicollis 8harpe, Cat. B. M., xiii, p. 359 (1890), 

Shan States to Hainan. 

964. (728) Uroloncha striata striata. The White-backed 

Loxia stviatsi Linji., Sys. Nat. i,p. 306 (1766), (/. of Bourbon), 
Ceylon and South India. 

965. (729) Uroloncha striata semistriata. The Nicobar White- 

backed Munia. 
Munia semistriata Hume, Str. Feath. li., p. 257 (1874), 
(Nicobar s.) 

966. (730) Uroloncha striata fumigata, The Andaman White- 

backed Munia. 
Munia fumigata Wold., A.M.N.H. (4), xii, p. 488 (1873), 

* Liiii-ia javanensis of Less (1831) is preoccu^Died by L. javanensis, Sparm (1789). 

98 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. 6oc., Vol. XXVll, So. 1. [July .-Jl, 19-»1. 

967. (731) Uroloncha Ieucos:astra. The W Idle-bellied Munia. 

Ainadina Icucogastra Blylh, J.A.S.B. xv., p. 28G (1846), 
(Malay Pen.). 

968. (732) Uroloncha pectoralis. llie Rufous-bellied Munia. 

Munia pcctoialis Jcrtl., B. of I. ii, ji- 355 (1SG3), {Wynaad), 

969. (733) Uroloncha kelaarti. The Ceylon Munia. 

Munia kelaarti Blyth, Jerd., B. of I. ii., p. 356 (1863), {Ceylon). 

970. (734) Uroloncha malabarica. The While-lhroated Munia. 

Loxia malabarica Linn., Syst. Nat. i, 2>- 305 (17(56), (India), 
( Malabar), 

971. (735) Uroloncha punctulata punctulata. The Spoiled 

Loxia punctulata Linn., Syst. Nat. i., jJ- 302 (1766), (Asia). 

India and Ceylon N. to W. Assam. 

972. (735) Uroloncha punctulata topela. The Chinese Spoiled 

Munia topela Swinh., Ibis, 1863, p. 380 (China and Formosa), 

>S. Assam, Burma and China. 

973. (73G) Erythura prasina. The Long-tailed Munia. 

Loxia prasina Sparrm., Mus. Carls., pis. 72-73(1788), (Java). 

974. (737) Stictospiza formosa. The Green Munia. 

Fringilla formosa LoM., Ind. Orn. i., p. 441 (1790), (India). 

*975- (738) Amandava amandava amandava. The Indian Red 
Fringilla amandava Linn., Syst. Nat. i., ^;. 319 (1766), (/«dta 

orianlalis), (Calcutta). 
India and N. Burma. 

976. (739) Amandava amandava flavidiventris. The Burmese 

Red Munia. 
Estrelda flavidiventris Wallace, P.Z.S., 1863, p. 480 (Timor 
and Flores). 

Central and S. Burma, etc. 

Family FRiNGiLLiDiE, 

Sub-family GoccothraustincB. 

977. (740) t^*'^*^®**'''^"^*^^ coccothraustes humii. Hume's 

C. humii Sharpe, P.Z.S., 1886, p. 97 (N.-W. Punjab). 

Turkestan, Afghanistan and N.-W. Himalayas to (?) N.-W. 

* The correct name for this genus is not Spora^ginlhus but Amandava (Reich. 
Sing. Vogel, p. 15, 1853). 

I I have received typical Hawfinches' eggs from Tibet, probably of this race. , 

Juhj 31, 1921.] Birds of tJie Indian Empire. 99 

978. (741) *Perrisosp5za icteroides icteroides. The Black and 

Yellow Grosbeak. 
Coccothraustes icteroides Vigors, P.Z.S., 1830, p. 8 (Hima- 

Himalayas West to Nepal. 

979. (742) Perrisospiza icteroides affinis. The Allied Gros- 

Hesperiphona affinis Blyth, J.A.S.B. xxiv., p. 179 (1855), 
[Alpine Punjab). 

Nepal, Sikkim to W. China. 

980. (743) Perrisospiza carnipes carnipes. The White-winged 

Coccothraustes carnipes Hodg., As. Res. xix., p. 151 (1836), 

Himalayas, Afghanistan to Chambi, Tibet. 

981. (744) Mycerobas melanoxanthus. The Spotted-winged 

Coccothraustes melanoxanthus Hodg., As. Res. xix., p. 150 
(183G), (Nepal). 

Himalayas, Hazara to Extreme S.-E. Assam, Manipur. 

Sub-family Feingillin^. 

982. (745) Pyrrhula aurantiaca. The Orange Bull-Finch. 

Gould, P.Z.S., 1857, p. 222 (Kashmir). 

983. (746) Pyrrhula erythrocephala. The Red-headed Bull-Finch 

Vigors, P.Z.S., 1831. p. 174 (Himalayas). 

9^\. (747) Pyrrhti'.a erythaca erythaca. Beavan's Bull-Finch, 
P. erythaca Blyth, Ibis, 1862, j)- 389 (Sikkim). 

Eastern Himalayas to E. Assam and (?) W. China. 

985. (747) Pyrrhula erythaca altera. Rij^pon's Bull-Finch. 

P. altera Rippon, Bull. B.O.G. xix, p. 19, 1906 (W. 

Yunnan and (?) N. Shan States and W. China. 

986. (748) Pyrrhula nipalensis nipalensis. The Brown Bull- 

P. nipalensis Hodg., As. Res. xix, p. 155 (1836), (Nepal). 
Himalayas, Garhwal to Bhutan and Chambi Valley, Tibet. 

987. (748) Pyrrhula nepalensis victorias. The Mount Victoria 

Pyrrhula victorise Rippon, Bull. B.O.G. xvi., p. 47 (1906), 
(Mount Victoria). 
Chin Hills. 

* Oberholser Pro. U. S. Nat. Mus. XXIT., p. 227. 

100 Jour., Bom. Xaf. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVlI, No. 4. [July 31, IQL'l. 

988. (719) Pyrrhoplectes epaulctta. The Gold-headed Black- 

Pynhula cpauletta Ilodg., Afi. lies. xLt., p. 15G (1836), 

989. (750) Loxia curvirostra himalayana. The Himalayan 

L. himalayarj. BhiOi, J.A.S.B. xiii., p. 952 (1844), {Nejxil}. 

990. (751) Haematospiza indica. The Scarlet Finch. 

Loxia indica Gmelin, Si/st. Nat. i., p. 847 (1789), (India), 
(Klmsia Hills) . 

991. (752) Propyrrhula subhimalchus. The Red-headed Rose- 

Corythus subhimalchus Ilodg., As. Res. zix., p. 152 (1836), 

992. (753) Pyrrhospiza punicea punicea. The Red-breasted 

"P. punicea Ilodg., J.A.S.B. xiii., p. 953 (1844), (Nepal). 
Nepal, Sikkira and Chambi Valley, Tibet. 

993. (753) Pyrrhospiza punicea humii. The Western Red- 

breasted Rose-Finch. 
P. humii Sharpe, Cat. B. N. xil., p. 433 (1888), (N.-W. 

Chitral, Gilgit to Gaihwal. 

994. (754) *Propasser thurus thurus. The White-browed, Rose- 

Carpodacus thura Bon. c(' Schle., Mon. Loxievs., p. 21 (1850), 
(Himalaya), (Sikkini) . 

Garhwal, Nepal and Sikkim to Chambi Valley. f 

995. (751) Propasser thurus biythi. The Kashmir White- 

brotved Rose-Finch. 
P. biythi Biddulph, Ibis, 1882, p. 283 (Gilgit). 
Gilgit and N. Kashmir. 

996. (751) Propasser thurus dubius. The Kansu White-browed 


Carpodacus dubius Przeu\, Mong. Slran Tangnt ii., p. 92 
(1870), (Ataschan). 

Alaschan and Kansu, iSotsol\uan and K. Tibet. 

997. (751) Propasser thurus minimus. The Yunnan White- 

browed Rose-Finch. 
P. minima Rip., Bull. B.O.G. xix., p. 32 (1906), (IF. Ynmumy 

* Hartcrt unites Carpodacus and Projm-iser, I tliinlc riplitly as the difTerences 
hardly seem of generic value 

Juli/ 31, 1921,] Birds of the Indian B7n])ii-e. 101 

99^. (755) Propasser pulcherrimus pulcherrimus. The Beau- 
iiful Rose-Finch. 
P. pulcherrimus 3Ioore, P.Z.S., p. 85 (1844), (Nejial). 
N. W. Himalayas to Sikkim. 

999.* (755) Propasser pulcherrimus waltoni. Walton's Rose- 
Propasser waltoni Sharpe, Bull. B.O.C. xv., p. 95 (1905), 

(Gyantse, Tibet). 

Tibet. ■ ' « 

looo.t (756) Propasser pulcherrsmus ambigutis. Hume's Rose- 
P. ambiguus Hume. Str. Feath. it., p. 326 (1874), (GarJmal). 

looi. (757) Propasser rhodoclamys grandls. The Red-mantled 
Carpodacus grandis Blyth, J.A.8.B. xviii., p. 810 (1849), 
{Above Simla). 

I002* (758) Propasser rhodochrous. The Pink-browed Rose- 
Fringilla rhodochroa Vigors, P.Z.8., 1831, p. 23 (Himalaya). 

1003. (759) Propasser rhodopeplus rhodopeplus. The Spotted- 
winged Rose-Finch. 
Fringilla rhodopepla Vigors, P.Z.S., 1831, p. 23 [Himalaya). 
Himalayas, Garhwal to Sikkim. 

004. Propasser rhodopeplus ripponi. Sharpens Rose- 

Carpodacus ripponi Sharpie, Bull. B.O.C. xiii., p. 10 (,1902), 
(IF. Ytinnan). 

Shan States and Yunnan. 

1005. (7G0) Propasser edwardsii. Edwards' Rose-Finch. 

Carpodacus edwardsii Verr., Nouv. Arch. Mus. vi.. Bull., p. 
39 ( 1 870 ), ( Chinese Tibet). 

too6. Propasser vinaceus. The Vinaceus Rose-Finch. 

Carpodacus vinaceus Verr. Nouv. Arch. Mus. vi.. Bull., p. 39 
(1870), [Chinese Tibet). 
Straggler, Kachin Hills. 

1007. (761) Carpodacus erythrinus erythrinus. The Common 
Loxia erythrina Pall. Nov. Com. Petrop. xix., p. 587 (1770) 
[South Russia). 
A doubtful straggler N.-W. India. 

* A very poor sub-specie.s. 

Whymper, who took the eggs of this bird in Garhwal, tells me he cannot distin- 
rni?h it from P. p. pidcherrimus. 

102 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, T ol. XXVII, No. 4. [Jufi/ .'H, ISti'l. 

1008. (7G1) Carpodacus erythrinus roseatus. Hodgson's Rose- 

Pynhulinota roscata Hodg., P.Z.S., 1845, p. 36 {Nepal). 
Breeding Himalayas to Tibet. 

1009. (762) Carpodacus rubicilla severtzovi. Severtzov's Rose- 

C. severtzovi Sharpe, P.Z.S., 1886, p. 354 [Turkestan). 

1010. (763) Erythrospiza githaginea crassirostris. The East- 

ern Desert-Finch. 
Carpodacus crassirostris Blijth, J.A.S.B. xvi., p. ilG (1847), 

JPalcstine, Persia to Baluchistan and N.-W. India. 

ion. (764) Erythrospiza mongolica. The Mongolian Desert- 
Carpodacus mongolicus Swinh., P.Z.S., 1870, p. 447 [Nankoto 

1012, Rhodopechys sanguinea. The Crimson-ivinged Finch. 
Fiingilla sanguinca Qonld, P.Z.S., 1837, p. 127 (Erzerum). 

Erzerum, Persia to Afghanistan and N.-W. India. 

1013, Rhodospiza obsoleta. Lichenstein's Desert-Finch. 
Fringilla obsolcta Lich., Eversm., Reise., AnJumg, p. 132 (1826), 

Palestine to Afghanistan and Baluchistan. 

1014, (765) Procarduelis nipalensis. The Dark Rose-Finch. 

Carduclis nipalensis Hodg., As. Res. xix., p. 157 (1836), 

1015* (7GG) Procarduelis rubescens. Blanford's Rose-Finch. 
Blanf., P.Z.S., 1871, p. 694 {Sikkim). 

1016. (767) Carduelis caniceps caniceps. The Himalayan Gold- 

C. caniceps Vigors, P.Z.S., 1831, p. 23 {Himalayas). 
Brooding W. Himalayas to Kumaon. 

1017. (767) Carduelis caniceps subulata. The Eastern Gold- 

Fringilla subulata Ologer, Ahandem Vogel, p. 153 {ex Gloger 
318.), (133). {Yenesei). 

T^ako Baikal to E. Persia, Afghanistan and Baluchistan. 

loiSg Carduelis carduelis major. The Turkestan Gold- 

C. major Tacz., P.Z.S., 1879, ?j. 672 {Turkestan). 
West Siberia, Turkestan, Persia, Baluchistan. 

1019. (768) Callacanthis burtoni. The Red-hrowed Finch. 

Carduelis burtoni Gould P.Z.S., 1837, p. 90 {Himalayas), 
{Srinagar, Kashmir). 

July 31, 1921.] liivils of the Indian Empire. l03 

I020.* (769) Acanthis cannabina fringillirostris. The Eastern 

Linota fringillirostris Bp. cD Schleg. Monog. Lox., p. 45 (1850), 

Breeding Caucasus to N. Kashmir. 

I03I. (770) Acanthis flavirostris brevirostris. The Eastern 

Linota brevirostris Moore, P.Z.S., 1855, p. 216 (Erzerum). 
Breeding Turkestan to N. Tibet. Winter, Sind. 

1022. Acanthis flavirostris stoliczkas. Stoliczkas' Twite. 
Acantlns flavirostris stoliczkaj Harterl, Vog. Pal. i., p). 77 

(1903), {Gilgit). 
Breeding Kashmir. 

1023. Acanthis flavirostris rufostrigata. The Tibetan 

Linota rufostrigata Walton, Bull. B.O.G. xv., p. 93 (1905), 
(Gi/antse, Tibet). 

Breeding S. and E. Tibet. 

1024. (771) Metaponia pusillia. The Gold-fronted Finch. 

Passer pusillus Pall, Zoogr. Russ.-Asiat. ii., p. 28 (1811), 


1025. (772) Hypacanthis spinoides. The Himalayan Green- 

Carduelis spinoides Vigors, P.Z.S., 1831, p. 44 {Himalayas), 


1 036. (773) Chrysomitris thibetana thibetana. The Sikkim 

C. thibetana Hume, Ibis, 1872, p. 107 {Sikkim). 
Breeding Sikkim and Tibet. 

1027. Chrysomitris thibetana ambigua. The Yunnan 

Serinus ambiguus Oust., Bull. Mus. Paris, 1896, p. 186 
( Yunnan). 

Breeding Shan States, Kachin Hills to Yunnan. 

1028. (774) Fringilla montifringilla. The Bramhling. 

Linn, Syst. Nat., j). 179 (1758), {Sweden). 

1029. Fringilla coelebs coelebs. The Chaffinch. 
F. coelebs Linn., Syst. Nat. p. 179 (1758), {Sweden). 

•030. t(775) Qymnoris xanthosterna xanthosterna. The 

Yellow-throated Sparrow. 
Fringilla xanthosterna Bonap. Com.. Av. L, p. 512 (1850), 

Lower Himalayas to Travancore. 

* The namQ Fringilla subulala of Gloger, 1833, antedates F. orientalis of Eversmann 
( 1841) 

t Fringilla fiavicollis of Franklin, P.Z.S., 1831, p. 120, is preoccupeid by Gmelin 
Syst. Nat., p. 926, 1789. . i 1 J , 

1(14 Journ., linm. \al . JlUt. 8<>c., Vol. XXl'JI, No. 4. [Ju/;j :>l, l!»Jl. 

• 03 '. (^75) Gyjnnoris xanthrstekiia transfuga. T/ic Sind 
YcUow-lhroak'd Sparrow. 
Gynmoris fjavicollis transfuga llarttrt, Vog. Pal. i., p. 145 
(1903), (Balndiidan). 
Persia to Siiid and Afghanistan. 

1032. (770) Passer domesticus indicus Tlie Indian House- 
P. indicus Junl. cL- Set, III. Oni. Hi., p. 118 (1835-1848), 

India and Burma. 

1033.* (777) Passer domesticus p>rrhonotus. The Rufoua- 
backcd SjKirrow. 
P. pyrrhonotus Blyth, J.A.S.B. xiii., p. 94G (1844), {Siiid). 
iSind. • 

1034. (778) Passer hispaniolensis transcaspicus. The Eastern 
Spanish- Sjjarroiv. 
Tschusi, Orn. Jahrb., 1903, p. 10 (Transcaspia). 
Transcaspia to Punjab. 

>*>35. (779) Passer mcntanus saturatus. The Indian Tree- 
Passer saturatus Stejn., Pro. Nat. Miis. U.S. viii., p. 19 
(1885), {Lu Kiu Is) 

All India, N. and C. Burma and Siam. 

1036. t(779) Passer montaniis malaccensis. The Maly Tree- 
Passer malaccensis Dubois, Faune III. Vert. Beige, Ois. i., 
p. 572 (1885), [Malacca). 

Extreme S. Burma and Siam to Malay Peninsula. 

'»37. (779) Passer montaru, dilotus. The Afghan Trce- 
Richm., Prpc. U.S. Nat. Mas. xviii., p. .577, (1895), {Kashgar). 
Common resident Baluchistan. 

103^. (780) Passer rutiSans cinn; rnomeus. The Cinnamon 
Pyrgita cinnamomea Gould P.Z.S., 1835, p. 185, (Bhutan). 
Breeding E. Himalayas to Yunnan. 

1039, (780) !'as>jer ratilans debilis The Kashmir Cinnamon 
Hartert, Vog. Pal, p. 1(33 (1910), (Sind-Tal, Kashmir). 
Western Himalajas. 

* I am rather doubtiul as to wlicthcr tli s b rd should not bo given full spec fie 

t The form found in .Siam and S. Burma is intermediate between duturalu^ and 

Juhj Sl,\9-2l.] Birds of the Indian Umpire. 105 

1040. (781) Passer flaveolus. The Pegu House-Sparrow. 

Blyih, J.A.S.B. xiii., p. 946 (1844), (Pegu). 

1041. (782) Petronia petronia intermedia. The Eastern Rock- 

Hartert, Nov. ZooL, 1901, p. 324 {Gilgit, Kashmir). 

*io42. (783) Chionospire blanfordi. Blanford's Mountain-Finch. 
Montifiingilla blanfordi Hume, Str. Feath., 1876, p. 147, 


1043. (784) Chionospire ruficoUis. The Red-necked Mountain- 

Blanf., Pro. A.8.B., 1871, p. 227 {Kangra Lama Pass, N. 

1044. (785) Chionospire nivalis adamsi. Adam's Mountotin- 

Montifringilla adamsi, Adams, P.Z.S., 1858, p. 482 (Ladakh). 
Breeding W. Himalayas to Tibet. 

1045. (785) Chionospire nivalis alpicola. Pallas' Mountain- 

Passer alpicola, Pall. Zoogr. Rosso-Asiat. ii., p. 20, (1831)J 


Breeding Caucasus to Baluchistan. 

1046. Chionospire mandelli. Mandellis Mountain- 

Montifringilla mandellii Hume, Str. Feath., 1876, p. 488, {Tibet- 
Sikkim borders). 

1047. (786) Fringilauda nemoricola nemoricola. Hodgson's 

Mountain -Finch . 
Fringilauda nemoricola Hodg., As. Res. xix., p. 158 (1836), 

Breeding E. Himalayas, Nepal to Tibet. 

1048. (787) Fringilauda nemoricola altaica. Stoliczka's Moun- 

Fringilla altaica Eversm., Bull. Sac, I. Nat. Mosc. zxi., p. 
223(1848), (Altai). 
Western Himalayas, Kumaon, etc. 

1049. (788) Fringilauda brandti haematopyga. Brandt's 

Mountain- Finch. 
Leuoosticte brandti Bonap., Consp. Av. i., p. 537 (1850), 
Gilgit to Silckim. 

• The name hitherto used for this genus Montifringilla is a nonien nudum, and mtut 
therefore be diactried. The next oldest name is Chion.ospire, Kaup 1829. 

\06 Jour., n-jm. Kai. Hist. S'^c, Vol. 'XXVIT, No. 4. [./ul>>^>i, 1921. 

Family Ampelid^e. 

,050. Bombycilla garrulus centralasiae. The Asian Wax- 

Poljakov 3IeS9. Ornith. iv., jp. 137 (1915). 

Family EMBERizixiE. 

T051. (789) Emb^riza schoeniclus schoeniclus. The Reed 


Fringilla schoeniclus Linn., S.N. i., p. 1S2 (1758)^ {Sweden). 

J052, (T90) Emberiza fucata fucata. The Grey-headed Bunting. 
£. fucata Pcdl. Reise. Rnss. Reichs.- Hi., p. 698 (1776), (Mona 
and Ingoda). 

Breeding Siberia, Japan and N. China. 

»o53, (790) Emberiza ftrcata arcuata. The Indian Grey-headed 

-&. arcnata Sharpe, Cat. B. M. xii., p. 4^ (1888), (Hima- 

Breeding Himalayas, 

1054. (791) Emberiza pusifia. The LiUle Bunting, 

Pall. Reise. Russ. Reichs. iii., p. 697^ (1776), (Danrian Alps), 

J 055. (792) Emberiza ieiicocepha Th^ Pine Bunting. 

Gmel. Nov., Catnm. Acad. Sci, Imp. Petrop. zt., p, 480 
(1771), {Astrakan). 

1056 (793) Emberiza stewarti. The White-capped Bunting. 
Blyth, J.A.S.B.xiii., p. 215 {18^}, {Hi77Talayas). 

»o57. ("^9^) Eioberiza cia stracheyi. The Eastern Meadow- 
E. stracheyi Moore, P.Z.S., 1855, p. 2'15^ {Kumdon). 
Breeding Himalan^as Co Ktimaon. 

lasS. (791) Emberiza cia godlewskii. The Climese Meadoic- 

E. godlewskii Tacz., Jour. f. Orn., 1874, p. SvJO {E. Siberia), 
Breeding N. Cfiina and E. Siberia. 

1059. (lU) Emberiza cia per. Tlie Transcaspian Meadoiv- 
Ha;rtert, Vog, Pal, i.r p. 184 (1910), {Oudan, Tramcaspia). 
Breeding Tra-nscasspia to Chitral. 

i»6o. (T94) Emberiza cia yunnanensis. The Yimnan Meadow- 
E. yunnanensis Sharpe, Ball B.O.C. viii., p, 12 (1902}^ 
(ir. Yunnan). 
Western Yunnan. 

io&i^ (t95) Emberiza buchanani. The Grey-necked Bun ling, 
Blyth, J.AJS.D. ziii., p. 957 (L844), {Jndia), 

■My 31, 1921..] Birds of the Indian Empire. '' 1©7 

1063. (79G) EmberJza hortolana. The Ortolan Bimting. 

Linn., S,N. L, p. Ill (1758), (Sweden), 

1063. (797) Embsriza aureola. The Yelloiv-brcasfed Bwtiiing. 

Pall, Meise, Russa. Rmcks. H^ p. Ill (1773), {Populetis}. 

1064, (798) Emberiza spodocephala spodocephala. TIte Blade- 

faced Bunting. 
E. spodocephala Pall.-, Reise, Russ& Reichs HL, p, 698 
(1776), {Daurian Alps). 

Breeding E. Siberia to Korea. 

0065. (798) Emberiza spodocephala meianops. The Mnpin 
■ Bla^Ic-fa&ed Bimting. 

m, meianops BhfiJi, I.A.S.B. :civ., p. 554 (1845), (Tippera), 
BreediRg Yangtse-Krang. 

5066. (799) Emberiza melanocephala. The BlacJc-lieaded Bant- 
Seep. Annnu *, Sis. Nmt.-, p. 142 {\im).,{KarntUK), 

^ody. (800) Emberiza Itsteola. The Red-Headed Bunting. 

Sparr. Has, Carlsenian, fasc 4 (178?), (S. India), 

1068. (801) Emberiza rutila- Tke Che^tmit Bunting, 

Pall., Reiec. Riiss. Reichs. Hi., p. 698 (1876)., (Mongolia), 

D069, (802) Emberiza striolata strioJata. The Siri&lated Bunt- 
Fringilla striolata LichL Vers, i5'0ubL Mus. Berlin^ p, 2i 
il823?), (Nubia), 

53070,, Embe-iza calandra calandra. The Com Bunting, 

'E. calandra Linn., S.N-. i., p. 176 (1758), (Sweden'U 

■3071. Emberiza cilrineOa eryJlirogenys. TJie Eastern 

Telhw-R ammer. 
■R ef>-it>t)ToigeFij'S Brekm^ Vogeljang, p. 414 (1855), (Sarepta), 

^^072. (803) Melophtis melan icterus. The Crested Bunting. 

Fringilia melanictera Qmd^ S'^st Nai, L., p. 910 .(1789), 

Family HiRiT^jDiNiD^. 

'iOJs- (80^) Delichon urbica urbica. The House Martin, 

Hinindo urbica Linn., X. ed., p. 192 '(1758), (8weden% 
In North West India in winter. 

■^oy4. (805) Delichon arbica cashrr.eriensis. The Kashmir 
'Cholidon kashrrieriensis Gould, P.Z.S.y p. 356 (1858), (Ka,sh- 

llimalavas from KrRhm'r to Western Clima. 

108 Jown., Rom. Xai. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVII, Xo. 4. [Ju/rj 31, 1921. 

1075. (806) Delichon urbica vvhiteleyi. The Siberian House 

31 art in. 
Chelidon whiteleyi Swinh., P.Z.S., 186'2, p. 320 (Pekin). 
Breeding East Siberia ; sti'aggler into Bnrma in winter. 

1076. (807) Delichon nepalensis, Hodgson's Martin. 

Hodg., Moore, P.Z.8.. 1854, j). 104 (Nppal). 

Hiraalaj-as, Nainital to Assam, N. of Brahmapootra and 
Cachar Hills. 

1077. (808) Riparia riparia riparia. TJw Sand-Martin. 

Hirundo riparia Linn., Sj/st. Xaf., X. ed., p. 192 (1758), {Sweden). 
N,-W. India and N. India (?) to Assam. 

1078. (809) Riparia riparia diiuta. The Pale Sand-Martin. 

Cotile diiuta Sharpe and Wi/att, Mon. Hir. {., p. 63 (1893), 


Breeding N.-W. India. 

1079. (809) Riparia brevicaudata. The Indian Sand-Martin. 

Hirundo brevicaudata McClell. P.Z.S. 1839, p. 156 [Assam). 
India, Burma, S. China, etc. 

1080. (810) Ptynoprogne rupestris. The Crag-Martin. 

Hirundo rupestris Scop. Ann. 1. Ilis. Xat., p. 167 (1769), 


1081. (811) Ptyncprojrne concolor. The Dushj Crag-Martin. 

Hirundo concolor Sijkes P.Z.S., 1833, p. S3 {Deccan). 

1082. (812) Ptynoprogne obsoleta obsoleta. The Pale Crag- 

Cotile obsoleta Cab. Mus. Hein. i., p. 50 (1850), {N.-E. Africa). 

IC83, (813) Hirundo rustica rustica. The Common Sivallow. 

Hirundo rustica Linn., Syst. Nat., x., ed., p. 191 (1758), 

Extreme N.-W. India. 

1084. (814) Hirundo rustica g-utturalis. The Eastern Swallow, 

Hirundo gutturalis Scop. Del. Flor. el Faun. Insubr. il., p. !>.» 
(1786), (New Guinea). 

]5reeding throughout Himalayas and Mts, of Burma. 

f /g-jgx) Hirundo rustica tytleri. Tytlers Sualloiv. 

1085. < J' ^ j Hirundo tytleri Jerd., B. of I. Hi., p. 870 (1864), (Indin). 
{^ ) ) N.-W. Siberia, winter in India, etc. 

J086. (817) Hirundo ru tica javanica. The Nilgiri House 
Hirundo javanica Sparmm., Mus. Carls, iv., pi. 100 (1789), 

India, S. of Nilgiris, Ceylon, Malay Peninsular, etc. 

1087, (818) Hirundo smithii. The Wire-tailed Swallow. 

Leach, App. to Tuckcy's Voy. Ccmyo, jp. 407 (1818), {Congo 

i7?% 31, 19*21.; Lirds of the Indian Empire, lOy 

1088. (819) Hirundo fluviccla. The Indian Cliff SuxiUow, 

Jerd., Blyth, J. A. S. B. xxiv. p. 470 (1855), (Bandelkhund). 

1089. (820) Siirundo daurica daurica. The Daurian Striated 

Hirundo daurica Linn., Man. Plan., p. 682 (1771), {Siberia). 
East Siberia, winter Assam. (?) Breeding E. Himalayas. 

1090. (821) Hirundo daurica striolata. The Japanese Striated 

Hirundo striolata Temm, d' Sch., Faun. Jap. Aves, p. 33 
(1847), (Java). 

A Southern form, breeding hills. Central China to Assam. 

1091. (822) Hirundo daurica nepalensis. Hodgsons Striated 

Hirundo nepalensis Hodg., J.A.8.B. v., 1836, p. 780 {Central 

Himalayas to Japan. 

1092. (823) Hirundo daurica erythropygia. SyMs Striated 

Hirundo erv^thropygia Sykes, P.Z.S., 1832, p. 83 {Poona). 
Eesident, India N. of the Nilgiris. 

1093. (824) *Hirundo daurica rufula. The European Striated 

Hirundo rufula Temm., Man. d^Orn. 2nd ed. Hi., p. 298 
(1835), Egypt. 
Wanderer into extreme N.-W. India, breeding Himala3'as. 

1094. (825) Hirundo daurica hyper>thra. The Ceylon Stvalloiv. 

Hirundo hvpeiythra Layard, Blyth, J.A.S.B. xviii., p. 814 
(1849), (Ceylon). 
Ceylon only. 

Family Motacillib^, 

1095. (826) Motacilla alba dukhunensis. The Indian White 

M. dukhunensis Sykes, P.Z.S., 1832, p. 91 {Deccan). 
Breeding W. Siberia to Yenisei, Turkestan, etc. 

1096. (827) Motacilla alba leucopsis. The White-faced Wagtail. 

M. leucopsis Gould, P.Z.S., 1837, p. 78 {India). 
Breeding E. Siberia, Tibet, N. China. 

1097. (828) Motacilla alba ocularis. The Streak-eyed Wagtail 

M. ocularis Swinh., Ibis, I860, p, 55 {Amoy). 
Breeding N.-E. Siberia into N.-W. America. 

1098. (829) Molacilla alba personata. The Mashed Wagtail. 

M. personata Gould, B. Asia vi., pi. 63 (1861), {India). 
Breeding Transcaspia to Baikal, S. to E. Persia and Kashmir. 

* Hirundo daurica scullii, Seebh. Ibis, 18S3, p, 168 (Gilgit) does not seem to me 
to be a recognisable race. 

no Joiu\, Horn, Xttt. Hist. Soc, TJ. XX I'll, Xo. 4. [Jiilt/ 31, 19L>K 

1099. (830) Alotacilla alba hodgsoni. Hodgsons Pied Waglail 
M. hodgsoni Gray, Blylh, Ibis, 1865, 2>. 49 {Nepal}. 
Breeding Hinialaj-as to S. Tibet. 

sioo. (831) Motacilla alba maderaspateni-is. The Large Pied 
M. maderaspatensis Gme.l., Si/si, Nat. /., p. 961 (1789), (India), 
Breeding Continental India. 

1 101. (832) Motacilla cinerea melancpe. The Grey Wagtail. 

M. melanope PalL, litis. Russ. Reich. Hi., p. 396 (1776). 

Breeding from the Urals to Kamschatka, Himalayas. 

1102. (833) Motacilla flava thunbergi. The Greij-headed 

M, thunbergi Billberg, Sijn. Fanru Scan., p. 50 (1S28), {Lap» 

Breeding N. Europe and X.'W. Asia, 

1103. (83i) Motacilla ilava melanogriseus. The Blue-headed 

Budytes melanogriseus Ilomei/er, Jour, f, Orn., p, 128 (1878) 

Breeding Turkestan. 

1104. (835) Motacilla flava beema. The Indian Blue-headed 

M. beema Sukts, P,Z.S., 18.32, p. 90 (Deccan), 
Breeding W. Siberia to Yeniaei. 

S105. (836) Motacilla flava feldegg. The Black-headed Wagtaih 
M. feldegg Michahdlcs, Isis, 1830, p, 812 (Dalmalia). 
Breeding S.-E. Eurojje and Asia Minor. 

1106. M')tacilla flava leucocephala. The White-headed 

Budytes leucocephala Przew. Zap. Imp. Ace. Si. Peters, p. 85 
(1887), (DzKngaria). 

Dzungaria, Altai, Turkestan. 

ii07ii Motacilla flava taivana. The Chinese Blue-headed 

Budytes taivanus Swiyih., P.Z.S., 1863, p. 334 (Formosa), 
Breeding Trans Baikalia to Saghalin. 

1108. (837) Motacilla citreola citreola. The Yellow-headed 

M. citreola Pall., Reis, Russ. Reichs. Hi,, p. 696 (1776)> 

Breeding N.-E. Russia to Turke.stan. 

Jtdy Sl,l92i:\ Birch of the Indian Empire. lO 

f 109. (838) Motacilla citreola citreoloides. Hodgson's Yellow- 
headed Wagtail. 
Budytes citreoloides Oould^ B. of Asia iv., pL 64 (1865), 
{N. India). 
Breeding Altai, Himalayas to E. Tibet. 

1 1 10. (839) Dendronoihus indicus. The Forest Wagtail. 

Mo4;acilla indiea OmeL, Syst. NaL i., p. 962 (1789), {India). 

BBii. (840) Anthus trivialis trivialis. The Tree Pipit. 

Alauda trivialis Linn,, X. ed., Syst. Nat., p. 166 (1758), 


Straggler into N.-W. India in winter. 

J 113. (840) Anthus triviaSls haring-toni. Witherbys Tree Pipit. 
Witherby, Bull. B.O.C. xxxvii., p. 43 (1917), {Kaghan 
Valley, N.-W. India). 
Breeding N.-W. Frontier and Kashmir. 

*iif3. (841) Anthus maculatus. The Indian Tree Pipif. 

A. macitlatus Jerd., B. In. Hi., p. 873 (18&4), {India), 

Breeding Siberia^ Himalayas to China. 

11 14. (842) Anthus nilghiriensis. The Nilgiri Pipit. 

A. nilghiriensis Sharpe, Cat B,M. x., p. 550 (1885), (iVt7- 

Nilgiri and Palni Hills. 

11 15. (843) Anthus leucophrys cockburnise. The Rufous Roc }c 

A. cockhumise Bta?if., B. of In. ii., p. 305 (1890), {Nilgiris), 
SotJth India, Breeding Hills at high elevations. 

1 1 16. (844) Anthus leucophrys jerdoni. The Br o^vn Rock Pipit, 

Agrodroma jerdoni Finsch, Trans. Z.S. vii.,' p. 241 (1870), 

Breeding Himalayas. 

11 17. (844) Anthus leucophrys captus. Hartert's Rock Pipit. 

Hartert, Vog. Pal. i., p. 269 (1903), {Palestine). 
Palestine to Afghanistan and Baluchistan. 

1 1 18. (845) Anthus richardi richardi. Richard's Pipit. 

A. richardi Vieill., Nouv. Diet. d'Hist. Nat. xxvi,, p 491 
(1818), {France). 

Breeding Siberia, migrant India and Barma, 

iiip. (846) Anthus richardi striolatus. Blyth's Pipit. 

A. striolatus Blyth, J.A.S.B. xvL, p. 435 (1847), {Darjiling). , , 
Breeding Central Asia, Khasia Hills, Shan Hills. 

* Anthua maculalua is preoccupied by Vieill., 1818. 

112 Journ., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVII, No. 4. \Juli/ 31, 19'2\. 

1120. (847) Anthus richardi rufulus. The Indian Pipit. 

A. rufulus Vieill., Nonv. Did. d'llist. Nat. xxvi., p. 494, 
(1818), {Rcmjal). 

Breeding Plains and Lower Hills of India and Burma. 

1 12 1. (847) Anthus richardi malayensis. The Malay Pipit. 

A. malayensis Eyton, P.Z.S., 1839, p. 104 {Malacca). 
Southern Burma, Siam and Malay Peninsular. 

1122. (848) Anthus campestris campestris. The Tawny Pipit. 

Alauda campestris Linn., Syst. Nat. X. ed., p. IGG (1758), 

Jireeding N. Europe to Persia. 

1 123. (848) Anthus campestris minor. The Tawny Pipit. 

Agrodroma campestris minor Blasius, Natur. Vog. Mittal, 
E. Hi, p. 74 (1900), {N.-W. India). 

Breeding ? Afghanistan, Baluchistan, etc. 

1 124. (819) Anthus cervinus. The Red-throated Pipit. 

Motacilla ccrvina, Pall, Zoogr. Rosso-As. i., p. 511 (1827), 

1 125. (850) Anthus roseatus. The Rosy Pipit, or Hodgson's 

Hodg., Blyth, J.A.S.B. xvi., p. 437 (1847), (Nepal). 

1126. (851) Anthus spinoletta coutelli. The Egyptian Water 

A. coutelli Savigny, Descr. Egypt xxxiii., p. 360 (1828), 

Straggler to Quetta. Breeding Mts. of Persia. 

1127. (850) Anthus spinoletta blakistoni. The Altai Water 

A. blakistoni Sicinh., P.Z.S., 1863, p. 90 (Yangtse, 140 m. 

Breeding Central Asia, winter India, &c. 

1128. (852) Anthus spinoietta japonica. The Japanese Water 

Anthus pratensis japonicus Tenim. and S. Fauna. Jap., p. 59 
(1847), (Japan). 

Breeding N.-E. Siberia. Migrant Burma and E. India. 

1129. (853) Oreocorys sylvanus. The Upland Pipit. 

Heterura sylvana, Ilodg., Blyth, J.A.S.B. xiv., p. 556 (1845), 

(Nepal). " 

Family Alaudid.^. 

1130. (854) Alaemon alaudipes pallida. The Persian Desert Larh. 

Saxicola (?) pallida Blyth, J.A.S.B. xvi., p. 130 (1847), 
Breeding Persia to Sind. 

Jidii 31. 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empive. 11.3 

1 13 1, (855) Otocorys alpestris penicillata. Gould's Horned 

Alauda penicillata Gould, P.Z.S., 1837, p. 126 (Erzoum). 
Breeding Caucasus to Central Asia. 

1132. (856) Otocorys alpestris longirostris. The Long-billed 

Horned Lark. 
0. longirostris Moore, P.Z.S., 1855, p. 215 {Kulu). 

Breeding Kashmir, Kumaon and N.-W. Himalayas. 

HI 33- (857) Otocorys alpestris elwesi. Elwes' Horned Lark. 

Otocorys elwesi Blanf. J.A.8.B. xli.. Ft. ii., p. 62 (1870), 
(Kangra-Lama Pass.) 
Breeding E. Himalayas Ladak to Tibet. 

1 134. (857) Otocorys alpestris przewalskii. Bianchi's Horned 

Otocorys brandti przewalskii BiancJii, Ibis, 1904, p. 371 
Breeding N. Tibet. 

1 135. (857) Otocorys alpestris khamensis. The Tibet Horned 


Otocorys elwesi khamensis Bianchi, Ibis, 1904, p. 372 {Kham, 
S.-E. Tibet). 
Breeding S.-E. Tibet. 

1 136. (858) Melanocorypha maxima. The Long-billed Calandra 

Gould B. of Asia iv., pi. 72 (1867), {Sikkim). 

1 137. (859) Melanocorypha bimaculata. The Eastern Calandra 

Alauda bimaculata Menetries, Cat., Bais. (1832), {Mountains 
of Talych). 

1138. (880) Alauda arvensis cinerascens. The Eastern Sky- 


A. cmerascens Ehmcke, Jour. f. Orn., 1904, p. 313 {Barnoul 
in Siberia). 

Breeding Siberia S. to Palestine and Persia. 

1 139. (860) Alauda arvensis intermedia. The Chinese Skylark. 

A. intermedia Swinh., P.Z.S., 1863 p. 169 {ShangMi). 
Chinese Hills and Kashmir.* 

1140. (860) Alauda arvensis japonica. The Japanese Skylark. 

A. japonica Temm. d; Sch. Faun. Japon., p.^81 (1848), (Japan). 
Straggler in winter into Burma. 

* See Richmond Pro. Nat. Mas. U. S. xviii, p. 467 (1895). 

m Jour., Bom. Nat. Htst. Soc, Vol. XXVII, No. 4. ./»/;/ ;;1, 1921. 

I Mi- (8G0) Alauda arvensis leiopus. The Tibet Skylark. 

A. leiopus Hume, Sir. Feath. t., p. 40 (1873), (Himalai/au 

Breeding Tibet and (?) Sikkim. 

1142. (861) Alauda gulg-ula jiulsfula. The Small India Skylark. 

A. gulgula Franklin, P.Z.S., 1831, p. 119 {Ganges, Benares. 

Breeding N. Tropical India. 

1143. (8G1) Alauda gulgula guttata. The Small Kashmir Skylark. 

A. guttata Brooks, J.A.S.B. xli., p. 84 (1872), (Kashmir). 
Breeding Himalayas. 

1 1 44. (861) Alauda gulgula australis. The Small Nilgiri 

A. australis Brooks, Str. Feath. i., p. 486 (1873), {Ootaca- 

Breeding South India and Ceylon. 

1 1 45. (861) Alauda gulgula coelivox. Sivinh., Zoologist, 1859. 

p. 6724 {Amoy). 
South China. (?) Breeding Kachin Hills, etc. 

1 1 46. (861) Alauda gulgula sala. The Hainan Skylark. 

A. sala Sioinh., Ibis, 1870, p. 355 {Hainan). 
Straggler into Tennasserini, Breeding Siani. 

1 147. (861) Alauda gulgula inconspicua. The Small Turkestan 

A. inconspicua Severz., Turk. Jevot., p. 142 (1873), {Tur- 

Breeding Turkestan and Transcaspica. Occurred in 

1 1 48. (862) * Calandrella brachydactyla brachydactyla. The 

Short- toed Lark. 
Alauda brachydactyla Leisler, Ann. da Wetter. Ges. Hi., 
p. 357 (1814), {S. France). 

Breeding Europe and Asia to Baluchistan. 

1 149. (862) Calandrella brachydactyla longipennis. The 

Yarkand Short-toed Lark. 
Alauda longipennis Evers., Bull. Soc. Imp. 2Iosc. xxi., 
p. 219 (1848), {Songarai). 

Breeding Transcaspia to Tibet. 

1150. (863) Calandrella brachydactyla dukhunensis. The 

Rufous Short-toed Lark. 
Alauda dukhunensis Sykes, P.Z.S., 1832, p. 93 {Deccan). 
(?) Breeding. Winter in India, etc. 

* Sec Hartert, Nov Zool sxv., j). iU, 1918. 

July '61, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire, 115 

J 151. (865) CalandreMa acutirostris acutirostris. Hume's 

Short-toed iMfk. 
C. acutirostris Hume, Lah. to Yarcamly p. 265 (1873), {Kara- 

Breeding N. Kashmir, Pamirs, Tianshan, etc. 

d 152. (864) Calandrella acutirostris tibetana. Brooks' Sho'rl- 

toed Lark. 
C. tibetana Brooke, Sir. Feaih. viii., p. 488 (1880), {Tibet), 
Breeding Tibet, 

1153' (866) Alaudula raytal raytal. The Ganges Sand-Lark. 

Alaudaraytal Blijth, J.A.8.B. xiii., p. 962 (1844), (Luck- 

Breeding greater part of India except W. and N.-W. 

IIS4' (867) Al'^udula raytal adamsi. The Indus Sand-Lark. 
Alauda adamsi Hume, Ibis, 1871, p. 405 {Agrore Valley). 
Breeding Sind and extreme N.-W. 

iigg, (868) Alaudula minor persica. Sharpens Sand-Lark. 

A. persica Sharpe, Cat. B. 31. xiii., pi. 590 (1890), {Niris 
in Persia). 

Breeding S. E. Persia to Afghanistan. 

;j 156. (868) Alaudula minor seebchmi. Seebohm's Sand-Lark, 
A. seebohmi Shwrpe, Cat., B. M. xiii., p. 590 (1890), {Tur- 

Breeding East Turkestan. 

«iS7. (869) Mirafra cantillans cantillans. The Singing Bush- 
M. cantillans Jerd., Blyth, J.A.8.B. xiii., p. 960 (1844), 
Breeding India. 

S158, (869) Mirafra cantillans williamsoni. The Siam Singing 
Stuart Baker Bull. B.O.C. xxxvi., p. 9 (1915), {Bangkok). 
Breeding Siam and (?) Tennasserim, 

BIS9' (870) Mirafra assamica assamica. The Bengal Bush- 
M. assamica McClell., P. Z. S. 1839, p. 162 (Assam). 
Breeding N.-E. India and Assam. 

.u6o. (872) Mirafra assamica affinis. The Madras Bush-Lark. 

M. affinis Jerd., Madr. Jour. L. S. xiii., PL 2, p. 136 (1844), 
Breeding Ceylon and S. India. 

1 161. (873) Mirafra assamica microptera. The Burmese Bush- 
M. microptera Hunie,Str.Feath.i.,p.4,S3 (1873), (TJmyetmyo.) 
Breeding South and Central Burma. 

116 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXT'II, No. 4. [.7u/i/ 31, I'.HM. 

1162. Mirafra assamica marion&e. The Siamese Bush- 

Stuart Baker Bull. B.O.C. xxxvi., p. 34 (1915), (Ayuthia 
Central Siam). 
Siara and (?) Tennasserira. 

1163. (871) Mirafra erythroptera. The Red-winged Bush-Lark. 

Jerd., Madr Jour. L. S. xiii., Pt. 2, p. 136 (1844), Northern 
'portion of Peninsula of India). 

1 164. (874) Galerida cristata magna. Hume's Crested Lark. 

G. magna Hume, Ibis., 1871, p. 407 {Yarkand). 
Breeding Central Asia, Baluchistan, etc. 

1165. (874) Galerida cristata chendoola. Franklin's Crested 


Alauda chendoola Franklin, P.Z.S., 1831, p. 119 {Ganges 
and Nerbudda). 

Breeding N.-W. India. 

1166. (874) Galerida cristata leautungensis. The Tibet Crzsted 

Alauda leautungensis Swinh., Ibis., 1861, p. 256 {Liaufung 
W. China). 
Breeding Tibet and I\Its. of W. China. 

1 167. (875) Galerida deva. Sykes'' Crested Lark. 

Alauda deva Sykes, P.Z.S., 1832, p. 92 (Deccan). 

1168. (876) Galerida malabarica. The Malabar Crested Lark. 

Alauda malabarica Scop, del Flor, et Faun. Insubr., p. 94 

(1786), {Malabar). 

1169. (877) Ammomanes phoenicura phcenicura. The Rufous- 

tailed Finch-Lark. 

Mirafra pha^nicura Franklin, P.Z.S., 1831, p. 119 {Ganges, 
Calcutta- Benares). 
Breeding India. 

1 170s (877) Ammomanes phcenicura zarudnyi. HarlcrCs Ru- 
fous-tailed Finch-Lark. 
A. cinctura zarudnyi Ilartert, Bull. B. 0. C. xii.,p. 43(1902), 
{E. Persia). 

Breeding Persia to Baluchistan. 

1171S (878) Ammomanes deserti phoenicuroides. The Indian 
Desert Lark. 

]\Iirafra phosnicuroides Blyth, J.A.S.B. xxii., p. 583 
(1853), (Kashmir). 
N.-W. India, Kashmir, etc. 

July 81, 1921. J Birda of the Indian Empire. 117 

1173. (879) Pyrrlbwlpuda grisea grisea. The Ashy-Crowned 

Fi. /.ark. 

Alau(ia grisea Scop., del Flor. et Faun. Inmbr. ii. p. 96 
(1786), {No locality). 

Breeding all India except Sind, Rajputana and 
extreme N.-W. 

ifi7J« (880) Pyrrhulauda grisea melanolauchen. The Black- 
Crowned Finch-Lark. 

Coraphites melanolauchen Cab. Mus, Hein, i p. 124 
(1860), (Africa). 

Breeding Sind, W. Rajputana and N.-W. India 
and Arabia. 

( To be continued.) 

[From the Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society, Dec. 3o, 1921. 



E. C. Stuart Baker, f.l.s., f.z.s., m.b.o.u. 
Part IV. 
(Continued from 'page 744 of Volume XXVII.) 

Family Zosteropid^. 

1 174. (226) Zosterops palpebrosa palpebrosa. The Indian 


Sylvia palpebrosa Temm„ PL Col, 293, Fig. 3, (1824), (Bengal) 
(C'uttack Orissa). 

Bengal, Orissa, E. Central Provinces, S. India. 

1 175. (226) Zosterops palpebrosa elwesi. The Western White- 


Stuart Baker Bull., B.O.C., xlii., p. (1921), ( SikMm). 

E. Central Provinces, N. W. and N. India, Himalayas to 
N. Assam. 

1 176. (226) Zosterops palpebrosa egregia. The Small Ceylon 


Zosterops egregia Madaraz, Ann, Mus., Budapest, ix., p. 422, 
PI. xvi. Fig. 1, ( ), {Ceylon). 
Ceylon only. 

1 177. (226) Zosterops palpebrosa cacharensis. The Cachar 


Stuart Baker Bull, B.O.C., xlii., p. (1921), {Gunjgong, N, 

Assam S. of Brahmapootra to Chin Hills. 

1 178. (228) Zosterops palpebrosa peguensis. The Pegu White- 


Stuart Baker Bidl, B.O.C., xlii., p. (1921), (Tennusserim). 
S. Burma, E. Burma, Yunnan, ? Hainan and Formosa. 

1 179. (226) Zosterops palpebrosa nicobariensis. The Nico- 

bar White-eye. 

Z. nicobariensis BlytJi, J.A.S.B., xiv., p. 563, (1845) (Nicobars). 
Andamans and Nicobars, including Car Nicobar. 

1 180. (229) Zosterops ceylonensis. The Large Ceylon White-eye. 

Holds., P.Z.S., 1872, p. 459, PI. 20, Fig. 2 (Ceylon). 
Ceylon, only above 1,000 feet. 

li>0 Jonr., Bom. Nat. Hist. .Soc, Vol. XX (111, Xo. 1. [Dec. 30, liti'l. 

ii8i. (227) Zosterops aureiventer aureiventer, Hinnc's While- 

Z. aureiventer Huyne, Sir. Feath., vi., p. 519, (1878), {Tavoy). 
Tennasserim, Mala}- Peninsula, North to S. Slian .States, 

1 182. (230) Zosterops siamensis. The Siamese White-eye. 

Blytb, Ibis, 1867, p. 34, {Siam.) 

Pegu, S.W. and Central Burma, Siani, f'ocbin China, etc. 

Ffmily Nectartnitd^. 

Sub-Family Neddriniinrp. 


1 183. (881) Chalcostetha chalcostetha. Machfs Sunhird. 

Nectaiinia clialeostetha Jardinc, Nat. His. Ned., p. 2G3, (1843). 
{E. Imtian Is.). 

Tennasserim, Soiilh llirouali Mala_y Pen. to Sumatra and 
PJava, ete. 

1184. (882-3*) /Cthopyga siparaja seherias. The Himcdmjai} 

Yellow-bached Sunhird. 

Nectarinia .seheriflc Ticlell, J.A.S.B., ii., p. fyll, (1833), 

Foothills of Himalayas from Kalka to Lower Shan 

1 185. ^882) /Ethopyga siparaja miles. The Nepal Yelloiv-bacl-ed 


Cinnyris miles Hodg. Ind. Rev., ii., p. 273, (1837), (Nepal). 
Nepal, aj^parently above the breeding range of seherice. 

ii86k (884) /Ethopyga siparaja cara. The Tennasserim Yelloio- 
backed Sunhird. 

JE,. cara Htime, S.F., ii., p. 473, (1874), [Tennasseriw). 

Siam and Burma, South from Rangoon through the Malay 

II 7. (885) /Cthopyga siparaja nicobarica. The Nicobar 
o Yellow-backed Sunbird. 

(E. nicobarica Hume, 8.F., i., p. 412, (1873), (Nicobars). 
The Nicobar Islands. 

1 188. (88G) /Ethopyg-a vigorsi. Vigors' Yellow-backed Sunhird. 

Cinnyris vigorsi Sykes, P.Z.S., 1832, p. 93, (Deccan). 
S. W. Coast of India. 

•y??. s. a nder son i ([oes not appear to be recognizable, the distingtiishing charac- 
ters being purely i^di^^dual. Rotlischild's riridiravda (Nov. Zool. XXVIII, p. .58, 
1921), seems also to be founded on individual variation^. 

Dec, 30, 1931.] Birds of the Indian Evipire. 121 

1 189. (887) /Ethopyga ignicauda ignicauda. The Fire-tailed 

Yellow-backed Sunbird. 

Cinnyris ignicauda Hodg., Ind. Kev., ii., ]). 273, (1837), {Neiml), 
Garhwal, Nepal, Sikkim, Assam, N. & S. of Brahmapootra, 

1190. ( ) i^thopyga ignicauda flavescens. Rippon's Yellow- 

backed Sunbird. 

Stuart Baker Bull, B.O.C., xli, 'p. 71, (1921), Ml. Victoria. 
Chin Hills, 9,000 feet. 

119 1. (888) /Cthopyga gouldiae. Mrs. Goidd's Sunbird. 

Cinnyris gouldise Vigors, P.Z.S., 1831, j}- 44, (Himalayas). 
Himalayas from vSutlej to Assam. 

1 192. (889) ^thopyga dabryi. Dabn/s YeUo'w-backed Sunbird. 

Nectarinia dabryi Verreaux, Rev. ef. Mag. Zool., 2^. 173, (1867). 
[Ta-tsien-hi, Szechuan). 

Hills of Eastern and Southern Burma and S. W. China. 

1 193. (890*) /Cthopyga saturata. The Black-breasted Sunbird. 

Cinnyris saturata Hodg., Ind. Rev., ii.,j}. 213, (1837), {Ne2)al), 
Garhwal to Assam, Cachar, Chittagong to Kauri Kachin 
Hills and ? Siam. 

1 194. (891) >Ethopyg-a sanguinipecta. Walden's Yellow-backed 


Walden, A.M.N.H., (4), xv., p. 400, (1875), (Tennasserim). 
Burma, S. and E. of Tounghoo. 

1 195. (892) /Cthopyga nipalensis nipalensis. The Nepal 

Yellow-backed Sunbird. 

Cinnyris nipalensis Hodg., Ind. Rev., ii., p. 273, (1837), [Nepal). 
E. Nepal to E. and S. Assam, N. Burmese Hills to S. Shan 

1 196. (893) ^thopyga nipalensis horsfieldi. Blyth's Yellow- 

backed Sunbird. 

Cinnyris horsfieldi 5Z?/i^, J.A.8.B., xi., p. 107, (1842), {Nepal), 
Garhwal, Kumaon and Western Nepal. 

1 197. (892) /Gthopyga nipalensis victoria. Rippon's Yellow- 

backed Sunbird. 

JE. victorise Rippon, Bull., B.O.C., xiv., p. 83, (1904), {Mt. 
Mt. Victoria, Chin Hills, 

* JSthopyga anomala Richmon^P.N.S. Nat; Mus. XXII, p. 319, is merely 


12-2 Jour., Hum. Nat. Hist. -Svc, Vol. XXVIJI, No. 1. [Dec, yu, I'.'l-'l. 

1 198. (894) *Cyrtostomus lotenius. LoLetis tiimhird. 

Ccrtlua lotcuia Linn., IS.N., I., p. 188, (17G6), (Ccijlon). 
Cuylon aud 8. India. 

1 199. (895) Cyrtostomus asiaticus asiaticus. The Purple 


Ccrtliia asiatica Lath., Ind. Orn., i., j). 288, (1790), {India)' 
(Gurgaon, C. India). 
The whole of India except area occupied by hrcviivstris 
and intermedia. 

1200. (895) Cyrtostomus asiaticus brevirostris. The Balu- 

chistan Purple Sunbird. 

Neetarinia (Aiaebncethra) brevirostris Blanjord, Ibis., 1873, 
p. 86, {Jalk, Baluchistan). 

Sind, Baluchistan, Afghanistan and E. Persia. 

1 20 1. (895) Cyrtostomus asiaticus intermedius. The Burmese 

Purple Sunbird. 

Arachnecthara intermedia Hume, Ibis, 1870, 2^- 436, (Burma). 
Assam and Burma. 

1202. (896) Cyrtostomus brasiliana. Van HasseWs Sunbird. 

Certhia brasiliana G'mel., Sys. Nai.,t.,p. 414:, (IISS), (Brazil), 
(Java, Oberholsor). 
Java and Singapore to Assam. 

1203. (897t) Cyrtostomus pectoralis pectoralis. The Malay 

Yellow-breasted Sunbird. 

Nectarinia pectoralis Ilorsf., Trans., Linn. Soc, xiii.. p. 167, 
(1821), (Java). 

Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Lombok, Flores, N'cobars and 
Malay Pen. to S. Tennasserun. 

1204. (897) Cyrtostomus pectoralis blanfordi. The Kondol 

Yellow-breasted Sunbird. 

Stuart Baker Bull, B.O.C., xli., x>. 71, (1921), (Kondol, Nicobars) 
Kondol Is. Nicobars. 

1205. (898) Cyrtostomus flammaxiUaris flammaxiilaris. 

The Burmese Yellou'-breasted Sunbird. 

Nectarinia flammaxillaris Bhjih, J.A.S.B., xiv., p. 557, (1845), 
South Burma, Cochin China, Siam and Malay Peninsula. 

* Cyrloslomus and Arachnedhra being identical genetically the former name 
has priority. 

t T can tiace no differences bet\^ecn C pectoralis yrctornlis antl C. kloss 
which are not purely individual. 

Dec. 30, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 123 

i2o6. (899) Cyrtostomus flammaxillaris andamanicus. Tlie 
Andaman Sunbird. 

Aiachucuthra andamaniL;a Hume, iS.F., i., p. 404, (1873), {An- 

Andaman Islands. 

1207. (900) Cyrtostomus minimus. The Small Sunbird. 

Cinnyris minima Bylces, P.Z.S., 1832, p. 99, (Deccan). 
South India and Ceylon. 

1208. (901) Cyrtostomus zeylonicus. The Purple-nimped Sun- 


Certhia zeylonica iwm., S.N., i., p. 188, (1766), {Ceylon). 
Ceylon to E. Bengal. ? Khasia Hills and Faridpoie, 

1209. (902) Anthreptes hypogrammica hypogrammica. Tlie 

Banded Sunbird. 

Nectarinia hypogrammica S. Midi. Verhand. Nat. Gescli. Zool. 
Aves., p. 173, (1843), {Sumatra). 

Peninsula Siam and Burma to Sumatra, 

1210. (903) Anthreptes malaccensis malaccensis. The Brown- 

throaled Sunbird. 

Certhia malaccensis Scop., del. Flor. et. Faun. Insubr., ii., p. 
91, (1786), {Malacca). 

Pen. Siam and Burma, Malaya to Sumatra. 

12 1 1. (904) Anthreptes rhodolaema. The Rufous-throated Sun- 


Shelley, Mon. Nect., p. 313, (1878;, {Malacca). 
S. Tennasserim to Borneo. 

1 2 12. (905) Anthreptes simplex xanthochlora. The Plain- 

coloured Sunbird. 

A. xanthochlora Hume, 8.F., Hi., p. 330, footnote., (1875), 
Pen. Burma and Siam to Malay. 

12 13. (906) Arachnothera magna magna. The Larger Streaked 


Cinnyris magna Hodg., Ind. Rev., ii., 1837, p. 272, {Nepal). 
Himalayas, Sutlej to E. Assam, S. to N. Tennasserim. 

1214. (907) Arachnothera magna aurata. The Smaller Streaked 


A. aurata Blyth, J.A.8.B., xxiv., p. 478, (1855), {Pegu). 
S. Tennasserim and Pen. Siam. 

12 15. (908) Arachnothera affinis modesta. The Grey-breasled 


Anthreptes modesta Eyton, P.Z.8., 1839, p. 105, {Malaya). 
Pen. Siam and Burma to Borneo. 

124 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hid. Soc, Vol XXVIII, Xo. 1. [Ucc, :]u, V.>2\ 

12 16. (909) Arachnothera loni?irostra loiigirostra. The Lilllc 

Ccitbia longiiostiu Lulh.,Ind Orn., i., p. 209, (179U), {lioifjal), 
(Sylhe t). 

India and Biiima. 

1 3 17. (910) Arachnothera chrysogenys. The Yellow-eared Spider- 

Nectarinia chrysogenys Temm., PL Col., pi. 388, Fig. i., (]82ti), 

S. Tennasseiim to Java and Borneo. 

1218. (912) Dicaeum cruentatum cruentatum. The Scarlcl- 

backed Flower-pecker. 

Ccrthia cruentata Linn., S.N., i., p. 119, (1758), (UcikjuI), 
Nepal, Bhutan Dooais, Bengal and Assam. 

12 19. (912) Dicaeum cruentatum ig^nitum. The Burmese Scar- 

let-backed Floicer-jKcker. 

Nectarinia ignita Bcghie, " 3Ial. Pen.," p. 518, (1834), {Mahy 

Malay Pen. N. to Chin Hills, Java and Sumatra. 

1220. (912) Dictum cruentatum siamensis. The Siam Scarlet- 

backed Floiver-pecker. 

Kloss, Ibis, 1918, p. 216, {Lat Bua Kao, E. Siam). 

Siam, (Eastern Tennasserim biids appear to be this race). 

122 1. (91'j) Dicaeum trigonostigma rubropygiurr». The Ten- 

tiasserim Orange-bellied Floiver-jiecker. 

Stuart Baker Bull, B.O.C., xli., p. 108, (1921), (Mergui). 
Malay Pen. N. of 10° long., S. W. Siam amd S. Burma, 
Lakhimpur, Assam. 

1222. (913) Dicaeum chrysorrheum intensum. The Sikkim 

Y cllo'w-venled Flourr-pecker. 

Stuart Baker Bull, B.O.C., xli., p. 108, (1921), [Native Sikkim). 
Assam to Sikkim. 

1223. (914) Dicaeum chrysorrheum chrysoclhore. The Bur- 

mese Y elioio -vented Flower-jiccker. 

Dicffium chrysoclhore Blyth, J. A. S. B., xii., ^>. 1009, 
(1843), (Arrakayi). 

Bimna, Siam amd Malay Pen. North of lO** lat. 

1 224. (915) DicjEum ignipectum. The Fire-breasted Flower 


Blyzanthe iguipectus Ilndg., Blyth., J.A.S.B., xii., p. 983, 
(1843), (Nepal). 

Himalayas from Sutlcj to Assam, Burma, Siam, Malay Pen. 
and Islands. 

rec. 30, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 125 

I 225. (916*) Dicasum tninullum concolor. The Nilgiri Flower- 

DiciBum concolor, Jerdon, Madr. Jour,, xi., 59. 227, (1840), 
(Malabar Coast). 
West coast from Mysore, S. through the Hills to Palni 

1226. (916) Dicasum mlnvLWiim suhWayum. Thd Belgaum Floiver- 

Stuart Baker Btdl, B.O.C., xlii., p. (1921), (Belgavm). 
Belgaum North to Khandala and Malia])ales]iwar and ? 
Central Provinces. 

1227 (917) Dicaeum minullum olivaceum. The Plain-coloured 

Dicajum olivaceum Walden, A.M.N.H., (4), xv., 2?. 401, (1875), 

Nepal, Bliutan, Assam, Burma, S. to Sumatra. 

1228. (918) Dicaeum minulium virescens. The Andamanese 


DicfBum virescens Hume, S.F., p. 482, (1873), (Port Blair, 

1229. (919) Dicaeum erythrorhynchum. TiclcelVs Flower-iied'er. 

Certhia erythi'orhynchos Lath., Ind. Orn., i., p. 299, (1790), 

Whole of India, West and South Burma. 

1230. (920) Acmonorhynchus vincens. Legge's Flotver-pecJcer. 

Prionochilus vincens^ Sclater, P.Z.S., 1872, p. 729, (Ceylon). 
Ceylon only. 

1231. (921) Piprisoma squalidum squalidum. The Thick-billed 


Pipra squahda Burton, P.Z.8., 1836, j)- 113, (Himalayas). 
Ceylon to Himalayas, E. to Assam, N. of Brahmapootra. 

1232. f922) Piprisoma squafidum modestum. Hume's Flower- 


Prionochilus modestus Hume, S.F., Hi., p. 298, (1875), (8. 

Assam, S. of Brahmapootra to S. Tennasserim. 

1237* (923) Prionochilus ignicapillus. The Crimson-hreasted 

Dicpeum ignicapilla Eyton, •P.Z.S., 1839, p. 105, (Malaya). 
Bankasoon, South to Sumatra and Borneo. 

* Our Indian birds are only geograpldca] races of the Javan D. minnUum, 

12G Jour., Bom. Xd. Hist. Soc, Vol. XX Till, No. 1. [Dec. 30, 1921. 

1234. (924) Prionochillus maculatus. The Yellow-throated 


Pardalotus maculatus Temm., PL Col., Hi., p. 600, /. 3, (1830), 
Tcnnasserim to Borneo. ? S. West Siam. 

1235. (925) Pachygiossa melanoxantha. The Yelloiv-bellied 


Hodg., Bbjth., J.A.S.B., xii., p. 1010, (1843), (Nepal). 

Nepal, East to S. Shan States and W. China, S. to Manipur. 

Family Chalcopariid^. 

1236. (911) Chalcoparia singalensis singalensis. TJic Ruby 


Motacilla singalensis Gmel, S. N., i., p. 964, (1788). 
(Ceylon in errror), (Malacca, Oberholser). 
Sikkim, Duars to E. Assam, Burma, Malay Pen. and Islands, 

Family Pittidj5. 

1237. (920) Anthocichla phayrii. Phayre's Pitta. 

Blyth, J.A.8.B., xxxi., p. 343, (1862), (Tounghoo). 
South-East Burma and Siam. 

1238. (927) Pitta nipalensis. The Blue-naped Pitta. 

Paludicola nipalensis Hothj.. J.A.S.B., vL, p. 103, (1837), 


Nepal, N. and S. Assam, Chin Hills and Arraean. 

12^9. (928) Pitta oatesi. The Fulvous Pitta. 

Hydrornis oatesi Ilmne, S.F., i., p. 477, (1873), (Tennasserim). 
South Burma and S. E. Siam. 

1240. (929) Pitta coerulea coerulea. The Giaiil Pllla. 

Myiothera cceruloa Eaffl. Tran. L.S., xiii., p. 301, (1822) 
South Burma and Siam to Sumatra. 

1241. (930) Pitta cyanea cyanea. The Blue Pitta. 

Pitta cj^anea Blyth, J.A.S.B., xii., p. 1008, (1843), (Arraean). 
Assam, North and W. Burma and Siam. 

1242. (931*) Pitta moluccensis. The Lesser Blue-winged Pitta. 

Turdus moluccensis P.Z.S., Mull, Natursyst. Suppl, p. 144, 
(177G), (Moluccas). (Tennasserim). 

Central and South Burma and Siam southwards. Not 

* Although the name given by Muller is unfortunate as the bird docH not occur 
io the Moluccas, we cannot discard it for that reason. 

Dec. 30, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 127 

1243 (932) Pitta meg-arhyncha. The Large-hilled Blue-winged 

Schleg., Vog. Ned. Ind. Pitta, p. 32, (1863), (He de Bangha). 
Tennasserim south to Malay Pen. and island of Banka. 

1244. (933) Pitta brachyura. . The Indian Pitta. 

Corvus brachyurus Linn., S.N., i., p. 158, (1766), (Muluccas, 

Simla to Ceylon, E. Rajputana to Assam, Chittagong 
and Manipur. 

1245. (934) Pitta granatina coccinea. The Malayan Scarlet 


Pitta coccinea Eyton, P.Z.8., 1839, p. 104, {Malaya). 
South Tennasserim and Siam to Singapore. 

1246. (935) Pitta cucullata cucullata. The Green-breasted Pitta. 

Pitta cuGulla,ta, H aril,, Rev. Zool., 1843, p, 65, (Malacca). 
Himalayas, Simla to Assam, S. to Tennasserim and ? 
Malay Pen. 

1247. (935) Pitta cucullata abbotti. The Nicobar Green-breast- 

ed Pitta. 

Pitta abbotti Richmond, Pro. Nat. Mus., xxv., p. 298, (1902), 

Great and Little Nicobars. 

1248. (936) Pitta gurneyi. Gurney's Pitta. 

Hume, S.F., Hi., p. 296, pi. 3, (1875), (S. Tennasserim). 
Pen. Siam and Tennasserim to Malacca. 

Family Eurylaimid^. 

1249. (937) Eurylaimus javanicus javanicus. HorsfieWs 


Eurylaimus javanicus Horsf., Trans. Linn. Soc, xiii., p. 170, 
(1821), (Java). 
Malay States to Siam and Tennasserim, Sumatra, Java, 
not Borneo. 

1250. (938) Eurylaimus ochromelas. The Blach and Yellow 


Raffles, Trans. Linn. Soc, xiii., p. 297, (1822), (Singapore 
and Sumatra). 

Siam, Tennasserim South to Sumatra, etc. 

1251. (939) Cerydon sumatranus sumatranus. The Dusky 


Coracias sumatranus Raffles, Trans. Linn. Soc, xiii., p. 303, 
(1822), (Siimatra). 
Siam, Tennasserim, South to Sumatra, not Borneo. 

1-2^ Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXJ'III, Xo. 1. [Drc, ;JU, 1921. 

1252. (940*) Cymborhynchus macrorhynchus macrorhynchus. 

The Blacl- and Bed BroadbiU. 

Todus macrorhynchus Gmel., S.N., i., p. 446, (1788), (Borneo). 
Teiinasseiim, South through the Malaj' Peninsula, Siam. 

1253. (911) Cymborhynchus affinis. The ArraJcan Black and 

Bed BroadbiU. 

Blyth, J.A.S.B., xv., p. 312, (1S4G), {Arrakmi). 
Arrakan, South to Cape Negrais and Rangoon. 

1254. (942) Serilophus lunatus lunatus. Gould's BroadbiU. 

Eurylahnus lunatus G'owW, P.^.^Sf., 1833, 7). IZZ, (Eangoon). 
Tennassernn, Pegu Kaiennee. 

j^gg^ (943) Serilophus lunatus rubropygius. Hodgson's Broad 

Raya nibiopygia Hodg., J.A.S.B., viii., p. 36, (1839), (Nepal). 
Himalayas to East and South Assam, Manijiur, Arrakan 
and Chin Hills, 

1256. (944) Psarisomus dalhousiae. The Long-tailed BroadbiU. 

Eurv'lainius dalhousife Jameson, Edinh., N. Pli. J., xviii., 
^).' 389, (183.5), (N. India). 

Himalayas from Mussorie to E. Assam, Buima to Malay 
Pen. ■ 

1257. (945) Calyptomena viridis. The Green BroadbiU. 

RafHes, Trans. L.S., xiii., p. 29.5, (1822), (Sumatra). 
Tennasserim, S. Siam and Malay Pen. 

Order PICI. 

Fnmily Ptctb.t^.. 

12581. (946) Picus squamatus squamatus. The Sealy-belUed 
Green Woodpecler. 

Picus squamatus Vigors, P.Z.S., 1931, p. 8. (niwakn/ns). 
CJilgit to Kaslmiir and Wostein Nepal. 

1259. (947) Picus squamatus flavirostris. Hargitt's Scah/- 
bellied Green Woodpecl-er. 

Gecinus flavirostris Menzhier, Bull., Nat. Moscow, p. 440, 
1886, (MtirgMh). 

Trancaspia to Baluohistan and Afghanistan. 

1260.. (948) Picus striolatus. The Liflle Scaly-bellied Green 

Blyth, J.A.S.B, xii., p. 1000, (1843), (Nepal). 
Himalayas, east to Burma, Siam. 

* I cannot separate lemniscalits (Raffles) wliilst affinis appears to be a species 
rather than a race, there being no connecting forms. 0. m. mnlaccensis may be 
found \rit1iin our limits. 

Dec. 30, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. \\^ 

1261. (949) Picus vittatus vittaliis. The Malay Scaly-beUicd 
Green Woodpecker. 

Picus vittatus Vieill, Noiw. Did. dUlist. Nat., xxvi., 1S18, 
p. 91, (Malacca). 

Malay States, Java, Pen. Siam and Burma. 

i262» (949) Picus vittatus viridanus. The Bunnese Scaly-bellied 
Green Woodpecker. 

Picas viridanus Blyfh, J.A.S.B., xii., 1843, p. 1000, {Arrakan). 
Burma, Chin and Kacliin Hills, Shan States, N. and 
Central Siam. 

1263. (950) Picus canus occipitalis. The Indian Blaeh-naped 

Green Woodpecker. ' 

Picus occii^italis Vigors, P.Z.S., 18;]0, p. S, [Massoorie). 
N. W. Himalayas to Eastern Nepal. 

1264. (950) Picus canus gyldenstolpei. The Assam Black-naped 

Green Woodpecker. 

Stuai't Baker, Bull., B.O.C., xxxix, 1918, p. 19, (Sadii/a, 

Sikkim, Assam, Cachar, Sylhet, Manipur, Looskai Hills. 

1265. (950) Picus canus hessei. The Burmese Black-naped Green 


Gecinus canus liessi Gyldenstolpe, Orn. Monatsh., xxiv., p. 28, 
(1916), (N. Siam). 

Nortk Central and S. Burma, Siam as far S. as Mulmein. 

1266. (951) Picus chlorolophus chloroloplius. The Small Hima- 

layan Yelloiv-naped Woodpecker. 

Picus chlorolophus Vieill., Nouv. Did. d'Hist. Nat., xxvi., p. 
18, (ISIS), {Bengal). 

Himalayas and Hill ranges of Burma. 

1267. (952) Picus chlorolophus chlorigaster. The Southern 

Yellow-naped Woodpecker. 

Picus chlorigaster Jerd., Madr.Jour. L.S., xiii., pt. 2, p. 
139, (1844), [S. India). 
Hills of Southern India and Ceylon. 

1268. (953) Picus puniceus puniceus. The Crimson-winged Green 


Horsf. Trans. Linn. 80c. , xiii., p. 176, (1821), (Java). 
Tennasserim, South to Sumatra, Java and Borneo. 

1269. (954) Picus erythropygius nigrigenis. The Red-rump- 

ed Green Woodpecker. 

uecinus nigiigenis Hume, P.A.8.B., 1874, p. 106, (PaJahan 

Central and South Burma, West Siam and N. Malay Peuj 

130 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVlII, No. 1. [Dec. 30, lO-'l. 

1270. (955) Chrysophlegma flavinucha flavinucha. The 

Large Ydloiv-naped Wood])ecker. 

Picus flavinucha Gould, I'.Z.S., 1833, j). 120, (Iliwalai/ti.s). 
Himalayas from Mussooric to the Kachui Hills, Burma 
and Siam. 

1271. (956) Chrysophlegma mentalis humii. The Chequered- 

throated Woodjjecker. 

Chrysophlegma humii llargiti, Ilns, 1889, p. 231, {Malacca). 
Tcnnasscrim, South to Sumatra. 

1272. (957) Callolophus miniatus malaccensis. The Banded 

lied Woodpecker. 

Picus malaccensis Lalh.,lnd. Orn., L, }}. 241, (1790). {Malacca) 
Tcnnasscrim, South to Sumatra and Borneo. 

1273. (956*) Gecinulus grantia grantia. The Northern Pale- 

headed Woodpecker. 

Pious grantia McClelland, P.Z.S., 1839, j). 165, {Assam). 
Nepal to Assam, Chin, Kachin Hills, N. Siam to French 

1274. (959) Qecinulus grantia viridis The Southern Pale- 

headed Woodpecker. 
G. viridis Blylh, J.A.S.B., xxxi., 'p. 41, (1862), {Pakpoon, 

S. W. Siam and S. Burma to Kossum. 

1275. (960) Dryobates hyperythrus hyperythrus. T/ic 7?;(/oHS- 

bellied Pied Woodpecker. 

Picus hyperythiTis Vigors, P.Z.S., p. 23, (1831), {Hivtalai/a, 

Himalayas, Nepal to N. Shan States. 

1276. (960) Dryobates hyperythrus marshalli. The Western 

Rufous-bellied Pied Woodpeeker. 

Hartcrt, Vog. Pal, vii., p. 926, (1912), {Murree). 
N. W. Himalayas. 

1277. (901) Dryobates himalayensis. The Western Himalayan 

Pied Woodpecker. 

Picus himalayensis Jard. cO Sel., III. Orn., Hi., pi. 116, (1835), 
N. W. Himalaj'as, Afghanistan to Murrcc. 

1278. (962) Dryobates cabinisi cabinisi. The Chinese Pied Wood- 


Picus cabanisi Malh., Jour. J. Oni., 1854, ^j. 172, {Gimva). 
Manipur, Chin and Kachin Hills to China. 

*Gecinulus viridis robinsoni of KIoss, (Ibis, 1918, p. 105) is founded on individ- 
ual variation only. 

bee. 30, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 131 

1279* (963) Dryobates scindeanus. The Sind Pied Wood- 

Picus scindeanus //o/vs/. cC- Moore, Cat. B., li., p. G71, (1856-8) 
{Shikar pore). 
S. E. Persia, Baluchistan, Sind a,nd W. Punjab. 

1280. (964) Dryobates darjellensis. The Darjeeling Pied Wood- 


Picus darjellensis Bhjth, J.A.S.B., xiv., p. 196, (1845) 
Himalayas, Nepal to Mts. of W. China. 

1281. (965) Dryobates cathparius cathparius. The Lesser 

Pied Woodpecker. 

Picus cathparius Blijth, J.A.S.B., xiL, p. 1006, (1843), {Dar- 
Nepal, Sikkini and Assam, N. and S. of Brahmapootra. 

1282. (966) Dryobates cathparius pyrrhothorax. The Red- 

breasted Pied Woodp)ecker. 

Picus pyrrhothorax Htime, 8.F., x., p). 150, (1887), (Aimole, 
E. Mardpur). 

Hills S. of Brahmapootra. 

1283. (967) Dryobates macei macei. The Fulvous-breasted Pied 


Picus macei Vieill., Nouv. Dicf.d' Hist. Nat., xxvi., p. 80, (1818), 
Himalaj^as from Murree to E. Assam, (S. of Brahmapootra). 

1284. (968) Dryobates macei atratus. The Stripe-breasted 

Pied Woodpecker. 

Picus atratus BJyth, J.A.S.B, xviiL, -p. 803, (1849), 
Hills S. of Brahmapootra, Burmese Hills to Tennasserim. 

1285. (969) Dryobates siur'iceps. The Brown-fronted Pied Wood- 


Picus auriccps Vigors., P.Z.S, 1831, p. 44, {Uimalaijas), 

Himalayas, Afghanistan to W. Nei^al. 

1286. (970) Dryobates psctoralis pectoralis. The Spotted- 

breasted Pied Woodpecker. 

Ficus -pectoraMs Blyth, J.A.S.B., xv., p. 15, (1846), (No Hab. 

Southern Burma and S. W. Siam. 

1287* (971) Dryobates pectoralis andamanensie. The Anda- 
man Pied Woodpecker. 

Picus andamanensis Blyth, J.A.S.B., xxviii., p. 412, (1859), 


132 Jour., Bum. X'd. llUt. .Sue, Vol. XXiJIl, .\.,. 1. [Dec. :M), lOi'l. 

1288. (1)72) Liopicus mahrattensis. The I'dlow-frotUcd I'icd 


Picus mahiattciiisis L«Y/i., //((/. C/"/;. Supp., i)., (1S91), 

Ceylon, India and iJiirma. 

1289. (D7o*) lynfeipicus semicoronatus. The Darjilimj I'iymy 


Picus sciuicoronalus ^¥«7/ie//ve, llidl., >Soc. criJid. Xul. Muddle 
v., p. 21, (1848), {Himalayas). 

iSikkim to E. Assam, Manipur, Chin, Kachin Hills and 

1290. CJ71) lynffipicus pygmaetis. Tlie Himalayan Pyyiiuj- 


Picus pygmaeus Viyors, I'.Z.S., 1831, 2^. 44, {Himalayas). 
Western Himalayas to Nepal. 

1291. (1)78) lyngipicus canicapillus. The Burmese Pygmy W ood- 


Picus canicapillus Blylh J.A.S.B., xiv., p. 11)7, (1845), 

Burma and ? Caohar, Mandpur. 

1292. (970) lyngipicus hardwickii. The Lndian Pygmy Wood- 


Picus hardwickii Jerd., Madr. Jour. L. S., xiii., i>- 1«J8> (1844), 
{S. India). 

Northern India. 

1293. (979) lyngipicus gymnopthaimus. The Ceylon Pygmy 


Picus gymnopthalmus Blylh, J.A.S.B., xviii., p. 804, (1849), 

Ceylon and S. India. 

1294. (97<S) BIythipicus pyrrhotis pyrrhotis. The Red-eared 

Bay Woodpecker. 

Picus pyrrhotis //of/fir., J.A.8.B., vi., p. 108,(1837), {Nepal). 
Nepal to South Burma and E. to Annam. 

1295. (979) BIythipicus pyrrhotis rubiginosus. The Malay 

Bay Woodpecker. 

Hcmicirous rubigiuosus Swainson, B. of W, Africa, ii., x>' 
150,(1837), {W. Africa). 
Tcnnasscrira, South to Sumatra and Borneoi 

* The genus /y»[7ipJCM« requires careful working out. Nothing has been attemj}- 
tcd in this list. 

Dec. 30, 1921,] Birds of the Indian Umpire. 133 

1296. (980) Miglyptes tristis grammithorax. The Fulvous- 

rumped Barred Woodpecker. 

Phaiopicus grammithorax Malh., Picidae, ii., p. 12, (1802), 
{Malay Pen.) 

Peninsular, Siam and Burma to Sumatra and Borneo. 

1297. (981) Miglyptes tukki. The Buff-necked Barred Wood 


Picus tukki Liss., Rev. Zool, 1839, p. 167, (Sumatra). 
Extreme South Tennasserim to Borneo. 

1298. (982) Aliglyptes jugularis. The Black and Buff Wood- 


Picus jugularis Blyth, J.A.S.B., xiv., p. 195, (1845), 

Central and South Burma, Siam and Cochin China. 

1299. (^84) Micropternus brachyurus williamsoni. The Siam 

Rufous Woodpecker. 

Kloss, Ibis, 1918, p. 107, {Koh Lah, 8. W. Siam). 
Peninsular Burma and Siam. 

1300. (983) Micropternus brachyurus phaioceps. The Northern 

Rufous Woodpecker. 

Micropternus phaioceps Blyth, J.A.S.B., xiv., p. 195, (1845), 

Nepal, N. Assam, Burma, Shan States, N. and W. Siam. 

1301. (983) Micropternus brachyurus humei. The Western 

Rufous Woodpecker. 

Kloss, Ibis., 1918, /. 109, (Rohilkund). 
N. W. Himalayas. 

1302. (983) Micropternus brachyurus mesos. The Orissa 

Rufous Woodpecker. 

Kloss, Ibis, 1918, p. 109, (Kuttak, Orissa). 

Bengal, Behar, N. Orissa and Assam S. of Brahmapootra. 

1303. (985) Micropternus brachyurus gularis. The Madras 

Rufous Woodpecker. 

Picus gularis Jerd., Madr. Jour.,xiii., p. 189, (1844), (Sonthern 

India, S. of Orissa and Bombay, not S. Travancore. 

1304- (^85) Micropternus brachyurus lanka. The Ceylon 
Rufous Woodjjecker. 

Kloss, Ibis, 1918, p. 108, (Ceylon). 
Cevlon and South Travancore. 

134 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVIII, No. 1. [D''c. 30, 19i'l. 

1305. (986) Brachypternus aurantius aurantius. The Norlh- 

ern Golden-hacl-ed Wooflpecl-er. 

Picus aurantius Linn., S.N., i., ]). 174, (17G6), {Cape of Good 
Hope) (Belmr). 

N. W. India, N. India, Bengal, Central India, Orissa and 

1306. (986*) Brachypternus aurantius puncticollis. The (South- 

ern Golden-hacked Woodpecker. 

Brachyternopicus puncticollis MaJh., Rev. Zooh, 1845, p. 405, 
India S. of range of last biid and Ceylon. 

1307. (986) Brachypternus aurantius dilutus. The Sind Gold-' 

cn-haclced Wood2}ecJcer. 

Brachypternus dilutus Blyth, Cat., p. 50, (1852), (Sind). 
Sind, Baluchistan and ? Punjab. 

1308. (987*) Brachypternus aurantius erithronotus. The Bed- 

hacked Woodqjecker. 

Picus erithronotus Fzez7?. , iVo?i?'. Diet, d'llist. Nat., xxvi., j). 
73, (1818), (Ceylon). 

Ceylon (area different to that occupied by No. 1306). 

1309. (988) Tiga Javanensis intermedia. The Burmese Golden- 

backed Three-toed Woodpecker. 

Pious intermedins Blyth, J.A.S.B., 1845, p. 193, (Arrakav). 
Assam, S. of Brahmapootra, Chin Hills and N. Arrakan. 

1310. (988) Tiga Javanensis rubropyoialis. The Malabar Gold- 

en-hacked Three-toed Woodpecker. 

Picus rubropygialis Malh., Rev. Zool., 1845, p. 400, (Bengal). 
S. India, north to Southern Orissa and Bomba3\ 

131 1. (989) Tiga shorii. The Himalayan Golden-backed Three- 

toed Woodpecker. 

Picus shorii Vigors, P.Z.S., 1831, p. 175, (Himalaya Mis.). 
Himalayas, Nepal through Burmese Hill Ranges. 

1312. (990) Gauropicoides rafflesi peninsularis. The Malayan 

Three-toed Woodpecker. 

Hesse, Orn. Monatsb., xix., 1911, p. 192, (Malacca). 
S. Tcnnasserim, S.W, Siam and Malay Peninsula. 

1313. (991) Chrysocolaptes festivus. The Black-backed Wood- 


Picus festivus Bodd., Tahl, PI. EnJ., p. 43, (1783), (Goa). 
Indian Plains and Ceylon. 

* A series shewn me by Mr. W. E. Wait proves c^uite satisfactorily that erith- 
ronotus is only a race of aurantius 

Dec. 30, 1921.] Birds of the Indicm Empire. 


13 1 4. (992) Chrysocolaptes guttacristatus guttacristatus. 

TickelVs Golden-hackecl Woodpecker. 

Picus guttacristatus Tickell, J.A.S.B., il, 1833, p. 578, {Bora- 
Behar, Bengal, Assam, Burma, North of Rangoon, Siam, etc. 

13 15. (992) Chrysocolaptes guttacristatus sultaneus Hodgson's 

Golden-hacked Woodpecker, 

Picus sultaneus Hodg., J.A.S.B., vL, 1837, 2>- 105, (Nepal), 
N. W. India, Mussoree to Nepal. 

13 16. (992) Chrysocolaptes guttacristatus delesserti. Mal- 

herbes Golden-backed Woodpecker. 

Indopicus delesserti Malh., Mem. Acad. Melz., 1848, «. 343. 
{Malabar). ^ 

India, S. of Bombay and Orissa, Peninsular Burma, Siam 
and Malaya. 

13 17. (993) Chrysocolaptes guttacristatus stricklandi. Layard's 


Brachypternus stricklandi Lai/ard, A.M.N.H., (2), xiii., v. 
449, (1554), {Oeylon). ^ 

Ceylon only. 

13 18. (994*) Hemicercus sordidus. The Grey and Buff Wood- 


Dendrocopus sordidus %fon, A.M.N.H., xvL, p. 229, (1845), 
Tennasserim, South to Malay Pen. 

1319. (995) *Hemicercus canente. The Heart-spotted Woodpecker. 

Pious canente Less., Cent. Zool, p. 215, (1830), (Pegu). 

Assam, S. of the Brahmapootra to Siam, etc., Malabar 

1320. (996) Alophonerpes pulverulentulus harterti. Hesse's 

Great Slaty Woodpecker. 

Muleripicus p. harterti Hesse, Orn. Monatsb., p. 182, (1911), 

Himalayas, Simla to Assam, Burma, Malay States, etc. 

J321. (997) Thriponax hodgsonii hodgsonii. The Malabar Great 
Black Woodpecker. 

Hemilophus hodgsonii Jerd., Madr. Jour., xi., p. 215, (1840), 
{Malabar Coast). 
S. W. India from Travancore to Belgaum. 

* There are probably several races of this genus which require working out, 


136 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVJII, Ao. 1. [Dec. 30, 19J1. 

1322. (998) Thriponax hodgsonii feddeni. The Burmese Great 

Black Woodpecker. 

Mulleripicus feddeni Blwkf., Blylh, J.A.S.B., xxxiL, p. 75, (1863), 

Burma, • Siam, Annam and Cocliiii Cliina. 

1323. (999) Thriponax javanensis. The Malay Black W/ood- 


Picus javaueusis Lungh., K. Vel. Ac. Nya. lland-b. xviii., p. 
137, (1797), {Java). 

Malay Peninsula to Philliijpiucs. 

1324. (1000) Thriponax hodgei. The Andaman Black Woud- 


Mulleripicus Lodgci Bli/lh, J.A.S.B., .cxix., p. 105, (18(50), 

Sub-Family Picumnin^. 

13251 (1001) Picumnus innominatus innominatus. The Hima- 
layan S2jeckled Piculet. 

P. innominatus Burton, P.Z.S., 1836, ^>. 154, {Himalayas). 
Himalayas, Kumaon to Assam. 

1326. (1001) Picumnus innominatus malayorum. The Malay 
Speckled Piculet. 

Hartert, Vog. Pal, vii., p. 937, (1912), {Perah). 
Burma to Borneo, Annam. 

1327^ (1001) Picumnus innominatus avunculorum. The 

Madras Speckled Piculet. 

Hartert, Vog. Pal, vii., p. 937, (1912), {Nilgiris), 
Hills of Southern India. 

1328* (1002) Sasia ochracea ochracea. The Imlian Rufous 

Sasia ochracea Hodg., J.A.S.B., v., p. Ill, (1836), {Nepal). 
Himalayas to Assam and Kachin Hills. 

1329. (1002) Sasia ochracea reichenowi. The Burtnese Rufous 
Hesse, Orn. Monatsh., xix., p. 181, 1911, {Burma). 
Burma, Siam, Annam, N. Malay Pen. 

I330* Sasia abnormis abnormis. Temminck's Rufous 


Picumnus abnormis Temm., PI. Col, iv., pi 371, (1825), 
Siam, Tennasserim to Sumatra, Borneo, etc. 

Dec. 30, 1921 .] Birds of the Indian Empire. ]37 

Sub-family lyngincB. 

1331. (1003) lynx torquilla japonica. The Kashmir Wry nech. 

lynx japonica Bonap., Con. Av., i., p. 150, (1850), {Japan). 
E. Siberia to Japan, Himalayas, Kashmir to Cliina. 

Family Indicatorid^. 

»332. (1004) Indicator xanthonotus. The Yellow-backed Honey- 

Blyth, J.A.8.B., xi., p. 166, (1842), (Darjiling). 
Himalayas, E, to Sikkim, Abbottabad. 

Family Capitonid^. 

1333. (1005) Caloramphus fuliginosa hayi. The Broion Barhet. 

Bucco hayi Gray, Zool. Misc., p. 33, (1831), {Malacca). 
Tennasserim, south to Sumatra. 

^334- (1007) Megalaema virens virens. The Great Chinese 

Bucco virens 5o£Zd, Tahl. PI. Enl, (1783), {China). 
Central and South Burma, east to China. 

1335, (1006) Megalasma virens marshallorum. The Great 

Himalayan Barhet. 

M. marshaUorum Swinhoe, A.M.N.H., p. 348, (1870), 
Himalayas from Murree to Assam and N. Burma. 

1336. (1008) Thereiceryx zeylanicus zeylanicus. The Ceylon 

Green Barhet. 

Bucco zeylanicus Gmel, Syst. Nat., L, p. 408, (1788), 

Ceylon and South Travancore. 

1337* (1008) Thereiceryx zeylanicus caniceps. The Northern 

Green Barhet. 

Bucco caniceps Franklin, P.Z.8., 1831, p. 121, {Calcutta. 
Northern India from extreme W. to Western Bengal. 

1338. (1008) Thereiceryx zeylanicus inornatus. The Bomhay 
Green Barhet. 

Megalsema inornata Walden, A.M.N.H., Series iv., v., p. 
219, (1870), (Coorg). 

West Coast from N. Travancore to Bombay. 

1339* (1009) Thereiceryx lineatus hodgsoni. The Assam Line- 
ated Barhet. 

Megalsema hodgaoni Bonap., Cons. Av., L, p. 144, (185 ) 
Nepal to N. Slam. 

138 Jour., Bom. Xaf. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVIII, No. 1. [Dec. 30, 10i>i. 

1340. (1009) Thereiceryx lineatus intermedius. The Burmese 
Linedieil Barbel. 
Stuart Baker, BuU., B.O.C., xxxix., 1918,2). 9. {Pahpoon 

Central, south and Peninsular Burma and Siam. 

1341- (1010) Thereiceryx viridis. The Small Green Barhet. 

Bucco viridis Bodd., Tahl. I'l. Enl., p. 53, (1783), [Ivdia). 
South and South-Wost India, 

1342. (1011) Chotorhea mystacophanes. The Gaudy Barhet. 

Bucco mystacophanes Temm., PL Col. No. 315, 1824, 

Tennasserim, south to Suinatia. 

'343* (10T2) Cyanops asiatica asiatica. The Blue-throated Barbel. 
Trogonasi&iicus Lath., J )id. Orn., p. 201, (1790), {Indiu). 
Himalayas, Chamha to South Burma. 

1344. (1012) Cyanops asiatica rubescens. The Buddy Barbel. 

C. rubescens Stiiart Baker, Nov. Zoo!., Hi., p. 257, (1890), 
{N. Cachar). 

Hills, S. of Brahina])ootra atmre 3,.500 feet. 

I 345* (1013) Cyanops asiatica davisoni. Da'vison'' s Blue-lhroated 

Megaljema davisoni Ilvme, 8.F., v., p. 108, (1877), {Me.elan, 
S. Tennasserim). 

S. Tennasseiim and S. W. Siam. 

»346« (1014) Cyanops incognita. Hume^s Blue-throated Barbel. 

Mcgalaima incognita Hume, 8. F.,ii., p. 442, (1874), (Ten- 
nasserim, 25 m. N. of Yea). 
Tavoy to Southern Tennasserim. 

M47« (1015) Cyanops flavifrons. The Yellow-fronted Barbel. 

Bucco flavifrons Cuvier, Begne An., i., j>. 428, ex Levaill. 
(1817), [Ceylon). 

1348* (lOlG) Cyanops duvauceli robinsoni. The Mahy Blue- 
eared Barbet. 
Stuart Baker, Butt., B.O.C., xxxix., 1918, p. 20, {Klang 
Malay Pen.) 

Pen, Siam and Burma and Malay Pen. 

IS4Q* (1016) Cyanops duvauceli cyanotis. The Indian Blue- 
eared Barhet. 

Bucco cyanotis Blyth, J.A.8.B., xvi.,p. 487, (1847), {Bengal). 
Sikliim, Bhutan, Assam, Burma and Siam. 

Dec. 30, 1921.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 139 

1350- Cyanops robustirostris. TJie Thick-billed Barbet. 

Stuart Baker, Bombay Nat. His. Jour., x., p. 356, (1896), 
{N. Cachar). 

N. Cachar Hills, Naogang and ? Yunnan. 

1351. (1017) Cyanops franklinii franklinii. The Golden-throated 

Bucco franklinii Bhjth, J.A.S.B., xi., p. 167, (1842), (Bar- 

Nepal to Assam and Cliin Hills. 

»352. (1018) Cyanops franklinii ramsayi. Ramsay's Golden- 
throated Barbet. 

Megalfema ramsayi Walden, A.M.N. H., xv., p. 400, (1875), 

Central and S. Burma, Siam and Malay Pen. 

1353. (1019) Xantholaema hasmacephala indica. The Indian 
Crimson-breasted Barbet. 

Bnccoindicus Lath., Ind. Orn., i., p. 205, (1790), (India), 

Plains of India, Ceylon, Burma, Siam, Yunnan, Malay 
Pen. to Sumatra. 

1354- (1020) Xantholasma malabarica. The Crimson-throated 

Bucco malabaricus BlytJi,, J.A.S.B., xvi., pp. 386, 465, (1847), 
Malabar Coast. 

1355* (1^21) Xanthol^ma rubricapilla. The Small Ceylon 


Bucco rubricapillus G^meZ., Syst. Nat., i., p. 408, (1788), 


Sub-order Couacim. 

Family Coraciida3. 

1356s (1022) Coracias benghalensis benghalensis. The North- 
ern Indian Roller. 

Corvus benghalensis Zmn., S.N.., x., ed. i., p. 106, (1758), 

Persian Gulf, Northern India to E. Bengal. 

135"' (1022) Coracias benghalensis indica. The Southern 
Indian Roller. 

Coracias indica Liim., S.N., xii., ed. I., p. 159, (1766), 
The South of India and Ceylon, 

140 Jour., Bonu Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVIII, No. 1. [D^c. ;J0, \^-2l. 

,3g8. (1023) Coracias benghalensis affinis. The Burmese 
C. afanis McClell, P.Z.S., 1839, p. 1G4, (Assam). 
Assam, Burma and Siam. 

I359* (1024) Coracias garulla semenowi. The Kashmir Roller. 
Loud. & Tschusi, Orn. Jahrh.,xiii., p. 148, (1902), (Trans- 
Transcaspia to Kashmir and Garbwal. 

1360. (1025*) Eurystomus orientalis orientalis. The Indian 

Broad-billed Roller. 

Coracias orientalis Linn., S.N. I., p. 159, (17GG), (India). 
India, Burma, Siam and Southwards. 

1 361. (1025) Eurystomus orientalis gig^as. The Andaman 

Broad-billed Roller. 

Stresemann, Nov. Zool., xx., p. 299, (1913), (S. Andamans). 
South Andamans. 

* I find it quite iniposF.ible to separate orientalis, calonyx and lacteor and think 
the alleged di£feronces are all iudivitlual rather tlian sub-specific, gigas is separable 
on account of its large size and large bill. 

{to he continued.) 

[From the. JoutiNAL 01" the Bombay aSatural History HocjctYjMar. 25, 1V22.] 



E. 0, yXUAUT BaKEK, F.L.y., F.Z.S., M.B.U.U. C'.F.A.O.U. 

Part V. 

(Continued from Page ICG of (his rohiuie.) 

Sub-order MEROPES. 

Famil}^ Meropid^. 

• 362 (IOII6) Merops orientalis orientalis. The Common Indian 

M. orientalis Lath., Inch Orn. Suppl., p. .cram (1801), [Mali- 
rait a, India). 

Lidia, Bengal to Ceylon. 
^3(*i (102G) Merops orientalis birmanus. The Burmese Green 

Merops viridis birmanus Neumann., Orn. Monalsber., 11)10, 
p. 80, (Iraioaddy). 

Assam and Burma. 

1364- (102G) Merops orientalis biludschicus. The Sind Green 

Merops viridis biludschicus Neumann., op. cit., p. 80 (Persian 

8. E. Persia to .Sind and Baluchistan. 
136s (1027) Merops superciliosus javanicus. The Blue-tailed 
Merops javanicus Horsf., Trans. Lin. S., 1821, p. 171, (Java) 
India, Ceylon and Burma to Java. 

1366. (1028) Merops persicus persicus. The Blue-cheeked Bee- 

Merops pcrsica Pull., Rets, versch. russ. Reichs., ii., p. 70S 
(1778), {Caspian Sea). 

Summer visitor to W. and N. W. India. 

1367- (102U) Merops apiaster. The European Bee-Eater. 

Linn., S. N., I. p. 117 (1758), (Europe). 
N. and N. W. India, Kashmir, etc. 

i-li' Jour., Bom. Xat. IList. Hoc, \'ol. XAI'III, Xo. i'. [Jilar. Jo, i!)i'i'. 

1368. (1030) Melittophaffus erythroccphalus erythrocepha- 

lus. The Cheslnut-Jmuled Bee-Ealer. 
Merops erythroccphalus Gmel., S. N., i., p. 403 (1788), 
(India). (Ceylon)- 

Ceylon, S. Lidia, sub-Himalayas, Burma, etc. 

1369. (ioai) Nyctiornis athertoni. The Blue-bearded Bce-I'JiUcr. 

Merops athertoni Jard. and Selby., 111. Orn., il, j)l. •'58 (1829), 
(India), (CacJiar). 

(Sub-Himalayas, Behra Dooii to A«.sam, Burma, Malabar 

1370. (1032) Nyctiornis amictus. The Red-bearded Bce-E((lcr. 

Merops amictus Temni., PL Col, iv., pi. 310 (182-1), (Ben- 
coolen, Sumatra). 

Tenasserim southwards. 

Siili-oixler IIALCYONES. 
Family Alcedinid.^. 

1371. (1033) Ceryle rudis leucomelanura. The Indian Pied 

Ceryle leucomelanura ReicJien., Ilandl. Ahed., p. 21 (1851), 

India, Burma and Ceylon. 

1372. (1031) Ceryle lugubris ifuttulala. The Hini(d((yan Pied 


Ceryle guttulata Slegnajer, Pro. U. S. N. M., .tv., p. 2[)'i 
( i 893), ( hidia) , (CacJmr ). 

Assam to China and Hauiaii. 

1373. (1035) Alcedo atthis benjvalensis. TJie Cotnmon Indian 


Aloedo bengalensis Gmel., 8. N., i., p. 450 (1788), (Bengal). 
All India. 

•374' *(1035) Alcedo atthis pallasii. The Central Asian 

Alcedo j)allasii Rcichen., Ilandl. spec. In. Akcd., p. 3 (1851), 
( ]]"est Siberia). 

N. and Central Asia. I'lmjab and Sind, Kashmir. 

1375- *(1035) Alcedo atthis taprobana. The Ceylon Kingfisher. 
Alcedo is])ida mr. ta])robana Kleinsclini., Orn. Mber., it. p. 
120 (]mU), (Ceylon). 

• Neither of these arc very strongly marked forms. 

Mar. 25, 1922.] Birds of the Indian Empire. I43 

1376- t(1036) Alcedo coerulescens asiatica. BeavarCs Kingfisher. 

Alcedo asiatica Swains., Zool. Illus. 1st. ser. i., (1821), {some 
part of India), (Bengal). 

Bengal, Belgaum, Travancore, Ceylon. 

»377- (1037) Alcedo coerulescens scintillans. The. Tenasserim 

Stuart Baker, Bull.,B. 0. C, xxxix., p. 38 (1919), {Banhasoon). 
Peninsula, Burma and Siam, lat. 10° to 1G°. 

1378. (1037) Alcedo coerulescens coltarti. The Assam King- 

Stuart Baker, op. cit., p. 39, {Saddya, Assam). 

Sikkim to Assam, N. Burma to lat. 16" ; Siam, Cochin- 

1379. (1037) Alcedo coerulescens rufigastra. The Andaman 


Alcedo rufigastra Wald., A. M. N. H., (4), xii., p. 487 (1873) 
(S. Andamuns). ' 


1380. t(io38) Alcedo iredalei. Blyth's Kingfisher. 

Stuart Baker, Bull, B. 0. C, xlii., p. 29 (1921), (Darjilivg). 

Sikkim and lower hills N. and S. of Brahmapootra in 

•381. (1039) Alcedo euryzona. The Broad-zoned Ki^ig fisher. 
Temm., PI. Gal. lin. 36 (1830), {Java). 

Java and Borneo as far N. as Muleyit in Tenasserim. 

1382. (1040) Ceyx tridactylus tridactylus. The Indian Three- 

toed Kingfisher. 

Alcedo tridactyla Pall, Spec. Zool, VI., p. 10 (1769), (India) 
(Assatn). ' 

India and Burma. 

1383. (1040) Ceyx tridactylus macrocercus. The Andaman 

Three-toed Kingfisher. 

Oberholser, Smith. In. U. S. Nat His. Bull, 98, p. 24 (1917) 

t The true cwruUgcens is not found as far north as Bankasoon The namp, 
me.mmiting is ante-dated by Viellots, Alcedo ccerulescens NouV. Diet d'Hist Nat 
IX., p. 401, 1818, Timer (? errore). ' 

t Alcedo grandis is pre-occupied and another name had therefore to be given. 

U4 Joai:, Bnn. Xaf. Hi^f. Soc, Vol. XXV HI, Xo. -J. [Mar. ■2r,, \\r2-2. 

1384. (1041) RamphaFcyon amauroptera. Brown-ivinged King- 


Halcyon amaurojiterus Pearwn, J. A. S. B., v., p. 035 (1841). 

Coast localities from Bon gal to Tcnassoiini. 

'385. (1012) Ramphalcyon capensis intermedia. The Nieobar 
Stork-billed Kingfisher . 

Pclargopsis intermedia Hume, S. F., ?'/., p. 1(56 (1874). {Galalen 
Bay, Nkohnrs). 

1386. (1043) Ramphalcyon capensis gurial. Brown-headed 
Stork-billed Kingfisher. 
Alcedo gurial Pearson. J.A.S.B., a-., 1841, p. 03.3 {Midmpore, 

All India. 

'387. (1043) Ramphalcyon capensis burmanica. The B\irmese 

Stork-billed Kingfisher. 

Pelargopsis burmanica Sharpe, P.Z.S., 1870, 7). fJ7 {Totighoo, 

Burma, Siam, Cambodia, Cochin-China. 

1388. (1013) Ramphalcyon capensis osmastoni. The Andaman 

Slork-biUed Kingfisher. 

Stmrt Baker, Bull. B. 0. C. 

1389. (lOH) Halcyon smyrnensis smyrsi.senn The White 

breasted Kingfisher. 

Alcedo smyrnensis Livn.. S.X., i., p. 110(1758) {Africa and 

Central and W, Asia, Baluchistan and Sind. 

1390. (10^4) Halcyon smyrnensis fusca. The Indian While- 

breasted Kingfisher. 
Alcedo Iwf^ca Bodd.,Tabl., PI. Enl, p. 54 (1783), (J/a/a6flff). 
India, Bunna, Malay Pen., Siam, S. China, etc. 
1301. (lOU) Halcyon smyrnensis generosa. The Ceylon, 
Wh ite-breasted Kingfisher. 

Halcyon generosa Madar., Ann. Mus. Hun., il, p. 85 (1904), 
Ceylon and r (S. Travancore). 

^fa)•. 2/5, 1922.] Birds of thp Indian Empire. 145 

1392. n044) Halcyon smyrnensis saturatior. The Andaman 

T I hite-breasfed Kingfisher . 

Halcyon saturatior Hume, 8.F., ii., 531 (1874), (Andmnans). 
Andaman and Nicobar Islands, 

'393. (1045) Halcyon pileata. The Black-capped Kingfisher. 

Alcedo pileata Bodd., Tahl. PI. Enl.,p. 41 (1783), (China), 

Throughout India occasional, Assam, Burma, Siara, S. 

1394. (1046) Entomothera coramanda coramanda. The 

Indian Ruddy Kingfisher. 

Alcedo coramanda Lath., In. Orn., i., p. 252 (1790), (Cora- 
mandel Coast). 

India, Burma, Malay Pen., Siam and S. China. 

1395- (1046) Entomothera coramanda mizorhina. The Anda- 
m,an Ruddy Kingfisher. 

Oberholser, Pro. Nat. Mus. U.S., 1915 p. 045 (1925), (N. 
Andaman Is.) 

Andaman and Nioobars. 

1396. (1047) Sauropatis chloris chloris. The White-codared 


Alcedo chloris Bodd., Tab. PI, Enl., p. 49 (1783), {Bourn). 
^ Tennasserim, Southwards. 

'307. (1047) Sauropatis chloris vidali. The Malabar WhifC' 
collared Kingfisher. 

Halcyon vidali Sharpe, Cat. B.M., xvii., p. 278 (1892), {S. 

S. W. Coast of India. 

1398. (1047) Sauropatis chloris davisoni. The Andaman 
White-collared Kingfisher . 

Halcyon davisoni Sharpe, o}-). cit., p. 282 (Andamnv). 

'399- (1048) Sauropatis chloris occipitalis. The Nicobar 

White'Collared Kingfisher . 

Todiramphus occipitalis Bh/th, J.A.S.B., xv., p. 23 (1847), 
{ Nicobar s). 

i4««- (1049) Caridagrus concretus. The Sumaf ran Kingfisher. 

Dacelo concreta Temm. PL Col, p\ 346 (1825), {Sumatra). 
Kxtreme Soqth of Tenasserim to Sumatra, Borneo, etc, 

146 Jour., Bom. Xaf. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXV III, Xo. -J. [Mar. i>r>, ]9:>-J. 

1401. (1050) Carcineutes pulchellus amabilis. The Pegu 

Banded Kingfisher. 

Carcineutes amabilis Hume, S.F., i., p. 474 (1873), {Pegu 
Central and South Burma. 

Sub-oi-dei- BUCEROTES. 
Family Bucerotid^. 

1402. (1051) Dichoceros bicornis. The Great Hornbill. 

Buccro^s bicornis Linv., S.N., i., p. 104 (17r)8), (China), {Tra- 
vancore). ""^ 

West Coast from Travancore N. to Bombay, Himalayas 
to Burma, Siam. 

1403. (1052) Anthracoceros coronatus coronatus. The MaUi- 

bar Pied Hornbill. 

Buceros coronatus Bodd., Tuhl, PI. Enl., p. 53 (1783), (^f^hl- 
Ceylon, South and South-West India, North to C. P., 
Orissa and Lower Bengal. 

1404. (1053) Anthracoceros coronatus affinis. The Large 

Indian Pied Hornbill. 

Buceros afflnis Blylh, J.A.S.B., xviii., p. 802 (1849), {Deyra 
Sub-Himalayas, Delira Dun to Assam, N. of Brahma- 

1405. (1053) Anthracoceros coronatus albirostris. The Snuill 

Indian Pied Hwnbill. 

Buceros albirostris Shaw and Nod., Nat. Misc., xix., p. 819 
(1807), (Chandernagore). 

Assam, S. of Brahmapootra to Tenasserim, Siam and 
Cochin China. 

1406. (1054) Rhytidoceros undulatus. The Malayan Wreathed 


Buceros undulatus Shaw., Gen. Zool., viii., p. 26 (1811), {Java), 
Assam and Burma to Java. 

1407. (1055) Rhytidoceros subruficollis. Blyth'sWreatJied Horn- 


Buceros subruficollis Bhjth, J.A.S.B., xiL, p. Ill (1843 

Arrakaii and S. Burma, Sumatra and Borneo, 

3iar. 25, 1922.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 147 

1408. (105G) Rhytidoceros narcondami. The Narcondum Horn- 


Hume, S.F., i., p. 411 (187;i), {Narcondam). 
Narcondam, N. Aiidauians. 

1409. (1057) Aceros nepalensis. The Kufous-necked Hornbill, 

Buceros ncpalcn.«is Hodg., As. lies., xviii.. p. 178 (1829), 

Himalayas, Nepal to Assam, Central Burma to Tcnasse- 

i4'o. (1058) Anorhinus galeritus. The Butihy-crested Hornhill. 

Buceros galeritus Temm., PL Col., 2)1- 520 (1824), (Sinnalra), 
TenasserJm, South to Borneo. 

14". (1059) Ptilolamus tickelli tickelli. TicMrs Hornbill. 

Buceros tickelli Blylh., J.A.S.B., xxiv., p. 206 (1855), 
{T enasserim). 

Pegu to Tenasserim. 

141 2. (1060) Ptilolcemus tickelli austeni. Godwin- Austen's 


Auorhiiuis austeni .Jerd., Ibis., 1872, p. 6 (N. CacJiar Hills). 
Assam, S. of Brahmapootra. 

14 '3. (106]) Berenicornis comatus. The Long-crested Hornbill. 

Buceros comatus Bajf., Trans. L.S., xiii., p. 339 (1822), 
S. Tenasserim, southwards to Sumatra and Borneo. 

'4>4. (1062) Lophoceros birostris. The Common Grey HornbilL 

Buceros birostris Scop., Del. Flor. el Faun. Insub., ii., p. 87 
(1786), (Coramandel). 

Plains of India, not N. W. or Malabar Coast. 

'4'5. (1063) Lophoceros griseus. The Malabar Grey Hornbill. 

Buceros griseus iai/t., Ind. Orn., {., p. 147 (1790), (Xove 
Hollandie- Malabar). 
W. Coast from Travancore to Bombay. 

14'^. (1064) Lophoceros gingalensis. The Ceylonese Hornbill. 

Buceros gingalensis Shaw, Gen. Zool, viii., p. 37 (1811), 
Ceylon only. 

1 417. (1065) Rhincplax vigil. The Helmeted Hornbill. 

Buceros \igil Forster, Ind. Zool, p. 40 (1781), (Xo loc), 

Tenasserim to Sumatra and Borneo, 

U8 Juui:, Bom. Nat. IIU. 'Sue, I'ol. XXl'lll, No. -J. [Mar. l'O, IUl'-*. 

Sub-oidor UPUP.L;. 

Family UpupiDiE. 

i|i^. (lOGG) Upupa cpops epops. The European Hoopoe. 

Upiipa rpopH /,(/(., iS'.X, i., p. 117 (1758), {Sweden), 
iStraggler into N. W. India. 

14 1 9. (lOGG) Upupa epops saturata. The Tibelan Hoopoe. 

Lonnbcrg, Arkic.Jiir ZooL, v., p. 2U (iyO!»), {Kiaclda). 
Winter visitor to Assam, Burma, Siam and Yunnan. 

1420. (10G7) Upupa epops orientalis. The Indian Hoopoe. 

Nomcn Nov. [Umhalla). 
Northern India to Sikkim. 

*i42i. (lOGT) Upupa epops ceylonensis. The Ceylon Hoopoe. 

Upupa ceylonensis Jieicli., op. cit. {Ceylon). 

Ceylon and South India to Bombay anil Orissa. 

1422. (1007) Upupa epops longirostris. The Burmeae Hoopoe. 

Upuj)a iongu-ostris Jerd., B. of I., i., p. 393 (1802), {Burma). 
Assam, Burma, Siam, Cambodia, etc. 

Sub-order MICROPODES. 

Family Micropodid^. 

Sub-famih' Mieropodhue. 

1423 {\i)i')^) Micropus melba melba. The Alpine Swift. 

Hirundo melba Linn., S.N., i., p. 192 (1758), {GibraUar). 
India, C(\vlon and Assam. 

1424. (10G9) Micropus apus pekinensis. The Eastern Sicifl. 

Cypselus i)ekinejisis Sicinh.. P.Z.S., 1870, p. 43o {PcLiny). 
Himalayas to W. Assam. 

1425. (1070) Alicropus murinus iiiurinus. The Pale Broicn Swift. 

CyiJselus murinus Brdoa., VoyelJaiKj, p. lb (1855), {Egypt). 
Egypt, Persia, Baluchistan and Sind. 

1436. (1071) Micropus pacificus pacificus. The Lar<je White- 
rtDnped Swift. 

Hirundo pacifica Lath., Ind. Orn. Stippl., p. Iviii. (I8(tj), 

Assam, Burma to Japan and xXustralia. 

* Upiipa imlica Reich., Handb. spec. Orn., p. 320, cannot be used as 
it is in-coccu])icd by Upupa indica Latham, Ind. Orn. i. p. 380. (1790), and 
therefore a new name has to be given. 

Mar. 25, 1922.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 149 

1427. (1071) Micropus pacificus acuticauda. The Khasia 

Hills Swift. 

Cypselus acuticauda Bhjth, Ibis, 1865, p. 45 [Cherrapoonji, 
Khasia Hills). 
Khasia Hills and ? 

1428. (1071) Micropus pacificus cooki. The Burmese White* 

rumped Swift. 
Cypselus pacificus cooki Harington, Bull. B.O O xxxi 
p. 56 (1912), {N. Sha7i States). 
N. Shan States ; resident. 

1429. (1072) Micropus pacificus leuconyx. Blyth's White- 

rumped Swift. 

Cypselus leuconyx Blyth, J.A.S.B., .rir., p. 212 (1845), 
{N. W. Himalayas). 
N. W. Himalayas ; resident. 

1430. (1073) Micropus affinis affinis. The Common Indian 


Cypselus affinis Gray, III. Ind. Zool, pi 35 (1832), {Ganges). 
Tropical India. 

1431. (1073) Micropus affinis galilegensis. The Kashmir House- 


Cypselus galilegensis Antinori, Naumannia, p. 307 (1855), 

N. W. Africa, S. E. Asia to Kashmir. 

1432. (1074) Micropus affinis subfurcatus. The Malayan 


Cypselus subfurcatus Blyth, J.A.S.B., xviii., p. 807 (1849) 
Assam, Burma and Malay Pen. 

1433. (1075) Tachornis batasslensis batassiensis. The Palm- 


Cypselus balassiensis {misprint). Gray, in Grif. An. King, vii , 
p. 60 (1829), {India). 
India and Ceylon. 

1434. (1076) Tachornis batassiensis infumatus. The Eastern 


Cypselus infumatus Sclater, P.Z.S., 1865, p. 602 {Borneo). 
Assam, Burma, E. to China, S. to Java, etc. 

Sub-family CniETURiN^. 

*i43S. (1077) Hirundinapus caudacuta nudipes. The White- 
necked Spine-tail. 

Chsetura nudipes Hodg., J.A.S.B., v., p. 779 (1836), {Ne2Ml). 
Himalayas. Hazara to Assam. 

* Chaturae IS. the generic name for an American species quite different to our 
Indian forms. Hirundifinpus must therefore be used for the big forms whilst our 
two small ones which are bibh quite difTerjnt gmerically fro:n the lar^e bird 
must be called Indieapus Mathews, and Rhapidura, Gates . " 

loO Jouv., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVIII, Xo. 2. [Mar. i>.l, 192l>. 

1436. (1078) Hirundinapus ffi^antea indica. Tie Brown-necked 

Ch^tura indica mime, S.F., i., p. 471 (1873), {Amicharii 

Ct^yloii to Assam, Burma, Andamans. 
,437 Hirundinapus cochinchinensis. TJie Cochin Chin" 

Ou^talot, Bull. Soc. Phil, 1878, p. 52 {Saigon, Cochin 

Assam. Burma, Siam, Cochin China. 

t'43^. (107^) Idicapus sylvatica. The Whiie-rumped Spine-tail. 
Acanthyiis sylvatica Tickell, J.A.S.B., xv., ]h 284 (1840) 
Central India. 

Eastern India from the Himalayas to the extreme South 
and West only as far North as the Bombay Pres. 

11430.(1080) Rhapidura leucopygialis. The Grey-nmped Blaclc 
Acanthyiis leucopygialis Bh/th, J.A.S.B., xviii., p. 809 (1849), 

Tenasserim, South through the Malay Pen. 

1440,. "(1081) Collocalia unicolor unicolor. The Indian Edible 

Hirundo unicolor Jerd., Madr. Jour. L.S., 1840, p. 2.^8 {Coo- 
noor Pass). 

Cejion, S. W. India and W. Himalayas. 

1441. (1082) Collocalia fusciphaga brevirostris. The Ilinial- 

oyan Siviftlet. 

Hirundo brevirostris McClell, P.Z.8., 18.39, j7. 156 (Assam 
Himalayas, from Simla to Assam and Manipur. 

1442. (1083) Collocalia innominata. Hume's Swiftlet. 

Hume, S.F., i., p. 294 (1873), {Port Mouatt, S. Andamann 
S. Andamans, Tenasserim, Siam, Malay Pen. 

1443. (1081) Collocalia francica francica. The Utile Grey' 

rumped Swiftlet. 

Hirundo francica Gmel., S.N., i., p. 1017 (1789), {Mauritius). 
Is. of Mauritius and Bourbon and ? Ceylon. 

IA44. Collocalia francica inexpectata. The Andaman 

Grey-rumped Smftlet. 

Collocalia inexpectata Hume., S.F., i., p. 296 (1873), {Bultoji 
Is. Andamans). 

S. Andamans, Nicobars, S. Malay Pen., Tenas-serim. 

t Vide footnote at the bottom of page 321. 

• For revision of this genus see Oberholser, Pro,' Nat. Mas., U. S. A., Vol. 42, 
p. ii.. id. Acad. Nat. Scie. Philadelphia, 190G, p. 177 ; Stresemann, Nov. Zool., 1912, 
p. 347. 

Mar. 25, 1922.] Birds of the Indian Empire." Isl 

1445. Collocalia francica germaini. OuslaleCs Grey- 

rmnped Swiftlet. 

Collocalia germ ani 0ms/., i?«W. Soc. PliUovi. Paris, jt. 1 (1^7^), 
{Condore Is.). 

Mergui Aichiijelago. Tenasserim and iS. Siam, Cochin 
Chiiaa and Philippines. , ■ 

1446. (1085) Collocclia linchi affinis. BeavarCs Swiftlet 

Collocalia affinis Beavan, Ibis, 1867, 2^. 318, {Port Blair). 
Andamans and Nicobar Is. 

1447- Collocalia linchi elachyptera. OberJwlser's 


Oberholser, Pro. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phil, U.8.A., 1900, p. 207 
(Bentinck Is. ) 
Islands of Mergui Pen. 

Sub-Family Hemiprocnin^. 

1448. (108G) Hemiprocne corcnata. The Indian Crested Swift. 

Hirundo coronata Tick, J.A.S.B., ii., ])■ 580 (1833), {Bora, 

Ceylon, India, Burma and Siam. 

1449. (1087) Hemiprocne longipennis. The Malayan Crested 


Hirundo longipennis Rafin., Bull. Soc. Phil. Paris, Hi., p. 153 
(1803), (Jaw). 

Malay Pen. Tenasserim to Borneo, Java and Sumatra. 

MSo- (1088) Hemiprocne comata. Tlie Tufted Tree Swift. 

Cypselus comatus Temm., PL Col, 268 (1824), {Sumatra). 
Tenasserim, Malay Pen. to Celebes. 

Family Caprimulgid^. 

1 45 1. (1089) Caprimulgus mahrattensis. Sykes' Nightjar. 

Sykes, P.Z.S., 1832, -p- S3, {Mahratias). 

Sind, N. W. Provinces, Afghanistan and Baluchistan. 
Straggler East to Bengal. 

1452. (1090) Caprimulgus monticolus. Franklin'' s Nightjar. 

Franklin, P.Z.S., 1831, p. 116 {Calcutta- Benares). 

India from Mysore to Himalayas, Burma, Siam antl 
Cochin China. 

MS3- (1090) Caprimulgus asiaticus. The Commoti Indian 

Lath., hid. Orn. ii., p. 588 (1790), {India), {Bombay). 
India and Ceyiou and Burma S. to Moulmcm. 

16-2 Jour, Bom. Sat. Hist. f)oc., Vol. XXVlH, Xo. 2. [Mar. 2o, l!t2-'. 

1454. (1002) Caprimulgus europseus nuwini. Hume's Nighljar. 
Caprimulgus unwiiii Hume, Ibis., 1871, j>. 40G (Hazura). 

Transcaspia to Baluchistan, Sind, Kashmk and Is. W. 

1455- (1093) Caprimulgus macrurus bimaculatus. The 

Burmese Long-Udled Nighljar. 

'"aprimulgus bimaculatus Peak, U.S. Expl. Exp. 8, 2>- l'"» 
(1848), {Malacca). 

Malay Pen. to Burma, (and ? Assam), Siam, Yunnan and 
S. W. China. 

1456. Caprimulgus macrurus albononotus. The Indian 

Long-laded Nighljar. 

Caprimulgus albononotus Tick., J.A.S.B., ii., ]'• •'>80 (18ao) 
(Dolbhiim, Bengal). 

N. W. Provinces to Bengal. 

'457 *(10yo) t aprimulgus macrurus nipalensis. The Nepal 

Long-la iled N ighlja r. 

Cajnimulgus nipalensis Harterl.Cal. B.M., xvi., ]j. hi\ (1892) 

Nepal to N. Assam and Hills of S. Assam. 

1458. (10t);i) Caprimulgus atripenni--. Jerdon's Long-tailed 

Jerdon, 111. Ind. Orn., pi. 24 (1847), (Eastern Ghats, S. India). 
Ceylon and S. India, N. to Godaveri and Belgaum. 

1459- (1001) Caprimulgus ardamanicus. The Andaman 

Hume, S.F., i., p. 470 (1873), (Andatnans). 
Andaman Is, only. 

1460. (1005) Caprimulgus indicus indicus. The J angle Nighljar. 

Caprimulgus indicus LalL, Ind.Oni., ii., p. 588 (1790), (India). 
Practically all India S. of Himalayas. 

i4<>i- (1005) Caprimulgus indicus jotaka. The Himalayan 
Jungle Nighljar. 

Caprimulgus jotaka Temni. and Schl., Faun. Jap., p. .'57 
(1847), (Japan). 

Silxnia to Jai>an, Himalayas E. to Assam, N.Burma and 

1 1.162. (1005) Caprimulgus kelaarti. The Ceylon Jungle Nig Ju jar. 

Caprimulgus kelaarti Bli/lh, J.A.S.B., p. 175 (1851), (Ceylon). 
Ceylon, jwssibly extreme S. Travancorc. 

* See Oberholser, Pro. Nat. Mus. 48, p. 587 (1915), C. atripennia is a separate 
species and not a race of macrurus. 

t The position of this bird is doubtful. It is 710I a race of n/t/icw.t but is 
possibly a Southern form of alri'pennis. 

Afar. '25, 1922.] Birds of the Indian Empire. , IsS 

^4^3' (1096) Lyncornis cerviniceps cerviniceps. Gould's Great- 
eared Nightjar. 

Lynoornis cerviniceps Gould, Icon. Ao., ii., 'pl. 14 (1838), 
N. Malay Pen., Burma, Siam, Assam. 

1464. (1096) Lyncornis cerviniceps bourdilloni. Boardillotl' s 

Great-eared Nightjar. 

Lyiicornjs bourdilloni Hume, S.F., Hi., p. 302 (1875), (S, 

Sub-order PODARGI. 
Familj' Podargidae. 

1465. (1097) Batrachostomus hodgsoni. Hodgson's Frogmouth. 

Otothrix hodgsoni Gray, P.Z.S., 1859, p. 101 (Darjiling). 
Sikkim to Assam, Manipur to Karennee. 

1466. (1098) Batrachostomus affinis. BlytKs Frogmouth. 

Blyth, J.A.8.B., xvL, p. 1180 (1847), (Malacca). 
Tenasserim to Borneo. 

1467. (1099) Batrachostomus moniliger. The Ceylonese 


(Layard), Blyth., J.A.S.B., xviii., p. 80G (1849), {Ceylon). 
Ceylon and Travancoie. 


Family Trogonid^. 

1468. (1100) Pyrotroj'on fasciatus. The Malabar Trogon. 

Trogou fasciatus Pennant, In. Zool., pl. iv. (1769), {Ceylon). 
Chota Nagpur to the Godaveri, S. W. India and Ceylon. 

1469. (1101) Pyrotrogon erythrocephalus erythrocephalus. 

The Bed-headed Trogon. 

Trogon erythrocephalus Gould, P.Z.S., 1834, p. 25 {Rangoon) 
Nepal E. to Assam, Burma, Siam and ? Malay Pen. 

1470" (1102) Pyrotrogon duvauceli. The Red-rumped Trogon^ 

Trogon duvauceli Temm., PL Col, No. 291 (1824), {Sumatra 
Tenasserim, Pen. Siam to Borneo. 

I47». (llOo) Pyrotrogon oreskias uniformis. Robinsons 
Yellow-breasted Trogon. 

Robinson, Jour., F.M.S., vii., p. 149 (1917), {Trang., Pert. 

Arrakan, Siam, Cochin China and S. to Malay Pen. 

i.>4 Jour., fiom. Nat. Hist. Abe, Vol. XXVlll, No. 'J. [Mar. -Jo, U^J'J 


Famil}- CUCULID^. 

yub-Family Cuculina, 

1472. (1104) Ciiculus canorus telephonus. The Asiatic Cucko'^ 

Cuculus tolcphomis Heine, Jvur.f. Orii., 1863, j). 352 (Japan), 
N. Asia, E. to Japan, fcj. to Hiiiuilayfis and S. China. Mi- 
grant to (A^ylon. 

'473' (1104) Cuculus canorus bakeri. The Khasia Ilills 


Harterl, ]'og. Pal, vii., p. <J48, (1912), {Shilluny. K/iasia 

Hills S. of Brahmapootra, Manipur, Chin Hills to 8han 

i474> (1105) Cuculus optatus. The Himahyan Cuckoo. 

Gould, P.Z.S., 1845, 2>- 18 {Purl Essimjlon, Australia). 
N. Asia, Central Asia to Himalayas. 

M75- (HOG) Cuculus poliocephalus poliocephalus. The Small 

Cuculus poliocephalus Lalh., In. Orn., j)- 214 (1790), (India), 

N. E. Asia, N. and C. China to Himalayas. Casual 

I47<^' (1107) Cuculus micropterus micropterus. The Indian 

Cuculus microi)tcrus Gould, P.Z.S., 1837, p. 137 (Hiuutlaya). 
Brooding S. and Central Chuia, Central Asia and India. 
Casual Ceylon. 

•477- (1108) Hierococcyx sparveroides. The Large IJawk- 

Cuculus si)arvoroidcs Vigors, P.Z.S., 1832, 2>- ^"''^ (Central 

N. Imlia and Burma, Yunnan, Chuia, otc. 

1478, (llO'J) Hierococcyx varius. The Common Hawk-Cuckoo. • 

Cuculus varius Vuhl, Slriv. Nut. SelsL, iv., p. Gl (1709), 

India and Ceylon, not Assam, Punjab or Smd. 

1479. Hierococcyx fu^ax fugax. The Javan Ilaivk- 


Cuculus fugax HorsJ., Travs. L.S., xiii., p. 178 (1821), (Java). 
A rare straggler into Burma. 

Mm: 2.% 1922.] Birds of t^e Indian Empire. / ^ I55 

1480. (1110) Hierococcyx fugax nisicolor. Hodgson's Hawk- 


Cuculus nisicolor Blyth, J.A.8.B., xti., p. 943 (1843), {Nepal ) 
Himalayas, Nepal to Assam, Burma and Siam. 

1481. (1111) Hierococcyx nanus. The Small Hawh-Cuchoo. 

Hume, 8.F., v., p. 490 (1877), {S. Tenasserim). 
S. Tenasserim, Salangor and N. Borneo. 

1482. (1118) Cacomantis merulinus querulus. The Rvjous- 

bellied Cuckoo. 

Cacomantis querulus Heine, Jour.,f. Orn., 1863, p. 352 {Nepal 
Burma). — — i— 

E. Bengal, N. and S Assam, Burma and S. China. 

1483. (1112) Cacomantis merulinus passerinus. The Indian 

Plaintive Cuckoo. 

Cuoulus passerinus VaJil, Skriv., Nat. SelsL, iv., p. 51 (179?) 

{India). '\ 

Lulia and Ceylon, excluding previous area and Rajputana. 

»484. (1114) Penthoceryx sonneratii sonneratii. The Banded 
Bay Cuckoo. 

Cuoulus sonneratii, Lath., Ind. Orn., i., p. 215 (1790), {Jndiai, 
{ N. Cachar Hills). 

India, Burma and Siam. 

1485. (1114) Penthoceryx sonneratii waiti. The Ceijlon 
Banded Bay Cuckoo. 

Stuart Baker, Bull. B.O.C., xxxix., p. 46 (1918), {Geylon). 
- ''■ . ? ■ Ceylon only. 

i486. (1114) Penthoceryx sonneratii venustus. The Malay 
Banded Bay Cuckoo. 

Cuculus venustus Jerd., Madr. Jour. L.S., xiii., p 140 (1842) 

{Malacca). " 

'" - " ^ ■ " S. Tenasserim and Siam, Malay Pen. to Borneo and Java. 

1487. (1115) Chalcococcyx xanthorhynchus xanthorhynchus. 

The Violet Cuckoo. 

Cuculus xanthor3aichus Horsf., Trans. L.8., xiii., p. 179 (1821 ), 
Assam to N. and Central Burma. 

1488. (1115) Chalcococcyx xanthorhynchus malayanus. The 

Malay Violet Cuckoo. 

Cuculus malayanus Raff., Tran. L. S., xiii., p. 286 (1822), 
{Malay Pen). 

Pen. Siam and Burma, Andamans, etc., Malay Pen. to 

156 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hi.'^t. Soc., Vol. XXVIII, No. 2. [Mor. '2r>, 1922. 

1489. (1116) Chalcococcyx maculatus. The Emerald Cvckoo. 

Trogon maculatus Gtnel, S.N., i.,p. 404 (1788), (Ceylon). 
Himalayas, Simla to Assam, Burma, Siam, etc., to 

♦1490. (1117) Surniculus luRubris brachyurus. The Malay 

Drongo Cuckoo. 

Stresemann, Nov. Zool., xx., p. 340 (191.3), (I\ihang). 
Pen. Burma and Siam, S. through Malay Pen. 

1491. (1117) Surniculus lugubris dicruroides. The Indian 

Drongo Cuckoo. 

Pseudornis dicruroidos Ilodg., J.A.S.B., viii., p. 136 (1839), 

Upper India, Assam. Burma, Siam. Hainan. China. 

1492. (1117) Surniculus lugubris stewarti. The Ceylon Drongo 


Stuart Baker, Nov. ZooL, a-xvi., p. 293 (1919), (feylnn). 
Ceylon , Travancore and W. Coast to Karwar. 

tM93. (1118) Clamator jacobinus. The Pied Crested Cuekoo. 

Cuculus]acol)inus5orff?., Tnhl PI Enlum.,p. 53 (1783), 
(Coromandel Coa.<it). 

Ceylon, India ; W., N. and C<^ntral Burma. 

1494. (1119) Clamator coramandus. The Red-umged Crested 

Cuculus coramandus Linn., S.N., i..p. 171, (1700) (foromandcl 
Ceylon, India East, Burma. 

Sub-Family Phcknicophatn^-. 

M95. (1120) Eudynamis scolopaceus scolopaceus. The Indian 

Cuoulus scolopaceus. Linn., S.N., i., p. Ill (1758), (Bengal). 
India and Ceylon. 

1496. (1120) Eudynamis scolopaceus malayana. The Malay 

Eudynamis malayana Cab. and Hein., Mus. Hein., iv., p. 62 
(1802), (Sumatra). 

Siam and Burma, Assam, Malay Pen. 

♦ See Stuart Baker, Nov. Zool., xxvi., p. 293, and Stresemann, ibid, xxiii., i». f<35. 
•(• The name Clamator antedates Cocci/stes, see Stegneger, Pro. Bio|. Soc. W ish., 
XV., p. 87. 

Mat: 25, 1922.] Birds of the Indian Eminre. . . lo^ 

1497. (1121) Zanclostomus javanicus. The Lesser Red-hilled 


Phcenicophaes javanicus Horsf., Trans. L.S., 1822, p. 178 
Pen. Siam and Burma, Malay Pen. to Borneo, etc. 

1498. (1122) Rhopodytes viridirostris. The Small Green 


Zanclostomus viridirostris Jerd., JIadr. Jour. L.S., xi.,p. 223 
(1840), (Coonoor). 

Ceylon and S. India, N. to Belgaum and the Godaveri. 

1499. (1123) Rhopodytes tristis tristis. The Large Green-billed 


Melias tristis Less., Traite d'Orn., p. 132 (1831), {Bengal). 
Lower Himalayas, Kumaon to Bengal and Assam, N. and 

1500- (1123) Rhopodytes tristis longicaudatus. The Large 

Malay Green Malkoha. 

Phoenicophfeus longicaudatus Blytli., J.A.8.B., x., p. 923 
(1841), ( Mou Imein ;. 
Burma, Slam, Cambodia and Malay Pen. 

1501. (1124) Rhopodytes diardl. Diard's Green-billed Malkoha. 

Melias diardi Less., Traite d'Orn., p. 132, 1831 {Sumatra). 
Tenasserim and Malay Pen. to Sumatra. 

1502. (1125) Rhopodytes sumatranus. The Smnatran Green-billed 


Cuculus sumatranus Bajf., Trans. L.S., xiii., p. 287 (1822), 
Tenasserim S. to Sumatra. 

1503- (1126) Phcenicophaes pyrrhocephalus. The Red-faced 

Cuculus pyrrhocephalus Pennant, hid. Zool., p. 66 (1769), ' 
Ceylon only ' 

1504. (1127) Ramphococcyx erythrognathus. The Chestnut- 
breasted Malkoha. 

Phcenicophaes erythrognathus Hartl., Verz. 31 us. Brom., p. 95 
(1844), {Sumatra). 

S. Tenasserim to Sumatra. 

«505« (1128) Rhinortha chlorophasa chlorophasa. Raffles' 
Green-billed Malkoha. 

Cuculus chlorophseus BaJf., Tran. L.S., xiii., p.288 (1822), 
S. Tenasserim to Sumatra, not Borneo. 

lo8 Jour., Bom. yat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVIII, Xo -J. [Mar. -J.',, I92i'. 

1506. (1129) Taccocua sirkee sirkee. 2'he Punjab SirJceer 

Ccntropus sirkee Gray, Hard. Ill hid. Zool, i., pi. 28 (1830- 
32), (Nilgiris). 

Upper India, Punjab to Bchar and W. Bengal. 

i507' (1129) Taccocua sirkee infuscata. The Hill Sirkeer 

Taccocua infuscata Bhjh., J.A.S.B., xiv., p. 201 (1845), {Sub- 

Foot-hills of Himalaj'as, X. of last race. 

1508. (1129) Taccocua sirkee leschenaulci. The Southerr 

Sirkeer Cuckoo. 

Taccocua leschenaulti Less., Traile d'Orn., p. 144, (1830' 
(India), [Kanara, Bombay). 

South India and Ceylon. 

I509« (1130) Centropus sinensis sinensis. The Chinese Crow- 


Polophilus sinensis Stephen, Shaw's Gen. Zool., ix., x>- 51 (1815), 
{Ningpo, China). 

Himalayas and Sub-Himalayas, from Kashmir to N. 
Assam and S. China. 

1510. (1130) Centropus sinensis intermedins. Hume's Crow- 


Centrococcyx intermedius Hume, S.F., i., p. 454 (1873), 

S. Assam, Manipur, Burma, Siam to N. Malay Pen. 

1511. (1130) Centropus sinensis parroti. The Southern Croiv- 


Stresemann, Nov. Zool., xx.,p. 323 (1913), {Ceylon). 

Ceylon and India, X. to the Canges and Bombay, etc. 

1512. (1131) Centropus chlororhynchus. Tlie Ceylon C row- 


Blyth, J.A.S.B., xviii., p. 805, (1849), {Ceylon). 
Ceylon only. 

1513- (1132) Centropus andamanensis. The Andaman Crmv- 


Tytler, Beavan, Ihis, 1807, p. 321 {Andama7is). 
Andaman Is. and Cocos. 

1514. (1133) Centropus bengalensis bengalensis. The Indian 
Lesser Crow-Pheasant. 
Cuculus bengalensis Gmel, S.N., i., p. 412, (1788) {Bengal), 
Ceylon S., C, ^Y. and N. E. India, N. Chin and Kachin 
Hills, N. Siam. 

Mar. 25, 1922.] Birds of the Indian Empire. - , . . 15^ 

»5»5- (1134) Centropus bengalensis javanensis. The Malay 

Lesser Crow- Pheasant. 

Cuculus Javauensis Dumont, Die. 8c. Nat., xi.,p. 144 (1818 ^ 
Pen. Siam and Burma to Java. 


Family Psittacid^. 

*i5»6. (1134) Psittacula etspatria eupatria. The Large Ceylonese 

Psittacus eiipatiia Linn., Sijst. Nat., i.,p. 140 (1760), (Ceyton). 
Ceylon and Travancore, Mysore and Malabar. 

1517- (1135) Psittacula eupatria nipalensis. The Large 

Indian Paroquet. 

Palseornis nipalensis Hodg., As. Hes., xi.v., p. 177 (1836\ 

(Nepal). " 

N. and C. India, from Punjab to Bengal and Sunderbans. 

I5'8. (1136) Psittacula eupatria indoburmanica. The Large 

Assam Paroquet. 

Palseornis iudoburmanicus Hume, S.F., vii., p. 459 (1878) 
' (Sikkim). 

Sikkim Himalayas, Assam, Chin Hills and W. Burma. 

iSip- Psittacula eupatria avensis. The Large Eastern 

Burmese Paroquet. 

Fal^omiseupntria, avensis Kloss, Jour. Siam Nat. His. Soc, 
a., p. 219 (1911), (Bha7no). 
Eastern Burma. 

1520. (1137) Psittacula eupatria magnirostris. The Large 

Andaman Paroquet. 

Palseornis magnirostris Ball, J.A.S.B., xli., 2, p. 278 (1873),. 

Andaman and Cocos Islands. 

152 1. (1138) Psittacula torquata. The Rose-ringed Paroquet. 

Psittacus torquatus Bodd., Tab. PI. Enl.,p. 32 (1783), (Behar). 

1522. (1139) Psittacula cyanocephala cyanocephala. The 

Western Blossom-headed Paroquet. 

Psittacus cyanocephalus Linn., 8.N.,L, p. 141 (1766), (India). 
India and Ceylon E. to Silikim. 

• Paloiornis not being available for this genus, Psittacula, (Cuvier 1800) must ba 
used in its place. 

100 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. Sac, Vol. XXVIII, No. -J. [Mar. -Jo 1922. 

*i523, (1110) Psittacula cyanocephala bengalensis. The 

• Eadeni Blossom-h ended Paroquel. 

Psittacus bengalensis Forsler., Ind. Zool.,p.4:0 (1781). {Bengal). 
Himalayas from Sikkim and E. Bengal to Assam and 
Burma, Siam and W. Chma. 

1524. (1141) Psittacula schisticeps schisticeps. The Slaty- 

headed Paroquet. 

Palseoniis schisticeps fl^otZgr., -(45. Res., xix., 2>- 178 (1836), 
Himalayas to Assam N. of Brahmapootra. 

1525. (1142) Psittacula schisticeps finschi. The Burmese Slaty- 

headed Paroquet. 

Pdlseornis finschi Hume, S.F., ii., p. 509 (1874), iKollidoo) 
Assam S. of Brahmapootra, through Burma to Pegu and 

1526. (1143) Psittacula columboides. The Blue-winged Paroquet. 

Paloeornis columboides Vigors, Zool. Jour., v., p. 274 (1835)^ 
{No locality), [Aneichardi 'I'rainncore). 

From S. Travancore to ICliandala. 

1527- (1144) Psittacula calthropse. Layard's Paroquet. 

Palajornis calthropaj Layarcl, J.A.S.B., xviii., p. 800 (1849). 
Ceylon only. 

1528. (1145) Psittacula alexandri fasciata. The Indian Red - 
breasted Paroquet. 

Psittacus fasciatus Miill., Natur. Syst. SuppL.p. 74 (1776), 

Himalayas, Kumaon to Assam, Burma to Cochm Chhia 
and S. China. 

1529- (1146) Psittacula caniceps. BlytKs Nicohar Paroquet. 

Palaiornis caniceps Blyth, J.A.S.B., xv., p. 23, (184G), {Nico- 

Nicobars Is. only. 

1530. (1147) Psittacula erythroffenys erythrogenys. The 

Nicobar Red-cheeked Paroquet. 

talseomis erytarogenys Blyth., J.A.S.B., xv., p. 23 (1846), 
Nicobars only, 

1531. (1148) Psittacula erythrogenys tytleri. The Andaman 

Red-cheeked Paroquet. 

Palfeoniis tytleri Hume, P.A.S.B., iJ.108 (1874), (Andamans). 
Andaman, Cocos, P*reparis Islands. 

Psitlacu <ro«oBodd. Tabi. PI, Enlum., p. 53 (1783 is antedated by Forster as 
above 1781. 


Mar. 25, 1922.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 161 

»532. (1119) Psittinus incertus malaccensis. The Littte Malay 

Psittacus malaccensis Lath., In. Orn., i., p. 130 (1790), {Ma- 

Penin. Burma and Siam South to Malacca. 

*«533 (1150) Coryllis vernalis. The Indian Loriquet. 

Psittacus vernalis Sparrm., Mus. Carls., No. 29 (1787), (No 
loc), (Cachar). 

South and W. India to Bombay, East Bengal, Sikkim, 
Assam to Burma. 

1534. (1151) Coryllis indicus. The Ceylon Loriquei. 

Psittacus indicus Ghnd,, 8.N., i., p. 349 (1788), (Ceylon). 
Ceylon and South Travancore. 

• Loriculut is ante-dated by Loricula. The next name is Coryllis., 

( To be continued.) 

iFrom the. JotTiiXAL OF the Bombay Natural History Society, June 3'j, 1922. |, 



E. C. Stuart Baker, f.l.s., f.z.s., m.b.o.u. 

Part VI. 

(Continued from page 333 of this Volume.) 


Family Strigid^. 

*535- (1152) *Tyto alba javanica. The Indian Barn-Owl. 
Strix javanica Gmel., S.N., i., p. 295 (1788), (Java). 
The whole of India, Ceylon, Burma to Java. 

1536. (1152) Tyto alba deroepstorffi. The Andaman Barn-Owl. 

Strix dera'pstorffi Hume, S.F., Hi., p. 390 (1875), 


1537. (1153) Tyto Candida. The Grass-Owl. 

Strix Candida Tickell, J.A.8.B., ii., p. 572 (1883^, 

, The greater part of India except the W. and N. W. 

East to Formosa, etc. 

1538. (1154) Photodilus badius badius. The Bay Owl. 

Strix badia Horsf., Res. Java., pi. 37 (1824), (Javn). 

Eastern Himalayas from Nepal to Assam, Burma to 
Java and Borneo. 

1539. (1155) Photodilus badius assimilis. The Ceylon Bay Owl. 

Phodilus assimilis Hmne, S.F., i., p. 429 (1873), (Ceylon). 
Ceylon only, 

1540. (1156) Asio otus otus. The Long-eared Owl. 

Strix otus Li7in., Sys. Nat., 1, p. 92 (1758), (Sweden). 
Practically all Europe and Asia. 

1541. (1157) Asio flammeus flammeus. The Short-eared Owl. 

Strix fiammea Pontoppidan, Danske Atlas, i.,p. &\1, xolV, 
(1163), (Denmark). 

Practically all Europe, N. Africa, N. America and most 
of Asia, 

*The generic term Sfrix was first applied to birds of another genus (the Tawny 
Owls) and not to the Barn-Owls. Tyto of Billberg, 1828 is the next name available 
for this genus and Strix must replace Syrnium of Savigny for the Tawny-Owls or 

164 Jour., Bom. Xat. Soc, Vol. XX J HI, \'j. 3. [June 30, 19l'-_'. 

1542. i'll58) Strix aluco nivicolor. T/ie Himala/jun Wood-Oui. 

Syrnium nivicolum Blyth, J.A.S.B., xiv., p. 185 (1845), 
Himalayas from Claibwal to China, and X. Burma. 

'543. (J 159) Strix aluco biddulphi. Sctdly's Wood-Owl. 

Strix biddulphi Scully, Ibis, 1881, p. 423 (Gilgit). 

N. W. India from Afghanistan and Baluchistan to 
Kashmir and Garhwal. 

»544. (IIGO) Strix indranee indranee. The Brown Wood-Owl. 

Strix indranee Sykes, P.Z.S., 1832, p. 62 (Deccayi). 
Ceylon and Hills of S. India, N. to Mahableshwar and 

*545. (1160) Strix indranee newarensis. The Himalayan Brown 


Ulula newarensis Hodg., As. Res., xix., p. 168 (1836). 

Himalayas, East to Assam and the Hills of X. and 
Central Burma. 

1546. (liGO) Strix indranee nraingayi. The Malay Brown 


Syrnium mungayi Hume, S.F., vi., p. 29 (1875) 



■ 547. (1161) Strix occellata. The Mottled Wood-Owl. 

Syrnium occol latum Less., Rev. Zool., 1839, p. 389 

The Plains of India to the extreme S. and E. to LoAver 

1548. (1162) Strix seloputo. The Malayan Wood-Owl. 

Strix seloputo Horsf., Trans. Linn. Soc, xiii.. p. 140 
(1821), {Java). 

South Burma from Pegu, South to Java, etc. and E. 
to Siam and Cochin China. 

*549. (1163) Strix butleri. Hume's Wood-Owl. 

Asio butleri Hume, S. F.. vii., j)- 310 (1878), (Omara 
Mekran Coast), 

Mekran Coast and ? Sinai. 
Sub-family Bu boning. 

1550. (1164) Ketupa zeylonensis zeylonensis. The Brown 

Fish Oiol. 

Strix zej'lonensis Gmel., Syst. Nat., i., p. 287 (1788), 

June 30, 1922.'] Birds of the Indian Empire. . >- ,. , .^ 165 

. " Ceylon, India, East to South Cliina and Hainan, nearly 
all Burma. 

'55"- (11 '31) Ketupa zeylonensis nigripes. The Himalayan 
Brown Owl. 

Caltrunguis nigripes Hodg., J.A.S.B., v., j). 364 (1856), 

Himalayas from Afghanistan to E, Assam. 

1552. (1166) Ketupa javanensis javanensis. The Malay Fish 

Strix javanensis Horsf., Trans. L.S., aiii., 2^- 141 (1821 ) 

South Burma and Malay Peninsula to Java, Sumatra 
and Borneo. 

'553. (1165) Ketupa javanensis flavipes. The Tawny Fish Owl. 

Caltrunguis fla\npes Hodg., J.A.S.B., v., p. 364 (1836)j 

Sub-Himalayas from Kashmir East to Assam, INTanipur, 
N. Burma to China. 

• 554. (1167) Bubo bubo turcomanus. The Turkestan Great 
Horned Owl. 

Strix turcomana Eversm., Add. Pall. Zoog. Rosso- As., ^., 
p. 3 (1835), (Caspian Sea). 

Transcaspia, Turkestan to N. W. Himalayas. 

1555. Bubo bubo tibetanus. The Tibetan Great Horned 


Bubo bubo tibetanus Bianchi, Bull. B.O.C., xvi., p. 69 
(1906), (Chitsu, Tibet). 

Central Tibet to Nan Schan, S. to Sikkim. 

1556. (1168) Bubo bubo bengalensis. The Indian Great Horned 


Otus bengalensis Frankl., P.Z.8.. 1831, p. 115 (Bengal) 

India from the South to the Sub-Himalayas and N.E. 

•557- (1169) Bubo coramandus. The Dusky Horned Owl. 

Strix coramanda Lath., Ind. Orn., i., p. 53 (1790), (Cora- 
mandel Coast). 

All Central and North India as far East as Bengal. 

»558- (]170) Huhua nipalensis. The Forest Eagle-Owl. 

Bubo nipalensis Hodg., As. Res., xix., p. 172 (1836), 

Himalayas and Mts. of S. India, Ceylon, Assam and 
Biii'ma. ■ 

166 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc., Vol XXV III, No. 3. [June 30, 1922, • 

1559- (1171) Huhua orientalis. The Malay Eagle-Oivl. 

Strix orientalis //or*/., Trans. L.S., xiii., p. 140 (182 M. 

S. Tennasserim, Malay Peninsula to Sumatra, Java and 

1560. (1172) Nyctea nyctea. The Sno ivy Owl. 

Strix nyctea Linyi., S.N., i., 2^. 93 (1858), (Sweden). 
Mardan, N.W. Punjab., Northern Europe and Asia. 

1561. (1173) Otus scops pulchellus. The Eastern Scops Owl. 

Stryx pulchella Pall., Reise Prov. Russ. Reich., i., p. 456 
(1871), (Volga). 
S. Eastern Russia, straggler into X.W. India. 

1562. Otus scops sunia. The Indian Scops Owl. 

Scops sunia Hodg., As. Res., p. 175 (1836), (Nejyal). 
North and Central India. 

1563. Otus scops rufipennis. The Southern Indian Scops 


Scops rufipennis Sharpe, Cat. B.M., il, p. 60 (1875), 
Southern India. 

1564. Otus scops nicobarica. T]ie Nicohar Scops Oivl. 

Ephialtes nicobaricus Hume, S.F., iv., p. 283 (1877), 


»565. Otus scops minutus. The Ceylon Scops Owl. 

Scops minutus Legge, A.M.N.H., (5), i., p. 175, (1878), 

Ceylon only. 

»S66. (1174) Otus brucei. The Striated Scops Oivl. 

Ephialtes brucei Hume, S.F., i., p. 8 (1873), (Bombay). 
West Turkestan, Afghanistan, Baluchistan and Kashmir, 
S. to Bombay. 

1567, (1175) Otus spilocephalus. The Spotted Himalayan Scops 

Ephialtes spilocephalus 5^///(, J.A.S.B., xv., p. 8 (1846), 
Himalayas, Murrec to E. Assam, N. and Central Burma. 

June 30, 1922.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 167 

1568. (1178) Otus bakkamoena bakkamoena. The Collared 

Scops Owl. 

Ottis bakkamoena Pennant, Ind. Zool, p. 3 (1769), 

Ceylon and S. India. 

1569. (1176) Otus bakkamoena balli. The Andaman Scops Owl. 

Ephialtes balli Hume, S.F., i., p. 407 (1873), (Andatnans). 

1570. Otus bakkamoena lempiji. The Malay Scops Oivl. 

Scops lempiji Horsf., Trans. L.S., xiii., p. 140 (1821), 
Tennasserim, South to Burma. 

1571. Otus bakkamoena lettia. The Nepal Scops Owl. 

Scops lettia Hodg., As. Res. xix., p. 176 (1836), (Nepal). 
Nepal and Garhwal to E. Assam amd N. Burma. 

1572. (1179) Otus bakkamoena plumipes. Th3 Kashmir Scops 


Ephialtes plumipes fl'Mme, My Scrap-book, p. 397, (1870), 
N. W. Himalayas, 

«573. Otus bakkamoena semitorques. The Japanese 

Scops Owl. 

Otus semitorques Temm. & Schl, Siebold's Faun., Jap., 

p. 25 (1850), (Japan). 

Japan Southwards. Very doubtful record from Shan 

1574. *Otus bakkamoena deserticolor. The Sind Scops 


Otus bakkamoena deserticolor Ticehurst, Bidl. B.O.C., 

xlii.,p. 57 (1922), (Sind). 

Sind, Baluchistan, ? Muscat and Bushire. 

1575. (1177) Otus sagittatus. The Large Malay Scops Owl. 

Ephialtes sagittatus Cass., Pro. Ac. Nat. Sci. Phila., iv 
p. 121 (1850), (India, Perak). 
Tennasserim, South down the Malay Peninsula. 

157O. (1180) Carina noctua brama. The Indian Spotted Owlet. 
Strix brama Temm., PI. Col, pi. 68 (1823), (India). 
All India N. of 14°, except extreme N. E. Assam and N. 
Chin Hills. 

« This bird Ta:iy be Seopg sjmenoioi Zarudy and Harm., Orn. Monatsb., X, p. 49, 

168 Jour., Bom. yat. Hist. -SWc., JW. XXl'III, No. ;). [June 30, 1922. 

1577. ' Carina noctua fryi, TJie Southern Spotted Oulef. 

Carinc brama fiyi Stuart Baker, Bull. B.O.C., xl., p. 60 
(1919), (Paumbaum, Madra.i). 

Mysore, Travancore, Deccan, Madras, and Bombay N. 
to U°. 

'578. Carina noctua pulchra. The Burmese Spotted Ouiel- 

Athene pulchra Hium, 8. F., i., p. 469 (1873), {Peqii). 
Central and S. Burma, Shan States, Siam Yunnan, 

1579. (1181) Carine noctua blewitti. The Forest Spotted Owlet. 

Hetoroglaux blewitti Hume, S. F., i., p. 468 (1873), 
{PJwoljan State, W. India). 

Sambulpur, Karial, Khandesh 'forests). 

(580. (1182) Carine noctua bactriana. HultoWs Owlet. 

Athene bactriana Hulton, J.A.S.B., xvi., p. 776 (1847),. 

A straggler only into X.W. India on the Afghan frontier, 

1581. Carine brama tarayensis. The Bahichistan Spotted 


Noctua tarayensis Hodg., As. Res., xix., j)- 275 (1836), 

{Nepal Terai). 

N. W. India, Baluchistan, Sind and Persian Baluchistan. 

1582. (1183) Qlaucidium cuculoides cuculoides. The Large 

Barred Owlet. 

Noctua cuculoides Vigors. P.Z.S., 1830, p. '6 {Himalaya). 
From Hazara to Assam, Burma and Siam. 

1583. (1184) Qlaucidium radiatum radiatum. The JujigleOuiet. 

Strix radiata Tickell, J.A.S.B, ii., p. 572 (1833). 

India from the foot of the Himalayas and S. to Madras 
and Belgaum. 

1584. Glaucidium radiatum malabaricuni. The Malabar 

Jungle Owlet. 

Glaucidium malabaricum Sharpe, Cat. B.M., ii., p. 218 

(1883), {Malabar). 

Malabar Coast to Ceylon and N. Ceylon. 

1585. (1185) Qlaucidium radiatum castanonotum. The 

Chestnut-bacl'ed Ouiet. 

Athene castanopterus apud Bh/tJi, J.A.S.B, xv., p. 280 
-- ■ • (wee. HorsJ.), (1846), {Ceylon). 

Ceylon in the wetter, hilly count rj-. 


June 30, l92-\j Birds of the Indian Empire. 16& 

1586. *(li86) (ilaucidium brodiei. Tke Collared Pigmy Owlet. 
^octu&hvodk:i Burton, P. Z.S., 1835, x>- 162 {Himalayas)^ 
Himalayas, Murree to E. Assam, Burma, China and Malay 

1587- (1187) Ninox scutulata lugubris. The Indian Brown 

Strix lugubris Tickell, J.A.S.B, ii., p. 572 (1833)^ 
{Dholbhum, Bengal). 

^ N. India from Rajputana to Bengal. 

1588. Ninox scutulata burmanica. The Burmese Brown 


Ninox burmanica Hume, S. F., iw., ^'^ 386 (1876), {Pegu). 
Assam to Burma and Siam. 

• 589. Ninox scutulata affinis. The Andaman Brown 


l!imoxa,ffiniiiTytler, Beavan, Ibis, 1867, p. 285 (Andatnans).. 
Andamans and Nicobars. 

1590. Ninox scutulata hirsuta. The Ceylon Brown- 


Ninox hirsuta Temm., PI. Col, 289 (1824), {Ce)jlon). 

159'' Ninox obscura. Hume's Brown Hawk-Owl. 

Ninox obscura Hume, 8. F., i., p. 11, (1873), (Andamans) 
Andamans and Nicobars. 


Family Pandionid.^.;!: 

1592. Q189) Pandion haliaetus haliaetus. The Osprey. 

Falco haliaetus Linn., S.N. 10th ed., i., p. 91 (1758), {Sweden), 
Europe, Asia and Africa, winter to India. 

Family Gypid^. 

1593- (1190) /Egypius monachus. The Cinereous Vulture. 

II Vultur monachus Linn., S.N., 12th ed. 1, p. 122 (1766) 
(Arabia) S. Europe, N. Africa, East to India and China. 

*This little Owl forms several geographical races which recpiire working out. 

fThis order having just been completely worked by Mr. W- L. Sclater, he has 
very kindly allowed rue to make use of his Ms. and other work for this Catalogue. 

JVery doubtfully separated from the true Falronidce with which it is linked by the 
genus Haltai'tus. 

WVuUur applies to a quite different genus and JEi/ypius Savigny, 1809, is the 
next name applicable. 

170 Jour., Bo)n. Sat. Hist, .foe, rol. XXVIII, Xo. 3. ' Jmhc 3U, 1922. 

<594- (1191) Torgos calvus. The Bhck or Pondicheny Vulture. 

\'ultur calvus Scop., Del. Flor. et. Faun. Insubr., ii., p. 85 
• (1786), {Pondicherry). 

India to Cochin China and Malay Pen. 

«595 (1192) Gyps fulvus fulvescens. The Indian Griffon 

Gyps fulvescens Hume, Ibis, 1869, p. 356, (Punjab). 
India, not extreme Eaist or Ceylon. ? Red Sea and 

1596. (111)3) Qyps himalayensis. The Himalayan Griffon. 

Hume, Rough Notes, i., p. 12 (1869), (Simla). 

Himalayas, West from Bhutan to Turkestan and Tibet. 

1597 (1191) Gyps indicus indicus The Indian Long-hilled 

Vultui' indicus Scop., Del. Flor. et Faun. Insubr., ii., p. 85 
(1786), {Pondicherri/). 

Indian Pen., X. to Punjab and Rajputana. 

1598 (1194) Gyps indicus pallescens. The Pallid Vulture. 

Gyps pallescens Hume, S.F., i., p. 150 (1873), (Ajmere). 

i599- (1195) Gyps tenuirostris. The Hvnalayan Long-hilled 

Hume, S.F., vii., p. 326 (1878), (Nepal). 

Bengal, Assam and foothills of Himalayas, Burma. 

1600. (1196) Pseudogyps bengalensis. The Indian White-hacked 


Vu.tur bengalensis GmeZ., ^S.iV. I., p. 245 (1788), (Bengal). 
India and Burma to ^lalay Pen. and Annam. 

1601. vll98) Neophron percnopterus percnopterus. The 

Egyptian Vulture. 

Vultur percnopteras Linn., S.N. , i^p.Sl (1758), (Egypt). 
Africa, S. Europe East to N.W. India. 

j6o2. (1197) Neophron percnopterus ginginianus. The Smaller 
While Scavenger Vulture. 

Vultur gmg\n\a,imi^ La I })., In. On). i.,p. 7 (1790), (Gingee 
S. India). 

India, S. to Ceylon and E. to Chota Xagpur, etc. 

June 30, 1922. \ Birds of the Indian Empire. . 171 

Family Falconid^. 
Sub-Family Gypaetin^. 

1603. (1199) Qypaetus barbatus grandis. The EaMern Bearded 

Gypaetus grandis Storr., Alpenreise vom Jahr. 1781 — 4, 
p. 69 {Switzerland). 

S. Europe, East to Central Asia, Himalayas and China. 
Sub-Family Falconing. 

-1604. (1200) Aquila chrysaetus daphanae. Himalayan Golden 

Aquila daphanse Hodg. in Oray's Zool. Misc., p. 81 
(1844), (Nepal). 

Central Asia, Tianschan and Altai to Himalayas. 

'1605. (1202) Aquila heliaca. The Imperial Eagle. 

Savigny, Descr. Egijple Says. Ois., p. 82 (1809), {Upper 

E. Europe and N. Africa to India. 

1606. (1202) Aquila nipalensis nipalensis. The Eastern Steppe- 


Circaetus nipalensis Hodg., As. Res., xviii., (2), p. 13 
• (1833), {Nepal). 

Mongolia and S.E. Siberia to the Altai, India and 

1607. (1203) Aquila rapax vindhiana. The Indian Tawny 


Aquila vindhiana Frank, P.Z.S., 1831, p. 114 {Vindhya 

India to Persian Baluchistan. Not Assam or Ceylon. 
11608. (1205) Aquiia clanga. The Greater Spotted Eagle. 

Pall. Zoog. Rosso. Asiat. i., p. 351 (1827), {Russia and 

E.jEurope to Amur, winter S. to S. Asia and N.E. Africa. 
J609. (1206) Aquila hastata. The Small Indian Spotted Eagle. 

Morphnus hastatus Less., Voy. hid. Belanger, p. 217 

(1834), {Bengal). 

India and Burma, not Ceylon. 

172 Jow., Bom. yat. Hist, fioc, fal. XX fill. Xo. 3. [June 30, 19-JL^ 

i6io, (1207) Hieraetus fasciatus. BoneUi's Eagle. 

Aquila fasciata VieilL, Mem. Soc. Linn. Paris, ii., (2)v 
]). 152 (1822), (Montpellier). 

S. Europe and N. Africa through India to China. 

i6ii. ^1208) Hieraetus pennatus. The Booted Eagle. 

„ , Falco pennatus Gmel., S.N., i. (1), i>. 272 (1788), (Spain).. 

S. Europe and N. Africa to India, Burma and Ceylon, 

i6i2. (1209) Lophotriorchis kieneri. The Rufous-bellied Hauk- 

Astur kieneri de Sparre, Mag. Zool., 1835, Aves, pi. 35 

India and Burma and Malaj-a to PhiUppines ; Ceylon. 

1613. (1210) Ictinaetus malayensis perniger. The Indian 

Black Eagle. 
. • ■ . '. : Aquila, p.-rniger Hod;/., J.A.S.B., v., p. 227 (1836), (Nepal). 
India, Ceylon, Burma, >S. to Malay Pen. 

1614, (1211) Spizaetus cirrhatus cirrhatus. The Indian Hawk- 


Falco cirrhatus Gmel., S.N., i., p. 274 (1788), (India).- 
Indian Pen. N. to Rajputana and Central Provinces. 

1615. (1212) Spizaetus cirrhatus limnaetus. The Changeable 


Falco limnaetus Horsf., Trans. L.S., xiii., p. 138 (Java). 
Sub-Himalayan Tracts, Assam, Burma to Philippines. 

1616, (1211) Spizaetus cirrhatus ceylanensis The Ceylon 


Falco ceylanensis Gmel., S.N., i., p. 275, (1788), (Ceylony 
■ ■ • Ceylon and Travancore. 

1617. Spizaetus cirrhatus andamanensis. The Andaman 


Spizaetus andamanensis Tytler, P.A.S.B., 1865, ^?. 112 
., ■, : ' . , (Port Blair). 


1618, (1213) Spizaetus nipalensis nipalensis. Hodgson's H atvk- 


•: Nisaetus nipalensis Hodcj., J.A.S.B., v., ])• 229 (1836), 


Himalayas and sub-Himalayas, Hazara to Assam. 

Jime 3(\ ldi2.] Birda of the Indian Empire. .' \ ■ " .• 173 

1619. (1214) Spizaetus nipalensis kelaarti. Legge's Hawh-Eagle 

Spizaetus kclaarti Lecjge, Ibis., 1878, 2^. 202 (Ceylon). 
Ceylon and Travancoie, 

1620. (1215) Spizaetus alboniger. BlytJis Hawk-Eagle. 

Nisaetus alboniger Blyth, J.A.S.B., xiv., ]i. 173(184.5) 

Tennasserim and Siam and Malay Pen. to Bornto. 

1 62 1. (1216) Circaetus gallicus. The Short-toed Eagle. 

Falcogalliciis Gmel., S.N. ,i., (1), p. 259(1788), (France). 
Central and S. Europe, N. Africa to India and China. 

1622. (1217) SpilornJs cheela cheela. The Indian Crestea 


Falco cheela Lath., Ind. Orn., i., p. 14 (1790), (Luchnotv). 
Himalayas, Kashmir to Sikkim, winter Southwards, 

1623. (1217) Spilornis cheela rutherfordi. The Hainan 



Spilornis rutherfordi Swinh., Ibis, 1870, p. 85 (Central 

A?sam, Burma and Siam to Hainan. 

1624. (1217) Spilornis cheela albida. The Lesser Serpent-Eagle. 

Falco albidus Temm., PI. Col., 4, pi. xix. (1824), 

Southern India. 

1625. (1217) Spilornis cheela spilogaster The Ceylon Serpent- 


Hajmatornis spilogaster Bhjth, J.A.8.B., xxi., p. 351 
(1852), (Ceylon). 

Ceylon only. 

1626. (1217) Spilornis cheela davisoni. The Andaman Serpent- 


Spilornis davisoni Hume, S.F., i., p. 307, (1873), (S, 

Andaman and Nicobar Is. 

1627. (1217) Spilornis cheela ricketti. The Chinese SerjJent- 

Eagle. ■ . . ■■ 

8cl., Bull. B.O.C., xl, p. 37 (1919), (Yamahan, Fokien). 
Mt. of S. China to Chindwin, U. Burma. 

]74 Jour., Bom. Sat. Jlist. Soc, Vol. XXVIII, .^o. :i. [June 30, 19:22. 

1628. (1217) Spilornis cheela bassus. The Malayan Serpent 


Falco bassus Forster in Le Vaill. Nat. Af. Vog., p. 55 

Malay Pen. S. Tennasseriin to Sumatra. 

1629. (1218) Spilornis minimus. The Nicobar Serpent-Eagle. 

Hume. S.F., i., p. 464 (1873), {CamorUi, Nicobars). 
Northern group of Nicobars. 

1630 (1219) Spilornis elgini. The Andaman Serpent-Eagle. 

Tytler, J.A.8.B., xxxii., p. 87 (1863), (-S'. Andaman Is.) 
Andaman Is. 

1631. (1219) Spilornis klossi. Kloss' Serpent-Eagle. 

Richmond, Pro. U.S. Nat. Mus., xxv., p. 304 (1902) 
{Great Nicobars). 

Great Nicobars. 

1632. 1 1220) Butastur teesa. The White-eyed Buzzard. 

^ Cirius teesa Frank!., P.Z.S., 1831-2, p. 115 [Ganges, 


All India, E. to Burma. 

1633 (1221) Butastur liviventer. The Rufous-winged Buzzard- 

■ ■ Falco liviventer Temm., PL Col. 74, pi. 438 (1877), (Java). 

Burma, Siam and Celebes and .? Java and Timor. 

1634. (1222) Butastur indicus. The Grey-faced Buzzard-Eagle. 

Falco indicus Gmel, S.N., i., p. 264 (1788), (Java). 

Breeding N.E. Asia, winter South. Straggler N. Burma. 

1635. (12:3) Cuncuma leucorypha. Pallas' Fishing-Eagle. 

Aquila leucorypha Pall., Reise. Rnss. Reichs, i., p. 454 
(\11 1), {Lower Ural R.). 

S. Russia to Transbaikalia and N. India and Burma. 

1636. (1224) Cuncuma leucogaster. The White-hellied Sea-Eagle. 

Falco leuoogaster Gmel, S.N., i., p. 257 (1788), {Neio 
South Wales). 

Coasts of India, Ceylon, Burma and S. China to Australia. 

1637. (1225) Haliaetus albicilla. The WHie-iailed Sea-Eagle. 

Falco albicilla Linn., S.N., i., p. 89 (1758), {Sweden). 
Breeding N. Europe and Asia, winter to India, etc. 

Jujie 30, 1922.] BinJs of the Indian Empire. 175 

1 638. (1226) PoHoaetus ichthyaetus. The Large Greij-headed 

Fishing Eagle. 

Falco ichthyaetus Horsf., Trans. L.8., xiii., p. 136 (1821). 

India, Ceylon, Burma to Philippines. 

1639. (1227) PoHoaetus humilis humilis. The Malayan Fishing 


Falco humilis Miill. <£• Schleg., VerJi. Nat. Oescli. Aves., p. 47 
(IS'iO), (Sumatra). 

Sumatra, etc., Malay Pen., to South Tennasserim. 

1640. (1227) PoHoaetus humilis plumbeus. The Himalayan 


PoHoaetus plumbeus Jerdon, Ibis, 1871, p. 336, (N. W. 

Sub-Himalayas, Kashmir to Assam and Upjier Burma. 

1641. (1228) HaHastur Indus indus. The Brahmmy Kite. 

Falco indus Bodd., Tabl. Enl., 1783, p. 25 (Pondicherry). 
India, Ceylon, Burma, Malay Pen., Indo China and China. 

The Common Pariah 

1(1229)1 Milvus migrans govinda, 
'^4^- I (1231) j Kite. 

Milvus govinda Sykes, P.Z.S., 1832, p. 89 (Deccan). 
India, Ceylon, Burma, Malay Pen., Siam to Hainan. 

1643. (1230) Milvus migrans lineatus. The Black-eared Kite. 

Haliaetus lineatus Gray in Hard.. III. Ind. Zool., i p i 
(1832), (China). 

Central Asia, S. to Himalayas, E. to Japan, winter widely 

1644. (1232) Elanus coeruleus coeruleus. The Black-winged 


Falco coeruleus Desfon., Hist. Acad. Roy., Paris. 1787-9, 
p. 503 (Algiers). 

Africa from Algiers, E. to India, Ctylon, Burma, etc. 

164-. (1233) Circus macrourus. The Pale Harrier. 

Accipiter macrourus S. G., Gmel. N. Comm., Acad. Petro 
XV., p. 439 (1771), (Veronitz, Volga). 

Roumania to Altai ; winter to India, Ceylon, Burma and 

176 Jour., Bom. iSat. Hist. Soc, Vcl. XXVIII, No. 3. [June 30, 1922. 

1646. (1334) Circus pyjrarjcus. Montagu's Harrier. 

Falco pygaigus Linn., S. N., p. 89 (1758), (England). 
Europe and N. Asia, winter South. 

1647. (1335) Circus cyaneus. The Hen Harrier. 

Falco cyaneus Linn., S.N., i., p. 126 (1766), {Near 

Europe and N. Asia, winter South. 

1648. (1236) Circus melanoleucus. The Pied Hairier. 

Falco melanoleucus Forst. Iml. Zool., p. 12 (1781), {Ceylon) 
N. E. Asia, South in winter. 

1649. (1237) Circus asruginosus aeruginosus. The Marsh 


Falco jvruginosus Linn., S.N., p. 91, (1858), (Sweden). 
Europe and X. Asia, winter southwards. 

1650. (1238) Circus spilonotus. The Eastern Marsh Harrier. 

Kaiip. in Jard., Con. Orn., p. 59 (1850), (Asia, Philippines) 
Transbaikalia and Tibet, winter southwards. 

1 65 1. (1239) Buteo ferox. The Long-legged Buzzard. 

Accipiter ferox. 8.G., Gmel. Nov. Comm. Acad., Peiro., xv, 
p. 442 (1771), (AstraJcan). 

S. and Central Russia and Central Asia to Himalayas. 

1652. (1240) Buteo hemilasius. The Upland Buzzard. 

7'emm. d; Schleg. in Sieb. Faun. Jap., p. 16 (1845) 

Eastern Asia, S. to Himalayas and S. China. 

^^53' (1241) Buteo buteo rufiventer. The Desert Buzzard. 

Buteo rufiventer Jerd., Madr. Jour. L.S., xiii., p. 165 
(1844), (Nilghiris). 

Breeding S.E. Russia, Asia Minor and Persia, S.E. in 

"654. (1241) Buteo buteo Japonicus. The Japanese Desert 

Falco buteo japonicus Temm. tO Sch. in Sieb. Faun. Jap., 
p. 16 (1845), (Japan). 

Breeding in Turkestan to Higher Himalayas. 

J"M?ie 30, 1922.] Birds of the Indian Empire. ■ ■ ,' ■ ^^^ 

1655. (1243) Astur gentilis schvedowi. The Eastern Goshawk. 

Axtur palumbarius schvedowi Menzh.. Orn Geogr. Eur., 
Russ. in Mem. s.c, Un. Imp. Mosc, p. 439 (1882), 

Northern Asia and S. to N. India, Burma and Central 

1656. (1244) Astur badius badius. The Ceylon Shikra. 

Faico badius Gmel, S.N., i., p. 280 (1788), {Ceylon). 
Ceylon and Travancore. 

1657. (1244) Astur badius dussumieri. The Shikra. 

Falco dussumieri Temm., PI. Col. livr. 52, pL 308 (1824), 

N. India from Kashmir to North Assam. 

1658. (1244) Astur badius poliopsis. Humes Shikra. 

Micronisus poliopsis Hnme, 8.F., ii., p. 325 (1874), 
{Thayetmyo). 7> 

S. Assam, Burma, S. to Trang and E. to Hainan. 

1659. (1244) Astur badius cenchroides. Severtzov's Shikra. 

Astur cenchroides Severtz., Turkes. Jevit., p. 63 (1873), {Tur- 

kestan). , . 

Turkestan to Baluchistan, Sind and Punjab. 

J 660. Astur butleri. Butler s Shikra or Goshawk. 

Gurney, Bull. B.O.C., vii., p. xxvii. (1898), {Car Nicobar) 
Nicobar Islands. 

J 66 1. Astur obsoletus. Richmond's Shikra or Goshawk. 

Richmond, Pro., U.S. Nat. Miis., xxv., p. 306 (1902) 

Nicobar Islands. 

1662. (1245) Astur soloensis. HorsfielcVs Goshioak. 

Falco soloensis Horsf., Trans. L.S., xiii., p. 137 (1821), 

Breeding China, S. in winter to A'^sam, Burma, etc. 

1663. (1246) Astur trivirgatus trivirgatus. The Crested 


Falco trivirgatus Temm.., PI. Col., 2)1. 303, (1824), 
(Sumatra) South India, May. Pen. and Java, etc. 

178 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hi^t. Soc, Vol. XX J III, No. 3. [June 30, l9i'-2. 

1664. (1246) Astur trivirgatus rufitinctus. The Great Crested 

Spizaetua rufitinctus McClelL, P.Z.S., 1839 -p. 153 

N. India, Burma to Formosa and Hainan. 

1)65, (1247) Accipiter nisus nisosimilis. The Asiatic Sparrow- 

Falco nisosimilis Tick., J.A.S.B., it., p. 571 (1833), 
(Bengal, Borabhum). 

Breeding Turkestan to Japan. Winter India, etc. 

1666. (1247) Accipiter nisus melanoschistus. The Indian 


Accipiter melanoschista Hume, Ibis, 1869, ?>. 35& 


Himalayas, Kashmir to Assam and N. Burma, etc. 

1667. Accipiter gularis. The Japanese Sparrow-Hawk. 

Astur gularis Temm. db Schleg. in Sieb., Faun., Jap., p. 5 

(1845), (Japan). 

Breeding N. E. Asia. Rare straggler to Burma in 

668. (1248) Accipiter virgatus besra. The Bcsra Sparro-h' 

Accipiter besra Jerd., Madr., Jour. L.S., x., p. 84 (1839) 
(S. India). 
S. India and Ceylon. 

1669 Accipiter virgatus affinis. The Larger Besra 

Spar roiv- Hawk. 

Accipiter affinis J. E. Oray, Zool. Misc., p. 81 (1844) 
Himalayas from Pindi to Assam, Burma, China, etc. 

1670. (1249) Pernis cristatus ruficollis. The Indian Crested 


, Verms Wifi.Qo\\is, Less., Traite d'Orn., p. 76 (\9,Z\),( Bengal), 

India, Ceylon, Burma, Malay Pen. to Siam and S. China. 

1671. (1250) Machasrhampus alcinus. The Slender-billed Pern. 

Westermann, Bigd. t. d. Dlerk, i. (2), p. 29 (1851). 
S. Tennasserim, Malay Pen. to New Guinea. 


June -iO, ib-^-J.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 17^ 

1672. (1251) Lophastur leuphotes leuphotes. The Black-crested 


Falco leuphotes Ditmont, Diet. Sci. Nat., xvii., p. 217 
(1820), (Pondicherrij). 

Nepal Terai, Bengal, Travancore and Ceylon. 

1673. (1251) Lophastur leuphotes burmana. The Burmese 

Black-crested Baza. 

W. L. Sclater, Bidl. B.O.C., xli., p. 31 (1920), (Malucom), 
Assam, Burma, Siam, Indo China to Malay Pen. 

1674. (1252) Aviceda jerdoni jerdoni. Blyth's Baza. 

Lophastur jerdoni Blyth,, J.A.S.B., xi., p. 464 (1842),.. 

Sikkim, Assam, Burmese Hills to Malay Pen. and Sumatra. 

1675. (1253) Aviceda jerdoni ceylonensis. Legge's Baza. 

Baza ceylonensis Legge, S. F.., iv., p. 2^7 {\%1%), {Kandy 

Ceylon, Travancore, Wynaad. 

1676. (1254) Falco peregrinus calidus. The Siberian Peregrine- 


Falco calidus Lath., Ind. Orn., i., p. 41 (1790). (India). 

Breeding N. and Central Asia. Winter S. to India,. 
Burma, Ceylon, etc. 

1677. (1255) Falco peregrinus peregrinator. The Indian 

Peregrine Falcon. 

Falco peregrinator Sund., Phys. Sail. Tid., i., p. 177 
(1837), {Indian Ocean). 

India, Ceylon and Burma in hill country. 

1678. (1256) Falco peregrinus babyionicu?. The Red-capped 


Falco babylonicus Ourney, Ibis, 1861, p. 218 {Oudh). 
Breeding Mesopotamia to Turkestan and Baluchistan. 

1679. (1257) Falco Jugger. The Laggar Falcon. 

Gray in Hard., III. Ind. Zool, it., pi. 26 (1833-4), {India).. 
India and N. Burma. 

1680 (1258) Falco cherrug cherrug. The Saker Falcon or 

Falco cherrug Gray, op. cit., pi. 25 (1833-4), {India). 
S. E. Europe and Central Asia, winter S. to India, etc. 

180 Jour., Bom. Nat. HL^t. 8oc., Vol. XXII I J, Xo. 3. [Jum 30, 1922. 

1 68 1. (1259) Falco cherrug milvipes. Hodgson's Saker or 

Shangliar Saker. 

FeAcomiMT^QS Hodg., in Gray's Zool. Misc.. p. 81 (1814) 
Central Asia, winter to India, etc. 

1682. (1260) Falco subbuteo subbuteo. The Hobby. 

Falco subbuteo Ldnn., S.N., j). 89 (1758), {Sweden). 
Europe and N. Asia, straggler to India in winter. 

1683. (1260) Falco subbuteo streichi. The Chinese Hobby. 

Harlert dhNeum., Jour. f. Orn., 19D7, p. 572 {Swatow, S 
China, visitor to Buima. 

1684. (12G1) Falco severus severus. The Burmese Hobby. 

Falco severus Hovsf., Trans. L.S., xiii., p. 135 (1822), 

Assam, Burma and Indo China to Philippines. 

1685. (1261) Falco severus indicus. The Indian Hobby. 

A. B. Meyor cO Wiglls., B. of Celebes, i., p. 84 (1897)i 

Himalayas to Travancore and Ct-ylon. 

1686. (1262) Falco vespertinus amurensis. The Eastern h'ed- 

footed Falcon. 

Falco vespertinus var. amurensis Badde, Reis. Ost. Sib. , 
ii., p. 110 (1863), {Blagowestschensk, Amur, Siberia). 

Central and E. Siberia, S. in winter to Africa, India 
China, etc. , 

1687. (1263) Falco columbarius insignis. The Asiatic Merlin 

^salon regulus insignis Clark, P. U.S. Nat. Mus.,xxxi., 
p. 470 (1907), {Corea). 

Northern Asia, S. in winter. 

1688. (1264) Falco chiquera chiquera. The Red-headed Merlin. 

Falco chiquera Daudin, Traiti', ii., p. 121 (1800), {Bengal). 
India, West to Quetta, East to Assam. 

1689. (1265) Falco tinnunculus tinnunculus. The Kestrel. 

Falco tinnunculus Linn., S.N., p. 90 (1758), {Sweden). 
In winter to India, Burma and Ceylon. 

June 30, 1922.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 181 

1690. (1265) Faico annunculus interstinctus. The Indian 


Falco interstinctus McClell. P. Z, S., 1839, p. 154 
Breeding Mts. of India and Burma to W. China. 

169 1. '1266) Falco naumanni pekinensis. The Chinese Lesser 


Falco cenchris var. pekinensis Swinh., P.Z.S., 1870, p. 442 
N. China, S. in winter to India, Burma;, etc. 

1692. (1267) Microhierax coerulescens coerulescens. The 

Red-legged Falconet. 

Falco coerulescens Linn., S.N., p. 88 (1758), {Bengal). 
Sub-Himalayas, Kumaon to Assam. 

1693. (1267) Microhierax coerulescens burmanicus. The 

White-breasted Falconet. 

Swann, Synop., Accip. p. 116 (1920), {Thaiietmayo). 
Burma, Siam, Cambodia, Annam. 

1694. (1268) Microhierax melanoleucus melanoleucus. White- 

legged Falconet. 

lerax melanoleucus Blyili, J.A.8.B, xii., p. 179 (1843). 
Assam, to Indo China. 

1695. (1269) Microhierax fringillaris. The Black-legged Falco- 


Falco fringillaris Drap., Did. Class. d'Hist. Nat., vi., p. 412 
(1824), {Malacca). 

Tennasserim, S. to Borneo. 

1696. (1270) Poliohierax insignis. Fielden's Falcon. 

Poliohierax insignis Walden, P.Z.S., 1871, p. 627 (1872) 


r. -) \, ^ 

[Fro7n the Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society, Dec. 2 0, 1922.] 


BY . 

E. C. Stuart Baker, f.l.s., f.z.s., m.b.o.u., c.f.a.o.u. 

Part VII. 

[Contimied from fage 594 of this volnme.) 

Order COLUMB^. 

Family Columbiu^. 

Sub-family Treronince. 

1695. (1271) Crocopus phoenicopterus phcenicopterus.- 

The Bengal Green Pigeon. 

Columba phcenicoptera Za<^., Ind., Orn., ii., x^. 597 

(1790), {in insula Eimeo). 

Central and N. E. India to Assam N. of 

1696. (1271) Crocopus phoenicopterus viridifrons. The 

Burmese Green Pigeon. 

Treron viridifrons Blyth, J. A. S. B., .fir., pt. 2, p, 
849 (1845), {Tennasserim). 

Assam S. of Brahmaputra, Burma S. to Moulmein,. 
E. to Cochin. 

1697. (1272) Crocopus phoenicopterus chlorogaster. The 

Southern Green Pigeon. 

Vinago chlorogaster Blyth, J. A. S. B., xii, pt, i., p. 
167 (1843), {Indian Pen.) 

India S. of the range of 1696, Ceylon, N. W, 
to sub-Himalayas. 

*i698. n275) Treron pompadora pompadora. The Pompa- 
dour Green Pigeon. 

Columba pompadora Gmd., S. N., i., p. 775 

(1789), {Ceylon). 

Ceylon only. 

1699. (1273) Treron pompadora phayrei. The Ashy-headed 
Green Pigeon. 

Osmotreron phayrei Blyth, -J. A. S. B., .r.r.ri., p. 344 
(1862), {Touwjhoo). 

E. Bengal, Assam, Burma, S. to Tavoy and E. to 
Cochin China. 

* The generic name Osmotreron Bonaparte, 1 854, is antedated by Dendropkasa 
Gloger, 1842, and cannot therefore be used but Osmotreron and Treron (Vieill 1816). 
are not separable so that the latter name will be retained. 

184 Jouf., Bom. Xat. Jiisi. Soc., }'»/. .XATJJJ, .\<>. 4. 'Dec. I'U, U):.'l>. 

1700. il274) Treron pompadora af finis. The Gref/-f/oitted 

Green Pigeon. 

Vinago attinis .hrd., Jladr. J. L. S., xii., p. liJ 
(1840), {Malahftr (■»a4). 

West Coast of India from Kanara to Cape Como- 

1701. (]i7t> Treron pompadora chloroptera. The Anda- 

manese Green Pigeon. 

Treron chloroptei;a Blyt/i, J. A. S. B., uiv., p. So^ 
(184o), {yicobars). 

Andamans and Nicobar Islands. 

*i702. (1277) Treron fulvicollis fulvicollis. The Cinnamon- 
headed Green Pigeon. 

Columba fulvicollis W'ai/lfi-, Syst. Ar. Columha 
(1827), {Java). 

S. Burma and 8iam, Malay Pen.. Sninatra 
i^t Celebes, Philippines, etc.). 

1703. (J27?) Treron bisincta bisincta. The Lesser Orange- 
breasted Green Pigeon. 

Vinago bisincta Jerd., Madr, >l. 7>. S., 'ii.. />. 1-5 
(1840), (Madras). 

Bombay S. from Kanara, Madras S. of lat. 14, 
and Ceylon. 

^1704. (1278) Treron bisincta domvillii. The Larger Orange- 
breasted Green Pigeon. 

Osmotrerou domvillii SicitiJ/., lOis, 1S7U, //. o-j4 

Orissa, Bengal, Assam, Burma, Cochin China, 
Siam and Malay Pen. 

1705. (1279) Treron vernans vernans. The Pink-necked 

Green Pigeon. 

Columba vernans Linn., 21ant., p. TyJ^ (1771), (P/'j- 

Peninsidar Siam and Burma to Sumatra, Borneo 
and Philippines. 

1706. (1281) Treron curvirostra nipalensis. The Thick- 

hilled Green Pigeon. 

Toria nipalensis Hodgs., Ax. Res., .dz., p. ]t)4 
(1836), (Xipal). 

Himalayas, Nepal to E. Assam. Burma, Shan 
States, Yunnan, Cochin China, Siam. 

' Type locality changed to Sumatra. Eobinsonj Siam K. H. J., v.. p. '30. 1921. 
+ 1 cannot separate Robinson''s and Smith's T. b. pratermissa from Siam (^Siam 
J. N. H., v., p. 2".', 1921). 

Dec. 20, 1922.] Birds of the Indian Empire. . 185 

1707. (1280) Butreron capellii. The Large Thick-hilled Green 


* • Columba capellii Temm., PL Col., pi. 143 (1823) 


Mergui, South to Java. 

1708. (1282) Sphenocercus apicaudus. The Pin-tailed Green 


Treron apic-iuda Blyth, J. A. 8. B., xiv., p. 854 
(1845), {S. E. Himalayas). 

Himalayas, Kumaon to E. Assam, Hills of Burma 
and Siam to Malay Pen. 

3709. (1283) Sphenocercus sphenurus. The Wedge-tailed 
Green Pigeon. 

Vinago sphenura, Fifjor.% 1'. Z. 8., 1831,^. 173 

J^ashmir to E. Assam, Chin Hills, Shan States to 

Sub-family DucuUnce. 

1710. (126) Ducula badia insi^rnis. Hodgson's Imperial 

Ducula insignis Hod(/., As. Res., xii., p. 162 (1836) 
(Xipal). ^ '' 

Nepal to E. Assam, N. of Brahmaputra, Naga 

17' I. (1287) Ducula badia griseicapilla. The Grey-headed 
Imperial Pigeon. 

Ducula griseicapilla \YaU., A. M. A\ H., .rn., p. 228 
(1875), Karen Hills. 

Assam, S. of Brahmaputra, Burma, Shan States 
and Siam. 

1712. (1288) Ducula badia cuprea. Jerdon's Imperial 

Columba cuprea Jerd., Madr. J. L. 8., xii., n 12 
(1810), {Malabar). 

S. W. India from Kanara to Cape Comoriu 

1713- (1284) Muscadivores senea ffinea. The Green Imperial 

Columba a3nea Linn., S. X 1, p. 283 (1766), {Moluc- 
cas in errore), {Flares). 

Pen Burma and Siam to Flores. 

186 Jaur., Bom. Ao/. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVIII, Ao. 4. [Dec. tlO, 1922. 

1714. (1284) Muscadivores aenea sylvatica. The Northern 

GiccH liuyerial Pigeon. 

Columba sylvatica Tickell, J. A. <S. B. ii., p. •181 
(IS;};}), {Boralih 11)11 and Dhabhhum). 

India East of lunu. f^O . Burma, Shan States, Siam, 

1715. (1284) Muscadivores aenea pusilla. The Ceylon Green 

Imperial Pigeon. 

Carpophaga pusilla Bhjtii. J. A. S. B.. :< nii., }>. 816 

(1849), {Ceylon). 

Ceylon and S. W. India to Kanara. 

1716. (1285) Muscadivores aenea insularis. The Nicobar 

Green Imperial Pigeon. 

Carpophaga insularis Btyth, J. A, S, B., .r.ivu,, p. 

270 (18r)8), {Mcoharx). 

Nicobars only. 

1 7 17. (1289) Myristicivores bicolor. The Pied Imperial 

Pigeon . 

Columba bicolor Scop., IM. Flor. et lauu. himbr.f 
ii., p. 94 (1786), {New Guinea). 

Andamans, Nicobars through Malay Arch, to 
Australia. "West Malay Pen. 

S u b - f ai 1 li 1 y Ca loenadin ce . 

1718. (21D0, Calcenas nicobarica. The Nicobar Pigeon. 

Columba nicobarica Linn., S. N., p. 164 (17o8), 

Cocos. Andamans and Nicobars. Straggler to 
Malay Pen. 

Sub -family Phabin<(\ 

1719. (1291) Chalcophaps indica. The Emerald Dove. 

Columba indioa Linn., s. N., ed. x., p. 164 (1758), 
{in India orient a I i). 

Ceylon, the greater part of India, Burma, Malaya, 

Sub-fainil_y ColumbincE. 

1720. (1292) Columba livia intermedia. The Indian Blue 


Columba intermedia ;.Sfnc/j., A.M. N. H.. 1844,/). 

39 {India). 

Ceylon, India, Burma, Siam, etc. 

Bee. '20, 1922.] Birds of the Indian Empire, 187 

172 1. (]2!)o) Columba livia neglecta. Hume's Blue Rock- 


Columba neglecta Hume, Lahore to Yar., p. 272 
(1873), (LadaJc). 

Turkestan, East Persia, Baluchistan, Afghanis- 
tan, Ladak and N. Kashmir. 

1722. (12'.U) Columba rupestris turkestanica. The Indian 

Blue Hill-Pigeon. 

C. r. turkestanica Buturlin, Orn. Monatsb., p. 45 
(1908), {Altai). 

Altai, Turkestan, Tibet and Northern Himalayas. 

1723. (12'.).j) Columba oenas eversmanni. The Eastern Stock- 


Columba eversmanni Bonaparte, Compt. Rend., xliii 
p. 838 (1856), {Central Asia). 

Turkestan to N. W. India in winter. 

1724. (12'.l(i) Columba leuconota leuconota. The White- 

bellied Pigeon, or Snow-Pigeon. 

Columba leuconota Vigors, P. Z. S. I., p. 23 (1831) 

Himalayas from Chitral to Sikkim. 

1725. Columba leuconota gradaria. The Tibetan 


Hartert, Nov. Zoo?,, 1916, ^. 85 {Szetschtvan). 
From N. E. Sikkim to N. W. China. 

1726 (1207) Dendrotreron hodgsoni. The Speckled Wood- 

Columba hodgsoni Vigors, P. Z. 8., 1832, p. 16 

Kashmir to E. Assam, N. Burma, Shan States, 
Yunnan and Siam. 

1727. (120!^) Palumbus palumbus casiotis. The Eastern 

Wood-Pigeon or Ring-Dove. 

Palumbus casiotis Bonap., Consp. Gen. Av., u., p. 42 
(1854), {Himalayas). 

Turkestan to N. W. India and Sind. 

1728. (1290) Alsocomus elphinstonii. The Nilgiri Wood- 


Ptilinopus elphinstonii Sykes, P. Z. S., 1832, p. 14 9 

Hill-tracts of S. W. Ijidia, Bombay to Cape 

1M8 Join:, Horn. Nat. Ui.<t. Soc, I'nl. XXIIIl, No. 4. [Dec. 20, 19-^2. 

1729. (l;)0(i) Alsocomus torringtonii. The Ceylon Wood- 

Pi geon . 

I'alnmbu> torriuiitonii Bonap. Consp. Gen. Av.. u. 
p. 4L' (l8o-l), (Ceylon). 
Ceylon only. 

1730. (130I) Alsocomus pulchricollis. The Ashy ll'ood^- 


Colnmba pulchricollis Hodgs. in Gray's Zool Misc., 
2). 8") (1844), (Nepal). 

Eastern Himalayas from Nepal to Shan States. 

i73». (l;^'02) Alsocomus puniceus. The Purple Wood-Pigeon. 

Alsocomus piuiiccus Tick., BIyth, J. A. S. B., xi., 
^ p. 461 (1842), (Chyehassa). 

N. E. India to Burma, Shan States, Yunnan, 
Cochin China, Siam to Malay Pen. 

1732. (i;jO;i) Alsocomus palumboides. The Andamanese 

Wood-Pigeon . 

Carpophaga palumboides Hume, S.. F. i., j). oU2 
(1873), (Andamans). 

Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 

*«733- (ly^*!) Slreptopelia turtur turtur. The Turtle -Dove. 

Columba tur^.nr Linn., S. N., ?., p. 164 (1758), 
(England, WiUoiighby). 

r" One specimen from Quetta. 

•73 4- (loOr;) Streptopelia turtur arenicola. The Persiaiv 

Turtur turtur arenicola Harterf. Nov. Zool., 1894, 
p. 42 (Persia). 

Straggler into N. W. India. 

1735. (loi»4) Streptopelia orientalis orientalis. The Pufous 

Columba orientalis Lath.. Ind. Orn.. ii.. p. 606 
(1790), (China). 

E. Siberia, China, Japan tf Tibet, Nepal and 

>73<i- {I;)or>) streptopelia orientalis meena. The hidicm 
Rufous Turtle-Dove. 

Columba meena Syhes, P. Z. S., 1832, p. 149 

Breeding Himalayas and Central Asia. "Winter 
almost all India. Ceylon. 

* Hartert has dealt fully with this genua both in his Vog. Pal. xi., p. 1483 
(1920) and in Nov. Zool. 

Doc. 'IQ, 1922. J Birii^ of the Indian Umpire. i-^"^ 

1737. (1306) Streptopelia orientalis agricola. The Indian 

Turtle- Dove. 

Columba agricola Tick., -I. A. 8. B., u., %>. ^^\ 
(1883), {Borahhum). 

Practically all India, Assam, Burma to Tenuas- 

1738. (loOT) Streptopelia chinensis suratensis. The Indian 

SjJotted Dove. 

Colnmba suratensis GmeL, S. N., i., jj. 778 (1789) 
* All India to E. Assam, X. of Brahmaputra. 

»739« Streptopelia chinensis ceylonensis. The Ceylon 

S2Jotted Dove. 

Turtur ceylonensis Reichenhach, Vol. Nat. Tauben., Fig. 
3378 (1851), (Ceylon). 

Ceylon and South Travancore. 

1740. (loOH) Streptopelia chinensis tigrina. The Burmese 

S'polted Dove. 

Columba tigrina Temm., Les Pigeons, p. 94 (1810) 
(Java) . 

Assam S. of Brahmapiitra, Burma to Malay Pen. 
and Islands. 

1741. (1300) Streptopelia senegalensis cambayensis. The 

Little Brown Dove. 

Columba cambayensis Gmel., S. N., i., p. 779, 
(1789), (Camhaya). 

India W. of the Hugli, (Ganges and Kusi Rivers. 

1742. Streptopelia senegalensis ermanni. The 

Persian Little Broivn Dove. 

Turtur ermanni Bona])., Compt. Rend., p. 942 (1856), 
(Bochara) . 

Turkestan, Persia, Afghanistan, Baluchistau 

* (Quetta). 

1743. (1310) Streptopelia decaocto decaocto. The Indian 


Columba risoria decaocto Frivalszky, A. M. Tarsasag 

Evl., p. 183 (1838), (Turkei). 

Western Europe to India and Ceylon, China. 
to Japan. 

190 Jnuv., Bom. yat. Hi.^t. Soc, Vol. XXVJII, .\n. 4. [D^c. I'O, 19->l'. 

1744. (l:'.l<i) Streptopelia decaocto xanthocycla. The 

Buriiifse Ring-Dove. 

Turtur decaocto xantluicycla yewman, Av. Mag. 
iv., p. 'S-24 (1906), {Burma). 

Burma, Siam, Shan States, Cochin China 

• 745- (loll) Oenopopelia tranquebarica tranquebarica. 

The Indian Red Turtle-Dove. 

Columba tranquebarica Herm., Observ. ZooL, p. -00 
(1804), {Tranquebarica). 

India from N, W. to Ceylon, E. to Behar antl 

1746. (1311) Oenopopelia tranquebarica murmensis. The 

Sikkim Red Turtle-Dove. 

Hariert, Vog. Pal xiL, p. 1499 (19:20), {ytpal). 

Nepal and Sikkim, East to Assam, N. of 

11747. (1311) Oenopopelia tranquebarica humilis. The 

Burmese Red Turtle-Dove. 

Columba humilis Tcmm., PI. Col, jjI. 44 (1824), 

Assam S. of Brahmaputra, E. to China, Formosa, 
S. to Tennasserim. 

1748. (1312) Macropygia leptogrammica leptogrammica. 

The Malay Bar-tailed Cwkoo-Dove. 

Cohimba leptogrammica Temm., PI Col, ph oOO 
(183o), {Java). 

Tenasserim S. t<> Java and Simiatra. 

1749 Macropygia leptogrammica tusalia. The 

Indian Bar- tailed Cuckoo-Dove. 
Coccyzura tusalia H'xtgs., J.A.S.B., xiv., p>- '^'^^^ 
(1843), {Nepal). 

Himahiyas from Simla to E. Assam, Burma, Shan 
States and Siam. 

'7SO. (1313) Macropygia rufipennis. The Andaman Cuc- 

Macropygia rutipennis Biijfh, J.A.-'S.B., xv., p. 371 
(184t)), {Andamans^.) 

Andamans and Xicobars. 

3751. (1314) Macropygia ruficeps assimilis. The Malay 
Little Cuckoo-Dove. 

Macropygia assimilis Hnme,\8. K, ii., p. 441 (1874) 

Burma and X. 3Ia]ay Feninsula. ? Siam. 

Dtc. 20, 191:2.] Birdii of the Indian Empire. l^Ji 

Siib-family GeopeliincB. 

1752. (1315) Geopelia striata striata. The Barred Ground- 

Columba striata Linn., S. N., i., p. 282 (1766), {East 

S. Burma and Siam, Malay Peninsula. 

Family Pteroclidae. 

«753« (1316) Pterocles orientalis. TJie Large, Imperial, or 
Black-hellied Sand-Grouse. 

Tetrao ovientalis Linn., 8. jS., i., p. 161 (1758), {"In 
I Oriente "). 

N. Africa, S. Europe, Asia to N. W. India. 

'754- (1317) Pterocles indicus. The Painted Sand-Grouse. 

Tetrao indicus Gmel,, S.N., i., it., p. ■'u~) (1789) 
' {Coromandel Coast). 

West, North-West and Central India. 

'755' (1318) Pterocles lichtensteini arabicus. The Arabian 
Close-barred Sand-Grouse. 

P. 1. arabicus Neum., Orn. Monastb, p. lo2 (1909), 
{Lahadj, 8. Arabia). 
' S. Arabia to India W. of the Indus. 

1756. (1319) Pterocles coronatus atratus. The Coronetted 

P. c. atratus Hartert, Bull., B.O.C., Leh. 1902 
{East Persia). 

Syria, Arabia, Persia to N.W.India and to Mhow, 

*»757- (1320) Pterocles alchatus caudacutus. The LargePin- 
tailed Sand-Grouse. 

Tetrao caudacutus (hnel., lieise de liuss., Hi., p, 93 
(1774), (X Persia). 

S. Russia and Western Asia to N. W. India to 
Delhi and Sambhar. 

1758. (1321) Pterocles senegalensis erlartgeri. The Common 
Indian Sand-Grouse. 

P. exustus erlanoeri Xeum., Om. Monatsh., p. 154 
(1909), {Lahadjls. Arabia). 

S. Palestine, S. Arabia to India. S. to Travan- 
core, E. to Bengal. 

* Sclater, Bull, B.O.C., xlii., p. 73, 1922, has shewn that Pteroclurits is only a 
synonym ioT Pterocles. I do not propooe to separate the two genera but to retain 
-all the species under Pterocles. 

192 Jour., Horn. Xat. Hist. -W., V-l. XXV III. Xo. 4. [Ore. I'd, I'.^i'l'. 
1759 (lo22) Pterocles senej^allus. The Spoiled Sand-Grome. 

Tetrao senoijallns Linn.. Monii^<a, p. ^>'26 (1771) 

Algeria to lii(li;i.ti> Kurac-hi and ti> .ludlqiore. 

1760. (l;;i'3) Syrrhaptes tibetanus. The Tibetan Sand- 


Syrrhaptes tibt'taims f.nnM, P.Z.S., /,. ;••.' (Is.-.O) 
[Ladnklt in Tilief). 
'I'ibet W. to Ladakh. S. to Sikkim. 

Order CJALJ.INyK. 
Sub-order A LECTORC )P() I )KS. 
Fani il y ]^i 1 ASi ANi 1 )^:. 
Sub-f'aiiiily Phasianivce. 

1761. (K;24) Pavo cristatus. The Common Feafoui. 

Pavu cristatus Linn., S.X., i.. p. ilCiT {176(^), (Im/ia 
orient ali). 

Ceylon, practically all India to "W. Assam and 

1762. (ioiTi) Pavo muticus. The Burmese Peafoivl. 

Pavo muticus Linn., S.X., i., p. 268 (1766), ( Java, 

Looshai Hills. Chittauonii, Burma, Siam. Cochin 
China, Malaya, Java. 

1763. (132(;) Ar^usianus argus. 2' he Aryus Pheasant. 

Phasianus argus Linn., S.X., i., p. 27i' (1766)< 
{Malacca, Hartert). 

Peninsula Burma and Siam, Malay Peninsuhi. 
to Stunatra. 

1764. (1327) Polyplectron bicalcaratum bicalcaratum. The 

Irnliwi (rreij Peacock- Pheasant. 

Pavo bicalcaratus LAnn., S.X., od. x., p. lof) (17o8) 
{China in errore), {Cacfiar). 

Sub-Himalayas from Bhutan to E. Assam. 

1765. Polyplectron bicalcaratum chinquis. The Bur- 

mese Grey Peacock-Pheasant • 
Pavo chinquis MulL, SujipL lAnn. S.X.. />. Jl'. 

(1776), {China). 
Burma, N. Siam. 

iJec. -Ji), V.)-2-2.'] liirds of tlie Indian Empire. 193^ 

1766. Polyplectron bicalcaratum germaini. Ger- 

moins Peacock-Pheasant . 

Polyplectron germaini -CZ/z'^i, //'?X 1806, ^v. 56 (C'oc//m 

E. Siam, Cochin China, Annam, (^ Looshai Hills). 

1757 Polyplectron malaccensis. The Malay Peacock- 

■ ■■■ Phasianus malaccensis Scop., del. Flor. et. Faun- 

Insubi:, a., p. 93 (1786), {Malacca). 

Extreme S. W. Siam and S. Burma, Malay 
Peninsula and Sumatra. 

•1768. (lo28) Callus gallus gallus. The Indian Jtingle-FoivL 

Phasianus gallus Linn., S.X., i., i>. IfjS (1758). 

{Ben(/al, Bangs and Pennard). 
Northern India to Assam. 

1769. Qallus gallus ferrugineus. The Burmese Jungle- 


Gallus ferrugineus dmel., <S',A'., /., p. 761 (1789) 

S. W. China to Burma, Siam, Malay Peninsula, 

1770. Gallus gallus bankiva. The Sumatran Jungle 


Gallus bankiva Temm., Pig. Gall., ii., ;-. 87 (1813) 

Sumatra Y ' 

1771. (]o'29) Gallus sonneratii. The Grey Jungle-Foivl, 

Gallus sonneratii Teinui., Pir/. Gall., ii., p. 246 
(1813), {India). 

South and South-West India, Central India, 
N.E. to the Godav^ery. 

^ 1772. (looC)) Gallus lafayettii. The Ceylon J ungh-FoivL 

Gallus lafayettii Lc.^s., Traite d'Qrn., p- 491 (1831), 

Ceylon only. 

1773- (1331) Phasianus humiae humiae. Mrs. Hume's 


Callophasis humifc Hume, S.F., iv.. p. A^l (1881),. 

Naga Hills, Manipur, Looshai, Chin Hills. 

* For the name our Red Jungle-Fowls should bear see Bangs and Pennard Prc 
New. Eng. Zool. Club, vii., p. 23 (1919), and Kloss, Journal Fed., Malay State*. 
I accept the above only provisionally for this Cafilogue. 

194 ,lour.. Bom. Xat.Hist. Soc, Vol XXV HI, Ao. J. [/>c-. -'<), l!t2L>. 

1774, Phasianus humiae burmanicus. TJie Bur- 

mese Barredrbacked Pheasant. 
CoUophasis bnrmaiiicns Oate<, Ibis, 1898, p. 124 
(Riibi/ Minen). 

Kachin Hills, Slum States, Yunnan and N.E. 
Central Burma. 

1775- (1332) Phasianus elegans. Stone s Pheasant. 

Phasianus elegaus Elliot, A.M.N.H. (4), ?7., p. 
;312 (1870), {'"izechiian). 

W. Szechuan to Kachin Hills, Shan States, 

1776. (1333) Catreus wallichii. The Cheer Pheasant. 

Phasianus wallichii Hanhr., Trans, L.S., xv., p, 
166 (18-'7), {Almurah). 

Himalayas, from Hazara to Garhwal. 

*I777. (1334) Pucrasia macrolopha macrolopha. The KoJclas 
or Piikras Pheasant. 

Satyra macrolopha Z^^^-s., i>ic. .Sci. Aaf., li.r., p. 196 
(1829), {Almorah, Griffith). 

Naini Tal to Garhwal, Simla States, S. Kashmir. 

J778. Pucrasia macrolopha biddulphi. The Kash- 

m ir Kohl as-. 

Pucrasia biddulphi Marshall, Ihix., 1879, ;;. -181 

Northern Kashmir. 

J 779- Pucrasia macrolopha nipalensis. The Nipal 


Pucrasia nipalensis f,oiiM, I'.Z.S., l<sr>4. p, ]00 

Western >'ipal to PEhutan. 

17S0. Pucrasia macrolopha castanea. The Chestnut- 

mantled Koklas. 

Pucrasia castanea Gould, P.Z.S., 1854, }i. 99 (Kafi- 

Afghanistan and borders of X.W. Province. 

1 78 1. (1335) Lophura rufa rufa. The F ire-hacked Pheasant. 

Phasianus rufus Baffles, Tram. L.S. .riii p 3->l 
(1822), {Sumatra). 

Peninsula Siam and Burma to Sumatra. 

* Mr. Chubb i)oints out that Phasianus pucrasia Gra^y, iii. In. Zool I pi 40 
June 1st 1829. should have priority over S. macrolopha Lesson, date not recorded' 
As however the almost certain date of the Diet. 8ci. Nat. is also 1829 I do not 
<3i£turb the existing nomenclature. 

Z>ec. 20, 1922,] Birds of the Indian Empire. 195 

1782. Lophura diardi. The Siam Fireback. 

Euplocamua diardi Bonap., Compt. Bend., :cHii.,p 
415 (1856), (Cochiji China). 

Siam, Annam. Cochin China, S. Shan States 
Lao, PKarenui. 

*I783. (1336) Qennaeus hamiltonii. The White-crested Kalij. 

Phasianus hamiltonii driff. ed. Cuv. Anim. Kiwjd. 

Axes, Hi., p. 27 (1829), (Simla). 
Himalayas, Hazara to Kumaon. 

1784. (1337) Gennaeus leucomelanus. The Nepal Kalij Phea- 


Phasianus leucomelanus Zaf/?., Ind. Orn.. zY.,^*. 633 
(1790), {India, ^epal). 

Garhvval, Nepal and Nepal Terai. 

1785. (1338) Gennaeus melanotus. The Blacl'-backed Kali) 


Euplocamus melanotus Bh/th, Hutton, J.A.S.B., xvii.,. 
p. 694 (1848), (Darjilinff). 

Extreme E. Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutar:. 

1786. (1339) Gennaeus horsfieldi horsfieldi. The Black- 

breasted Kalij Pheasant. 

Gallophasis horsfieldi Gray, Gen. B,, Hi., j). 498^ 
(1845), (India, Assam), 

Bhutan, Assam, East to the Irrawady, N. Arra- 
kan and Chindwin. 

1787. Gennaeus horsfieldi williamsi. William's 

Kalij Pheasant. 

C4enn£eus williamsi Oates. Man. Game-B.. i., p. 342 
(1898), (Kaleictt, U. Chinduin). 

Area between Manipur, Yaw, Oyu and Irrawaddy 
R, ; E. Arrakan. 

1788. (1340) Gennaeus lineatus lineatus. The Burmese 

Silver Pheasant. 

Phasianus lineatus Vigors, B.Z.S., 1831, p. 24 
(Straits of Malacca). 

Pegu Yomas, S. and S. Central Burma S. to ? 12 

ijSp. Gennaeus lineatus oatesi. Oates' Silver Phea- 


Gennaeus oatesi Or/ilrie-Grayit, Cat. B.M., x.rii., p, 
306 (1893), (Frome). 

S. Arrakan, N. Pegu. 

* Mr. C. Chubb has kindly pointed out to me that P. hamiltonii oi Griffith 1829' 
antedates P. albocristatiis of Vigors, P.Z.S., 18?0. 

196 Jvur., Bora. yat. Hist. Soc, Vol. .XXVIJI, .\o. 1. [Dr,. 2(., 19i>i'. 

1790. Gennaeus lineatus sharpei. Grant's Silver Phea- 


Gennseus sharpei Oatf'", Man. (•omc-B., j>. '■>'>7 
(1898), (Sat/refin). 

E. Central Burma, North- West Siaui, S. Shau 

tiygt. Gennaeus nycthemerus nycthemerus. The 

Chinese Silver Plicasant. 

Genmeus nycthemerus Linn.. .S'.X, cd. .'., ji. Nj9 
(17.58), {Chimi). 

S, and S.AV. China. 

ijpa. Gennaeus nycthemerus ripponi. The Yunnan 

Silver Pheasant. 

Gennicns ripp<nii Sharjic, BnU., Ii.(>.C., liii., )>. 29 

(1902). (6'. Shnn Statr.-<). 

Inter Salwin Mekonf;; country. 

1793. (1341) Gennaeus nycthemerus rufipes. The Ruby- 
Mines Silver Phea.sant. 

Gennfeus rufipes OatfS, Man. (imne-B., i., p. ;3()2 
(1898), {Rulni Min<:-<). 

Irrawaddy Salwin District between i'l"- and 27''' 


A794. (1343) Lophophorus impejanus. The Monal. 

Fhasianus impejanus, hid. Orn., ii., p. 632 
(1790), (India). 

Himalayas, Afghanistan to Bhutan. 

,qyg^. Lophophorus sclateri. Sdate/s Monal. 

J^()])hophoru8 sclateri .Jrrdon, Jl>is, 1,'<70, j>. 148 
(Mi^/nni Hills.) 

Himalayas N. of Assam, Dafla to K. Abor Hills 
Yunnan (lieebe). 

]7o6. Crossoptilon harmani. Elwes' Horned Pheasant, 

Crossoptilon harmani J-Jnes, llns, 1^81, y. •'!9!i (Bnxt 

Abor and Mishmi Hills ami E. Tibet. 

^797- il-ji'^) Tragopan satyra. The Crimson Tragopan. 

Meleagris satyra 7>zra«., <S..V., ed. .1,, ji. l-")7 (17o8), 
(Bfnyal), (Sikkim). 
Himalayas, (Jarhwal to Darrang. 

Dec. 20, 19:22.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 197 

1798. 0345) Tragopan melanocephalus The Western Trago- 


Phasianns melanocephalus <^Tr«// in Griff, ed. Cu'\, Hi., 
p. 29 (1829), (Almorah). 

Baghiratti River, West to Hazara. 

1799. (1346) Tragopan biythi biythi. The Grey-bellied Trago- 


Ceriornis blythi Jerdon, P. A. S. B., 1870, p. 60 
(Assam), (Henema, Naga Hills). 

Hills S. of the Brahmaputra to Chin Hills. 

1800. Tragopan blythi molesworthi. The Tibetan 


T. b. molesworthi Stnart Baker, Bull, B. 0. C. 
XXXV., p. 18 (1914), (Tibet). 
Tse-la, Tawang, Tibet. 

s8oi. Tragopan temminckii. TemmincFs Tragopan. 

Satyra temminckii J. C. Gray, III. Ind. ZooL, i., pi. 
50 (1830), (China, Szechuan). 

Mishmi and Abor Hills, Tibet, Chin and Kachin 
Hills, Yunnan, China, 

1802. (1347) Ithagenes cruentus. The Blood-Pheasant. 

Phasianns cruentus Hardw., Trans. L. 8., xiii., p- 237, 
(1822), (Nepal). 

Nepal, from the Gogra, East to Bhutan. 
«8o3. Ithagenes kuseri. The Yunnan Blood- Pheasant. 

Ithaginis kuseri Beebe, Zoologica, i., (10), p. 190 
(1912), (N. W. Yunnan). 

Mishmi and Abor Hills to Yunnan, 

S804. Ithagenes geoffroyi geoffroyi. Verreanx' Blood- 


Ithaginis geoftroyi Verreaux, Bull Soc. d'Ac. (2), iv., 
p. 706 (1867), (Mupin). 
Extreme S. E. Tibet, E. of the Dong and Brah- 
maputra to W, China. 

1805. (1348) Ophrysia superciliosa. The Mountain Quail. 

RoUulus superciliosus Gray, Knotvsl. Menag. Av., pi. 
xvi. (1846), (India, Mussoorie). 
Mussoorie, Nainital, 

b8o6. (1349) Galloperdix spadicea spadicea. The Red Spur- 

Tetrao spadiceus Gmel, 8. N., i., pt. 2, p. 7.59 (1789) 
(Madagascar, Nilgiris). 

Himalayan Terai, Central India to E Ben^^al, 
Onssa, Madras, Mysore, etc. '' 

198 Jour, Bom. Nat. Hist. Sue, Vol. XXVIII, Xo. i. [Doc. 20, 1922. 

1807. Galloperdix spadicea stewarti. The Travan- 

core Red Spur-Foui. 

G. s. stewarti Stuart Baker, Bull. B. C, xL, p. 18 
(1919), (Aneichardi, Travancore). 


i8o8. Galloperdix spadicea caurina. The Mt. Abu 

- Spur-Foui. 

Galloperdix caurina BlanJ., Avi. B. I., iv.. p. 107 
(1898), {3It. Ab7i). 

Mt. Abu and surrounding country. 

1809. (1250) Qalloperdiv lunulata. The Painted Spur- Fowl. 

Ferdix lunidata Valenc. Diet. Sci. Nat., xxxviii.,p. 446 
(182o), (Bengal). 

AV. Bengal, Orissa, S. to Madras Hills, Nilgiris, 
etc., W. to .Jhansi, etc. 

i8io. (1351) Galloperdix bicalcarata. The Ceylon Jungle- 

Perdix bicalcaratus For^ter, Ind. ZooL. p. 2.'3, pi. 14 
(1781), (Ceylon). 

Ceylon only, 

181 1. (1352) Bambusicola fytchii fytchii. The Yunnan Bam- 
boo Partridge. 

Bambusicola fytchii, Anderson, P. Z. S., 1871, p. 214 
(Ponse, Yunna7i). 

N. E. Burma to Yunnan and Siam. 

i8i2. Bambusicola fytchii hopkinsoni. The Assam 

Bamboo Partridge. 

Bambusicola hopkinsoni Godic. Aiis., P. Z. S., 1874, 
p. 44 (Assam). 

Assam, S. of Brahmaputra and Western Burma. 

1813. (1353) Rollulus roulroul. The Green Wood Quail. 

Phasianus roulroul Scop., Del. Flor. et Faitn. Insubr., 
a., p. 93 (1786), (MaJacca). 

Tennasserim, Siam, Malay Peninsula, etc, 

1814. (1354) Excalfactoria chinensis chinensis. The Blue- 

throated Quail. 

Tetrao Chinensis Linn., S. N., i., p. 277 (1766) 

Ceylon, India, except N. W., to Burma, China 
and Malaya. 

Dec. 20, 1922.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 199' 

1815. Excalfactoria chinensis trinkutensis. The 

Trinkut Blue-throated Quail. 

Excalfactoria trinkutensis Richmond, Pro. Nat. Mus. 
U. S., XXV, p. 310 (1902), (Trinkut). 

Is. of Trinkut and Kamorta. 

i8i6. (1353) Coturnix coturnix coturnix. The Common 

Tetrao coturnix Linn, S. N. ed. x., p. 161 (1758), 
Europe, N. Africa, Asia, E. to Lake Baikal and 

1 8 17. Coturnix coturnix japonica. The Japanese 


Coturnix japonica Temm. and Schleg., Faun. Jap., p. 
103 (1842), (Japan). 

East Siberia to Japan. Winter S. to China and 
India (Assam and Burma). 

i8i8. (1356) Coturnix coramandelica. The BlacJc-breasted or 

Tetrao coramandelicus Gmel., S. N., L, p. 764 (1789)^ 
(Coramaiidel Coast). 

Throughout India to. E. Assam and N. Burma. 

1819. (1357) Perdicula asiatica. The Jungle Bush-Quail. 

Perdix asiatica Lath., Ind. Orn., ii., p. 649 (1790), 
(Mahratta region). 

Ceylon and the whole of India, N. to the Jodh- 
pur Hills and E. Bengal. 

1820. (1358) Perdicula argoondah. The Roch Bush-Quail 

Coturnix argoondah Sykes, P. Z. 8., 1832, p. 153, 

N. W. Provinces, Punjab through W. Central 
Provinces to E. Travancore. 

182 1. (1359) Coryptoplectron erythrorhynchus erythro- 

rhynclius. The Painted Bush-Quail. 

Coturnix erythrorhyncha Sykes, P. Z. 8., 1832, 73 
153 (N. Konkan). 

Western Ghats from Bombay to Travancore, 

1822. (1360) Coryptoplectron erythrorhynchus blewitti. 

Blewitt's Bush-Quail. 

Microperdix h^Qwitti Hume, S. F., ii., p. 512(1874) 
(Karial, Raipur). 

Eastern Central Provinces to Eastern Bengal. 

200 Jour., Bom. yat. J/i-^t. Soc, Vol. XXVIII, No. 4. [Dec 20, 192-'. 

1823. (l;'f,l) Microperdix manipurensis manipurensis. The 

Manipur Bush-Quail. 

Perdiciila manipurensis Hume, S. F., ix., p. 4li7 
(1880), k. {Manipur). 

Manipur, Cachar. 

1824. Microperdix manipurensis in^Iisi. higlis' 


Microperdix inglisi Ogilvie-Grant, B. A". H. Jour., 
xix, p. 1 (1909), (Goalpara). 

1825. (1o(j2) Arboricola torqueola torqueola. The Convnon 


Perdix torqueola Valonc, Diet. Sci. Nat., xxxviii., p. 
43o (182.")), (Bengal). 

Garhwal to E. Assam, N. and S. of the Brahma- 

1826. Arboricola torqueola batemani. Ogilvie-GranCs 


Arboricola batemani Ogilvie-Grant, Bull. B. (J. C. 
xvi., p. 68 (1906), (Chin Hills). 
Chin and Kachin Hills. 

1827. Arboricola torqueola millardi. The Simla HiU- 

Part ridge. 

A. t. millardi Stuart Baker, Bull, B. 0. C, xli., p. 101 
(1921), {Koteghur). 

Simla Hills to Chamba, Kullu and Kaugra. 

1838. (1363) Arboricola rufogularis rufoj^ularis. BlyOis or 
the Rufous-throated Hill-Partridge. 

Arboricola rufogularis Blyih, J. A. S. B., .wiii., p. 
819 (1849), {SikJcim). 

Kvmiaon and Garhwal to E. Assam, N. of the 

1829. (13(!4) Arboricola rufogfularis intermedia. The 

Arrakan Hill-Partridge. 

Arboricola intermedia Bhjth, J. A. 8. B., xxiv. 
p. 277 (I806), (Arrakan). 

Assam, S. of the Brahmaputra, Chin, Kachin 
Hills and Arrakan. 

1830. Arboricola rufogularis tickelli. TickelVs Red 

throated Hill-Partridge. 

Arboricola tickelli Hume, Game-B., ii., p. 77 (1880), 
(Mooleyit, Tennasserim). 

Tennasserim, S. Shan States, r E. and S. Siam 
and N. Malay States. 

Dec, 20, 1922.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 201 

1831. (1365) Arboricola atrogularis. The White-cheeked H iU- 


Arboricola atrogularis Blyth, J.A.8.B., xviii., p. 819 
(1849), (Assam). 

Assam, S. and N. E. of the Brahmaputra, Chin 
and Kachin Hills, Arrakan. 

1832. (1366) Arboricola mandellii. The Red-hreasted Hill- 


Arborophila mantlellii Hume, S. F., ii, p. 449 (1874) 
{Bhutan Duars). 

Hills N. of the Brahmaputra from Sikkim to E. 
Assam . 

>833. (1367) Arboricola brunneopecta brunneopecta. The 

Brown-breasted Hill- Partridge. 

Arboricola brunneopectus Tick., Blyth, J. A. 8. B. 
xxiv., p. 276 (18o5), (Tennasserim) . 

Pegu and Eastern Burma, N. W. Siam and S. 
Shan States. 

1834. (1368) Tropicoperdix charltoni charltoni- The Malay 

Green-legged Hill-Partridge . 

Perdix charltoni Eyton, A. M. N. H. (2), xH., 
p. 230 (1845), {Malacca). 

Peninsular Siam (Gyldenstolpe), ? S. Tennas- 
serim, Malay Pen. to Borneo. 

1835. Tropicoperdix charltoni chloropus. Tlie 

Green-legged Hill-Partridge. 

Tropicoperdix chloropus Tick, J.A.8.B., xxiv. 
p. 41.'3 (18-59), {Tennasserim). 

Tennasserim, Eastern Burma to Bhamo Hills, 
W. Siam, W. Shan States, 

1836. (1369j Caloperdix oculea oculea. The Ferruginous 


Perdix oculea Temm., Picj. Gall. Hi., pp. 408, 732 
(1815), {8umatrn). 

Sumatra to Tennasserim and S. W. Siam, 

1837. Rhizothera longirostris. The Long-hilled Wood ^ 


Perdix longirostris Temm., Pig. Gall, Hi., n. 323 
(1815), {N. Sumatra). ^ 

Peninsular Siaiti and Burma to Sumatraand W- 

302 Jour., Bum. Sat. HL^t. 6uc., Vol. XXI III, Xo. J. [Dec. 20, 1922. 

♦1838. {l;>7o) Alectoris grjEca chukar. The Chukar. 

Perdix chukar Gray, Hardiv. III. In. Zool., i., pi. -'ti 
(1830-3i0, {India, Nepal). 

Hills of N. India and Himalayas, E. to Tibet 
and Sikkira. 

1839. (1370) Alectoris graeca pallescens. The Northern 


Caccabis pallescens Hume, Lahore to Yar., p. 283 
(1873), {Karbu in Ladak). 

Turkestan to extreme N. Kashmir and Ladak. 

1840. (1370) Alectoris graeca koriakovi. The Persian 


Caccabis kakelik koriakovi Zarudny, Mess. Om., p. 55 
(1914), {E. Persia). 

E, Persia to Baluchistan, r Sind and Quetta. 

1841. (1371) Ammoperdix griseoguiaris griseogularis. The 

See-see Partridge. 

Perdix griseogularis Brandt, Bull. Acad. St. Peters, 
p. 36o (1843), {Transcaspia). 

'f Arabia, Persia, Transcaspia to lialnchistan, 
Afghanistan, Sind, Punjab. 

1842. (1372) Francolinus francolinus asias. The Northern 

Indian Blacl: Partridge. 

Francolinus asiae Bonap., Compi. Rend., xlii., p. 882 
(1850), (Asia), (Gurgaon). 

N. India to W. Nepal ; S. to Deesa, Sanibluir, 
etc., E. to Chota Nagpore. 

1843. (1372) Francolinus francolinus henrici. The Smith 

Persian Black Partridge. 

Francolinus henrici Bonap., C'ompt. Rend., xlii., 
p. 882 (1856), (Sind). 

S. and E. Persia to Baluchis* an, Afghanistan and 

1844. (l:>7i') Francolinus francolinus melanonotus. The 

Assam Black Partridge. 

Francolinus melanonotus Hume, S. F., xi., p. 305 
(1888), {Assam). 

Nepal to E. Assam, Central and AV. Bengal. 

* For a review of the genera Alectoris {Caccabis) and AmmoperdiX; see Hartert 
Nov. Zool. xxiv., p. 276 (1917). For Francolinus ih'iA, p. 288. 

D<?c, 20, 1922.] Birds of the Indian Empire. ■ •• 203 

1845. (1373) Francolinus pictus pictus. The Southern 

Painted Partridge. 

Perdix picta Jard. d; 8cl, III. Orn., pi AG (1828X 

Ceylon and S. India, N. to Khandesh, Raipiir 
and Behar. 

1846. (1373) Francolinus pictus pallidas. The Northern 

Painted Partridge. 

Perdix liepburni var pallida Gray, III. In. Zool., i., 
pi. 55 (1830-32), (Odypore). 

India, N. and W. of the preceding bird. 

1847. (1374) Francolinus chinensis. The Eastern or Chinese 


Tetrao chinensis Osbeck, Voyage en Chine, ii., p. 326 
(1771), (China). 

South China to Chin Hills and Pegu. Hainan, 
Siam, etc. 

1848. (1375) Francolinus pondicerianus pondicerianus. 

The Southern Grey Partridge. 

Tetrao pondicerianus Gmel., 8. N., i., 2, p 760 (1789), 

South India and Ceylon. 

1849. (1375) Francolinus francolinus interpositus. The 

Northern Grey Partridge. 

F. f. interpositus Hartert, Nov. Zool., xxiv., p, 288 
(]917), (Oudh). 

N. W. India to Behar. 

1850. (1375) Francolinus francolinus mecranensis. The 

Sind Grey Partridge. 

Francolinus mecranensis Zarud. <& Harm., Orn. 
Monatsb., p)- 53 (1913), (Baluchistan). 

South Persia, Afghanistan, Baluchistan to Sind. 

1 85 1. (1376) Francolinus gularis. The Kyah or Swamp 


Perdix gularis Temm., Pig. Gall., Hi., p. 401 
(1815), (India), (Cachar). 

Eastern Bengal, Behar and Assam. 

1852. (1377) Perdix hodgsonias hodgsonias. The Tibetan 


Saefa hodgsonise Hodgs., J. A. S. B., xxv., p. 16.5 
(1857), (Tibet). 

Tibet plateau N. of Sikkim and Nepal W. to 

204 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hl.<t. Soc, Vol. XXV III. Xn. 4. [Dec. 20, 1922. 

1853. ('•'"'^) Tetraoffallus himalayensis himalayensis. 7'lie 

Himalayan Snow-Cock . 

T. himalayensis Gra;/, P. Z. S.. L^42, p. 105 

Western Himalayas, Pamirs, to Bochara and 

1854. (13711) Tetraogallus tibetanus tibetanus. The Ladal: 


T. tibetanus Govld, P. Z. S., 18;");}, p. 47 [f.adak). 

Extreme X. E. Kashmir, Ladak, W. Tibet, 
Yarkand, Kashgar. 

'855. (187f») Tetraogallus tibetanus przewalskii. The East 

Tibet Snoi'--CocIc. 

T. t. przewalskii Bianchi, Aves Exped. Mong. Tibet, 
p. 16r> (1907), {E. Tibet). 

S. and E. Tibet t<> Kansu and Nan-Schan. 

1856. (loSc) Lerwa lerwa. The Snotv Partridge. 

Perdix lerwa Hodgs., P. Z. S., 1833, p. 107 {N. region 

of Nepal). 

Himalayas from W. Kashmir to W. China. 

Faniil}' MiXiAroDin^. 

1857. (13S1) Megapodius nicobariensis. The Nicobar Meqa- 


M. nicobariensis Bhjth, J. A. S. B., xv., p. 52 (1840), 

Nicobars, Car Xieobar, Batty e Malve. 
Faniilv TrRMCiD/K. 

*i8s8. (1382) Turnix Javanica leggei- The Ceylon Bustard- 

T. j. leggei St^iart Baker, Bull. B. 0. C, xliii., p. 9 

(1920). (Ceylon). 

Ceylon only. 
* Pugnax of Temminck (1815) is antodited by Javanica of Kafineaque (18H). 

Dec. 20, 1922. 1 Birds of the Indian Empire. 205 

1859. (138?) Turnix javanica plumbipes. The Burmese Bus- 

Hemipodius plumbipes Hodgs., Beng. Sport. Mag., 
1837, p. 346 (Nepal). 

Nepal toE. Assam, Burma, W. Siam, Fed, Malay- 

i860. (1382) Turnix javanica taijoor The Common Bustard- 

Hemipodius taijoor Sykes, P. Z. 8., 1832, p. 155 

The whole of India S. & W. of the range of 

1861. (1382) Turnix javanica rostrata. The Chinese Bustard- 


Turnix rostrata Swinli., Ibis, 1865, 2>. 542 {China). 
Formosa, and thence through S. China to Yunnan 
and Shan States. 

1862. (1383) Turnix dussumieri. The Little Button-Quail. 

Hemipodius dussumieri Temm., PI. Col., v., p. 454 
(1828), {India). 

All India, Burma, Siam, Formosa, Hainan. 

'863. I 0^°^) Turnix tanki tanki. The Indian Button-QuaiL 

Turnix tanki Blt/th, J. A. S. B.. xii., p. 180 (1843). 
All India, N. E. to Assam N. of the Brahmaputra. 

1864. (1386) Turnix tanki blanfordi. The Burmese Button- 


Turnix blanfordi Blyth, J. A. 8. B., xxii., p. 80 
(1843), {Thayetmyo, Burma). 

Burma, Siam, China to Manchuria and N. W. to 

Assam S. of the Brahmaputra. 

Order GRALLyl^. ..■ ■ i; 

Sub-order FULICARIyl^. 

• Famil}- RALLiDiE. 

1865, (1387) Rallus aquaticus aquaticus. The Water Rail. 

Rallus aquaticus Linn., 8. N., i., p. 153 (1758), {Great 

Straggler in winter into N. W. India. 

206 J'.ur., Bom. Sat. Jlist. Soc, Vol. XXVIII, Xo. 4. [Dec. I'd, 1<):.'2 

1866. (13S7) Rallus aquaticus indicus. The Itidiaii Water 


Rallus imlicus Bhjth, J. A. S. B., xviii., ji. 820 (1849), 


Japan. East Siberia. N. China to Himalayas ; S. 
ill winter. 

1867. Rallus aquaticus korejewi. 

Sarudny, Orn. Monatsb., p. 20!) (liiOrj), (E. Turkestan). 
A common winter visitor to N. "W. India, :- Breed- 
ing Kashmir (Livesey). 

"1868. (loS9) Hypotaenidia striata striata. The Blue-breast- 
ed Banded Rail. 

RaUus striatus Liim., S. N., L, p. 2H2 (17(Ui), 

Ceylon, India, X. and Central Burma. 

1869. (1300) Hypotaenidia striata obscuriora.T/ie Andaman- 

ese Banded Rail. 

Hypot:enidia obscnriora Hume, S. F., it., p. -'302 
(1874), {Andamans). 
Andaman Islands. 

1870. (13'.)]) Crexcrex. The Corn-Crake or Land-Rail. 

Rallus crex Linn., S. N., i., p. 1-53 (17o8), {Sweden). 
A rare straggler into N. W. India in winter. 

1871. (1392) Porzana parva. Tie Little Crake. 

Rallus parvus Scop., Ann. I. Hist. Nat., />. 108 (1769) 

A common winter visitor to N. W. India. 

1872. (131)3) Porzana pusilla pusilla. The Eastern Baillons 


Rallus pusillns 'Pallas, Beis. Rvss. Reich., Hi., p. 700 
(1776), {Dauria). 

Throughout Ceylon, India, Burma and E. Asia 

'873. Porzana pusilla intermedia Western Baillons 


Rallus intermedins //en??., Oil's. Zool, p 198 (1804), 

Euro]ie, much of Africa, y Deesa. 

1874. (1394) Porzana porzana. The Spotted Crake. 

Rallus porzana Linn, S. N., i., p. 262 (1766), {France). 
A winter visitor to N. and Central India and N. 

• I have not worked out this species and its variations. 

Dec. 20, 1922.] Birds of the Indian Empire, 207 

1875. (1395) Rallina superciliaris. The Banded Crake. 

Rallus sui:)erciliaris Eyton, A. M. N. H., xvi., p. 230 
(1844), {Malay Peninsula). 

Throughout Ceylon, India, Burma, Siam, Malay 

1876. (1390) Rallina fasciata. The Malayan Banded Crake. 

Rallus fasciatus Raffi., Trans. L. 8., xiii., p. 328 
(1822), (Malay). 

Assam, Burma, Siam, etc. 

1877. (1397) Rallina canningi The Andamanese Banded Crake 

Euryzona canningi (Tytler) Blyth, Ibis, 1863, p. 119 
(Port Canning, Andamans). 

1878. (1398) Amaurornis fuscus fuscus. The Ruddy Crake. 

Rallus fuscus Lmn, 8. N.,i.,p. 262(1766), (Philip- 

S. India, Ceylon, Philippines, Borneo, Sumatra, 

1879 (1398) Amaurornis fuscus bakeri. The Northern Ruddy 


Porzana f usca bakeri Hartert, Nov. Zool., 1917, p. 272 

Northern India and Burma. 

1880. (139S) Amaurornis fuscus erythrothorax. The Eastern 

Ruddy Crake. 

Gallinula erythrothorax Temm. and Schl., Faun. Jap., 
p. 121 (1849), (Japan). 

A rare straggler into extreme N. E. Burma ; 
Japan to Yunnan and Siam. 

1881. (1399) Amaurornis bicolor. Elves' Crake. 

Porzana bicolor Wald., A. M. N. H., (4) iv., p. 47 
(1872), {8ikkim). 

Nepal and Sikkim to E. Assam, N. and S. of the 

1882. (1400) Amaurornis akool. The Brown Crake. 

Rallus akool Sykes, P. Z. 8., 1832, p. 164 (Deccan). 
N. and Central India, S. to the Deccan and Mysore. 

*i883. (1401) Amaurornis phoenicura phoenicura. The 

Ceylon White-breasted Water-Hen. 

Rallus phcenicurus Pennant, Ind. Zool., ix., p. 10 
(1769), (Ceylon). 
Ceylon and Travancore. 

• See Stresemann Nov. Zool., xx.. p. .305, 1913. 

208 Jour., Bom. Nat. His'. Sue, Vol. XXV III. Xo. 4. [Dec. 2'), ]!•:.'•_'. 

1884. (Uul) Amaurornis phoenicura chinen«is. The Chi 

nese White-breasted Wafer- Hen. 

Fiilica chinensia Boddacrt , Tabl. PI. Enl., p. -54 (1783),. 
India, Burma, China, etc. 

1885. (Unl) Amaurornis phoenicura insularis. The Anda- 

man W hit e-h re united Wafer-Hen. 

A. insularis Sharpe, Cat. B. 31., xxiii., p. 163 (1894), 

1886. (1402) Gallinula chloropus parvifrons. The Indian 


Gallinula parvifrons Blijth, J, A. S. B., xii., p. 180 
(1843), {Calcutta). 
Practically the whole of India and Cuylon. 

1887. (1403) Qaliicrex cinsrea. The Kora or Water-Cock. 

Fulica cinerea (Imel., S. N., i., p. 702 (1789), (China). 

Ceylon, India, East to China, Japan and to Phi- 

1888. (1404) Porphyrio poliocephalus poliocephalus. The 

Indian Purple Coot. 

Gallinula poliocephala Lath., hid. Om. Suppl., p. 68 
(1801), (India). 
India, Ceylon, Burma, Siani. 

1880. (1405) Fulica atra atra. The Common Coot. 

Fulica atra Linn., S. N., i., p. lol (1758), (Sweden). 
Europe, Africa, Asia. All India. 

Family HKLiORNiTHiDiG. 

1890. (1406) Heliopais personata. The Masked Finfoot. 

Podica personata (''raij., P. Z. S., 1848, p. 90 

Assam, Burma and Malay Peninsula to Sumatra. 

Sub-order U K(7 ALORNES. 
Family jME(iALOKMTiiir).^.. 

1891, (1407) Megalornis grus lilfordi. The Eastern Crane. 

Grus lilfordi Sharpe, Cat. B. M., xxiii., p. -irrl (18i>4), 
(I-l. SH)eria.) 
Eastern Siberia, wintering in N. "VV. India. 

Dec. 20, 1922.] Birds of the Indian Empire. ■ = 209* 

1892. Megalornis nigricollis. The Black-necked 


Grus nigricollis Przewabla, Monrjol. Tang., ii., p. 135- 

(1876), (Koko-Nnr). 

Tibet to the Koko-Nor. 

1893. Megalornis monachus. The Hooded Crane. 

Gnis monacha Temm., PL Col., TjoS (1835), {Yesso- 
and Corea). 
A rare straggler into India. (Assam and Manipur.)> 

1894. (1408) Megalornis leucogeranus. The Great White or 

Siberian Crane. 

Grus leucogeranus Pallas, Reise Reich, Russ., ii., p 
714 (1773), {Irtin and Ob Rivers). 

Eare visitor to N. W. Ind. 

1895. (1409) Megalornis antigone antigone. The Sams 


Ardea antigone Linn., S. N., i., p. 142 (1758), {Indian 

Northern India to W. Assam. 

1896. (1410) Megalornis antigone sharpii. The Burmese 

Sarus . 

Grus sharpii Blanf., Bull. B. 0. C, v., p. vH. (1895).. 

Assam, E. and S. of the Brahmaputra, Burma and 
Si am. 

1897. (1411) Anthropoides Virgo. The Demoiselle Crane. 

Ardea virgo Linn., S. A\, i., p. 141 (1758), {In 

E. Europe and W. Asia, wintering N. E. Africa 
and India. 

Sub-order OTIDES. 
Family Otidid^. 

*i898. (1412) Otis tarda tarda. The Great Bustard. 

Otis tarda Linn., S. N., i., p. 154 (1758), {Poland). 

Rare straggler into N. W. India, Europe and W. 

* Sarudny separates the Turkestan (and Indian) bird as 0. t. korejewi. I cannot 
divide them. 

.210 Joiu-., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVIII, Xo. 4. [Dec. I'O, l\)-j-j. 

1899. (1413) Tetrax tetrax orientalis. The Eastern Little 


O, t. orientalis Hartort, Nov. Zool., xxiii., p. ."33!), 
(1916), {Sarepta). 

S. E. Russia, W. Siberia and Central Asia. Winter 
visitor to India. 

1900. (1414) Choriotes edwardsi. The Great Indian Bustard. 

Otis edwardsi, (Ti-ay in Haidw., 111. In. Zool., L, pi •'50 
(1880-2), {no locality) (Khatiaimr). 

N. W. India. E. to Shahabad and Gaza, . to 
about 11°. 

'1901. (Mlo) Chlamydotis undulata macqueeni. Macqueen's 

Bustard or Houbara. 

Otis macqueeni dray. Op. cit., j)l. 47, {Himalayan). 

N. W. India to a little E. of the Jamna. S. E. 
Europe and W. Asia. 

*i902. (141(1) Sypheotides indica. The Lester Fiorican or 


Otis indica (im:l., S. N., i., p. ~'2o (1789), {India). 

The greater part of India in suitable localities. 
E. to W. Bengal and Behar. 

'«903« (IJ^l*") Sypheotides bengalensis. The Bengal Fiorican. 

Otis bengalonsis Gmel., S. X., i., p. 724 (1789), 

Bengal and Assam N. and E. of Ganges. 
Order LIMICOL^. 
Family BuKHiNin^. 

1904. (1418) Burhinus oedicnemus indicus. The Indian 


Oedicnemus indicus, S((lva.. Alt. Soc. Ital. Sci. Xat., 
vii.,p. 381 (1866), {India). 

Practically throughout Ceylon, India, Burma and 

1905. (1418) Burhinus oedicnemus astulus. The Sind 


Hartert, Xov. Zool. xxiii., p. 93 (1916), {Fao, Persia). 
Transcaspia, E. Persia, Baluchistan and Sind. 

• Mr. Iredale points out to me that Gmelin's name indica is founded on the 
plate of !MilIer. This is undoubtedly Sypheoics avriia and therefore indica must be 

Def. 20, 1922.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 21J 

1906. (1419; Esacus recurvirostris. The Great Stone-Plover. 

Oedicnemiis recurvirostris Cv.v., Regne., Ani., i., p. 
500 (1829), {India). 

Ceylon, India and Burma to Siam. 

1907. (1420) Orthoramphus magnirostris. The Australian 


Oedicnemus magnirostris VieilL, Nouv, Diet, d' Hist, 

^ Nat., .v.riii., j). 231 (1818). 

Andamans and Cocos. Thence through Malay/ 
Arch, to Australia, 

Family Dromadid^e. 

1908. (1421) Dromas ardeola. The Crab Plover. 

Dromas ardeola Paykull, K. SvensJc. Vet. Ak. He.nd-1. 
xxvi., p. 182 (1845), (India). 

Shores of Indian Ocean W. of Malay Arch. 
Famil}' GlareoLid.e. 

1909. (1422) Cusorius coromandelicus. The Indian C our sei'. 

Charadrius coromandelicus GmeL, S.N., i., p. 692 
(1788), {Coromandel Coast), 

India and Ceylon. 

1 9 10. (1423) Cursorius gallicus jamesoni. The Eastern 

Cream-coloured Courser. 

Cursorius jamesoni Jerd., B. of I. App., p. 875 (1877)- 

N. W. India, Punjab and Sind. Transcaspia, N.. 
and E. Persia. 

1911. (1424) Rhinoptilus bitorquatus. J er don's Courser. 

Macrotarsins bitorquatus Jerd., Blyth, J.A.8.B., xvii.,. 
p. 224 (1848), (E. Ghats). 

Madras, Nellore, Cuddapah, Sironcha, Badra- 

1912. (1425) Glareola maldivarum. The Large Indian Swal- 


Glareola maldivarum i-orsfer, Faun. Ind.,p. 11 (1795),. 

Ceylon, India, Burma, Siam to China, etc. 

1913. (1426) Glareola pratincola pratincola. The Collared 


'[ . Hirundo pratincola Linn., S.N., i., p. 345 (1766), 


Europe, N. Africa, Asia to N. W. India. 

212 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. Sac, Vol. XX VII I, No. 4. [Dec. iM), 19i2, 

1914. (1427) QIareola lactea. The Small Indian Pratincole or 


Glareola lactea Temm., Man. (VOrn., e,d. '2, ii., p. "jO;3 
(18i'()), {Bengal). 

Cl'3'1oii, Ino'lia, Burma and Siain. 
I'ainily Ja('aniI),43. 

1915. (142S) Metopidius indicus. The Bronze-winged Jacana. 

i'arra iiulica Lath., Ind. Orn., ii., p. 76o (1790), 
India, Burma, Siam, Malay Pen., Sumatra, .Java 
to Celebes. 

1916. (142'.)) Hydrophasianus chirurgus. The Pheasant-tailed 


Tringa chirurgus Scop., Del. Flor. el Faun. Insuhu, 
it., p. 92 (1786), {New Guinea). 

India, Burma, Ceylon, Siam, South China, Malay 
P. to Java, etc. 

Family (Jhah.adkiid.*:.* 
Snb-fani il y CharadriincB. 

1917. (143u) Arenaria interpres interpres. The Turnstone. 

Tringa interpres Linn., S.N., i., p. 14s (17o8), 

Winter visitor to India. S. to Ceylon. E. to 
Siam, vie. 

1918. (14ol) Lobivanellus indicus indicus. The Indian 

Red-wattled Lapwiny. 

Tringa iiidica B"dd., Pi. Enl., p. 00 (178o), {Goa). 
India and Ceylon. 

1919. (14;)2) Lobivanellus indicus atronuchalis. The Bur- 

mese Red-wattled Lapwing. 

Lobivanellus atronuchalis Bli/th, Jerd., B. of I , iiii.. 
p. 648 (1864), {Burma). 

Assam S. of the Brahmaputra to Siam, Cochir, 
China, Malay P., etc. 

1920. (14oo) Sarciophorus malabaricus. The Yellow-wattled 


Charadrius malabaricus Bodd., PI. Enl., p. ."i.J (1783) 
{Malabar Coast). 

India and Ceylon generally, E. to E. Assam. 

* This ])aper does not attempt to deal with the question of Families and Sub- 
amilies which are left, pending further investigation, asm Blanford and Gates 

Dec. 20, 192'^. J Birs of the Indian Emjnre, 213 

192 1. (1434) Microsarcops cinereus. The Grey-headed Lap- 


Pluvianus cinereus Blyth, J.A.8.F., xL, p. 587 
(1842), {Calcutta). . 

N, China, Mongolia, Japan. In winter, S. to 
India, etc. 

1922. (1435) Hoplopterus ventralis. The Sjpur-winged Plover. 

Charadrius ventralis Wai/l., Sijst. Av., No. ii. (1827), 

N, E. India, Burma, Siam and S. China. 

1923. (1436) Vanellus vanellus. The Lapwing, Peewit or 

Green Plover. 

Tringa vanelhis Linn., S.N., i., p. 148 (1758), 


Fairly common from N. "W. India to Assam and 
Burma (once). 

1924. (1437) Chettusia gregaria. The Sociable Plover. 

Charadrius gregarius Pall. Reise. Reichs. Russ., i., 
p. ^m {in \), {Volga). 

E. and S. E. Russia and Central Asia. Northern 
and Central India in winter. 

1925. (1438) Chettusia leucura. The White-tailed Lapwing. 

Charadrius leueurus JAcht. in Eversm. Reise. av. 
Oretib.nach Bucharn, p. 137 (1823), {Kmcan). 

Syria, Persia, Mesopotamia, Turkestan. Winter 
in India. 

1926. (1441) Squatarola squatarola hypomelana. The East- 

ern Grey Plover. 

Charadrius hypomelanus Pall., Reise., Russ. Reichs. 
Hi., p. 699 (1776), {Siberia). 

Siberia from Taimyr to Alaska, Winter to 
India, Ceylon, etc, 

*i927. (1430) Pluvialis dominicus fulvus. The Eastern Golden 

Charadrius fulvus (j'mel., S.N., i., 2, p. 687 (1789) 

Breeding Siberia and wintering S. Asia, India, 
Ceylon, etc. 

• As the generic name Charadrius is applicable to the Pving Plovers, etc., we 
cannot use it for the Golden Plover. The next name available is Pluvialis Bri^son 
Ornith, v. p. 42, 1700. 

214 Jour., Bom. Aat. Hist. Sac, Vol. XX fill., Xo. 1. [Die. 2ii, IdJ'J. 

1928. (1440) Pluvialis apricarius. The Golden Plover. 

Charadrins apricarius Lin7i., iS.N,, i., p. l')0 (IToS), 

Breeding N. Europe, straggler only into N. W. 

1929. (1442) Charadrius leschenaulti. The Large Sand- 

Charadrins leschenaulti Less., Did. >Sci. Nat., xlii. 

p. -.Mi (1826), {Pondicherry). 

Winter, Sea-coasts of India, Burma and Ceylon. 

1930. (1443) Charadrius mongolus mongolus. TAe Mow^oZian 

Lesser Sand-Plover. 

Charadrins niongolus Pall., Reise. Reiches. Russ., iii., 
p. 700 (177()), (Mongolia). 

Breeding Mongolia and E. Siberia, winter to 
India, etc. 

1931. (1443) Charadrius mongolus atrifrons. The Central 

Asian Lesser Sand-Plover. 

Charadrius atrifrons Wagler, Isis, 1H29, p. 650 

Breeding Central Asia. Winter to India, etc. 

1932. (1444) Charadrius asiaticus asiaticus. The Caspian 


Charadrius asiaticus Pall., Rci^e. Reicfis. Russ., ii., 
p. 71o (1773), (S. Arctic '"Steppes). 

Breeding Caspia to Central Asia. India, Katna- 

• 933. (H45) Charadrius veredus. The Eastern Sand-Plover 
or Dotterel. 

Charadrius veredus GouM, P.Z.8., 184R, p. 38 (N. 

Breeds N. China and Mongolia, winters South 

193 4' (1^47) Charadrius dubius dubius. The Little Ringed- 

Charadrius dubius Scop. Del. Flor. ct Faun. Insiibr. 
a., p. 93 (1786), (Luzon). 

South China to Philippines (? Tennassc^rnn). 

»935- (1447) Charadrius dubius jerdoni. Jerdon's Little 

Agialitis jerdoni Legge, P.Z.S., i., p. 12o (1831), 

Throu'jfhont India-, 

Dec. 20, 1922.1 Birds of the Indian Empire. 215 

1936. (1448) Charadrius dubius curonicus. The European 
Little Ringed-Plover. 

Charadrius curonicus Gmel., S.N., i., 2, p. 692 (1789), 

Breeding Europe, winter in India. 

*»937- (1449) Charadrius hiaticula tundrse. The Easterti 

^4Cgialitis hiaticula tundrae Lowe, Bull. B.O.C, (mxvi, 
p. 7 (1915), {Yennesei). 

1938. (1450) Charadrius placidus. The Long-hilled Ringed- 


Charadrius placidus Gray, Gat. Mam., etc. Coll. Hodg., 
p. 70 (1863), (Nepal). 

Breeding N. E. Asia. Winter casual to N. E. 
India, Nepal to Assam and Burma. 

1939. (1416) Charadrius alexandrinus alexandrinus. The 

Kentish- Plover. 

Charadrius alexandrinus Linn., S. N., i., p, 160 
(1758), (Egypt). 

Breeding Europe, N. Africa, N. Asia, etc 
Winter, S. Asia. 

1940. (144(;) Charadrius alexandrinus seebohmi. The 

Indian Kentish-Plover. 

C. a. seebohmi Hartert and Jackson, Ibis, 1915, /'. 529 

Shores of Red Sea, Ceylon. 

1941. (1446) Charadrius alexandrinus dealbatus. The 

Chinese Kentish-Plover. 

Agialites dealbatus SwinJi., P. Z. 8., 1870, p. 138 

Japan and China. Straggler Burma. 

1942. (1446) Charadrius alexandrinus peroni. The Bornean 


Charadrius peroni Sc/ileg., Mus. Patj-Bas, sp. 33 
(1865), (Borneo). 

Resident Malay Coasts and Borneo. Extreme 
S. Tennasserini. 

* The type oitheGenvLsCharadriufi is hiaticula. If the Northern fcJaudPlovers 
be removed from this genus they would bear the name Cirrepedesmus. 

216 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVIII, Xo. 4. [Dec. 20, 1922. 

Sub-family II/EMAToriD/E. 

1943. (U50) Haematopus ostralegus ostralegus. The 


Haimatopus o8tralt!j:;us Linn., S.N., i., p. lo2 (1758), 

Jiruediiig N- Kur(i]ie. India in winter. 

1944. (lir)0) Hasmatopus ostralegus ion.ivipes. The Siberian 


H. o. longipes Bulurlin, Men. Orn., IDIO, p. 36 
{Caspian Basin). 

Brtioding Siberia, wintering South. Common 

1945. (liol) Haematopus ostralegus osculans. TheChinese 


Hicmatopus osculans Swinh., P. Z. S., 1871, p. 40o 
{N. China). 

Breeding N. Cliina, Japan, etc. Winter to 

1946. (Ur)2) Himantopus himantopus hiniantopus. The 

Black-winged Stilt. 

Charadrius himantopus Linn., »5>. N., i., p. 151 (1758) 

Breeding S. Europe, S. Asia to China, Ceylon 
Malaya, Siam, etc. 

1947. (lA^)'^,) Recurvirostra avocetta avocetta. The Avocet. 

liecurvijrostra avocetta Linn-, S. N., i., p. 151 
(1758) {Europe, Oland). 

Breeding Europe, N. Central Asia, etc. "Winter 
Africa, India, etc. 

1948. (14,Vl) Ibidorhnycha struthersii. The Ibis Bill. 

Ibidorhnyclia Struthersii, Vigors, P. Z. S., i., p. 174 
(1831), {Himalaya). 

Central Asia and HimaUiyas to W. China. 
tSul)-fainily ToTAXlN.E. 

1949. (llol) Numenius arquatus arquatus. T lie Curlew. 

Scolopax arquata Linn., IS. X., i., p. 145 (1758), 

j^. Europe. Winter Southwards, casual in India. 

Dec. 20 1922.] Bir,h of the Indian Empire. ■ 217 

1950. (1454) Numenius arquatus lineatus. The Eastern 


Numenius lineatus Ciw., Reqne (VAni. i, v 6^1 
{IS^l), {India). ' ^ 

Breodinr/ Central Asia, wintering India to 

1951. (14.0r>) Numenius ph^Eopus ph^opus. The Whimbrel 

Scolopax phajopus Linn., S. N.,i.,p. 146(17.58) 

Breeding Europe, N. W. Asia. Wintering 
India to Ceylon. 

1952. (1456) Limosa liinosa limosa, The Black-tailed Godwit. 

Scolopax limosa Linn., 8. N., i., p. 147 (17,58) 

Breeding N. Europe and N. W Asia. Winter- 
ing India to Ceylon. 

1953. (1457) Limosa lapponica lapponica. The Bar-tailed 


Scolopax lapponica Linn., S. N., i., p. 147 (17,58). 
{West Europe). 

Breeding N. Europe, N. W. Asia. Winter N.W. 

1954. (II08) macroramphus semipalmatus. The Snipe- 

billed God'wit. 

Macroramphus semipalmatus {Jerdon) lilyth, J.A 8 B 
xvii., I., p. 252 (1848), {Calcutta). ' ' '' 

Breeding ? ; N. China and Mongolia to Japan. 
Casual visitor, India and Burma. 

1955. (145!)) Terekia cinerea. The Terek Sandpiper. 

Scolopax cinerea Guldenstat, Nov. Com. Petrop xix 
p. 473 (1774), {Caspian 8.) 

Breeding N. E. Europe, N. Asia. South in 

*i956. (14G0) Tringa hypoleuca. The Common Sandpiper. 

Tringa hypoleucos Linn., 8. N., i., p. 149 (1758) 

{Sweden). '^ 

Breeding Europe and Asia, England to Japan 

and Himalayas. 

957. (14G1) Tringa glareola. The Wood Sandpiper. 

Tringa glareola Linn., 8.N., L, p. 149 (1758) 

Breeding Europe and N. Asia. Winter South, 
India, Ceylon, etc. 

r. K*10^^^^'^m'^**^^ geuus Tnre,ga is T.ochropvs (Matthews. Nov. Zool. xviii, 
p. 5, 1911;. Tnn^a IS therefore the generic name for all the fonowiug Sand- 


218 Jour., Horn. Nat. Hi^t. Soc, Vol. XXVIII, No. 4. [Dec. 20, 1922. 

195S. (14(52) Trinffa ochropus. The Green Sandpiper. 

Triiifffi ochropus Linn., S. N., i., p. 149 (17')8), 

Brcu(lin<T N. Europe and Asia. Winter S. to 
India, Burma, Ceylon, etc. 

1959. (14G3) Tringa sta^natilis. The Marsh Sandpiper. 

Totanus stagnatilis Becks., Orn. Tascfienb. ii., p. 292 
(1803), {Holland). 

Breeding Europe and Central Asia. Winter S. 
to India, Burma and Coylon, etc. 

i960. (14C5) Tringa erythropus. The Spotted or Dushj 

Scolopax erythropus Pall, Vroeg's Cat. Coll. Adim., 
p. 6 (1764), (Holland). 

Breeds N. of Arctic Circle Europe and Asia ; 
S. in winter to Coylon, etc. 

*i96i. (14G4) Tringa totanus eurhinus. The Eastern 

Totanus totanus eurhinus Oberholser, Pro. U. S. Nat. 
Mus., xxii., p. 207 (1900), (Ladak). 

Breeds Central Asia and Himalayas. Winter 
India, Ceylon, Burma, etc. 

1962. (14GC) Tringa nebularia. The GreenshanJc. 

Scolopax nobidaria Gunner., Leem, Beskr. Finm. 
Lap])., p. 2-'51 (1767), (Norway). 

Breeding N. Europe and Asia. S. in winter to 
Coylon, etc. 

1963. (14G7) Tringa guttifer. Armstrong's Sandpiper. 

Totanus guttifer Nordm., Erm. Reise. Nat. Ail., p. 17 
(1835), (Ochotsk). 

Breeding N. and Central Asia and Himalayas. 
Winter to N.-E. India, Burma. 

1964. (14G8) Philomachus pugnax. The Ruff and Reeve. 

Tringa pugnax Linn., S, N., i., p. 148 (1758) 

Breeds temperate Europe and Asia ; S. to India, 
Ceylon and Burma in winter. 

• Ills more than probahle that ;i great number of our Indian migrants are 
JViwgra ^o^anW'" /otenws especially in N. W. Jndia, 

Dec. 20, 1922,] Birds of the Indian Empire. 219 

1965. (140!)) Crocethia alba. The Sanderling. 

Crocethia alba Pa//., Vroeq's Cat. Coll., p. 7 (1766), 
{North Holland). 

Cosmopolitan brooder in Arctic Circle. S. to 
India, Burma, etc., in winter. 

1966. (1470) Eurynorhynchus pygmaeus. The Spoon- hilled 


Plataloa pygmaea Linn., 8. N., i., p. 140 (1758), 

Summer N. E China. Winter China coasts, 
straggler Burma and N. E. India. 

*i967. (1471) Erolia minuta. The Little Stint. 

Tringa minuta Leister, Nacht. Bechs, Nat. Deuts, p. 74 
(1812), (Hanatc). 

Breeds N. E. Europe and Siberia. Winter to 
India, Ceylon. 

1968. (1472) Erolia ruficollis. The Eastern Little Stint. 

Tringa ruficollis Pall., Reichs. Buss., Hi., p. 700 
(1776), (Daruria). 

Summer E. Siberia to Japan. Winter S. China, 
etc., Burma, Bengal, Assam. 

1969. (147o) Erolia subminuta. The Long-toed Stint. 

Tringa subminuta Midden, Reis. N. 0. and 0. Siber. 
(1851), {Stanaivay). 

Breeds E. Siberia. In winter S. Asia to Austra- 
lia, S. E. India to Ceylon. 

1970. (1474) Erolia temminckii. Temminck's Stint. 

Tringa temminckii Leisler, Nacht. Bechst. Nat. Neut. 
p^m (1812), (Hanav). 

Europe, Asia, N. Africa. Winter to India 
Burma, Ceylon, etc. 

1971. (1475) Erolia acuminata. The Asiatic Pectoral Sandpi- 


Tetanus acuminatus Horsf., Trans. L. 8., xiii., p. 192 
(1821),' (Jam). 

Breeds N. E. Siberia and Alaska ; winter China, 
etc. (once Gilgit). 

1972. (1476) Erolia ferruginea. The Curlew-Stint or Pigmy 


Tringa ferruginea Brilnnick, Orn. Bor., p. 53 (1764) 

Migrant to India and Burma in winter. 

* As Tringa takes the place of Totamis for the Sandpipers, Erolia (Vieill., AnaJ. 
1316, p. 56) ts\.kes the place of Tringa foy the Stints. 

220 Jow., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXVIII, No. 4. [Doc. 20, 102'i. 

ip73 (ItTS) Erolia alpina pusilla. The Eastern Dunlin. 

Scolopax pusilla Fall:., J>eyir,ige, Russ. lieich.. Hi., p. 

371 (178G), (Tomsl-). 

Bro(Mliiig W. Siberia, S. to India in winter, 

IQ74. Calidris canuta canuta. The Knot. 

Tringa canntus Livn, S. N., i., p. M'.t (1758), 
Breeding N. Siberia, etc. Winter rare straggler 
into India. 

•975- (M"") Calidris tenuirostris. The Eastern Knot. 

Ti'tanns tonnirostns Ilorsf., Travs. L. S., xiii., p. 192 
(1821), (Java). 

Summer E. Siberia. 'NVintor S. E. Asia, straggler 
into India and Burma. 

1976. (147'.t) I-imicola falcinella falcineila. The Western 

Broad-hilled San dpi]wr. 

Scolopax falcinellus Pontop., Danslcc All., i., p. 263 
(1763), {Denmark). 

Breeding N. Europe and N. W. Asia ; winter to 
N. W. India. 

1977. (1^7 J) Limicola falcinella sibirica. TJte Eastern Broad- 

hilled Sandpiper. 

Limicola sibirica Dref^ser, P. Z. S., 187(5, p. 674 

Breeding N. E. Siberia. Winter South to N. E. 
India, Burma, etc. 

*i978. {N8(i) l.obipes lobatus. The Red-necJced Phalarope. 

Tringa lobata Linn., S. N., i., p. 148 (17o8), {^Hud- 
son'' s Bay). 

Breeding N. Europe, Asia and America. Winter 
S. to India, etc. 

•979- (1181) Phalaropus fulicarius. The Grey Phalarope. 

Tringa fulicaria Linn., S. N., i., p. 148 (1758), {Hvd- 
.TO?i's Bay). 

Breeding circnmpolar. S. in Asia to N. India, 
etc. . 

Sub-family ScoLArACiNi9<:. 

1980. (14 82) Scolopax rusticola rusticola. The Wood-Cock. 

Scolopax rusticola Linn., 'S'. iV.,i., p. 14() (1758), 
{divert en). 

Brooding N. Europe and Asia. Wintering South 
to Ceylon, etc. 

• The Red-necked Dialarope and Grey Phalarope though eo alike sujwrficially 
are very dist inet generically and cannot be retained in the same genus. 

Dec. 20, 1922.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 221 

1981. (1483) Qallinago nemoricola. The Wood- Snipe. 

Gallinago uemoricola Hodgs., J, A. S. B., vi.,p. 490 
(1831), {Nepal). 

Himalayas, Dalhousire to E. Assam, Burma, 

1982. (1486) Qallinago soiitaria. The Solitary Snijie. 

Gallinago solitaria Hodgs., Glean, in Sci., Hi., p. 288 
(1831), (Nepal). 

Altai to Japan, Himalayas and N. Burmese 
Hills ; S. in winter. 

1983. (1485) Qallinago gallinago gallinago. The Common 

Fantail Snipe. 

Scolopax gallinago Linn., S. N., i., p. 244 (1758), 

Europe and N. Asia to Lake Baikal, S. whole 
Indian Empire. 

1984. (1484) Qallinago gallinago raddei. The Eastern Fan- 

tail Snipe. * 

Scolopax gallinago raddei Bulurlin, Waders. Buss. Em. 
p. 56 (1902), ( E. Siberia). 

Eastern Siberia and N. China. Winter to S. 
China, Burma, E. India, etc. 

1985. (1485) Qallinago stenura. The Pin-tail Snipe. 

Scolopax stenura Kuhl, Bonap., Ann. Stor. Nat. Bol. 
iv., p. 335 (1830), (Sunda Is.). 

Summer N. E. Asia, Winter S. including whole 
Indian Empire. 

1986. Qallinago media. The Great Snipe. 

Scolopax media Lath., Gen. Syn. Supp. i., p 292 
(17 S7), (England). 

Breeding N. Europe to Caucasus. Straggler 
into India. 

1987. Qallinago megala. Swinhoe's Snipe. 

Gallinago megala Swinh., Ibis, 1861, p. 343 (Peking) 
Breeding N. E. Siberia and China. Wmter South. 
Straggler into India and Burma. 

1988. (1487) Lymnocryptes minima. The Jack Snipe. 

Scolopax minima Brunn., Orn., Bor. p. 49 (1764), 

Breeding N. E. Europe and N. W. Asia. Winter 
South, whole Indian Empire. 

222 Jour., Bom. Nat. HUt. Soc, Vol. XXVIII, No. 4. [Dec. 20, 1922. 

l-'ainily RoSTKATULlDiE. 

1989.* (118S) l^ostratula benghalensis benghalensis. The 

Painted *Sni/>c. 

Rallus benghalensis Li»«., S. N., i., p. lo3 (17o8), 

N. E. Africa, S. xVrabia, Persia, India, Ceylon, 
Buriiia, China, etc. 

Order GAVl/E. 

Family LAKii»i«. 
SiTb-faniily Larincc. 

1990. (148'J) Larus ichthyaetus. Thi Great Black-headed GvM. 

Larus ichthyaetus PalL, Eeise. Eeichi. Riiss., it., p. 713 
(1733), (Caspian Sea). 

Breeding S. Russia to Iritisch. Winter India, 
Burma and Ceylon. 

1991. (1490) Larus ridibundus ridibundus. T lie Black headed 


Larus ridibundus Liiin., S. N., p. 22-5 (1736), 

Breeding Europe to Turkestan. Winter N. India 
to Bombay, etc. 

1992. (M'Jl) Larus brunnicephalus. The Brown-headed 


Larus brunnicephalus Jerd., Madr. J.L.S., xii., p. 225 
(1840), (India). 

Breeding Central Asia. S. in winter, India 
Burma, Siam, etc. 

1993. (14112) Larus hemprichii. The Sooty Gull. 

Adelarus hemprichii Briich. J. F. Oin. 1853, p. 106 
(Red Sea). 

Coast of East Africa, Red Sea, S. Arabia, 
Mekran and Sind Coasts. 

1994. (1403) Larus genei. The Slender-bdled Gull. 

Larus genei Breine, Rev, Zool., 1839, ;/<. ii., ^.321 

Mediterranean to Persian Gulf, Mekran, Sind. 

' This genus h:is Utile in common with the true Snipes and will have to be 
removed to a position leading from the Kails to the Snipe and their other relations. 

Uec. 20, 1922.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 223^ 

1995. (1494) Larus fuscus taimyrensis. The Dark-backed 

Herring Gull. 

Larus affinis taimyrensis Buturlin, Mess. Orn. 1911^ 

p. 149 {Yenessei). 

» Breeding N. Europe and Siberia. Winter S. to 

E. Indian Coasts. 

1996. (1495) Larus argentatus cachinans. The Yellow-legged 

Herring Gull. 

Larus cachinans Pall., Zooy. Russ. As., ii., p. 318 
(1827), {Caspian Sea). 

S. Europe, N. Africa, S. W. Asia, E, to Bay of 

Sub-family Sternin^. 

1997. (1496) Chlidonias leucopareia indica. The hidian 

Whiskered Tern. 

Viralva indica Stevens, Shaw's Gen. Zool., riii., i., 
p. 169 (18.32), (Cawnpore). 

All India to Ceylon. 

1998. (1497) Chlidonias leucoptera. The White-winged Black 


Sterna leucoptera Temm., Man. 6! Orn., p. 483 (1815) 

S. Europe to E. Asia. Tippera, Burma and 
Ceylon, etc. 

!999. (1498) Hydroprogne caspia caspia. The Casjpian Tern. 

Sterna caspia Pall., Nov. Com. Acad. Petro., aiv., i.^ 
p. 582 (1770), {Caspian Sea). 

In India breeding N. W. Coast and Ceylon. 

2000. (1499) Sterna nilotica nilotica. The GuU-billed Tern. 

Sterna nilotica Gh7iel., S.N., i., p. 606 (1789), {Egypt). 
Europe, N. Africa, Central Asia, India and Ceylon. 

2001. (1500) Sterna sandvicensis sandvicensis. The Sand- 

wich Tern, 

Sterna sandvicensis Lath., Gen. Syn. Su]}pl., i., p. 296 
(1787), {Sandmch Island). 

Summer in Europe ; winter S. to Africa, Persian 
Gulf and N. W. India. 

2002. (1501) Sterna bengalensis bengaiensis. The Sinaller 

Crested Tern. 

Sterna bengalensis Less., Traite d''Orn.,p. 621 (1881), 
{Indian Coasts.) 

Mediterranean to Persian Gulf and N, W. India 

2-M Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. XX VIII, No. 4. {Dec. 20, 1922. 

2003. (150]) Sterna bengalensis zimmermanni. The Chiiiese 

Small ' 'rested Tern. 

Sterna zimmermanni lieichen., Oni. Munatshr., />. 82 
(U)03), (Kiachao). 

East Coast China. ? Siaim and JJunna. 

2004. (liViL^) Sterna ber^ii velox. The Arabian Large Crested 


Sterna velox CrHz.scJimar, liuppelVs AtL, p. -Jl (1826), 
{CocLsts of Bed iSea.) 

Red Sea to Persian Gulf and Ceylon. 

2005. (1502) Sterna bergii cristata. The Australian Large 

Crested Tern. 

Sterna cristata StcpJtens m Shawns Genu. Zool., xiii., 
p. 146 (1826), {China). 

Australia, S. E. China to Malay Pen., Siam and 

2006. (1503) Sterna seena. The Indian River Tern. 

Sterna soena Syh's, P.Z.8., 1S32, p. 171 (Deccan). 
India, Burma and N. Malay Pen. 

2007. (1504) Sterna malanogaster. The Black-bellied Tern. 

Sterna melanogaster Temm., PL Col., pi. 434 (1827) 

All India and Burma, Ceylon. 

2008. (1505) Sterna repressa. The White-cheeked Tern. 

Sterna repressa Hartert, Nov. Zool., 1916, p. 288 
{Persian Sea). 

Sea coasts from E. Arabia and Persia to 

2009. (150(!) Sterna hirundo hirundo. The Common Tern. 

Sterna hirundo Linn. S.N., i. p. 137 (1758), {Sweden) 

Temperate N. America, Europe, Asia. India to 

2010. (150('>) Sterna hirundo tibetana. The Tibetan Tern. 

Sterna tibetana Saunders, P.Z.S., 1876,^. 649 {Tibet) 
Tibet, Turkestan, Himalayas. 

201 1. (1507) Sterna longipennis. Nordmann's Tern. 

Sterna longipennis Nordm., in Erman'a Beise., p. \7 
(1835), {Ochotsk). 

Eastern coasts of Asia to New Guinea, Malay 
Pen., Ceylon (once). 

Dec. 20, 1922.] Birds of the Indian Enqnre. ' 225 

2012. (1508) Sterna dougalli korustes. The Eastern Rosy 


Sterna korustes Hume., 'S.F., ii., p. 318 (1874) 

Ceylon, Andamans, Teuasserim Islands, etc. 

2013. (1510) Sterna albifrons albifrons. The Little Tern. 

Sterna albifrons Pall., Vroeg's Cat., p. 6 (1764), 

Temperate Europe, Central Asia. Winter, N. 
W. India, (sea-coasts), 

2014. (1510) Sterna albifrons gouldi. Hume's Little Tern. 

Sterna gouldi Htinie, S.F., v., p. .326 (1877), {Upper 

Breeding on the larger rivers of N. India ; 
extreme W. to E. 

2015. (1509) Sterna albifrons sinensis. The White-shafted 

Little Tern. 

Sterna sinensis Gmel., 8. N. i., p. 605 (1789), {China). 

Ceylon, Burmese and Malayan coast eastwards 
(sea coasts). 

'•2016. (1511) Sterna albifrons saundersi. The Black-shafted 
Little Tern. 

Qterna aaundevsi Hume, 8. F., v., p. 324-326 (1877), 

Resident, breeding, on coasts of Sind and 

2017. (1512) Sterna sumatrana. The Black-na'ped Tern. 

Sterna sumatrana Raffl., Trans. L.S., xiii., p. 329 
(1877), {Sumatra). 

Islands of Indian Ocean, Malay Pen. to 
Australia, etc. 

2018. (1513) Sterna anastheta ansetheta. The Panayan 


Sterna an^thetus Scop., JJel. Flor. et Faun. Insubr., 
a., p. 92 (1786), (Panay). 
.Japan to Ceylon. 

2019. (1513) Sterna anaetheta iuli^ula. The Red Sea Bro ten- 

winged Tern. 

Sterna fuligula Licht., Forster's Descnp. Anim. (1844) 
{Red. Sea). 

Ked Sea. Mekran Coast to islands ofl' Malabar. 

* This bird is possibly a true species and not a subspecies but for the present I 
retain it as a race of albifrons (minuia auctj 

226 Jour., Bom. Xal. Soc, Vol. XX 12 JI, Xo. 4. [Dec. 20, 1922. 

2020. (15U) Sterna fuscata infuscata. The Indian Sooly 


Stoma infuscata Lichl. Verv. Dovhl. Mus. Berlin, p. 
81 (1823), {India). 

Laccadives, India, Malay Archipelago, etc. 

2021. (1515) Anous stolidus pileatus. The Philipjnne Noddy. 

Sterna pilcata Scop., Del. Flor. et Faun. Insvbr. ii.. 
p. 92 (1786), {Philippines). 

Japanese Islands, Philippines to Laccadives, to 
Nicobars, etc. 

2022. (1510) Anous tenuirostris. The Slender-hilled Noddy. 

Sterna tenuirostris Temm., PI. Col. d'Ois., ii., pi 202 
(1873), {Senegal crrore, Seijclielles) . 

Tropical Seas. 

2023. Gygis alba. The White Tern, 

Sterna alba Sparm., Mus. Carl., i., No. 2 (1786), 
{India orientali orrore, Aiicension /.). 

Straggler Bay of Bengal. 

2024. (1517; Rhyncops albicollis. The Indian Skimmer. 

lihyncops albicollis Sicains., An. in Menag., p. 360 

(1838), {India). 

India, Burma, Siam. 

2025. (1518) Stercorarius parasiticus parasiticus. Richard- 

son's Skua. 

Larus parasiticus Linn,, S. N., »., p. 136 (1768), 
{Scandinavian Coast). 

Breeding almost circumpolar. Mekran and Sind 

2026. (1519) Stercorarius pomarinus. The Pomatorhine 


Lestris pomarinus Temm., Man. d'Om., p. 514 (1815),. 

Moulmein, once. 

{To he continued.) 




E. C. Stuart Baker, f.l.s., f.z.s., m.b.o.u., c.f.a.o.u. 
Part VIIl. 
{Continued from page 873 of Volume XXVIII.) 
Family PELECANiDiG, 

2027. (1521) Pelecanus onocrocotaius onocrocotalus. The 

White or Roseate Pelican. 

Pelecanus onocrocotalus Linn., S. N., i, p. 132 
(17-58), {Africa). 

S. Europe, N. Africa and S. W. Asia. Winter N. 
W. India. 

3028. (1520) Pelecanus onocrocotalus roseus. The Eastern 

Roseate Pelican. 

Pelecanus roseus Gmel., 8. N., i, p. -570 (1789), 

Eastern Asia, Malay Arch. Straggler Burma and 

3029. (1522) Pelecanus crispus. The Dalmatian Pelican. 

Pelecanus crispus Briich., Isis., 1832, p. (1109). 

S. Europe, N. Africa, W. Asia. Winter to N. W, 

2030. (152a) Pelecanus philippensis. The Spotted-hilled Pe- 

Pelecanus philippensis Gviel, S. N ., i, p. -571 (1789), 

India, Ceylon, Burma and the whole Oriental 

Family Fregatid.e. 

2031. (1524) Fregata andrewsi. The Xmas Is. Frigate Bird. 

Fregata andrewsi Mathews, Austral Av. Record, ii, p. 
110 (1914), {Xmas Is. Indian Ocean). 
Rare visitor to coasts of India. 

2032. (1525) Fregata minor aldabrensis. The Western 

Lesser Frigate Bird. 

Fregata minor aldabrensis Matheios, he. cit. v. 11{> 
Casual ic Ceylon. 

22 8 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hist. Soc, Vol. ,\XIX, So. 1. [April 20, 19L'3. 

2033. Fregata arid iredalei. Iredales Frigate Bird. 

Fregata ariel iredalei Mathews, loc. cit., p. 121 
Casual on Eastern Coasts. 


2034. (1526) Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis. The Indian 

Large Cormorant. 
Pelicanus sinensis Sfiaw and Nod., Nat. Misc.. xiit, p. 

."529 (1801), {China). 

Japan, China to India. 

^035. (l.'J27) Phalacrocorax fuscicollis. The Indian Shag. 

Phalacrocorax fuscicollis Steph., Shaw's Gan. Zool,, 
xiii, p. 91 (1825), {India). 

Ceylon to N. Central India, Assam, Manipur, 

2036. (1528) Phalacrocorax javanicus. r/ie Z?7^fc Cormomw^ 

Carbo javanicus Hovf., Trans. L. S., xiii, p. 197 
(1821), {Java). 

India, Ceylon, Burma, Malay Pen., Sumatra and 

-2037. (1529) Anhinga melanogaster. The Indian Darter or 


Anhinga melanogaster Pennant, Ind. Zool., p. 13 
(1769), {India). 

The Oriental Region. Practically the whole of 
India, Burma and Ceylon. 

Family Sulid^e. 

J038. (15?>0) Sula leucogaster plotus. The Brown Gannet. 

Pelecanus plotus Former, Uexcrij). Ani., p. 278 
(1844), {I^e/r Caledonia). 

Shot occasionally on the shores of India, Ceylon 
and Burma. 

2039. (1531) Piscatrix sula rubripes. The Australian Red- 

legged Gannet. 

Sula rubripes Gould, Syn. B, of Aua., pt iv, App. p. 7 
(1838), (Raine Is. Queensland). 
Casual Bay of Bengal. 

2040. (1532) Parasula dactylatra personata. The Austra- 

lian Mashed Booby. 

Sula personata Gould., P. Z. 8., 1846, ;;. 21 {Raine Is). 
Occasional, coasts of India and Burma, B. ©f 

April 20, 1923.] Birds of the Ituhaii Empire. 229 

Family Phaethonid^. 
3041. (153?.) Phsethon indicus. The Short-tailed Tropic- 
Phlethon indicus Hume, S. F., to, p. 481 (1876), 


Breeding Persian Gulf. Indian Coasts. 

2042. (1534) Phffithon lepturus lepturus. The White T opic- 


Pheethon lepturus Daudin, Buff., Hist. Nat., xiv, p. 
319 (1802), {Mauritius). 
Casual Indian coasts; once Cachar. 

2043. (1535) Phaethon rubricauda rubricauda. The Red- 

tailed Tropic-bird. 

Phc«thon rubricauda Bodd , Tabl. PI. Enl., p. 57 
(1783), (Mauritius). 
Casual Indian Coasts. 

Family Procellariid^. 

2044. (1536) Oceanites oceanicus oceanicus. Wilson'sStor- 

my Petrel. 

Procellaria oceanica Kuhl , Beitr. Anat., ii, p. 136, 
pi. X. (1820), (S. Atlantic Ocean). 
Casual on Mekran Coast, etc. Atlantic and Indian 

2045. (1537) Fregetta tropica melanogastra. The DuslsU- 

vented Petrel. 

Thalassidroma melanogaster Gould, A. M. N. H,, 
xiii, p. 367 (1844), (Is. St. Paul). 
Once Bay of Bengal. 

2046. (1538) Puffinus pacificus chlororhynchus. TheGreew 

billed Shearwater. 

Puffinus chlororhynchus Le«.s., Traite d'Orn., p. 613 
(1831), {Shark Is.). 
Casual Madras. 

2047. (1539) Puffinus persicus. The Persian Shearwater. 

Puffinus persicus Hume, S. P., t, p. .5 (1873), {Ptrnan 
Arabian Sea. Coasts of N. W. India. 

2048. (1540) Daption capensis. The Cape Petrel. 

Procellaria capensis Linn., S. N., i, p. 213 (1766), 
(Z%e Cape of Good Hope). 

Southern Oceans. Once in Ceylon. 

230 Jour., Bom. Nat. Hisi. Sac, Vol. XXIX. No J [April 20, 19i'3. 

Sub-order PLATALK.E. 

Family IiUDiDiG. 

2049. (1541) Threskiornis melnnocephalus melanocephalus. 

The White Ibis. 

Tantalus melanocephalus Lath., Ind. Om., ii, p. 709, 
(1790), {India) 

From S. Japan, through S. China to Burma, 
India and Coylon. 

3050. (1542) Inocotis papillosus papillosus. The Indian 
Black Ibis. 

Ibis papillosa Temm., PL Col, pi. 304 (1824),(7nrfta). 
Plains of N. India, S. to Mysore and E. to- 
Assam and Arrakan. 

2051. (1543) Inocotis papillosus davisoni. Davison's Black 


Geronticus davisoni Hume, S. F., Hi, p. 300 (1875), 

Pegu, Tenasserim, Siam and Cochin Cliinv.. 

2052. (1544) Plegadis falcinellus falcinellus. The Glossy 


Tantalus falcinellus Linn., S. N., x, p. 241 (1766), 

S. Europe, N. Africa, E. and Central Asia to 
Persia, E. India, Burma and Ceylon. 

Famil}- PLATALElDiE. 

2053. (1545) Platalea leucorodia major. The Indian 


Platalea major Temm, and S'chleg.^ Faun. Jap., 
p. 119 (1H49), (Japan). 

Egypt, Central and South Asia to Japan. All 
India, Burma and Ceylon. 

Sub-order CICONI^. 
Family CiCONiiDiE. 

2054. (1546) Ciconia ciconia asiatica. The Turkestan White 


Ciconia alba asiatica Sverte., lurk. Jevot., p. 14.5- 
(1873), (Russian Turkestan). 

Turkestan, Yarkand, Bochara. Winter Indi* 
to ? Ceylon. 

April 20, 1923.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 231 

2055. (1546) Ciconia ciconia boyciana The Chinese White 


Ciconia boyciana Swinh., P, Z. S,, 1873, p. 513 

Ussuri to Japan. Winter S. China. Straggler, 
Burma, Manipur and Assam. 

2056. (1547) Ciconia nigra. The Black Stork. 

Ardea nigra Linn., S. N., i. p. 142 (1758), {N. 
Temperate Europe and Asia. S. to N. India, 
E. to Assam. 

3057. (1548) Dissoura episcopa episcopa. The Indian 

White-necked Stork. 

Ardea episcopus Bodd., PI. Enl., p. 54 (1783), (India). 
India, Ceylon, Burma to Tenasserim, N. Siam, 

3058. (1548) Dissoura episcopa neglecta. The Javan White- 

necked Stork. 

Dissoura neglecta Finsch., Orn. Monatsb., p. 94 
(1904), (Java). 

S. Siam, Tenasserim, Malay States to Philip- 

2059. (1549) Xenorhynchus asiaticus asiaticus. The 

Black-necked Stork. 

Mycteria asiatica Lath., Ind. Orn., ii, p. 670 (1790), 

India, Ceylon, Burma, Malay States, etc. Siam. 

2060. (1550) Leptoptilus dubius. The Adjutant. 

Ardea dubia Qmd., 8. N., i, p. 624 (1789), {India). 

India, rare in the S. ; Burma, Siam, Malay Pen., 

2061. (1551) Leptoptilus javanicus. The Smaller Adjutant. 

Ciconia javanica Horsf., Trans. L. 8., ziii, p. 188 
(1821), {Java). 

Ceylon, S. and E. India, Assam, Burma, Siam, 
Malay Pen. to Java and Borneo. 

3062. (1552) Pseudotantalus leucocephalus leucocephalus. 

The Painted Stork. 

Tantalus leucocephalus Penn., Ind. Zool., p. 11, 
pi. x (1769), {Ceylon). 
Ceylon, India (not Punjab), Burma, Siam, 
Cochin and S. China. 

2063. (1553) Anastomus oscitans. The Open-bill. 

Ardea oscitans Bodd., Tahl. pi. Enl., p. 55 (1783), 
{Pondicherry) , 

Ceylon, India, Burma, Siam, Cochin China, etc. 

232 Jour., Bom. Hat, Hist. Soc, I'ol. XXIX, Xo. 1. [Apnh20, 1923. 

Sub-ovder AJiDKA^.. 

Family Akdkid.*:. 

2064. (1551) Ardea purpurea manillensis. The T'astern 
Purjile Heron. 

Ardea purpurea var. manillensis Meym, Acta. Aca'l. 
Leop. Carol. Suppl, p. 102 (1831), {Philippines). 
Ceylon, India, Bunua, oiam, China, etc. 

3065. (1555) Ardea cinerea cinerea. The Common Grey 

Ardea cinerea Linn., S. A., », p. 143 (1758), 
{Sweden). . 

Europe, Africa, W. and Central Asia to Ceylon, 
India and Burma. 

2066. (1555) Ardea cinerea jouyi. The Eastern Grey Heron. 

A. c. jouyi Clark, Pro. U. >>. Xat. Mus., xxxii, p. 468 
(1907), (porea). 

E. Asia. S. and S. W. Siam ? Tenasserini. 

3067. (155G) Ardea sumatrana sumatrana. The Dusky 

Grey Heron. 

Ardea sumatrana Rajfl., Trans. L. S., xiii, p. 325 
(1822), {Sumatra). 

S. Burma, Siam, Malay Pen., etc. 

2068. (1557) Ardea insignis. The Great White-bellied Heron. 

Ardea insignis Hume, S. F., vi, p. 470 (1878), 
(Sikkim Terai). 

Sub-HimaJayan Terai, Nepal to E. Assam, 

2069. (1558) Ardea goliath. The Giant Heron. 

Ardea goliath Cretzxchm., Rupp. Atl., p. 39, pi. 36, 
(1826), {Africa). 

Africa. Casual in various parts of India and 

2070. (1559) Egretta alba alba. The Large Egret. 

Ardea alba Linn., S. N., i, p. 144 (1758), {Europe). 
S. Europe, N. Africa, N. Asia to N. W. India. 

2071. (1559) Egretta alba modesta. The Eastern Large 


Ardea modesta Gray, Zool. Misc., p. 19 (1831), 

Tropical India and China to Japan. 

2072. (15G0) Egretta intermedia intermedia. The Indian 
Smaller Egret. 

Ardea intermedia Wagler, Isis, 1829, p. 659 {Java). 
Coylon, India, China, etc. 

April 20, 1923.] Birds of the Indian Evxpire. 235' 

2073. (1561) Egretta garzetta garzetta. The Little Egret . 

Ardea parzetta Linn., S. N., i., p. 237 (1766) 
{in Oriente). 
S. Europe, N. Africa, W, Asia, Central and S. 
Asia to Japan. 

2074. (1562) Bubulcus ibis coromandus. The Cattle Egret. 

Cancroma coromanda Bodd., Tabl. PI. Enh, p. 54 
(1783), (Coromandel). 

Ceylon, India, Burma, Siani, etc. to S. Japan. 

2075. (1564) Demiegretta sacra sacra. The Eastern Reef- 


Ardea sacra Gmel., S. K.. i, p. 640 (1788), {Tahiti) 
Burma, Anclamans and Nicobars, Malay Pen. 
and Arch, to China, Japan, etc. 

2076. (1503) Demiegretta sacra aslia. The Indian Reef- 


Ardea asha Sykes, P. Z. S., 1832, p. 157 {Deccan). 
Coasts of India and Ceylon to Persian Gulf. 

2077. (1565) Ardeola grayii. The Indian Pond Heron, 

Ardea grayii Sykes, P. Z. S., 1832, it, p. 158 

Ceylon, India, S. Persia, Burma, Malay Pen., 

2078. (1566) Ardeola baccha. The Chinese Pond. Heron. 

Buphus bacchus Bonap., Consp. Av., ii, p. 127 (1855), 

Assam, Burma, Siam, Malay Pen., S. China to 
S. E. Siberia and Japan. 

2079. (1567) Butorides striatus javanicus. The Indian 

Little Green Heron, 

Ardea javanica Horsf., Trans. L. S., xiii, p. 190 
(1821), {Java). 

India, Ceylon, Burma, Malay Pen. to S. China, 
Celebes, etc. 

2080. (1567) Butorides striatus spodiogaster. The Andaman 

Little Green Heron, 

Butorides spodiogaster Sharpe, Cat. B. M., Hi., p. 17 
(1894), {Andamans). 

Andamans and Nicobars. 

2081. (1568) Nycticorax nycticorax nycticorax. The Night- 


Ardea nycticorax Linn., S. N., i, p. 239 (1766), 
{West Europe). 

S. and Central Europe, N. Africa, India, ete, 
' East to Japan. 

234 J'jur., Bom. Sat . Hist. Soc, Vol. XXIX, Xc 1. [April 20, 1923. 

2082. (15C0) Oorsachius melanolophus. The Malay Bittern. 

Ardea melanolopha Baffl., Trans. L. S., xiii, p. 3?6 
(1822), (Sumatra). 

Ceylon and W. Coast of India to Kanara. 
Assam, Burma, Siam, Malay Pen., etc. 

2083. (157U) Ixobrychus minutus minutus. The Little 


Ardea minuta Linn., S. N., i, p. 240 (1766), 

Europe, N. Africa, W. and C. Asia. Himalayas 
E. to Assam. 

2084. (1571) Ixobrychus sinensis. The Yellow Bitter Ji, 

Ardea sinensis Gmel., S. N., t, p. 642 (1789), 

N. India, Burma, Ceylon, Siam, Malay Pen., 
etc., to Japan. 

2085. (1572) Ixobryciius cinnamomeus. The Chestnut Bit- 


Ardea cinnamomea Gmel., S. N., i, p. 643 (1789), 

Ceylon, India, Burma, Siam, Malay Pen. to 
China, etc, 

2086. (1573) Dupetor flavicollis flavicollis. The Black Bittern. 

Ardea flavicollis Laih., Ind. Orn., it, p. 701 (1790) 
(S. China). 
Ceylon, India, Burma, Siam, Malay Pen. to 
Celebes, etc., China. 

J8087. (1574) Botaurus stellaris stellaris. The Bittern. 

Ardea stellaris Linn., S. N., i., p. 144 (K.^S), 

Europe, N. Africa, N. Asia to Japan. AVinter 
to India, Burma, etc. 

Family Phcenicopterid^. 

2088. (1575) Piicenicopterus ruber antiquorum. The Com- 

mon Flamingo. 

Phcenicopterus antiquorum Temm., Man. d'Orn., 
p. 587 (1820), (Europe). 

S. Europe, N. Africa, Transcaspia to Persian 
Gulf ; India and Ceylon. 

2089. (I57G) Piicenicopterus minor. The Lesser Flamingo. 

Phcenicopterus minor Geoffr., Bull. Soc. Philom,., i, 
p. 98 (1798), (E. Africa). 

E. Africa and Madagascar. India W. and N. W. 

April 20, 1923.] Birds of the Indian Empire. 235 

Famity ANATiDiE. 
Sub-family Gygnince. 

2090. (1578) Cygnus cygnus. The Whooper. 

Anas cygnus Linn., S. N., i., p. 122 (1758), {Sweden). 
A rare straggler into N. W. India. N. Europe 
and Asia to Japan, 

*209i. (I57S) Cygnus bewicki. Bewick's Swan. 

Cygnus bewicki Yarrel, Trans. L. 8., xvi., p. 453 
(1830), {Yarmouth). 

Two occurrences in India. N. Europe and N. W. 
Asia to the Lena. 

2092. Cygnus minor. Alpheraky's Swan. 

Cygnus minor Keyser. & Bias., Werbelthiere, pp. Ixxii., 
222 (1840), (Selenga River). 

One occurrence in India. N. E. Asia from the 
Lena to Japan. 

2093. (1577) Cygnus olor. The Mute Swan. 

Anas olor Gmel, S. N., i., p. 501 (1789), {Russia). 

A not very rare visitor to N. W. India, Central 
Europe, Central Asia and N. Africa. 

Sub-family Flectropteriiice . 

2094. (l.')84) Sarcidiornis melanota. The Nukhta or Comb- 


Anser melanotos Penn., Ind. Zool, p. 12, pi. 12 
(1769), {Ceylon). 

Practically all India to Assam, Burma, Siam, 
Malay Pen. 

:3095. (1585) Asacornis scutulata. The White-winged Wood- 

Anas scutulata Mutter, Verh. Land en Volk., p. 159 
(1842), {Java). 

Assam, Burma to Tenasserim, Malay Pen., Java 
and Sumatra, Siam, etc. 

3096. (1585) Rhodonessa caryophyllacea. The Pink-headed 

Anas caryophyllacea Lath., Ind. Orn., ii., p. 866 
(1790), {India). 

Bengal and Assam, rare W. to Arrah and Oudh, 
S. to Madras and E. to Pegu. 

* Hartert considers Cygnus bewicki and Cygnus minor (jankowskii) to be races only 
•of the same species. This still appears doubtful, and I retain them as species until 
■(we know more of their life history. 

236 Jour., Bom. Xat. Hut. .S'oc, Vol. XXIX, No. 1. [A}ml 20, 102^. 

2097. (15'J1) Nettopus coromandelianus. The Cotton Ted. 

Anas coromandeliaiia GnieL, S. N., i., p. ''y22 (1789), 
{Coromandel Coast). 

Ceylon, India, Burma, China and S. to Philip- 
pines, Celebes, etc. 

2098. Aex galericulata. The Mandarin Duck. 

Anas galericulata Lath., Ind. Orn., it., p. 871 (1790), 

India, twice in Assam ; Central and S. China to 
Japan and Amur. 

Sub-family Anserince. 

2099. (ir>7;0 Anser anser. The Grey Lag Goose. 

Anas anser Linn., S. X., i., p. 123 (1758); {Sweden). 
From N. W. India to Assam, Burma in winter. 

2100. (15S0) Anser albifrons albifrons. The White-fronted 


Branta albifrons Scop., Ann. i.. His. Nat., p. 69 
(1769), {N. Italy). 

Iceland to Siberia. A regular though uncommon- 
visitor to India, Assam and Burma, 

2101. (1581) Anser erythropus. The Duarf Goose. 

Anas crythropus Linn., S. N., i., p. 123 (17o8), 

N. Europe and Asia. Straggler to N. India in 

2102. (158*-) Anser neglectus. Sushkins Bean Goose. 

Anser neglectus SusU., Bull. B. 0. C, v., p. 6 (1893),. 
{E. Russia). 

N. Europe and Asia. Once India in Assam. 

3103. Anser fabilis sibiricus. Middendorfs Bean 


Melanonyx arvensis sibiricus Alpheraky, Geese, p. 104 
(1905), {Taimyr). 
N E. Asia, 

2104. Anser brachyrh>nchus. The Pink-footed Goose. 

Anser brachyrhynchus Baillon, Mem. S. R. Abbe., p. 
74 (1883), {Ah'eville, Somme). 

Breeding Spitzbergen, etc. Winter to Persia, 
India, etc. 

2105. (1583) Anser indicus. The Bar-headed Goose. 

Anas indica Lath., Ind. Orn., ii , p. 839 (1790), {India). 
Central Asia to W. China. "Winter India, Burma,. 
Shan States, etc. 

April 20, 1923 ] Birds of the hidiayi Empire. 237 

2io6. Branta ruficollis. The Red-breasted Goose. 

Anser ruficollia Pallas, Spicil. Zool, p. 21 (1769), (06- 

Breeding W, Siberia ; winter Europe and S. W. 
Asia, once India. 

Sub-famil}'- Avatince, 

2107. (1589) Dendrocygna javanica. The Lesser or Common 

Whistling Teal. 

Anas javanica Horsf., Trans. L. S.,xiii., p. 199 (1821), 

Ceylon, India, Burma, Siam, China, Malay Pen. 
to Borneo and Java. 

2108. (1500) Dendrocygna fulva. The Greater Whistling Teal. 

Anas fulva Gmel, S. N., i., p. 530 (1789), {Novo- 
Hispania) . 

Practically all India, Burma, Siam in suitable 

2109. (1587) Tadorna tadorna. The Sheldrake. 

Anas tadorna Linn., S. X., i., p. 122 (1758), (Sweden). 
N. and Central Europe and Asia. Rare N. India 
and Burma in winter. 


1 10. (1588) Casarca ferruginea. The Ruddy Sheldrake or 
Brahminy Duck. 

Anas ferruginea Pall., Vroeg's Cat.Adum., p. 5 (1764), 
{Tartarei). >f \ 1, 

Central and South Europe and Asia, S. to 
India, Ceylon, Burma, China, etc, 

21 1 1. (1592) Anas platyrhyncha platyrhyncha. The Mal- 

Anas platyrhynchos Linn., 8. N., i., p. 125 (17-58) 

Europe. N. and Central Asia. In winter N. and 
Central India, Burma, etc. 

2H2. (1593) Anas poecilorhyncha poecilorhyncha. The 

Indian Spotbill or Grey Duck. 

Anas pojcilorhyncha Forster, Penn. Ind. Zool., xiii 
p. '2^ (1781), {Ceylon). 

India, Ceylon, Assam, N. of the Brahmaputra, 

2 1 13- Anas poecilorhyncha zonorhyncha. The Chi- 

nese Spot-Bill or Grey Duck. 

Anas zonorhyncha Swinh., Ibis, 1866, p. 394 {Ningpo) 
China, E. Siberia, straggler in winter to N. Burma 
and Assam. 

:238 Jour., Bom. Xcit. Hisl. Soc, Vol. XXIX, No. 1. [April 20, l'J23. 

2114. Anas pcEcilorhyncha haringtoni. The Burmese 

Spot-Bill or Grey Duck. 

Polionetta haringtoni Oates, J. B. N. H. S,, xvii., 
p. 008 (1907), {Shan Stales). 

Burma to extreme E. Assam, Yunnan, Cochin 
China, Siam, etc. 

2115. (1594) Eunetta falcata. The Bronze-capped Teal. 

Anas falcata Gtorgi, Bemerk. Eeise. Buss. Reich., i., 
p. I(i7 (177o), (Asiatic Russia). 

Eastern Asia, straggler to Europe. "Winter S. 
China, regular but rare in India and Bui ma. 

2116. {\'y.)i)) Chaulelasmus streperus. The Gadwall. 

Anas strepera Linn., S. N., i., p. liio (17o8), (Sweden). 
Northern Hemisphere. Winter India and Burma; 
once in Ceylon. 

2117. (151)9) Mareca penelope. The Wigeoti. 

Anas penelope Linn.. 8. N., i., p. 126 (1758), (Sweden), 
Europe and Asia. Winter to India and Bunv.a, N. 
Africa, etc. 

-21 18. (1590) Nettion formosum. The Baikal or Clucking- 


Anas forraosa Georgi, Bemerk. Reisc. Buss, Reich., p. 168 
(177o), (Sweden). 

N. E. Asia ; winter S. to China, etc. Very rare, 
straggler to India. 

21 19. (1597) Nettion crecca crecca. The Common Teal. 

Anas crecca Linn., S. N ., i., p. 1'2>') (1758), (Sweden). 
Breeding Palearctic region. W'inter India, Burma 
and Ceylon. 

212a, (1598) Nettion albigulare. The Andaman Teal. 

Mareca albigularis Hume, S. F., i., p. 303 (1873), 

Andamans and Cocos Is. ; once Bassein. 

2I2I. (1600) Dafila acuta. The Pintail. 

Anas acuta Linn., S. X., i., p. 126 (17o8), (Sweden). 
Breeding N, Hemispliere ; winter N. Africa, S. 
Asia, whole Indian Empire. 

:2I22. (IGOl) Querquedula querquedula. The Garganej or 
Blue-cing Teal. 

Anas querquedula Linn., 8. X., »., p. 1'26 (1758), 

Eastern Palearctic llegion ; winter S. Europe, 
N. Africa, S. Asia. 

April 20, 1923.] Mrds of the Indian Empire. 23,9' 

2123. (1604) Spatula clypeata. The Shoveller. 

Anas clypeata, Linn., S.N., {., p. 124 (1758), {Sweden). 
Whole Northern Hemisphere ; winter whole Indian 
Empire, etc. 

2124. (1603) Marmaronetta angustirostris. The Marbled 


Anas angustirostris MrnHries, Cat. Reis. Caucas., 
p. 58 (18:-i2), (Lenkoran). 

Mediterranean countries, E. to India, Sind, 
common, to Calcutta, rare. 

2125. (!604) Netta rufina. The Red-crested Pochard. 

Anas rufina Pallas, Reise. Russ. Reich., ii,, p. 713 
(1773), {Caspian Sea). 

Mediterranean countries and W. Central Asia ;. 
N. Central and S. India and Burma. 

2126. (1605) Nyroca ferina ferina. The Pochard or Dun-Bird. 

Anas ferina Linn., S. N., i., p. 126 (1758), {Sweden). 
Temperate N. Hemisphere ; winter India S. to 
Mysore, Burma, etc. 

2127. (1606) Nyroca rufa rufa. The White-eyed Pochard or 


Anas rufa Linn, Faun. Svec. 2nd ed., p. 47 (1761), 

Breeding S. Europe and Central Asia, S. India 
to Mysore, Burma to Arakan. 

2128. (1607) Nyroca rufa basri. Baer's Pochard, or the East- 

ern White-Eye. 

Anas b.'eri Radde, Reise. Siberien, ii., p. 376 (1863), 

Breeding E. Siberia. In winter, S. China, etc. 
Rare, Burma and N. E. India. 

2129. (1608) Nyroca marila marila. The Scaup. 

Anas marila Linn., Faun. Svec. 2nd ed., p. 39 (1761),. 
(Lapland) . 

Breeding N. Europe and Asia, Winter South. 
Rare visitor N. India. 

2130. (1609) Nyroca fuligula. The Tufted Pochard. 

Anas fuligula Linn., S. N., i., p. 1 28 (1758), (Sweden). 
y Breeding Palearctic Region and N. Africa ; winter 

India and Burma, etc. 

2 131. (1610) Glaucionetta clangula clangula. The Golden 


Anas clangula Linn., S. N., i., p. 126 (1758),. 

Breeding N. Europe and Asia , winter South,, 
straggler in N. India. 

240 Jour., Bom. Aa<. Hist. Soc, Vol. XXIX, .Vo. 1. [April 20, 1923. 

2132. (l''n) Erismatura leucocephala. 'J 7i€ White-headed or 
Stijf-taik'd Duck. 
Anas leucocephala Scop., Ann. i. Nat. Hia., p. 65 

(176;)), (A^/^a^!/). 

Mecliterraueau countries, W. Central Asia 
Common straggler, N. W. India. 

213^. (1012) Mergus albellus. The Smew. 

Mergus albellus Unn., 8. N., »., p. 129 (1758), 
Breeding Palearctic Regions. Fairly common 
visitor, N. India in winter. 

2»34« (K'13) Merganser merganser orientalis. 'J he Eastern 

Mergus orientalis GouM, P. Z. B., 1845, p. 1 (Amoy). 
Baluchistan, Himalayas to E. Tibet, N. Indian 
sub-Himalayas in winter. 

2135. (1014) Merganser serrator. The Red-breasted Mer- 


Mergus serrator Linn., 8. A'., i., p. 129 (1758) 

Breeding, N. Hemisphere, Very rare, winter 
straggler to India. 


Family Pododiciped^, 

2136. (101."») Podiceps cristatus cristatus. The Great Crested 


Colymbus cristatus Linn., 8. N., i., p. 135 (1758) 

Temperate Europe, Asia and Africa ; winter 
common N. India and Burma. 

2137. ('617) Podiceps ruficollis albipennis. The Indian 

Little Grebe. 

Tachybaptes albipennis Sharpe, Bull. B.O.C., iv., 
p. 4. (1894), {Peninsula India), 
India, Ceylon, Burma. 

2138. (1016) Podiceps nigricollis nigricollis. 'Ihe Black' 

necked Grebe. 

Podiceps nigricollis Brehm, Handb. Tog. Deutchl., 
p. 963 (1831), {Holland). 

Temperate Europe, Asia and Africa. Winter 
N. India, commou N. W. 

An addenda and corrigeuda to the Hand-list of Birds will be published